Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew Run Rampant Colts vs. Jaguars (Week 14, 2006) | NFL Full Game

Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew Run Rampant Colts vs. Jaguars (Week 14, 2006) | NFL Full Game

>>Hi, again, everyone. Kevin Harlan with former NFL MVP Rich Gannon. Thank you so much for joining us and happy holidays. It’ll be in the mid-60s today here in northern Florida. There is a breeze out of the northeast at 10 to 15. Partly cloudy skies — really a perfect day for football. Tony Dungy is in his fifth season as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, a former defensive coordinator for the Vikings. And when he was there, Jack Del Rio was one of his linebackers. Del Rio in his fourth year with the Jaguars. Josh Scobee will kick off. He is tied for number one in terms of touchbacks. So, he’s got a great leg. And he’ll be kicking off to Terrence Wilkins, one of the real speed merchants in the NFL. Any thoughts before kickoff here?>>Well, Kevin, Jacksonville, they know the Colts, this is a team they need to beat to get to the next level.>>Here we go, the Jaguars and Indianapolis. Another touchback for Scobee. Last three games, Rich, 4 touchdowns, yet 5 interceptions — very unManning-like.>>Yeah, and a lot of them have come off of tips, and a couple of them have come off of drops. And that’s something that’s concerning to him. But the good thing is, the receivers let him know they’re disappointed, as well, and they’re gonna get it taken care of.>>A third receiver starts this, and that is Brandon Stokley. Plus, a fifth defensive back again, Terry Cousin, on first and 10.>>Oh, a double move, and they got him, right out the gate.>>And it’s Harrison against Sensabaugh, and the gain is to the 37-yard line, a 42-yard strike, and that double hitch got them last week in Tennessee. It gets Jacksonville on the first play of the game.>>And again Peyton Manning was very aware. Sensabaugh making the change at safety, and they went right after him on the first play, the double move. And Marvin Harrison is as good as there is the National Football League at the double move. A little in route, and then you run the post off it.>>And now he’s over 1,000 yards on this season and for eight consecutive NFL seasons. 38, first and 10, no changes either away on the alignment. Dominic Rhodes. Stopped by McCray and belted on the play by the linebacker Smith. A loss of 5. It is second and 16. They need the 28. [ Crowd cheers ] Good block by Diem. Throw to Rhodes, who drops the ball. Nice coverage on the play by linebacker Clint Ingram. Third and 16. Again they need the 28. Again there are five defensive backs. No changes on offense. From the 44. Here comes Spicer. Here comes Meier. There goes Manning, and he’s got Stokley for a — drop in the end zone. Can you believe that? He was open. He had beaten the coverage of Deon Grant, and so Jacksonville breathes a sigh of relief, and they force the Colts to punt on their first possession.>>You just watched Stokley. He’s in the slot. He’s gonna go down and run the post. Peyton Manning’s gonna get outside contain and buy himself some extra time, getting away from the pressure up front. And Stokley just works right across those safeties. Peyton puts a perfect throw, and Brandon Stokley just can’t bring it in. That’s a second drop. He had one last week, as well. He’s struggling right now. He’s fighting catching the ball.>>Hunter Smith will be punting with a knuckleball and into the wind. Alvin Pearman — oh, and it’s downed. Nice play made by Kelvin Hayden, who races downfield. Colts had a 42-yard pass to Harrison, but it goes for naught on their first possession.>>Well, he’s the model of consistency — eight straight 1,000-yard seasons, a tireless worker, and I’m a big fan of Marvin Harrison.>>After the Colts’ punt, from the 6, first and 10 for David Garrard and Jacksonville’s offense. Fred Taylor got a great block from Wilford. Breaks a tackle, and he’s on the fly. Jason David is in pursuit. There goes Fred Taylor! Oh, and he’s down at the 17-yard line. [ Crowd cheers ] A gallop of 76 yards. Both offenses with fireworks to begin the game.>>Well, Kevin, I always say, “Be careful what you put on film,” and right now the word’s out. Indy can’t hold up in the run game. You watch Fred Taylor cut this one back. The linebacker misses a tackle. And until you stop it, until the Colts show that they can stop the run, you’re gonna see it over and over and over again.>>He’s over 1,000 yards on the season and for the sixth time in his career. What a block by the wide receiver, Ernest Wilford, to open the door. Now they’ve got Jones-Drew in the backfield with two tight ends. First and 10. The rookie out of UCLA. A block by Meester. Touchdown! [ Crowd cheers ]>>Well, that’s the beauty for Jacksonville. They have that one-two punch, and then they bring in the rookie, Maurice Jones-Drew, who has a nose for the end zone. But you just watch the missed tackle by Cato June. And that’s been a problem all season for this defense. Brad Meester out there in front. This offensive line has done a good job opening up holes all year in the running game.>>The Scobee extra point, and 7-0, Jacksonville. A 76-yard run by Taylor. Touchdown run moments ago by the rookie Jones-Drew. We knew the Colts had porous defensive run protection, but my goodness, whacked for 76 yards and 18 yards on successive plays.>>Well, tackling’s been a problem all year. The highest percentage of broken tackles allowed by a defense is the Colts, and today they face two backs that are fourth and seventh in the National Football League in most yards after contact. That’s gonna be a story line today.>>With the wind, 2 yards deep. Terrence Wilkins gets the Scobee kickoff. And upended by Dee Webb. An 18-yard return. First and 10. A touchdown run of 18 yards by Maurice Jones-Drew on the first possession of the game for the Jaguars. The Colts punted the first time they had it. [ Crowd cheers ] Extra receiver is Stokley. Extra defensive back is Cousin, who Rhodes evades but is tackled by Marcellus Wiley. Five in the secondary. Meier is now in that defensive line for Jacksonville. And Manning on second and 13. That is dropped across the way by Utecht. Covered on the play by that fifth defensive back, Terry Cousin. It will be third and 13.>>This is becoming a problem for this offense. There’s been a number of drops the last couple weeks by certain guys in particular, and that could be frustrating for a quarterback. You make the right read. You make a good decision. You make an accurate throw. And now you’re counting on the receivers to make the catch.>>Harrison will be playing inside in this alignment. It’s third and 13. They need the 26 for a first. [ Crowd cheers ]>>This is usually a good third-down team, but third and 13s are tough.>>Manning. Dominic Rhodes. Cousin with the tackle. Near the 18-yard line, gain of 6. Not enough, and for a second consecutive possession, the Colts have got to punt. Four-and-out the first time, three-and-out this time.>>Yeah, and what’s happening is, they’re not having success on the earlier downs, and that’s something that they usually do. They’re usually a good first-down football team, and they’re getting behind in the down and distance. And that’s not something you want to do against this Jacksonville defense.>>They got Maurice Jones-Drew deep back to retrieve this punt. Usually, it’s Alvin Pearman. Hunter Smith will punt it. It’s into the wind and a poor punt. Wow. Flag has been thrown out of bounds at the 42. As our referee, Jerome Boger, will take a look at it on the sideline on the punt by the Colts. They have a record at 10-2, tied with San Diego for the best record in the NFL right now coming into today.>>Unsportsmanlike conduct, kicking team, number 26. The player was out of bounds and continued to run out of bounds up the field. 15-yard penalty. Jacksonville keeps the ball. First down.>>That’s Kelvin Hayden, who was playing special teams. The ball will be spotted at the 36-yard line. Colts have lost their last two road games. They’ve been torched on an 18-yard touchdown run already. Second possession for Jacksonville. A penalty on the Colts special teams’ punt unit gives them this position. Garrard, first and 10. Chased by Freeney. This is what Garrard can do so well, and he is knocked out of bounds by Bethea on a gain of 2 to the 34-yard line.>>Oh, this is just the way you want to start if you’re the Jaguars. They come out and run the ball well. They scored early. And then their defense comes out and stop the Colts and really gotten them behind. And now their forced to kind of make some changes from the sideline.>>Second down and 8. This is Fred Taylor. There were three receivers yet only four defensive backs, and it’s a loss of a couple yards to the 36. Third down and 10. They need the 26. Three receivers and a fifth defensive back, Kelvin Hayden, has been put in by the Indianapolis Colts. Jones-Drew is in the backfield with Taylor. There’s a block by Barnes and time for Garrard. A wobbly pass which may have been deflected. Did Raheem Brock get a hand on it? He may have. It’s incomplete. And now it is fourth and 10, and the Colts do a job right there after great beginning field position for the Jags.>>Boy, they do a good job picking up the blitz. Looks like that ball might have gotten tipped, but regardless, Matt Jones stumbles out of the break. You just watch him at the top of his stem. He stumbles a little bit. Cuts off his inside foot, which is a problem for receivers, and he goes down.>>Well, they’re trying to make the decision if they should try for a field goal or not. They’re gonna put their offense back on the field. I will tell you they are going with the wind in this first quarter.>>I don’t know if they’re gonna try and draw them offsides here or what, but…>>And they call the time. They got a time-out with 1 second left on the play clock. Touchdown run by the Jaguars. We’re in the first quarter. They got this great position on a penalty on a punt by the Colts at the 36. It’s fourth and 10. Looks like they may go for it.>>Yeah, I’m a little curious what the thought process is here in this situation. You got a pretty good kicker in Josh Scobee. You got the wind at your back. A fourth and 10 — you don’t convert many of these in the NFL.>>They need the 26. Fifth defensive back is Hayden. Third wide receiver is Matt Jones. Good block by Barnes. Freeney is down. Look at the time for Garrard, who goes deep. And it’s in the end zone for the wide receiver, Matt Jones. Covered by the rookie Bethea. And so, on downs, they lose it. They gave up really 3 points ’cause they were with the wind, and they got a pretty good kicker.>>Yeah, I just don’t understand the thought process there. You got a pretty good front four, the Colts, a good rushing group. Fourth and 10. Again, the odds are stacked against you. You got a good kicker. You have the wind. And if not, you punt the ball, you pin them back, and you play defense. I don’t understand that.>>Now the Colts playing from behind. What kind of come-from-behind team are they?>>Well, with 18 at the controls, you always have a chance. But I know this. I get the sense he’s frustrated right now with the way the defense is playing. He wants to get a rhythm going, and he hasn’t had a chance so far today.>>Fifth defensive back is Cousin. Stokley is the third receiver. Addai is in the backfield. First and 10 for Peyton Manning. Good block by Diem. And that is a flag thrown at the coverage by Deon Grant on Brandon Stokley, who has been in the sights of Manning today.>>I’ll tell you what. They’re struggling right now, this secondary. They’re having a hard time keeping the Colt receivers in front of them. And that was just a blatant foul by Deon Grant. He just grabs a hold of Stokley.>>Pass interference, defense, number 37. Automatic first down.>>So, in essence, a 21-yard penalty to the 43.>>And one of the problems is, as you watch Deon Grant — these guys are so active in run support. They want to get up there. They’re nosy safeties. They want to get up there in the box and stop the run. It’s really a dilemma. Do they do that, or do they hang back in coverage?