French police chop through church door with axe in ‎Saint Denis‬

French police chop through church door with axe in ‎Saint Denis‬

I want peace and for all this to stop. I hope that people won’t talk about whether we are Muslims or Christians, that is what is causing all the conflicts and divisions. I just wish for peace.”

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  1. My heart goes out to these poor Africans!
    They had to suffer a lot when France supported the extremists in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi. Since then Terrorism has spread throughout Africa.
    If only Nato was controlled by Russia, then there would be no terrorists in this world, since Russia has been fighting against the terrorists since day 1!

  2. In Israel we defend Christian churches from Islamics
    we know your pain France
    God has united our two great nations

    vive le France et Israel

  3. Big disrespect for the church God! yet they dare not break a mosque anywhere in France where radicalization and source of terror comes from! cowardice

  4. Good luck finding the thousand of US moderate rebels (extremist terrorists) in France, Germany and UK. At least the German Stadium attack failed

  5. Muslims start Shooting People… So the French Police start Chopping up Church Doors…. Cultural Marxist Logic…

    They would NEVER do that to a Jewish Synagogue!!… NEVER!!

  6. New attack last nite in St Denis north of Paris by a flat after a raid police, not far from "the Stade de France", 7 swat policemen wounded, the swat's dog called "Diesel" killed, one terrorist killed, one woman terrorist exploded herself, 7 terrorists caught alive. They planned to attack the mall in "La Défense" area and "Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport".

  7. They would not chop through the door to a fucking Mosque.
    Islam and the west are not compatible.

    Let Islam go through it's reformation in it's own countries, not in ours.

  8. to think that the french kings were crowned and buried at that church, no french king would have allowed such a thing, and if the kings were so evil why did they have gold and silver instead of debt and plastic?

  9. Just like in the end times we are told Christianity will suffer but not fail… It will be beaten down ;( it says it in the bible, seems like no one is on our sides anymore… They all want to turn the world into satinislam

  10. Retarded effort here. Usually there's a local person with a key. Just ask. It's not like the element of surprise or hastiness were pertinent to this operation and if they were a key would have been central, key even, to its success.

  11. France is completely controlled now by zionists, Hollandewitz is best friends with the NuttyYahoo & mossad are at large in French streets, so the symbolic desecration of a Christian church in what used to be a Christian country is what you can expect from now on in this zionist occupied country …

  12. well they said they want europe to go back into the dark ages i cant think of anything more medevil than an axe and a church building but really there in the mosques

  13. Don't let this Paris attack distract you from the truth.
    The USA and it's allies want to bomb countries for many reasons that have nothing to do with terrorism. They use fear and muslim hatred to gain citizen support.

  14. well what the fuck is the story here rt damn. why are they chopping a church door down and on top of that im sure theres a key somewhere lol

  15. Why they demolish a church door? Didn't they now what keys are? Otherwise they make same keys. This is pity for that old door.

  16. They should have asked the keys of….THE GATE! This is sooo ridicoulous:

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