From new age to Jesus! Powerful testimony of freedom from the occult

From new age to Jesus! Powerful testimony of freedom from the occult

If I can help new age
people come to our Lord, I’ll be truly grateful,
because I led so many astray. I’ve done shiatsu and reiki. So after many weeks of
burning many books, which costs a lot and of money…
If they can burn their books in Acts, than I can burn mine. My name is Debbie.
Originally I was born in South Africa and I’ve been living in Belgium now 18
years in total. I have my horses and my dogs and we love
to be out in the nature and enjoying the peace that we have here in this place. We were of the church of England and so
I do remember as a child that we went to sunday school. We did
have a Christian background. When I was at school we had a little
private Christian group where we, we met quite frequently for prayer and
to read in the Bible. That kept me going all my years in
school. But once I came to Europe I didn’t have
any connections there to any groups or to any churches or to anything.
So slowly the world took over and that’s where my journey with the new age crept
in. And then I was told reiki might be a
good thing. And then I found somebody to initiate me
in the reiki because I believed in that time that was how Jesus healed. I thought:
if that’s how Jesus healed, I want that, that’s for sure.
I want that. In the new age we did reiki healing and
shiatsu treatments. I did mainly shiatsu treatments and
Debbie mostly reiki healings. We saw that as a hobby. I did a lot of initiations in all
different sorts of pagan beliefs. And I did healings on people and,
and thought that that really was the way The years we were in the new age,
especially the last years, we missed something. Every time after we followed a workshop,
we had this empty feeling. My wife also said: “We miss something.
Something is not right, there has to be more. Something is off.” You’re going to all these courses,
you paying extreme amounts of money for what you’re learning and yet you come
home feeling empty. And I just noticed this while I was
also… I’ve been very,
very sick as well and I’m always falling from one thing into the other.
And you’re not actually realizing why. Until about two years ago I started
really crying out to the Lord actually and saying,
what is wrong? I don’t understand this.
Why am I feeling this way? Why am I not feeling better?
Why am I not able to do more? Why am I not…
Yeah, why is this so unfulfilling,
this lifestyle? And for about two weeks actually,
I sat praying and in myself and calling out to the Lord and two weeks long I
heard absolutely nothing and I felt nothing, but I didn’t give up.
I just carried on asking. I want to know what’s wrong with my
situation. And then one night He sent His Holy
Spirit. It’s something one can never forget
because it came like a bolt… The Holy Spirit,
like a bolt of electricity through me, so it went from my feet right up to my
head and back down and I was just lying there shaking. And I was.
I kept on thinking… What’s going on? Is my electric blanket
maybe having a short or something. And I woke up my husband and I said,
something’s happening to me… When that happened, I woke up. I had to
go to the toilet. I stood, and she said: “Honey, something is happening with me.
I feel electricity through my body.” I started questioning the next day,
because I was still very like on a high from it, because I was so filled with
love. I was just.. I loved everybody. I felt this enormous amount of love
going through me and I just felt this… I just felt Jesus all around me and that I needed to come back to Him.
It was a couple of nights afterwards, He also sent me dreams in
which He said… And that was the whole thing I was
asking all the time: “Lord, everybody talks in
the new age about The One the whole time. But why don’t I feel this One?
Why don’t I feel one with the nature like new age thinks.
And He sent me… I had a beautiful dream in which He sent
me three white doves on a narrow path. And when I woke up I knew in my spirit
from that dream he was saying: I am the One,
follow Me. That was so clear for me.
It was really, really clear. And then I told my husband,
I said: I’m going back to Jesus. I said: I don’t know what your path is,
but going back to Jesus. She said:
I want to go back to following Jesus. I want to find that way again and see
what we can do with that. Because this has been the Holy Spirit.
Then we came to an English-speaking church and went there for some time. Then I started hearing that what I was
doing was actually serving the enemy. That I was in occult belief,
but they love to wrap the occult in the new word of ‘new age’.
And then it sounds much better so they can sell it much better.
And then I started looking into that and seeing actually that I’d been turning
people away from the Lord instead of bringing them to the Lord. I always
thought I was on the right path I always thought this was the way.
And I believe most new age people do believe that this is the way.
Because they see Jesus, a lot of them as the ‘ascended master’
and they don’t look at Him as the One or look at Him as the savior and because
they don’t know the word as well. That’s where a lot of us get misled,
because only through being in his Word that you learn who He is.
And I knew always that he had come to save me and saved me from sin and that.
That I always knew since my childhood. But I never really linked it towards
what I was doing was wrong until I read also in his Word that any occult