>>No changes — five in the secondary. First down and 10. This is the rookie out of LSU, Joseph Addai. Brought down by Grant, among others. Meier taking the place of Stroud on the defensive line. Second and 2. That’s tipped, but on the ricochet caught by Fletcher, who is grabbed by the nickel back, Cousin. 30-yard line, gain of 5.>>Bryan Fletcher’s an interesting guy. He and Ben Utecht are gonna have to shoulder the load for the injured Dallas Clark. And they’re gonna have to find ways to contribute not only in the running game but in the passing game, as well.>>This no-huddle — on the home court, I can see it, when you’re playing at home in RCA Dome. What about on the road?>>Well, it’s tough on defense. It limits the amount of changes you can make and limits the amount of blitz packages and coverages that you can dial up from the sidelines and make it very difficult today on defensive coordinator Mike Smith.>>First and 10, 30-yard line. Third possession for the Colts, punting the first two times they had it. Addai with a Diem block and a Scott block, and nothing there. Meier on that defensive line really pushed him out, and he was escorted out of bounds by the linebacker Ingram. He loses 6 on the play, back to the 36-yard line.>>Kevin, you notice they’ve run a number of stretch plays, stretch runs to the right and left, and some no-huddle early. And the purpose of that is to get this front four moving and running sideline to sideline. Marcus Stroud, John Henderson, McCray, Spicer — get these guys moving around a little bit. Get their heart pounding. Get them breathing. Try and slow them down. It’ll pay dividends for them in the second half.>>Still five defensive backs. Second and 16. They need the 20. That’s caught by Brandon Stokley. Hit by Cousin. Whacked by Brian Williams. He’s to the 26, and he picks up 10 yards. They were really glad that Stokley was back after missing several games with injuries.>>Well, you know what? He’s a tough guy. He makes all the catches, and he’s just a tenacious, tenacious receiver. He never gives up. He never quits on a play. And Peyton Manning thinks he has three of the best receivers in the game.>>One of the things about the no-huddle, defensively you can’t sub.>>Yeah, that’s a problem.>>Third and 6 from the 26. That is caught by Reggie Wayne, who is quickly latched onto by Brian Williams. It’s a gain of 3 and is to the 23. That’s the first time all season Reggie Wayne has not converted a third down into a first down.>>That’s a good job by Jacksonville keeping things in front of him, understanding the down and distance, and then just driving on the throw.>>So, here is Adam Vinatieri, the high-priced free agent from the New England Patriots, who is 19-of-22 this year. And this will be a 41-yard try. He is going into the wind, and both kickers in pregame warm-ups were having trouble kicking in this direction. The snap from Snow. Hunter Smith the hold. And the Colts are on the board. So, Manning, in his third offensive possession after punting the first two times, comes up with 3 in 6:05 in the first. And so, it is 7-3.>>So, I think this guy could do it for this football team. He’s athletic. He’s got a good-enough arm. And if he could just make the right decisions at the right time and not make the poor decisions — the interceptions — he’ll be in good shape.>>So, the 41-yard field goal by Vinatieri, and the Colts are on the board. And this is caught up short by the fullback, Derrick Wimbush, and look at him find a hole. Vinatieri finally has to bring him down at about the 44-yard line. The kicker made the stop, a 33-yard return. 44-yard line, first and 10. Garrard right to work. That’s caught by the rookie tight end, Lewis, who was banged on the play by Harper. 35-yard line, 19-yard pickup, as Lewis makes his eighth reception on the season.>>Well, they run an all-go two-vertical seam, and you just see just a great throw, getting it up and down. And that’s something David Garrard is doing a better job, his down-the-field throws, and using the size of these receivers. Marcedes Lewis, 6’6″. Put into a position where they can make a play.>>Two tight ends, including Wrighster. They got Taylor in the backfield. It’s first and 10 from the Colt 37. Taylor. There’s a block by Wrighster, the tight end, and he corkscrews his way down to 34. Brought down by Marlin Jackson, gain of 3. Second and 7. 34. Taylor with the block on Brock, and Garrard going deep and looking for Wilford. Incomplete. Covered by Matt Giordano on that second and 7. Incomplete pass.>>Again, they’re coming right back with a little double move, too. Watch Ernest Wilford. He’s gonna stutter, and then he’s gonna go right by Nick Harper, and the safety, Matt Giordano, is late getting over. A better throw probably gets that done. One of the problems, Kevin, as you look at this Colts defense, their front seven in my opinion doesn’t hold up versus bigger and more physical offensive lines. And some of these linebackers, they’re undersized guys. And they get swallowed up in the run game, and that’s their biggest problem right now.>>Reid is on the defensive line. Giordano taking the place of Bethea in the backfield. Third and 7 with three receivers with which to work, and that’s caught by Reggie Williams, who’s brought down by Marlin Jackson. 31-yard line, gain of 4. Shy of a first, and the Colt defense relegates the Jaguars to a 3-point try.>>They settle for a field goal. You always want to answer a score with a score. Jack Del Rio will take that in this situation.>>Wind is at the back of Josh Scobee. This will be a 48-yard try. Hit a 48-yarder last week in Miami, and that equals his longest of the season. He was knocking them in from 58 yards before the game, but this time he is wide right. So, the Jaguars with two successive great beginning field-position drives on offense get nothing on it. And they gave it up on downs the last time, beginning at the Colt 36. Here they start at their own 44 and get some pretty good penetration into Colt territory, and they missed a field goal.>>And that’s the big thing today. You want to keep this Colts offense off the field. And you certainly don’t want to give Peyton Manning the ball at the 40-yard line. And that’s a problem. You want to put your defense in good situations. That’s why those kicks are critical. You look at Josh Scobee this year, just a 48 for his long and a little inconsistent in that range.>>Manning today — Rich, I know you take great pride in this — starting in his 141st consecutive game.>>And we talked to him. It is important to him. And he downplays it a little bit, but I really think he wants that record. He realizes what it represents, and he feels an obligation and a responsibility to his owners and his teammates.>>38, first and 10. The fake to Addai with three receivers. Manning looking into that nickel secondary and looking for Harrison, who is covered by Sensabaugh. Incomplete pass and a second and 10 coming up.>>Well, they like this matchup, Marvin Harrison on Rashean Mathis.>>There is a flag across the way.>>Holding, defense, number 27.>>Ooh.>>5-yard penalty — automatic first down.>>Marvin’s always had good games against Mathis. And Rashean Mathis told us the importance of technique, especially in a game like today. He says it will help you along the way. It will also hurt you. And you take a small peek in the backfield against this football team, it could be devastating. And that’s just what he did there. He took a peek at Peyton Manning. Marvin Harrison went right by him.>>Proehl is in. Stokley is out. And the hand-off to Addai with a Proehl block, and it was a first down. That’s a gain of 5 on the play up to the 48-yard line. Daryl Smith, the middle linebacker, makes the stop.>>Well, the one thing about Peyton Manning. We talked to him. He talked about who’s dictating to who. He says, “I want to be in control of the tempo, in terms of the substitutions and how the game’s played.” As a quarterback, you either feel pressure, or you apply it. And I really feel like Peyton Manning’s motto is “I want to apply pressure.”>>Second and 5, 48, staring at their secondary. Stokley is out, and they have Proehl in. And that’s a pass which is caught right in front of Cousin by Marvin Harrison. It’s a gain of 4, close to a first down, 47-yard line. Earlier in the game, he caught, Harrison did, a 42-yard pass.>>On almost every route combination, there’s always an under route built in, in this offense. You see Marvin Harrison there. That’s an under route. They run a ton of them from every different direction. And Marvin Harrison — that’s one of the reasons why he catches a hundred balls a year, on that little under route.>>Cousin will come out. So, now four in the secondary. Greisen comes in. Darrell Reid is in the backfield as the fullback for Addai. Third and inches from the 47.>>This is a good situation for a play-action, right here.>>Addai with Reid wanting to block, Addai wanting to throw. And down he goes. Brought down by Daryl Smith. No surprise there. Joseph Addai was a high school All-American quarterback in Houston, Texas. Became a converted running back. He loses 3. It goes back to the 49, and the Colts have got to punt again.>>Keep an eye on Ben Utecht. He’s gonna go to the corner route. Addai is gonna come out here and have a little halfback-option pass. And what happens is the safety realizes it just at the last second. He actually grabs a hold of Ben Utecht, and in the pressure, Joseph Addai can’t get that one off. But I like the call in that situation.>>Four possessions for the Colts — four plays, punt, three plays, punt, a field goal, and three plays, punt right here.>>That’s a lot of punting for Hunter Smith. He’s averaging less than three a game.>>How about this? It’s picked up by Pettway at the 21. [ Crowd cheers ] Kenny Pettway picks it up. Smith has a punt blocked for the fifth time in his career and for the first time this season.>>Well, this is the great thing about Jacksonville. They have some of their starters contribute on special teams. You watch the block there.>>Jorge Cordova is the one who blocked it, 58.>>And nothing can turn a game around more than a blocked punt. A big play on special teams can be just enough to propel you to a win.>>First and 10 from the 21-yard line with two tight ends. It’s Fred Taylor going the other way. A block by Wilford, a block by Reggie Williams. Nick Harper, along with Giordano, knock him out of bounds inside the 10, at the 7. And that is a 14-yard run. And with that run, Fred Taylor has become the 21st-all-time-leading rusher in the NFL, taking the place of Earl Campbell.>>Well, he has great vision. He lives that cutback run. And, Kevin, I go back to Week 1. This defense, they gave up 433 yards. They allowed the New York Giants to rush for 186 yards, 6.6 a carry. Then, last week, they got gashed by Tennessee. Gave up 219 yards. That’s been a problem all season. They can’t stop the run. They can’t hold up.>>Giordano continues to take the place of Bethea in the secondary. First and goal at the 7. Taylor. There’s a block by Wimbush. And Taylor digs his way to the 2-yard line on a gain of 5. Brought down by Brackett and the linebackers. A flag is down across the way at at the 7. Blocked punt by Jorge Cordova set up this great position.>>Illegal formation, offense. The left tackle was not covered up by a receiver on the end of the line of scrimmage. 5-yard penalty — replay first down.>>You just can’t have this in the National Football League. And you just look at the left tackle on your screen. There has to be receiver outside him, either a tight end or a receiver or a back on the line of scrimmage. And they don’t get it done there, and this is just unexcusable. This is not something that should ever happen in the NFL.>>Illegal formation. First and goal at the 12. Two tight ends — Brady along with Wrighster. Fred Taylor. Block by Meester, then plugged up in the middle. They have Freeney at the bottom of that pile, and you can see the scrum ensuing with no gain on the play, back to the 12. How about the great beginning field position for the Jaguars today, beginning one of their drives at the 36 of Indianapolis, at their own 44, here at the 21 with the blocked punt. Here comes David Garrard, who had a 136 quarterback rating, a career high, with his 2-touchdown performance last week in Miami and a win for the Jaguars in south Florida, 24-10. Indianapolis losing on a 60-yard field goal, 20-17, in Nashville. Second down, goal, at the 13. A blocked punt set up this great position. Two tight ends. Base defense, a 4-3-4 for the Colts to begin. Taylor. Oh, great penetration on the play by Robert Mathis back at the 15, a loss of a couple yards.