Free Madden 17 Tips: Insane Offensive Money Play | PA Saints Cross | Score on any Cover 3 or Cover 4

Free Madden 17 Tips: Insane Offensive Money Play | PA Saints Cross | Score on any Cover 3 or Cover 4

Speaker 1: What’s up, YouTube. It’s your boy
WAYNE6578, bringing you guys another money play. The formation is out of the Strong Close,
and the player’s the PA Saints Cross. As you can see, I will show you against cover 3 and
cover 4, it is straight money. Enjoy the breakdown, guys. Let’s destroy your opponents. One by
one. What’s up, YouTube. It’s your boy WAYNE6578,
bringing you guys a great money play. The players out of the Strong Close formation,
and it’s called PA Saints Cross. This game is in a lot of playbooks. Great money play
here. Real quick, I’m just go over … I’m going to call quarters defense. Manned defense.
Breakdown the quick man. Breakdown for you guys. Really destroys cover 3 and cover 4.
I mean really big plays here. A lot of yards. Lets do the … QB contained.
This is the play, the regular set-up. You’re going to set it up like this regardless of
what coverage. I like to use your tight-end, Bennet. I like him to be tall, descent speed,
but really tall and great catching traffic. A tribute. You’re going to put that full-back,
which I have Mill Onroe with them bears, you’re going to put him in a
wheel route. As you see he’s in a wheel route
right now. You can run this play the way it is right now, in man defense, but we’re going
to motion him out to the right. Then he comes in a funny angle like a compressed corner
route. You can see right here, man. You can leave that play action play in there, but
if it’s manned defense we’re just going to hit square, which should be wide open. Of
course, like I say, watch out for those users. Really there’s nothing else you can do.
I’m practicing against the Sea Hawks. I do put my right receiver, I have Kevin White,
with the good speed. If you’re not playing against the Sea Hawks, and there corners are
pretty low in speed and acceleration and awareness, you can sometimes hit white. I’ll see if I
can try to hit him, Richard Sherman, but you got to pay attention to that safety out there.
Really the only routes that have opened in defense is square. Sometimes you can hit triangle
real quick, if he beats that line-backer like that you can hit him sometimes, but that’s
pretty dangerous. I never really go to that route. Again, it’s a quick man beater, is
that square route. Like I said, stay tuned for this cover 3. Cover 3 and cover 4 you
destroy him. Sometimes you can cancel the play action, hit square quicker, get some
more yards. That’s the man breakdown. Lets go into that cover 3.
This is the regular set-up against the cover 3, formation. Again, we put that x-receiver
in a fade route. We put our full-back in that wheel route, and we put our left-receiver
in that slang. And the play looks like that. Then we motion that full-back over. As you
can see this is cover 3. Look how open our tight-end gets. When that guy chooses to go
over there, you just hit him like that. That’s in the cover 3 and in the cover 4. It’ll happen
like that all of the time. Cover 4 you have to do it a little bit quicker. Again, this
is against the cover 3. Nasty money play. Get a lot of yards on your opponent. Even
if they’re usering. If they don’t use their safeties back there, soon as you see that
guy bite, hit X. I waited a little bit. I threw that a little too quick. I should have
just waited for that bite. Sometimes, if you’re mixing that toss-play
and half-back dive in there, you’ll fool your opponent. Look at that. Wide open. I’m using
my [inaudible 00:04:17] Bennet, he’s not that fast, but if you get someone like Jimmy Graham
out there, or Ron Koski, you can murder guys with this play. They just bite it. That tight-end
is wide open. Sometimes you can utilize that speed and hit that circle and he’ll be wide
open too. Look at that. Make sure you put speed, height. That’s our play. Keep that
play-action. Motion that full-back over. He’ll take care of Sherman. We’ll run through our
play-action and X is wide open. I just don’t have speed. Great money play, man. Utilize
this. Mix those runs in. You don’t have to motion that full-back out if you’re going
to circle, but if you’re going to Bennet you want to get that tight-end down that field.
I almost got off. As you can see right there he is wide open.
Let’s block that running-back this time so we can’t get sacked. Play, set-up, motion
this guy over to the right, get that speed out there, hit that X. Look at that. Lets
hit mister speedy Kevin White. Have speed at that position. Its time. This is against
cover 3, again. We’re just going to wait until he gets open and just hit him. Look at that
speed man, it kills that cover 3. It kills it. Now lets break down cover 4.
Again, this is against cover 4. It’s the same set-up. We’re going to fade route that tight-end.
We’re going to wheel-route our full-back and we’re going to slant our outside left square-receiver
on [inaudible 00:06:24]. I’m going to motion this guy out, so I can take care of those
zones over there. We’re still looking for that tight-end. Once that guy bites over,
he bit over, our tight-end right there is wide open. You have to pay attention, sometimes
that safety won’t bite over. Against the cover 4, like I said, we’re going to hit that tight-end.
Once that guy bites. He bit. That is straight … Oh man. Straight money. Do you’re thing
Bennet. You also can try to hit circle, but it has to be a pass lead up quick, once he
hits that post. We’re going to try to hit Bennet. High risk,
high reward. Pass lead up. You have to do it a little bit quicker. Let’s cancel that
play action. Now if you want to hit circle, we cancel that play action. You can cancel
it in the midst of that play action but I like to cancel it like this. I know it’s cover
4. Pass lead straight up. Really quick. If you know it’s cover 4, pass lead straight
up. Bullet pass straight up. We are just killing that side. This time we’ll cancel that play
action. You know it’s cover 4, you want to cancel that play action and pass lead 4. Bullet
pass straight up. You’re just killing that guy. They don’t know which route to guard.
I mean you mix your toss in there, and your half-back dive, these guys won’t know what
to do. Leave that play action. He bit that time. It’s a great money play. I hope you
guys enjoyed some of this game play. Speaker 2: [Video Game Announcer]

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  1. I like the strong close formation I've used that for a while now, and this play destroys cover 3 nice scheme there.

  2. Great tip video I'm done with madden16 I think I got screwed over at the beginning of mut so I think I'm waiting til next year but great video 🙂

  3. Another tip , ijust streak the tight end(X) , and keep the FB in the backfield .. Against cover 3 – tight end wide open , against Cover 4 15 yd gain to square. Man – Long pass to RB if put on a wheel(triangle) Needs to be a speedy RB tho against a LB. LIKE IF YOU FIND ALSO HELPFUL

  4. losers lol. "Heres my money play cause I cant play a respectable game. I like to use 5 out of 500 plays I have. Its so much fun . I <3 expolits!"

  5. Wat if the tight end is fast af? I can't think of fast TEs off the tip of my head but good tip man. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the fam I haven't been able 2 keep up with all my YouTubers I subbed 2 and I kinda feel bad smh but good vid man. Also u like my new avi?

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