business, or card reading or… that reiki healing or talking with the
angels and all that. Then I read in his Word that that was
absolutely awful for Him when we did that and I did feel…
Of course you feel a lot of sadness towards the Lord. We understood that we had to get rid of
everything that has to do with new age. At first, we had put everything
in boxes and put them aside. But that was apparently not
what we should do. We needed to really get rid of them.
So we burned the books. When you read in Acts 19:19 where
they took all their books and their stuff and they burned them…
And it kind of causes a fight in you. Surely, the enemy doesn’t
want to let you go. He fights. To say it bluntly,
these books costs quite a lot money… But once we had started burning them… Every box that we put in,
felt like a deliverance. It felt good to be on the new road,
towards a new life. So after many weeks of burning many
books which cost a lot and a lot of money Every time I burned a book, I thought: oh,
The money came up. I thought: No, I’m following Jesus now. And if they can burn their books in Acts,
then I can burn mine. Yes, He does say He changes your
heart from a heart of stone, He makes it soft and He really does.
He starts making you… once you’re in Him,
you change, you become,
firstly very fulfilled and then your heart starts changing.
And the one thing I find very much… is what He did for us: His crucifixion.
That is something that… When you can really feel what He went
through for us on the cross and when you can really
just go through those stages… how He gave his life for us and what He
went through for us… Then sinning becomes…
I find also very… You feel very, very, sad when you,
when you do sin. And I went through that year and I
burned all the books and we went through the motions,
But I was still feeling something’s wrong inside.
Something didn’t feel completely… I didn’t feel free.
And you read in the Word that you should feel free and you shouldn’t have to,
you know, not have too much yoke on you and the
‘fruits of the Spirit’. And they were slowly coming,
but then there was a freedom thing. I didn’t feel. We went to see Torben. because we’d always been
watching Torben on Youtube. We went to Zelhem this year.
And the word that he gave to everyone really impacted all of us
that were there, because we went with friends of ours. And how do that look?
First we need to recognize our sin. Recognize that we have sinned against
a Holy, righteous God who gave us life. And when he started talking about
baptism and he said: did you really repent for everything?
To repent for everything before you’re baptized and really think about it. You need to recognize your sin
first and then repent, before you can get baptized. Something started…
A fight started in me already then, I was thinking: Debbie,
you’ve been baptized, you’ve don’t have to be baptized again.
My knees turned into jelly and everything was contrary to
what I should be feeling. I was like: you’re not going
to get baptized again. And the fight started.
“No, I’m going home. I said” No, no, no, this is…
This doesn’t match.” So I had a big struggle there. Eventually after talking with other
people there and realized that… I really need to repent.
I really need to repent and go through what I had been doing
in my life and really, for each thing ask forgiveness.
And name them, actually name them. One by one.
That was where the struggle started. I started, began to get set
free and through that other disciples around also said: we think
it’s best that you get baptized again. So I got baptized again. Yeah, that was very
powerful, the baptism. There was also a lot of a
release after the baptism, after coming up in Christ. Then there was a lot of release
from a lot of spirits. You see on Youtube videos that people
get strong deliverances. But then you think: well yeah, okay…
But when you experience that for real… During that weekend there were more people
who went through a serious deliverance. Then you see the change in the face,
from before the baptism and after. Only through that repenting and
willingness to release it, because you speaking it out and saying
the words and what you’ve done, That created for me… a release,
that I could say: now I’m laying it down. I’m putting it in front of your cross,
Lord, forgive me for it. So that was, that was for me…
Yeah, it’s just so beautiful now. I’m still always on fire for our Lord. And I just, I would like to
see so many people set free because they truly are under the enemy, sometimes without realizing it. The biggest lesson is to question
yourself, to question yourself if… If the walk you’re busy
in now in life… If you are on the new age, occult path, Really go and question,
who are you following? Who truly are you following?
And when you… You can’t feel the fulfillment until you
accept Jesus into your life and the Holy Spirit,
you will never feel that fulfillment, because He is the way,
the truth and the life. And that’s the biggest thing I would
like to tell people is to go and truly look at themselves and look
at what they following. And this one-universalism-thing that
they’re all believing in… They must realize that they are also
idolizing another God. And in the 10 commandments we are told
not to do that. Currently, we read the Bible every day. We wake up with it,
and go to sleep with it. It’s amazing that this book is
more than 2000 years old and still you can reflect
your daily life on it. That’s what I like about it. The more you are using it,
the more you fall in love with it. Subtitles by the community