>>We talked about this defense and what they need to do to get better. And they need to tackle better. They need to penetrate. You see Robert Mathis there making a play and then right behind him Cato June. And that’s the big thing about gap control. We always talk about a gap-control defense, and they’ve been really victimized in that area, where they’ve not been secure, not been as dialed in as they needed to be in their run defense.>>Maurice Jones-Drew is in the game. He had a touchdown run earlier. Third and goal at the 15. In the first meeting, he had 103 yards against the Colts. Converted each of his third-down possessions. Here’s a pass and intercepted by Giordano in the end zone on a pass intended for the double-teamed tight end rookie Marcedes Lewis. Well, we’ve just had an interception in the end zone by Giordano of the Colts. Prior to that, a blocked punt by Jacksonville. Touchback to the 20, first and 10, with a couple tight ends. They hand off to Addai, who bobbled it and then is drilled on the side by cornerback Brian Williams at about the 20 on a gain of a yard.>>You go back and look at the interception. This is very uncharacteristic for David Garrard. This is just a force. He has no business throwing this. There’s three defenders in that area. He’s trying to force one in to Marcedes Lewis and just can’t do that, especially in that part of the field.>>First time since ’01 the Jaguars commit a turnover in a goal-to-go situation. Second down, 9, 21-yard line. Again the two tights, the two wides, and a 3-linebacker, 4-defensive back set for Jacksonville. Manning. That’s caught by Reggie Wayne. Brought down by Rashean Mathis. Swerving his way to the 42, a 21-yard pickup and a Colt first down.>>And what they do is, they lull you to sleep with this stretch game, and they keep on doing it. And then, all the sudden, off of that comes the play-action, and Reggie Wayne runs a nice, little in route. You see the linebackers vacate that opening, and he’s right there in the hole, and Peyton gets him a good throw, one that he gets up and down and gets Reggie right in the transition of the run.>>Wiley playing on the defensive line here for Jacksonville, first and 10 at the 42. Four in the secondary. Addai. That was a block by Jeff Saturday. A tackle is made on the defensive line by McCray. It is a gain of 7 for the slippery Addai.>>You know, Kevin, if you watch the Colts, there’s not a lot of personnel groupings. There’s not a lot of formations. There’s not a lot of motions, because what they want to do is they want to get Peyton to the line of scrimmage so he can set the defense, take a look at it, and get them into the best possible play based on the look he sees.>>The h-back, Fletcher, is in a slot. Second and 3. Addai. Good block by Diem. Tackle, though, made by Stroud. Has a first down. Gain of 5 down to the 47-yard line. It’s the fifth possession for the Colts. 47-yard line, first and 10. And looking for Harrison, who had beaten Rashean Mathis on the wing. Incomplete pass. Second and 10, 47. No changes either way. Addai. And hit by Henderson. And no gain. Talk about the defensive line of Jacksonville against a smaller offensive line of the Colts.>>Well, I’ll tell you what. That is a problem, and it’s been a problem for a number of teams. Look at Stroud and Henderson, and they get so much push up the middle. They’re so disruptive in the running game, as well as the passing game. They get the push up the middle. Then, of course, they have the speed off the edge with Bobby McCray and Paul Spicer. It makes it difficult for quarterbacks.>>Stokley and Wayne, Harrison are the three receivers. Third and 9. A fifth defensive back is in. That’s Cousin. They need the 37. And he’s got Wayne, who beats Deon Grant down the sideline! And the catch at the 15. It’s a gain of 33. Earlier on this drive, Wayne hauled one in from 21 yards. A first down.>>Well, he sticks this right into double coverage. It’s 2-deep zone, and watch the adjustment on the ball. Reggie Wayne was actually looking over his inside shoulder. He has to turn to his outside shoulder to make that catch. Great throw by Peyton Manning.>>Five in the secondary, three receivers. This is Dominic Rhodes and a block by Lilja and a run to the 7. And he was brought down by Smith on a gain of 8. And this great tempo now with this Indianapolis offense.>>And that’s what gets you. There’s a misconception out there, that this is a complex offensive system. But when you really break them down, there’s not a ton of offense. But what they do, they do it well. They operate efficiently, and they really capitalize on your mistakes.>>Stroud is down. There’s an injury time-out. The Colts are on the move, 10:21, second quarter. Touchdown run by Jacksonville, a field goal by Vinatieri. Stroud is out. Hurt his leg. We’ll get an update on that. Meier has taken his place on the defensive line. Second and 2, ninth play of the drive. Five in the secondary. Stokley is the third receiver. Rhodes in the backfield. And he gets the call with a Glenn block, and a tackle made by Spicer on a gain of a yard near the 6-yard line.>>And penetration always hurts you on inside runs. And Spicer got up in the backfield, split the double team.>>The Colts have this possession with an interception in the end zone by Matt Giordano. They got it at the 20. Big plays — 21-yard pass to Wayne, 33-yard pass to Reggie Wayne. Third and a long 1. No changes defensively or offensively. It’s Addai, who is in, and Henderson makes the stop, and he’ll be close to a first down, picking up a yard. And looks like he’s achieved it. And the spot will tell us. Yep, he’s got it by the length of a football. First and goal coming up for the Colts.>>And an interesting thing — we talked with Jack Del Rio yesterday, and he said, “We need to play the game with Peyton Manning at the line of scrimmage.” In other words, it’s gonna be a chess match, and you got to show him some things early and then back out. You need to come right back to him, show him those things, and then bring the blitzes. “So, we have to change it up for him and make it very difficult for him.”>>First and goal at the 5. Nickel back is Cousin. Hand-off to Rhodes. Banging his way with a Grant tackle near the goal line — a hard-earned gain of 4 yards.>>It’s a little inside-trap play, and you’ll see Dominic Rhodes left side. You’ll see the left guard, Lilja, he’ll pull and kick out, and then Dominic Rhodes just tries to finish that one off inside. But an inside trap usually a good call in this part of the field.>>Second and goal at the 1. Dominic Rhodes, Diem with a block, and that is a touchdown. And the Colts have their first lead today, and Dominic Rhodes breaks the plane for the fifth time this season.>>And they get good push up front. This offensive line has done a good job all year opening up some holes for these backs. And it’s interesting. You usually see Joseph Addai in this part of the field, in the red zone. But Dominic Rhodes gets it done, as well. He’s a powerful finishing back, as well.>>Let’s backpedal just a bit. Think of the Giordano interception in the end zone. Colts march the other way, 80 yards, get a touchdown themselves — like, 14 points involved here.>>Big swing.>>And Vinatieri tacks on another. The first time the Colts have led today. And the ensuing kickoff by Vinatieri. And Maurice Jones-Drew at the 2-yard line, trying to get his footing. And whacked on the play by Kelvin Hayden at about the 18-yard line. One-yard touchdown run moments ago by Dominic Rhodes of the Indianapolis Colts. 10-7. Ensuing kickoff to the 19. First and 10. Jones-Drew in the backfield. And Garrard. Reggie Williams. And hit by Harper and banged over there by Gilbert Gardner at about the 25-yard line.>>Started it well with a touchdown, but after that, it’s been downhill for the Jacksonville Jaguars.>>Second down and 3, and look at the great hole open up for Jones-Drew. Held onto by David and brought down by Marlin Jackson, sprinting to the 43, a 17-yard pickup and a Jacksonville first down.>>Kevin, every time I see Maurice Jones-Drew run, it reminds me of that little book I used to read when I was a kid, “The Little Train That Could.” “I think I can. I think I can.” And that’s how he runs. He’s tenacious. He’s difficult to tackle. He’s got great balance, great vision, and he just doesn’t quit. He never gives up on runs.>>He’s only 5’7″. Base defense for the Colts. First and 10. 23-yard line. Jones-Drew again. Good block by Brady. That opens up the hole, and there goes Maurice Jones-Drew to the 40-yard line. And he picks up on the run 17 yards. He’s brought down by the safety, Giordano, who has taken the place of Bethea, who’s out with a shoulder injury.>>And you just look at them wash that whole front out, and that’s one of the biggest area of improvement that I’ve seen from a year ago is the play of this offensive line. They’re more consistent across the board. They’ve cut down on the number of sacks, and they’re third right now in the National Football League at running the ball. They’re playing with a lot of confidence up front.>>New ends — Bo Schobel and Josh Thomas for the Colts. First and 10. Fred Taylor. A block by Naeole. And a hit by Jackson. And brought down by Cato June. Look at them slice their way through the Colt run defense. To the 21 — 19-yard gain.>>And they get pushed around. They’re getting their noses bloodied right now by this offensive line, and they can’t hold up.>>Hankton is a receiver on first and 10. Fred Taylor, gigantic hole, block by Wrighster, and he’s in for the touchdown! A 21-yard gallop! [ Crowd cheers ]>>Kevin, they’re having their way with them. They are running right through them, right up the middle. And that’s a huge hole for Fred Taylor. He’s just too good of a player to get him in open space. He’s gonna make a guy miss. That’s tough for Matt Giordano. You just watch him finish. And I’ll tell you what. That front of the Jaguars — they’re having their way with that front seven of the Colts. That’s the difference so far.>>Scobee with the extra point. Another lead change. Good-looking drive, and on it, Maurice Jones-Drew had rushes of 21 yards and on the ground 17 yards, then a terrific 19-yard run by Taylor, followed by a 21-yard touchdown run by Fred Taylor. 74 rushing yards by the Jaguars on that drive. Taylor — 8 carries, 121 yards already, and Jacksonville has reclaimed the lead.>>And I’ll tell you what. This Colts defense is gonna help send Fred Taylor to the Pro Bowl if they can’t get this thing straightened out. This is embarrassing for Ron Meeks and this defense right now, the way they’re getting pushed around.>>And the ensuing kickoff by Josh Scobee. A line-drive boot will go into the end zone. Went through three sets of hands, the last two, DeDe Dorsey and Terrence Wilkins. Another touchback — the second today by the guy that does it more than any other kicker, Josh Scobee. Now, to the mind of Peyton Manning, down by 4, in a race for the best record in the AFC with San Diego, both at 10-2, who will play later today.>>Yeah, some good later games. You look at that Baltimore/Kansas City. That’s an interesting game. A lot of people will be watching. And, of course, New England/Miami. And probably no surprise, but the Cincinnati/Oakland score. Cincinnati another team that’s on the cusp in trying to secure one of those wild-card spots.>>Second consecutive start from the 20 for the Colts, who on their last drive — 12 plays, 9 runs of those 12 plays. Five in the secondary, three wide receivers. And Manning throws to Marvin Harrison. Brought down by the linebacker Ingram. He’s out to the 44, picking up 24 on first down.>>Well, they love this deep cross route. You just watch Marvin Harrison. He’s gonna come across. They have the post going to clear out the back-side corner, and Marvin Harrison just sits right down in the hole. And that’s a play that they run a lot. Marvin Harrison knows where that sweet spot is in the zone, and he just gives himself up so that Peyton Manning can have a target.>>Marcus Stroud is back on the defensive line for Jacksonville. There are two tight ends, four in the secondary, first and 10. Dominic Rhodes wrapped up by Meier on that line and Daryl Smith, and it’s a gain of 2, and he’s out to about the 46-yard line. Second down and 8. Look at the rushing-yard difference.>>And that’s the problem right now so far, especially on first down. And the Colts have not had a lot of success running the ball on first down, and now you see these numbers — second and 8. They’ve had a lot of third-and-longs, as well. That’s not a situation Peyton Manning wants to be in.>>Stokley is in at third receiver. Oh, look like Glenn moved. Addai was also in, in the backfield.>>And this was a problem last week for them on the road in Tennessee.>>Four false starts in that game, yeah.>>Four false starts, two on back-to-back plays, and all four of them came at the tackle position. These guys have a hard time hearing. A lot of times the Colts will use a silent-snap count. So, what they’re doing is, they’re peeking in at the line of scrimmage. They’re looking for the sign from Jeff Saturday as he raises his helmet. And that’s the indication that they’re ready to go.>>Because Stokley is in as a third receiver, there’s a fifth defensive back. That’s Cousin. Addai in the backfield. Second and 13. That’s caught by Harrison. He gets by Henderson, and Harrison is to the 47-yard line. He picks up 6 on the play. Brought down by Cousin. Also, Ingram was there. 999 receptions for Harrison in his career. He’s already gone over 1,000 for this year, earlier in the game, with a 42-yard catch. Third and 7. No changes either way. 47-yard line. [ Crowd cheers ]>>You see him communicate with the offensive line, changing the protection so that they can hear it, and they can get their right adjustments.>>There’s a block by Glenn that opens up a slot for Addai, who breaks by Ingram. He takes it to the 40. He is pushed out of bounds by the middle linebacker, Smith. It’s a gain of 13 on third and 7. He’s to the 39 of Jacksonville.>>And just watch Reggie Wayne come into your screen at the bottom of this picture. Watch him make that block. That’s the block that really springs Addai for the first down. That’s an unselfish play by Reggie Wayne. Both of these receivers will do what they have to do to help in the run game, as well as blocking downfield.>>Tell you what. Addai does not look like a rookie to me in that backfield.>>No, he’s playing with a lot of confidence, and he’s really grown into that position. He’s done it in a really short time.>>No changes, 39-yard line. First and 10. Manning, good block by Glenn. Intercepted by Sensabaugh at the 12! [ Crowd cheers ] Peyton Manning has just thrown his sixth interception in less than four full games. A flag is down. And the conference with the officials at the 13-yard line.>>Well, they’ve been getting away with it. They’re running that post-corner route a lot. They ran it earlier.>>Our ref mike is not working, as Manning throws his first interception in his last 104 pass attempts against Jacksonville. But he has struggled over the last 3 1/2 games.>>And you watch. They run this post-corner route, and it’s a 2-deep zone coverage. And Peyton’s trying to get this one up and down, in between the corner and the safety. And Sensabaugh was not fooled that time. He saw it earlier. He reacted. He put himself in a position to make a play, and he does a nice job on the sidelines, keeping his feet in bounds.>>Four in the secondary, the three linebackers, four on the line. First and 10, 27-yard line. Taylor in the backfield with 120 rushing yards today. Lead block by the center, Meester. And brought down by Raheem Brock at the 30-yard line on a gain of 3.>>And when you run the ball well, there’s gonna be opportunities in the passing game. This Colts defense, they want to play their 2-deep coverage. But they’ve been forced to play more single-high or 3-deep safety coverage because they need to bring that extra defender down the box to help stop the run. And when you do that, that gives David Garrard and this offense some opportunities for one-on-one matchups on the outside lanes.>>Jacksonville has brought in another receiver in Jones-Drew. No changes for the Colts — somewhat strange. Second down and 7. Most teams, most defenses, will put a fifth defensive back in there. Garrard to Jones-Drew. With a block on the play by Naeole, and a tackle is made by Gary Brackett. It’s a gain of 4. 2:00 warning with Rich Gannon, Kevin Harlan. First-place Indianapolis, second-place Jacksonville. Two rushing touchdowns for the Jaguars.>>And you see those numbers today? Jacksonville averaging 4.4. And today the number — I mean, that’s dramatic.>>Third down and 3. Two tight ends for Garrard. And he goes to his big, 6’6″ wide receiver, Matt Jones, who works on the 5’10” Nick Harper. It’s a gain of 7.>>For David Garrard to direct this 2:00 drive, you got two time-outs, 1:56 — plenty of time. Just can’t afford any sacks. Incompletions here will not hurt you. Just got to be smart with the ball.>>Starting defensive line is on the line. It is first and 10. Jones-Drew brought down by Giordano and by Brackett, a burst of 11 yards down to the 48-yard line.>>And, Kevin, I can’t even tell you. This is such a luxury for a quarterback if you can turn around and hand the ball off to Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew and have over 200 yards rushing in the first half of a football game. That makes your job so much easier. And what’s gonna happen now in the second half, you’re gonna have some big opportunities in those outside lines to take some shots down the field.>>Marlin Jackson is injured. He is the second person in the secondary for the Colts to be injured today. The starter, Antoine Bethea, the rookie, was injured earlier in the game. Giordano taking his place, and Giordano had an end-zone interception. But here goes Jackson going down. An injury in the last 2 minutes automatically knocks a time-out off of the Colts’ side. So, now each team has two.>>And don’t think they’re not talking about this right now on the Jacksonville sidelines. Marlin Jackson’s down. Bethea is out. Your starting free safety, Bob Sanders, out. And now you got to say to yourself, “This is an opportunity maybe to take a shot, maybe a double move on one of those safeties, and throw one down the field.>>All right, we got some changes now defensively for the Colts. Jackson is out. He has been replaced by Dexter Reid. And Gilbert Gardner is out. He’s being replaced by Rocky Boiman. There’s a first and 10. Two time-outs for Jacksonville at the Colt 48. Jones-Drew slips through the grasp of Cato June.>>Oh, my goodness.>>He’s on the run! He is gone! Another touchdown! The electrifying Maurice Jones-Drew out of UCLA.>>Well, Kevin, what they’re doing is they’re spreading them out, and they’re running a draw play up inside. And Maurice Jones-Drew usually makes the first guy miss. He’s got another gear. And I’ll tell you what. He knows how to finish runs. Do you think he’s not excited?>>He’s scored a touchdown in five consecutive games. He has 11 touchdowns in his last 11 games. And the extra point by Scobee is in. He’s only 5’7”. He was a second-round pick out of UCLA. He led UCLA in rushing three consecutive seasons. But he also made a dent in school records and PAC-10 records in terms of kick returns. He does it all. He has done it all as a rookie in the NFL.>>These two guys are gonna fight to see who gets to 200 yards first. That’s that type of game for them Maurice Jones-Drew, though, he does have deceptive speed. He’s got another gear in there, and I think the Colts are finding out about that today.>>And of course that possession for Jacksonville was set up on the Peyton Manning interception by Sensabaugh. So, here we go, the kickoff following the third rushing touchdown, and this is DeDe Dorsey, who pitches it back to Terrence Wilkins, who had a punt return for a touchdown in the first meeting, back in September, and he is brought down hard by Tony Gilbert, a reserve linebacker out of Georgia. An 11-yard return. He’s out to the 21-yard line.>>Well, with 2 time-outs and 1:09, that’s plenty of time for Peyton Manning to go the distance here, to go the length of the field. But you just got to kind of slow down and get their composure once again. I think that’s a problem right now for this football team.>>Take us inside his head. You played this game. You’ve been behind on the road in a big game like this. What are you thinking?>>I think the frustrating thing for him right now is he’s seen the play of his defense, and that can wear on you. It takes its toll. They’re getting it done offensively. They’re moving the ball. They’ve done so all year, but you see the way the defense is playing. They got to do something on that side of the ball.>>Five defensive backs. First and 10 for Manning. Down he goes! Stroud and Henderson collide and steamroll him with Meier. Wow! How about that? That is the second sack on Peyton Manning today.>>And then what happens is, the defense starts to feed off the offense and the success they’re having. And now these guys are cranked up. They’re ready to bring it. They’re getting some push upside, and you can see from the outside McCray bringing it, as well.>>It’s a second and 15. The incomplete pass to Stokley, and the coverage by the nickel back, Terry Cousin, who is a veteran of 10 years out of South Carolina. Now the crowd is probably as loud as they have been all season long.>>And then it snowballs. Now you see the crowd start to get involved. They’re out of their seats. And the defense is playing well. They’re playing with a lot of confidence now. Again, if you’re Peyton Manning, you just can’t make a bad decision in this situation. Just keep your composure.>>Cordova is on that defensive line. Third and 15 for Manning. Five in the secondary. Addai at the side of Peyton. Manning through the hands of Harrison. Another dropped pass by the Colts. It’s incomplete. It’s three-and-out, and the Colts have got to punt for the fourth time in seven possessions.>>This is a scary throw. I can’t believe Peyton actually throws this, but it just goes to show you the nerve of this guy. He is flawless. He could care less. He’s gonna continue to shoot them in there and take shots. And he has such confidence that his receivers will come down with it. But that was a risky throw by Peyton Manning.>>Remember, the last punt of Hunter Smith was blocked by Jorge Cordova. They set up the return here for Maurice Jones-Drew. From the 48. And knocked down on the play by Rocky Boiman, who trips him up, but into Colt territory on a return of 12 on a punt of only 35 yards.>>Take a couple shots. Two time-outs and 25 seconds left certainly to get a field goal out of this situation.>>Gilbert Gardner remains on the sideline. They’ve got Rocky Boiman as the third linebacker. Marlin Jackson is out. And taking his place is Reid. First and 10, 38-yard line. Garrard. Good block by Maurice Williams on that line. Caught by Reggie Williams. Giordano, taking the place of the injured Bethea, makes the tackle at about the 35 on a gain of 5. And Jacksonville’s got 2 time-outs remaining. And a time-out.>>The thing you need to keep in mind when we watch David Garrard — he’s just made 14 career starts coming into today. And he’s still learning how to play the position, in terms of his reads and decision-making and his accuracy. We talked to Carl Smith on Friday. He said, “Hey, it’s a work in progress with him. We see him getting better each week. We see him evolving into the type of player we really thought he could be when we drafted him several years back.”>>And then swinging things over to the Colts, here’s a game which is vital for both teams, and we know that. A win by the Colts, they win the division for a fourth consecutive time. They’ve already got three starters on defense out in this first half. We talked about Reid taking the place of the injured Jackson. We talked about Giordano in for Bethea. And Ron Meeks now has a new linebacker in there in place of Gardner. I don’t know if he’s injured or not. The other two were. But Rocky Boiman is in there in place of Gilbert Gardner.