46 Replies to “From new age to Jesus! Powerful testimony of freedom from the occult”

  1. Hi, I've been struggling financially.
    It seems God brought me to this video. Do you know why? Maybe he led me here for some reason. Maybe hes calling me to ask a question.
    Maybe hes calling someone to reach out to me. Please God, help me in this struggle.
    So here goes,
    I need help finding 500 dollars for rent this month.
    What do i do even when I can't get employed? Praying isnt working, but maybe now that I'm here, maybe it has.
    God's working behind the scenes, surely. I know others feel something inside of them, just like I do.
    I'm not afraid to say what God is putting on my heart right now.
    I'm rambling from God's heart to my mouth.
    God is calling out to me, maybe he's calling out to you too.
    All the praise goes to his mighty power!
    If you feel anything, please, I know it's God weighing upon your heart! I know it! I'm crying right now because I know it's all too real and i am SCARED of God's power! I'm trembling in the presence of God, but i feel as though he is working through me for something!
    If God chooses me to be here, then all who feel anything too should feel led to go to my profile to message me or at least to do something! God works miracles in mysterious ways! Dont let this pass!
    Live for God's good!
    We are nothing, all we have is for him and for his good!
    God bless!

  2. Very Great Testimony. Bring people to the True God in Jesus, and not send them to the enemy (satan). God bless you all.

  3. Temoignage très touchant. Ma foi est boostée. Le Seigneur Jesus est encore Glorifié.
    Amenez les gens à Jesus, et non à l'enemi (satan, demons, sorciers, occultistes, religion qui renie La Verité de La Bible).
    Jesus est Vraiment pour tout home Le Chemin, La Verité et la vraie Vie! Jean14.6
    Dieu vous benisse abondamment.

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  5. Another amazing testimony of what Jesus is able to do. This is the difference in knowing that Jesus lived and knowing that Jesus is alive. Also, the filming of this was marvelous. I really enjoying seeing the artistic framing and perspectives as well as the visual artistry of the scenes. Well done.

  6. Amen for this testimony!
    (On an unrelated note, the camerawork and editing on this video are lovely! It's the best of the short videos on TRL. 🙂)

  7. The day we Scandinavians turned our backs on the old Gods, that was the day we died.

    I hope you meet the wise wanderer one day.

  8. Amen.

    I got saved in 1975, but I didn't get really deep in the Lord before 2009 when I asked the Lord "What is the reason that I'm not growing spiritually anymore". The first thing He said was "Your record collection". When I burned it an other things that He pointed out I got to go deeper with the Lord! I had a really expensive record collection and an ethnic musical instrument collection in my studio, but I wanted all or nothing from the Lord so I gladly burned it all.

    I had listened to worldly music since I was 4 years old without realising how demonic it is! The burning was a great release and now I always hear the voice of the Lord and I work for him 24/7, pretty much like the disciples of Jesus. I have not had a boring or dark moment since 2009 and I feel God's presence 24/7. I'm not kidding. Wooo Hooo!