>>And they’ve lost two of their last three, and it’s how you want to head into the month of January and the playoffs. You want to head in there with some confidence that you can win on both sides of the ball. And right now they don’t have that defensively.>>Second down and 5. Garrard. Incomplete. Jason David was in there covering Matt Jones. It’ll be third and 5. Jacksonville on top, 21-10.>>And we’ve seen David Garrard last couple weeks. We’ve watched a lot of film on him. He’s made some good decisions. He’s not made bad decisions and thrown into traffic. And today we’ve seen that a couple times in the first half. That’s not something you want to see from him, especially in this part of the field. Just a good throw, a good completion here will get you an easy field goal.>>Three receivers and four defensive backs. Rarely have they been in the nickel if at all today. Third and 5. Maurice Jones-Drew. And he pile-drives into a pile and brought down by a host of defenders, including Darrell Reid on that line. Gain of 3. Time-out, Jacksonville. Two seconds remaining, and Jacksonville is gonna try a field goal to wind up what has been a very impressive first half, with three rushing touchdowns. Manning has thrown a pick. He’s been sacked twice. Touchdown run by Rhodes. This is a 48-yard try again by Scobee. He missed from 48 on the other end earlier in the game. This is to the wind, and it is good from 48 yards away for Josh Scobee. That takes us to halftime. Let’s take a look at some of our key players. And there is Fred Taylor, who is trying to get some cramps out. Some of the numbers right there. And look at the average yards per rush.>>Yeah, 14.8 Passing yards not a big deal, and then look at the average drive start. Jaguars start at the 43-yard line, and they’ve taken advantage of those opportunities today. Their defense has played well. They’ve kept Peyton Manning under control, under wraps, and got a turnover from him. And, really, that’s been the difference. This energy and emotion — this crowd’s gotten into it. Jaguars are serious about playing football today. So, the kickoff by Vinatieri to start the second half goes through the hands of Wimbush. Picked up about the 10-yard line by Maurice Jones-Drew. He got a great block from Wrighster. He’s on the move. Oh, is this the dagger? Is this the dagger?! 93-yard touchdown! [ Crowd cheers ]>>Well, you just look at the expressions on some of the Colts faces. They look lost. They just don’t have any answers today for this football team. Just watch him pick this thing up, Maurice Jones-Drew. And he is an explosive runner. And then once he gets into the back end there, Adam Vinatieri has no chance. We talked about his deceptive speed. He’s a great returner, as well.>>That is the 12th touchdown this season, with the Scobee extra point. A kickoff-return touchdown. He’s got two rushing touchdowns today. He has two receiving touchdowns this season. There is not a more potent rookie running back, in terms of scoring in the NFL right now. There is Joseph Addai, who leads all rookies in rushing, but the impact this kid has had has been tremendous.>>And he’s exciting. He’s a fun guy to watch. He loves the game. And, Kevin, this really changes the whole dynamics of this football game. I’m not saying the Colts have to throw their offensive game plan out the window, but they have to be more aggressive in the second half. You can see Peyton and Tom Moore talking about things. They’re gonna have to open it up a little bit more. They’re gonna have to throw a little bit more, and that plays right into the hands of this Jacksonville defense. They’ll be able to pin their ears back and rush the passer, and that’s what they want to do.>>How many times do you think in Peyton Manning’s career he has been down by 21 points near or at halftime?>>And that’s part of the problem. This defense of the Colts was built to play with the lead. They’re built to play in high-scoring games. And they’re not talking about their defensive front. They’re not talking about drafting big guys who can hunker down. They’re looking at more fast guys. You see “Booger” McFarland, who they brought over from Tampa Bay. He was the guy that they brought in. They felt could add some stability to that front, could hunker down and play in there. But right now, there’s a difference in philosophy between these two football teams. And the bigger, the stronger, the more physical approach is winning out for Jacksonville right now.>>That is the third kick-return touchdown allowed by the Colts, two on kickoffs and one punt return this season. Wilkins a couple yards deep. And knocked out of bounds by Jamaal Fudge, a 24-yard return. He’s out near the 22. Now take us again inside that helmet. What’s he thinking? How does he get this team going?>>Well, they want to get the tempo back, and the tempo has not been where it needs to be today. One of the ways they do that — Tom Moore likes to do it — is the no-huddle. That doesn’t necessarily mean see how fast you can call the plays, but they want to change the tempo. They want to take control of it. And the way they do that is get into the no-huddle and start dialing up some more plays at a faster pace.>>There are five in the secondary for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The third receiver is Stokley. From the 22, first and 10. Addai in the backfield. Dropped. Bryan Fletcher. That is the fourth dropped pass today.>>And when I see that, that tells me, when I see that many, Kevin, it tells me the concentration level’s not where it needs to be. And you concern yourself with the focus where it needs to be. And that’s frustrating. That’s frustrating for a Peyton Manning. That’s frustrating for a Tom Moore, who’s over there trying to dial up some plays.>>Second down and 10, no changes.>>And, again, they’re playing the game with them, as well. You look at Jacksonville moving around on their side of the ball, trying to confuse Peyton Manning, trying to slow him down.>>Addai. Block by Diem. Look at the defense crowd him. An avalanche of black-jerseyed Jaguar defenders. Marcus Stroud throws him for a 1-yard loss to the 21. And oh, look at Stokley. Down. He has had a litany of injuries over the last couple of years, and with 14:29 to play in this third, he’s down again. Stokley hobbles to the sideline, arms draped around two trainers. Here’s what happened. Watch him on the left side of your screen. Not even hit.>>Just starting off, and he’s got his back foot in the ground. This is very unusual. You don’t usually see something like that. You can just see the pain. He goes right back to the ground.>>Ricky Proehl has taken his place. Third down and 11. [ Crowd cheers ] Rhodes and Addai back there with Manning. Oh, another drop, Rhodes. Number five dropped. I mean, there comes a point, and Manning shaking his head, saying, “When will they hold on?”>>And sometimes you try and do too much too fast. And you can just see Dominic Rhodes there. He’s trying to get that ball to get turned upfield and make a big play. But you got to catch it first.>>They got to punt again.>>Boy, they got to regroup.>>This will be the fifth punt in eight possessions. They’ve had one blocked today. Deep back Alvin Pearman. There he goes from the 44. He got a block from Webb, and he goes down at about the 47-yard line. Three rushing touchdowns, a kickoff return allowed. Wow.>>And you see the miscues. And they’re even magnified more so when you’re on the road, and you’re struggling on defense.>>Colts just punted. 47-yard line of Indianapolis. Garrard and Jacksonville, first and 10. Maurice Jones-Drew in the secondary. He broke a Reid tackle, and then he is finally brought down by Nick Harper. From the 25, first and 10. Jones-Drew hit by Freeney and brought down. A gain of a yard, 24-yard line. Three changes, and he might just be the rookie of the year in the NFL. So many terrific, young players, and he is right at the top of the heap. You can see what they’ve done. He and Fred Taylor today both over 100 yards rushing against the worst run defense in the NFL of Indianapolis, who, by the way, have lost three starters today — two to injury and one to ineffective play.>>And this is one of those games, if you’re Fred Taylor or Maurice Jones-Drew, you’re fighting to see who’s gonna stay in the huddle. Who’s gonna get more opportunities and more carries?>>Two tight ends, second down and 9. There’s a block by Naeole and Wrighster and a tackle by Giordano in the secondary. To the 18-yard line. That’s a gain of about 6 yards. Giordano taking the place of the injured Bethea. They got Dexter Reid there taking the place of the injured Marlin Jackson. And at the linebacker, they have Rocky Boiman taking the place of the ineffective Gilbert Gardner.>>And what’s happening is, you’re seeing more of Giordano down in the box, and he’s making a lot of tackles, and that’s never a good thing when your last line of defense is having to clean up and make some tackles in the running game.>>Josh Thomas is on the line, taking the place of Robert Mathis now. Third, a long 3. 280 yards rushing for Jacksonville. Jones-Drew. Hit by Giordano, then Raheem Brock and Josh Thomas combine on the stop. Gain of 3. 15-yard line, depending on the spot. And they may need a measurement. It is a first down. Let’s see where they put it. Nope. Did not get it. The back of the ball will be at the 16. If it’s touching the yard line, that’s where it is. So, it’s at the 16. He’s a yard shy.>>Wow.>>Fourth down. They’re gonna try for 3.>>And that surprises me a little bit with as well as this offensive line is playing and as much push as they’re getting in the running game. But Jack probably a little hesitant because of that decision he made earlier in the first quarter, going for it on fourth and 10.>>And they missed a 48-yard field goal, and then they’re going. And here’s a 44-yard try by Scobee. He gets that with ease. Tough day for the linebackers, the entire defense of the Colts. The linebackers, in fact, were in the sights of the G.M., Bill Polian.>>Yeah, they’ve not been happy with that group, and it’s been a disappointing year for them. Not making enough plays, and, really, the big thing not showing up in the run game, where they expect them to make a lot of tackles.>>27 unanswered points by Jacksonville. Moments ago, a 34-yard field goal. The ensuing kickoff — from the goal line, Terrence Wilkins. And he can bust one for you. And he’s brought down on the play by Alvin Pearman, a reserve running back, at the 25 and a 25-yard return. You ever been 24 points down this early in a game?>>Yeah, I have, and the thing is, what you have to realize is if you’re really gonna come back and win this type of game, you can’t do it all in one play, and you can’t do it all on the offensive side of the ball. You’re gonna need help in the kicking game. Somebody’s gonna have to make a big play on special teams. And, also, your defense is gonna have to find a way to get the ball back for you. Come up with a turnover, some positive field position. Take some of the heat off your offense.>>Meier is in on the defensive line, taking the place of Stroud. Manning has missed his last five passes, couple dropped. 25-yard line, first and 10. And going deep, and that is dropped by Marvin Harrison, with the coverage by Rashean Mathis. Second down and 10. We’ll call that a drop, the sixth of the day for the Colts. Second down and 10. And a quick hand-off, and it goes to Addai, who was brought down by Darrell Williams. It’s a loss of 2. He’s back to the 23-yard line. Third and 12. They need the 35. Five in the secondary, including Cousin. Proehl takes the place of Stokley. Airing it out and looking for Wayne. Almost intercepted by Brian Williams, jousting with Reggie Wayne. Incomplete. The Colts have got to punt for a sixth time in nine possessions. One of five AFC teams at 7-5, including these Jaguars here. Smith to punt. Alvin Pearman at the 23. Tackled on the play by former middle linebacker starting… Jacksonville gonna get it here for a second time in this second half. Fred Taylor is battling a sore hamstring. He is gone, but, boy, has he had a terrific day — 131 yards rushing. Maurice Jones-Drew will take his place on first and 10. And he was tripped up on the play by Nick Harper. He slides his way to the 49. He picks up 12, and it’s a first-down run.