  9. Christ appeared to me in real no doubt about it I do not need money or popularity I just here to the share with everybody this real incident I believe it's my duty to mention it. April 2016, I got up from my sleep rare to happen for some reason the case with me saw something that no one believe and I'm being an Arab from Qatar, but I say the right word what I saw on the ceiling of my room clearly and for a period just a few seconds,and I am sure it is the Image of Jesus Christ feature as i remember the face shape just a little long, white close to an Arab or middle east Caucasian people the eyes beautiful the face beard is light and head hair lay almost on his shoulders a bit and the color of beard and head hair not much dark I think I hinted his hands back room was not dark in the beginning I thought he looks to some degree to one of my friends but inspiration jump to my mind he is the Christ and what I astonished of the image it is clarity .why me have this experience I do not know but did happen and this is the ultimate truth because it got with me accurately. . ( this is not my real name due to personal reasons)
    Since 2001 until now I see drawings /
    images /writing also creatures close to human and animals running also show events some of them occurred and others not I see writing Arabic and English as well as shapes , lines which is similar to old language all of these appear on the ceiling /wall .I saw clearly a shiny body in the form of a cigar up to a meter inside my room for seconds it was clear to the extent of my astonishment and how he entered the room. attaching Arabic text the translation by Google
    نعم كتبتها بمواقع كثيرة انها الحادثة
    الذي ابهرني انها واقعة حصلت مع اني صاحب تعليم وثقافة . بهذه التجربة ولو كنت بشك. لما دونت حرف واحد نعم امر لا يمكن تصديقه لا اعرف التفسير لكن حصل وانا بكامل حواسي ومستيقظ وصاحي. في النصف الثاني لشهر ابريل 2016م وكنت نائم فجاءة نهضت من نومي لسبب نادر حصوله لي رأيت شيء وانا مواطن قطري لكن أقول كلمة الحق ماذا شاهدت رأيت على سقف غرفتي بصورة واضحة ولمده لا اعرف ممكن ثواني لكنها كافية من الذي شفته نعم صورة السيد المسيح الوجه واضح وكأني لمحت ان يديه الى الخلف ومظهرة طبيعي جدا بدون وجود أشياء خارجه عن المألوف . ووجهه شكله طويل قليلا اللحية خفيفة وشعر الرأس يتدلى على كتفيه تقريبا ولونهما غامق قليلا بعض الشيء وعيون بها جمال ونظرات رائعة .وملامح رائعة وابيض الشكل وقريب شكله كالعرب او من شعوب الشرق الأوسط و الغرفة بها اضاءة خفيفةوقد اعتقدت بداية انه يشبه احد الأصدقاء بدرجة بسيطة لكن بسرعة احسست او ألهام راودني لا هذا هو المسيح والذي ابهرني الوضوح التام للصورة هذه شهادة واوصل كلمتي وهي امانة احس لابد من قولها لا اسعى ولا ابغي الأموال او الشهرة طمعا لأن الدنيا فانية لا يهم من يعارض لكن المهم انها الحقيقة النهائية بعد هذا الذي حصل لماذا شفت ومررت بالتجربة لا اعرف لكنها حدثت هذا ليس اسمي الحقيقي لأسباب خاصة .من 2001م والى الان اشوف كتابات رسومات صور مخلوقات تشبه نوع ما الانسان تمر وحيوانات تعدو ومنها أحداث ظهرت منها حدثت وغيرها لا كلها تكون على السقف والجدران وهي تظهر قليلا بالنهار لكن اغلبها بالليل كما ان شكل الكلمات عربي انجليزي وكذلك خطوط واشكال . وكأنها لغة من الأف السنين وشاهدت بوضوح جسم لامع على هيئة سيجار بحدود متر بداخل غرفتي لمدة ثواني لكن كان واضح لدرجة اذهلتني والى اليوم ما هو وكيف دخل بالغرفة

  10. Same was save this year from new age grew up catholic got lost in the seeking of the truth and hiiden knowledge, peace ect started getting sick the call of Jesus was constant and more powerful than all . Thank you Lord

  11. Alister Crowley had an ascended master spirit guide, his name was Lam he hung out with some little grey men, look it up, it was my biggest red flag in new age and lead me straight to Jesus

  12. Yes! The freedom Jesus brings makes you feel more alive than no amount of reiki meditation or chakra healing can bring, Jesus is freedom from the shackles of sin Satan had us bound in with the lie of liberation