>>And just watch the movement up front. You see Cato June. He’s just getting walked out of the hole. I’ll tell you. The job that Mike Tice has done with this group and Andy Heck. These two coaches have really gotten this crew together. They’re playing with more consistency. They’re playing with more energy. You see Mike was a head coach last year with the Vikings. He’s come down here. He’s the assistant head coach now. He’s helped out with that offensive line, and tell you what. They’ve really turned the corner, and they’ve become a more consistent, more efficient group up front.>>49-yard line, first and 10. Maurice Jones-Drew with 161 yards rushing today. He is grabbed and then gang-tackled by Raheem Brock. The ball was jarred free. They marked him down. Cato June got a hand on him. It is a gain of 1 to the 50-yard line. Now, the Colts are playing for playoff position. If they would have won today, they would have won the division. They’re trying to stay step for step with San Diego. They play later today against Denver, and look at in the hunt and the wild card. Six teams all at 7-5.>>But I ask you, Kevin, which of these teams — Jacksonville or Indianapolis — right now looks to you like a playoff team? And the answer is Jacksonville for sure. They’re playing playoff-caliber football right now, and that’s something that concerns Tony Dungy. He told us last night, “We want to play our best football at this time of the year, and we’re not doing it right now.”>>Second down and 9. Maurice Jones-Drew. And hit by Freeney, the avalanche of Colt defenders. Gain of 1. There were five teams, not six teams, five teams at 7-5, and they included Pittsburgh in there, with 7 losses. But the Steelers are truly on the outside looking in as much as anybody.>>It’s so difficult when you win a Super Bowl, even if you go to a Super Bowl, to come back next year and have that same type of energy and have that same type of success, because everybody’s gunning for you. you’re on everybody’s radar screen, and that’s the same problem that the Colts are having right now. This is a team that’s won 8 of their last 10 meetings versus Jacksonville. And after a while, teams get tired of that. And I think Jacksonville has got it in their minds that say, “We’re not gonna leave here without a win today.”>>Third down and 8, three receivers. But four in the secondary, and Garrard airing it out. Looking for Matt Jones. Bobbled, incomplete. He was going stride for stride with not only Dexter Reid but Nick Harper in the end zone and looking back into the sun. That’s got to be difficult for a receiver.>>Yeah, it’s never good, but I like the fact that David Garrard gives him a chance. Matt Jones is a big, tall target that usually goes up and gets it. That’s just good coverage. And you watch Reid come over here. He’s gonna help out Nick Harper, and he makes this play right here at the end. He gets his hand in there, knocks it out. Also a good job by Harper, trying to strip it.>>First punt today by Jacksonville and Chris Hanson. Wilkins is waving it off. And not a great punt by Hanson. Out of bounds near — well, it looks like inside the 30-yard line. They’re still marking it off at the 29-yard line. It’s a punt of 20 yards. Poorly placed and not much distance. 7:22 here in the third. And around the NFL, you see the shout of Baltimore at Kansas City. Baltimore.>>It’s a little surprising to see Baltimore go into Arrowhead.>>Yeah. I mean, very surprising. And Baltimore coming into that game with a record of 4-2 on the road and 6-2 in the AFC. They, remember, lost 10 days ago at Cincinnati on that Thursday-night game. Indy three-and-out the last three times they’ve had it. First and 10. Manning. Almost picked off. Almost intercepted by Clint Ingram. Ingram is a rookie out of Oklahoma and a third-round pick.>>And the danger here for Peyton Manning is you get behind. You get more aggressive. You start taking some chances. And you can get sloppy. And that’s not something you normally see from Peyton Manning, and that’s the thing he’s gonna have to fight the rest of the way. Just be smart. Not get outside yourself and try and do things you wouldn’t normally do in this situation.>>Pettway and Wiley are on the defensive line. Cousin is the fifth defensive back. Second down and 10. And that was almost intercepted. Terry Cousin got a hand on it on a pass intended at about the 45-yard line for Marvin Harrison. Now Manning has missed his last 9 passes. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before. It’s third and 10 coming up.>>And he’s having to move. The thing — you watch Cousin. He’ll just pass this off. He falls back inside. He does just enough to get his hands on it. And that’s something this secondary does a good job of. They get their hands on a lot of throws. Have 17 interceptions coming into today’s game.>>Proehl is taking the place of the injured Stokley in the slot as a third receiver. Third and 10. Again five in the backfield defensively for Jacksonville. The blitz by one of those backs, Cousin. And the pass is caught. Grabbed by Wayne. Drilled by Brian Williams. And the gain is 15 on third and 10, a first down to the 44.>>As I sit here and watch this, Jacksonville has really disrupted the passing game with their front four. They’ve not brought a lot of perimeter people in terms of the linebackers and secondary, in terms of the blitzes. They’ve gotten it done with their front four, and that’s taken Peyton Manning out of rhythm in the passing game.>>Rhodes is in providing a block, first and 10. Ben Utecht grabs the pass. Hit by Brian Williams. Gain of 8. Out of bounds at the 48. First catch today by Ben Utecht, who was undrafted out of Minnesota three years ago.>>You can see Peyton Manning trying to call plays at the line of scrimmage. One of the things that they do a good job of is they don’t make a lot of mistakes in terms of penalties, in terms of sacks. He gets rid of it. He understands the timing and rhythm of the passing game.>>Second down and 2. Over the head of Wayne, almost uncatchable. Brian Williams and Gerald Sensabaugh covering on the far side. Booker caught a touchdown pass last week against this Jaguar team. On third and 2, and here’s the hand-off. That looks like a slicing run for a first down. It’s by Dominic Rhodes. He was tripped up on the play by Stroud. It’s a gain of 4. Move the chains. He’s to the 44. And when you can’t run the ball in a game, that’s a problem. He only had 28 yards rushing in the first half. In their last meeting versus Jacksonville, he only had 63 yards on 20 carries. And so what happens is, that makes you one-dimensional. No offense wants to be one-dimensional.>>Five defensive backs, first and 10. Manning to the side, uncatchable and over the head of Wayne on the coverage by Brian Williams.>>And you see Peyton, the frustration. And that’s another force. You’re getting so much 2-deep coverage now. They’re playing so much zone coverage. They’re dropping seven in coverage, and that’s making it difficult for Peyton. They’re only getting three and four receivers out on the route. It’s making it very difficult for him to find the open receiver.>>McCray has just come in for Wiley at the left defensive end. Second and 10. Rhodes remains. Proehl the slot receiver. Five in the secondary. Here comes Spicer as Manning looks downfield for Harrison. Coverage by Sensabaugh, who’s got a pick today. Harrison has been shut out since midway through the second quarter.>>And the surprising thing here, as I watch the Colts operate, is usually they’re a high-percentage completion-percentage-throwing team. And I look at some of these throws, and they have absolutely no chance. They’re trying to stick these throws into some tight areas, double coverage, and that’s not usually how they operate.>>Third and 10. They need the 34. Fletcher is in the backfield with Manning and Rhodes. Good block by Lilja. Great catch and then a drop. He had a one-handed stab at it, and Wayne dropped it. He was covered by Deon Grant around the 30-yard line. Seven dropped Colts passes today.>>Yeah, he just misses this one behind him. He’s trying to stick this one in that little hole, and what happens is, Daryl Smith is in the way in the underneath coverage, and so, Peyton’s forced to stick that in behind Reggie Wayne.>>Fourth and 10. They need the 34. [ Crowd cheers ] Nickel secondary remains. Three receivers for Manning. And again Fletcher in the backfield. Saturday with the shotgun snap. Looking for Harrison. Deflected by Rashean Mathis, Sensabaugh. They threw into double coverage on Harrison down the sideline, and on downs… With Rich Gannon, Kevin Harlan. On downs, the Colts come up empty. So, they give it back to the Jaguars at the 44, first and 10. Three rushing touchdowns today by Jacksonville, two by Maurice Jones-Drew, who also had a 93-yard kickoff return to start the second half. First and 10, 44. Garrard. Jones-Drew breaks a Giordano tackle, and then he is punted on the sideline by Cato June. The gain to the 41, a 15-yard catch and run, as Jack Del Rio pleads the case, and a first down.>>Well, you talk about Peyton Manning right now and the frustration that he feels. And I think part of it is two things. He’s without Dallas Clark, his tight end. And then you lose Brandon Stokley. Now they have Ricky Proehl playing that slot. He’s not having any impact downfield right now, and so, essentially, he’s looking for Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison on the outside. They’re trying a bunch of double moves. And now in this situation, those safeties for Jacksonville, they’re not gonna bite. They got a great lead. They’re gonna keep everything in front of them. And they’re very predictable right now.>>Two tight ends on first and 10. Derrick Wimbush. No, make it Alvin Pearman who takes it down to the 32-yard line and brought down by Dexter Reid in the secondary. That is a gain of 9. Pearman in the contest. You don’t hear a lot about this kid, who is two years out of Virginia, a fourth-round draft choice. He was a third-down back a year ago. Taylor is out with a hamstring, and he’ll not return today after a huge beginning to the game.>>This is one area where they’re pretty deep, and you got Alvin Pearman and LaBrandon Toefield, Maurice Jones-Drew, Fred Taylor. That’s an area where they have a lot of depth on this roster.>>Second down and 1. Three starters are out today for the Indianapolis Colts. Pearman again, and he is brought down. Cato June lost his helmet. No gain on the play. The good news is, his head was not in the helmet. So, now it’ll be third and — talk about those pictures that these quarterbacks look at.>>He’s trying to look at the coverages and the fronts and trying to find a way to make some plays down the field. And I think in this situation, I always thought — and you go back and look at it — the best thing to do is forget the score. It’s 34-10. Just forget the score and just try and go out and operate the offense. Just try and make good decisions, good reads, and convince the players around you of the same thing. Don’t try and make a touchdown on every play. Just make good catches, good decisions, and that’s what they need to do. Just forget about the score right now.>>Kelvin Hayden is now playing one of the corners. Third and a long 1 for Garrard, who will run it himself behind the block of Manuwai. Tackled by Giordano. Has the first down, plummeting to the 28. Picks up 4 yards, and they’ll move the chains. And the clock hitting three minutes remaining in the third.>>When you go back and look at this, they have three receivers up here and just two defenders. And that’s a problem when you can’t get lined up defensively. And the coaches in the press box upstairs for Jacksonville are looking at that, and they’re making a mental note. And that’s not something — we always talk about. That’s not something you want to put on film. If I’m a play-caller, if I’m an offensive coordinator, I’m gonna formation these guys to death to make sure they can line up and cover the receivers.>>Schobel taking the place of Freeney on the defensive end, first and 10 for Garrard. Hand-off goes to Pearman, diving to about the 24-yard line. And tackled by Rocky Boiman. Four starters are out. They’ve now got Hayden in at a corner, taking the place of Nick Harper. You know that Giordano is in for the injured Bethea. There’s Dexter Reid. He’s taken the place of the injured Marlin Jackson. And a linebacker, Rocky Boiman, is in for the ineffective Gilbert Gardner. So, they have four different guys now playing who were not in there to begin the game.>>Well, I got to tell you. I have a lot of respect for Tony Dungy and the staff. But when Cato June came in last night, we talked to him. I didn’t feel the sense of urgency that things were really bad on that side of the ball. And that concerns me, when your defense is 32nd in the NFL against the run.>>Two tight ends on second down and 6. Wimbush, the fullback, brought down by Giordano. To the 21-yard line, a gain of 3. And he’ll be shy of a first by a yard or two.>>And you just look at these numbers. 9 carries, 131 yards, and then Maurice Jones-Drew — 14 for 163. And it’s never a good sign for the Colts if you’re inside of 2 minutes in the third quarter and your top two backs for the opposition are on the sidelines with their helmets off. That’s not a good thing, and you’re seeing more Wimbush and Pearman and these guys. That’s frustrating for Tony Dungy and his staff.>>They just took Jones-Drew into the locker room. He’s getting an I.V. He is dehydrated and cramping up. We know that Taylor is out with a hamstring. Third and 3 and a time-out taken by Garrard, which means he burns his first of the half. And a look at Peyton Manning. And I know you’ve got such incredible respect for Peyton, the way he prepares in every facet of his week, beginning on the flight home Sunday night.>>Yeah, he starts making mental notes and goes back over the film and tries to get it straightened out. Keeps notebooks on each and every opponent so that he can make adjustments and be ready for them the next time around.>>Almost 300 rushing yards today by Jacksonville, and I asked you at the top of the game, “Can this defense take them to the Super Bowl?” History says, “No way.” And you agreed with history.>>There’s no question. When you’re giving up over 160 yards a game and 5.1 yards an attempt — both NFL worsts — it’s not a good sign.>>Third and 3. Two tight ends. Wimbush in the backfield. Garrard, with a block from Wimbush. Now being chased by Mathis, and Robert Mathis whips him down. 29-yard line. Flag is down also at the 29 on the hash in the middle of the field. With 51 seconds to play here in the third quarter. It is against Jacksonville as we send you…>>Holding, offense, number 69. That penalty is declined. Fourth down.>>On the road they’re 3-3. They need a win in the worst way. Thank you. And here’s a 46-yard try by Josh Scobee, who has kicked one today from 48, made one from 34, and missed from 48 earlier in the game. Winding down the third quarter. The snap from Zelenka, the hold by Hanson. The kick is true. Three more on there for Jacksonville. Did you expect a 37-10 game at the end of three?>>Well, I’ll tell you what. I expected Jacksonville to come out. You just got the sense when we watched them in practice on Friday they were ready for a big one. They were ready for this football game, and I knew it was gonna be close. I never expected this. But Jack — you got to give a lot of credit to Jack Del Rio and his staff, the job he’s done getting this football team ready to play.>>Well, we just got that update from J.B. — Carolina and the Giants, which drifts our thoughts over to the NFC. And you see Chicago already clinched the NFC North at 10-2, and then look at in the hunt and the wild-card teams right now — very congested.>>Yeah, it’s not as defined. And you look at those two wild-card teams. And my opinion, two teams that are reeling right now, not playing great football. And then, of course, in the hunt, I really think it’s a crapshoot. Any of those teams could really emerge, but, again, not as defined as it is in the AFC.>>Colts are set to get it back. Manning has been sacked a couple times. He has been intercepted. He has had 7 of his passes dropped by receivers today. And they have had a horrible stretch, one time punting three consecutive times, losing it on downs the last time, and trailing 37-10.>>And it’s tough to keep your poise in these situations. I mean, Peyton Manning is a prideful guy, a guy that’s been in a lot of big games, a guy that’s won a lot of games in the fourth quarter. And you never want to get in a situation where you’re on the road and behind by this much. And you just feel like it’s almost a helpless situation. I’m sure that’s probably going through the back of his mind right now.>>Best kickoff guy in the NFL, Scobee, drilling another touchback. Look at this one. He’s had three today. He came into the game, did Scobee, with 16. That is number one in terms of touchbacks, in the NFL.>>It’s good to see the Giants rebound. They’ve gone through adversity and a lot of controversy, in terms of the media and how they’ve handled that whole situation. But a pretty veteran group there in New York.>>First and 10. Manning getting a Utecht block. Dumps it off to Rhodes, and he is quickly hunted down by Daryl Smith, the linebacker. It is a loss of a yard, back to the 19. Manning since the second quarter is now only 3 of his last 17 passes. This will take us to the end of the third. Three straight wins for the Colts against the Jags until today. Second and 11. We start the fourth quarter, and that is caught by Ricky Proehl, who makes the grab at the 29. He beats the nickel back, Cousin. It’s a gain of 10 on second and 11, and Proehl’s first catch as a Colt, taking the place of the injured Brandon Stokley today. Five defensive backs. Rhodes in the backfield on third and 1. This is Utecht, screen pass, and he got some blocking ahead. Gets the first down, and from behind he is chased and hit by Rob Meier. 14-yard catch and run to the 43.>>And the Colts do a good job. They’ve created ways of getting their playmakers the ball in space. And you see a little slip screen there to Ben Utecht. Kind of comes off the ball as if he’s gonna block, and he turns back inside for the screen.>>First and 10. Manning, Harrison. Right in front of Rashean Mathis. The gain to the 45 and a quick pickup of 13 yards. And that is catch number 1,000 for Marvin Harrison, fourth all-time, fastest to get there.>>Boy, I’ll tell you what. That’s a real testimony to him and the way he prepares and the way he approaches it. He is a consummate professional, a guy that doesn’t take plays off and very reliable, dependable guy that lines up, plays every week, and gives you his best stuff.>>Proehl in the slot, nickel secondary, first and 10. Manning. And that goes off to Reggie Wayne, who’s quickly onside at about the 36-yard line with Brian Williams, a gain of 8.>>And see they’re doing a much better job on this drive taking what this defense is giving them — working underneath, some of these under routes. They mixed a screen in there and getting away from trying all these double moves and trying to throw downfield into this double coverage.>>There’s not a single starter on the defensive line right now. Second down and 2. And that is a catch by Wayne. 25-yard line. Sensabaugh and Brian Williams. That’s a 12-yard pickup and quickly Manning getting this team downfield, down by a 37-10 count.>>And I asked Rashean Mathis the other day about defending against these receivers. He said, “They have good speed and good hands, but they run precise routes.” You mix that with a quarterback like Peyton Manning, who knows how to read defenses and very accurate — he says that’s a lethal combination.>>24, first and 10. Good block by Diem, and there’s a pass which is caught by Wayne, who curls around Brian Williams and dives to the 14-yard line. Picks up 9 on the play.>>This is a guy I really like, Reggie Wayne. He’s had more production each and every year. He’s over 1,000 yards again this year. If it weren’t for Marvin Harrison, this guy would probably go to the Pro Bowl every year.>>You better believe it. Addai has come in for Dominic Rhodes, who scored the only touchdown for the Colts today on a 1-yard touchdown run. Jacksonville has had three touchdowns today on the ground, one kickoff return of 93 yards, and multiple field goals. And they’re short by about the half-length of a football on a drive that Manning has orchestrated that began back at his 20, on which he has gone 7-of-7 through the air.>>This is more like Peyton Manning. That other drive — sometimes things get away from you a little bit. You get antsy. I got the sense when I was watching him in that other drive, the previous drive, that just trying to make too much happen. And that’s not something you normally see from Peyton Manning.>>Addai in the backfield, second down and 1. Now on the defensive line, they’ve got Henderson and Stroud at the tackles. They have McCray at one defensive end and Pettway at the other. Pettway had a sack last week against Miami. Second and 1 at the 14. Addai, a block by Diem and a block by Saturday, and that is enough to carve a first down with the tackle by Henderson at about the 12-yard line for Joseph Addai and a gain of 3.>>There’s a striking similarity. You talk about how this defense was built here in Jacksonville. It’s no coincidence. Jack Del Rio came from Baltimore and you think about how that defense was built, with Siragusa, Sam Adams, Ray Lewis, and Rod Woodson. And then here, very similar. You got Marcus Stroud and Henderson inside. They have Peterson at the linebacker position. Donovin Darius. Very similar in how they built this defense to win here in Jacksonville.>>From the 11, first and 10 for Peyton Manning. To the end zone and over the head. Uncatchable for Fletcher. Coverage by the linebacker, the middle linebacker, Daryl Smith. It’s second and 10.>>Well, this team plays well at home. Kevin, 5-1 and their defense in particular, they’ve only given up 7.8 points a game. And they’re tough to score on. The play with a lot more — for whatever reason, they play with a lot more confidence at home, and it’s really showing here today.>>And the Colts average 27 points a game. Second and 10 at the 11. Manning — incomplete. Boy, McCray was right on him and breathing hard on Peyton Manning, two-time MVP, six-time Pro Bowler.>>He just did the right thing there. They actually had that very same play we saw a little while ago to Ben Utecht, the screen. They just flipped the formation. Now he was on the right side. And Peyton Manning saw the screen was covered, the defender was there, and he did the next-best thing. He threw it at his feet. Move on for the next down.>>Utecht, Proehl, Wayne, and Harrison are the receivers. Five in the secondary. The nickel is Cousin. Third and 10. Eighth time today that Manning has faced third and 10 or longer. To the big tight end Utecht, who tries to dive across after being smothered. No signal given. He was tackled by Daryl Smith. He is shy inside the 1. But he gets the first down, so it’s first and goal for the Indianapolis Colts.>>And Ben Utecht is a better receiver in space. He’s a big target. And we see Manning just gonna sneak it in.>>Yep, he got it. That’s a touchdown run for Manning, his third of the season, a 1-yard quarterback sneak.>>They’ll go for 2 here. No, they’re gonna go for 1. Peyton asking for 2, and Tony Dungy makes the decision on the sidelines to kick the extra point.>>Good-looking drive by Manning, as he was very accurate as he went downfield. 8-of-10 on that drive, which began back at the 20. The Vinatieri extra point is up. Peyton Manning today, 21-of-41. He just had a quarterback keeper from a yard away, and he brings his team to within 20, and Vinatieri now has it teed up. I don’t know if they’ll try an onside kick. He has never been successful in the regular season. Ironically, though, he was successful in a preseason game this year for the Colts with an onside kick. And of course he’ll boot it long with the wind dying down. It’ll be left in the end zone. Pretty day here in northern Florida in Jacksonville. With Rich Gannon, Kevin Harlan. 11:13, fourth quarter. Three rushing touchdowns today by the Jaguars, including two by Maurice Jones-Drew and a kickoff return to begin the second half of 93 yards. From the 20 on the touchback after the kickoff and the Manning 1-yard touchdown sneak. First and 10. Maurice Jones-Drew tripped up by Rocky Boiman. It’s a gain of 3. He’s out to the 23-yard line. And let’s revisit your game points we talked about in the opening minutes of the game.