  13. Thank you so much for your beautiful story! Jesus is the way truth and life and only a few find the narrow road.

  14. I wasted 5 years of my life following satan. I read the satanic bible this year and said to myself I do all of this however in that moment I thought nothing of it since my believe like many others was satan was my "lower self". I believed I was God. I committed so many sins every one of them actually. I don t know why or how but Yahshua decided to give me a chance but I am so grateful. So many new agers have know clue that they are Satanists but its all covered with words like "source", "creator", "ancestors"( who you can not contact period!!), "spirit guides". All this accept your darkness when God clearly tells us to cast it out. I have only just begun my journey back to Heaven. I currently have body aches and headaches and so many bad habits that I didn't have and now I have to break them. If anyone is on the "new age" path please turn away its pure satanic. I literally thought I was God and I was a creator, so ashamed for that. Like I am a creation of God and I don't nor do I want to be responsible for creation. God Bless!!!

  15. I was an occultist, practicing hindu, yoga teacher and I travelled the world seeking enlightenment and studying eastern religion. I have been living in Thailand for the last 6 1/2 years and my husband is Thai and raised buddhist. Two years ago the truth found me and I gave my life to Jesus. My husband also accepted Jesus and we were baptized together. Demons are real! Please watch my testimony. I just uploaded it to my youtube channel. God bless you all!

  16. How wonderful it would be IF people who get set free, can get involved with other Christians who are out there making disciples. But that is not what you find in the so called church these days. Its quite the opposite. False Bible perversions, (non kjb), false prosperity teachings Jesus and his disciples never taught, no time for you, only for your money, no real love for the lost, except I can sell you a christian book or two.
    Where are the real Christians out there, keeping the commandments of Jesus, evangelising the lost. And that is standard Christianity everyone should do. Why is the church not doing this? Because the church has been to a large extent been hijacked by satan. Imagine the revival that will take place if every blood washed christian would simply do what torben, Tom Loud, Thomas Fisher, are doing?
    But Christians want to "preserve" their lives, not 'loose' it for the gospel!!!
    Torben is right…..we must get back to how the early church did it.

  17. Wow ❤️ The response of our King to her prayers…even as she walked in deception of the occult…was to FILL her with His very own life and love.
    Incredible story ❤️

  18. So sad this new age has come to our small town.. I don't know how to fight it.
    we have always followed Christ , forgiven by the Lord.. Amen !
    hate to see new age reiki & card reading coming to a local gathering place.. the leader/ owner is really pushing this. but you know, I always felt the Lord pushing me away from her. I just had a bad feeling in my spirit .. I tried to talk myself out of it.. but I kept getting that feeling..

    Now I know why ! she was into this new age stuff.
    she hosted craft markets / farmers markets there as well.. but we have decided not to participate in the craft markets there any longer .. we will not be unequally yoked.

  19. So cool Debbie, I think I might need another baptism too. You're so precious, you persevered for righteousness sake.

  20. I'm still struggling between the fact that acient religion and lessons about the universe like the law of attraction and manifesting abundance through power of thought and emotion is occult. How do you have to attract the things you wish for in life through Christianity? They don't apply meditation into their beliefs. Meditation helps me to calm the mind and body.

  21. It looks like God is showing you the narrow path that’s the straight and narrow way with your dream of the 3 doves.
    It’s good that you and your husband burnt those books because it’s also a very strong statement for the Lord.
    I think I got baptised 3 times.
    The last one was the real one.
    You are on the right track now.

  22. I was atheist, agnostic, spiritual, christian, spiritual, agnostic and back to atheist.
    Its been a long journey. There is no god.

  23. Jesus opens the door to the path of Eternal life, lt is a narrow path and very long, l do Not care when you Die, the path is a long one before you get into heavens gate, Many will try and many will fail, But if you truly Repent of
    Sin you are on your way to Gods kingdom,*!*¤*!!!, Jesus said endure unto the end and thou shalt be saved,*!*¤*!!!

  24. Your first baptism was valid if it was the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus talked about only we can be baptized one time. Baptized 2 times is blaphemy of the Holy Spirit….it is saying that ur baptism was not valid….that the Holy Trinity was not there…..when the Holy Trinity was there andxit was valid. And this is the mistake of the pastors stating that a person who was baptisted as a child….has to re baptisted again….2nd baptism is a sin.

  25. Thank you very much for this video. I am also in the process of freeing myself from these dark influences. Esotericism = New Age = occultism. That is what I have learned.

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