>>Well, Indy did not finish strong. They’re not finishing strong. They’ve been sloppy on offense, and they’ve taken a beating on the defensive side of the ball. And then for Jacksonville, with the exception of the poor decision by David Garrard, it’s been a pretty clean performance, and this is really how you want to be playing in December.>>Raheem Brock is down right now for the Indianapolis Colts. And since the game began, there have been four defensive changes out there for Indy. And Brock is trying to regain himself. The Colts have lost two of their last three after winning nine consecutive games to start the season. And they are right now hovering their third loss in the last four. You may recall last year, they began so well, staggered to the finish line because they had clinched everything so early in December. It’s just the reverse this year. They’re now fighting for position in a very tight AFC.>>Yeah, and you got to keep an eye on San Diego and what they’ve done. And you look at their remaining schedule. And that Cincinnati — that’s not a gimme. Houston’s not gonna roll over. Nor is Miami. And I think you want to be playing, you want to be gaining confidence as you head into the playoffs, and I’m not so sure this is a very confident football team right now, the Colts.>>Darrell Reid has taken the place of the injured Raheem Brock. Second down and 7 from the 23. Two tight ends for Garrard. Fake hand-off to Pearman, and the throw going to the tight end Brady. Makes the grab. Brady with his third reception of the year, his second in as many weeks, a 13-yard catch and run. Giordano with the stop at the 36-yard line, a first down.>>As you look at the Jacksonville remaining schedule. It’s brutal — at Tennessee and New England and at Kansas City. If they’re gonna do it, they’re gonna have to do it versus the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL. Jack knows what’s ahead of him. They got themselves in this position at 7-5, and now they have to find a way to overcome some adversity and finish strong in the month of December.>>Two tight ends. Pearman remains. First and 10, 36. Block by Naeole, a run by Pearman. Tackle by Kelvin Hayden, who’s taken the place of Harper. No gain on the play. He doesn’t stop. He’s always going, isn’t he?>>Yeah.>>Running on the field. He’s working the bike on the sideline.>>You know, all those backs have been getting I.V.s today. I don’t think either of them anticipated this type of production. I knew they were confident coming in that they could run the football against this front, but they’ve really had their way with them.>>We talked to him in Miami last week, and he is a big fan of the Raiders and a huge fan of Rich Gannon.>>Well, I’ll tell you what. It’s fun to see a guy that enjoys the game as much as he does who’s as excited, who realizes what an opportunity it is to be a player in the National Football League.>>Second down and 10. Garrard got a block from Maurice Williams and throws outside for Derrick Wimbush, who slipped, and then Giordano jumped on him. Let me get a shot once again if I can — the gain is out to about the 45-yard line, a 9-yard pickup. In the first meeting with these two teams, Week 3 in Indy, he had 244 total yards. So, help me do some math here. 244 in Week 3. He has 303 today, did we see? About 547 yards in 2 games — that’s not bad.>>I saw Pat McGrath over there, our statistician. He’s trying to do that quick math. [ Both laugh ]>>Hankton is a slot receiver — Cortez Hankton. It is third and 1. [ Whistle blows ] Did somebody move, or was somebody induced? It’s against the Colts. Penalties today — each team had three before that call.>>Delay of game, defense, number 95. Snap count — 5-yard penalty. First down.>>And Darrell Reid has taken the place of the injured Raheem Brock.>>And, you know, we talk about Tony Dungy and his football teams. With the win today, they would have won their fourth consecutive division title. They’ve always been a team that’s been a smart football team, that’s played hard, that’s well-coached, that’s disciplined. And I see them today, and this is not a Tony Dungy football team. This is a sloppy football team that, really, in my opinion, is not prepared to play today.>>Two tight ends, first and 10. Pearman, Wimbush in the backfield. And this is Alvin Pearman. A block from Wimbush, and a tackle made by Bo Schobel. A gain to the 42. It is a 7-yard romp for Alvin Pearman.>>Moments ago, Kevin, you and I talked about whether or not this defense could sustain and find a way to help and carry this football team to a championship. And you look at what’s happened in the past, and teams that have won world championships, not only have they been able to do it offensively, but they’ve been able to do it defensively. That’s a pretty clear-cut graphic, and it tells you that you have to have balance, you have to have symmetry on both sides of the football.>>Two tights on a second down and 3. Pearman. Good block by Wimbush. And another nice, little dive down to the 36. Rocky Boiman brings him down after a 6-yard gain. The Colts are the only team in the NFL to allow 100 yards or more rushing every game this season, going back to 1984 and the Minnesota Vikings.>>Yeah, that’s not good. And, you know, look at Jacksonville on the flip side of it. This is their eighth game where they’ve had over 150 yards rushing. So, you put those two things together, and something’s bound to give. And today, it’s swung in the favor of Jacksonville. They have dominated this game physically. The team that usually wins that battle usually wins out.>>First and 10. Two tight ends again. Pearman. And bulldozing his way. There’s a flag. He’s down to the 32. Rocky Boiman makes the stop on a gain of 4 yards. How is the plane ride home after getting whipped like this on the road?>>Well, I’ll tell you what. There’s a lot of second-guessing going on, and I think a lot of gut-check. You look at each other, and you got to face up to it. If you go back and watch the film…>>Illegal use of hands, defense, number 91. 5-yard penalty — automatic first down.>>You go back and watch the film, and the film doesn’t lie. And sometimes in situations like this, it’s a good thing to get the whole group together and watch the film collectively as a group, so that the accountability is there, so that players know who’s putting forth the effort and the energy to get things done. Right now I’m not seeing a lot of that on the defensive side of the ball or the offensive side of the ball for the Colts.>>27-yard line, first and 10. Two tight ends. Josh Thomas is on that line. Raheem Brock, by the way, is back on the defensive line for the Indianapolis Colts. And Pearman sent up the middle. And Giordano, who has taken the place of the injured Bethea, makes the stop after a gain of 4. Spot him at the 23. And think about the effort — and we’ll just talk about Manning. These guys all prepare. Think how much time, effort, and the expenditure of his whole week he has put into this game and studying and then to be — not only him but the team as flat as I’m sure they’ve ever been.>>And in the National Football League, you only get 16 — it’s like 16 final exams. And you either get a pass or a fail. And you put all that effort and all that energy into it each week, and it’s very disappointing to come all this way and not have it go in your favor.>>Second down and 6 from the 23. Wrighster is the tight end on the fly. Pearman. And tackled by Mathis on the defensive line. There’s a late flag. The gain was to the 19 on a gain of 4.>>And the big problem, Kevin, is when you watch the film, everyone else in the National Football League is watching this film, as well. And what you put on film is who you are.>>Personal foul, unnecessary roughness, defense, number 58. Half the distance to the goal line, first down.>>And that is Gary Brackett, former college walk-on, a former undrafted player in the NFL, a guy who has gone through so many things in his life. He played at Rutgers, and there he is, starting in the NFL. A great story and on a tough day gets called for the unsportsmanlike conduct.>>But when you put this on film, then what do you think is gonna happen next week against Cincinnati and the following week against Houston and then Miami? They’re gonna just try and run and pound the ball at you and make it a physical game. And that’s what happens.>>First and goal at the 9 with a double-tight end set. Alvin Pearman tackled by Kelvin Hayden, who came up from his defensive back position making the tackle at the 6 on a gain of 3. On the other side, you got a Jacksonville team, Rich, that will now have won three of their last four, five of their last seven. They’ll go to 8-5, and they are very much alive and a team I think now you’ve really got to circle as one of those teams that could certainly grab one of those two wild-card slots.>>Well, they were always getting it done defensively. Think about this. This is a solid defense, the number-four defense in football. But now, on the offensive side of the ball, they’re getting some big, explosive plays not only in the running game but the passing game, as well.>>Eleventh play of the drive, a 7-minute drive. Second and goal. Pearman — huge hole. Great block on the play by Naeole. And they say he is in for the touchdown on the fourth rushing touchdown today for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the first of the year for Alvin Pearman. And there is an official down.>>Watch the umpire. You never want to be an umpire in the National Football League. Look at this. He gets pushed from behind. He gets pushed from behind by Dexter Reid. That’s a brutal position to be in. I’d never be an umpire. I’ll be a back judge or a side judge but never an umpire. Wow! No pads or anything.>>Carl Madsen is the one who was like the pinball inside. There were great blocks by Maurice Williams among others on that line. And the challenge is being…>>Indianapolis is challenging the ruling on the field that the runner was across the goal line prior to the ball coming loose.>>Well, we’ve been looking at the replays, and they’re gonna wipe the touchdown away. And you’ll see Alvin Pearman not only hitting the umpire but losing the ball right there. And a good challenge by Tony Dungy.>>After reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands.>>Oh!>>Touchdown.>>He’s wrong.>>Indianapolis is charged a team time-out.>>I guess the question is, did he cross the plane before he fumbled the ball?>>Well, we had every angle that they had.>>Yeah.>>I didn’t see that. That’s very difficult. That’s very difficult to see. I can’t even imagine.>>No.>>You ever been in a head-on collision? Look at this.>>Oh, oh. That’s what it’s like being in a car accident.>>I got to look at that replay again. Did it not –>>Looked like it was coming out.>>Yeah, there’s the extra point.>>Some frustration.>>Yes, as the team for walking off.>>After the play was over, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, defense, number 95. The 15-yard penalty will be enforced on the kickoff.>>Four rushing touchdowns by Jacksonville. They have scored on six of their last seven possessions. The penalty flags will put the ball at the 45 on a kickoff by Scobee. So, this, my guess will be, will be about 10 rows up in the stands. He’s got the wind at his back, and he’s had three kicks deep into the end zone today. We’re gonna take one more look at that touchdown run. It really doesn’t matter, but in terms of being right or wrong, we’ll have to see. They ruled it a touchdown. That is out of the end zone for his fourth touchback today. Let’s see when he lost the ball. Was it at the goal line, or was it prior to the goal line? On a 6-yard run.>>Well, it’s tough to see. There’s gonna be a couple bodies in the way, but whether or not that ball is actually coming out as — yeah, I think it’s probably the right call.>>May have.>>But that ball looked like it was on the line.>>It was crossing and falling at the same time.>>And this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. With 3:59 left in the game, I don’t know why you leave your star, franchise quarterback in the game.>>From the 20, first and 10. Dumps it off to Dominic Rhodes. Got a block from Saturday. He’s out to the 32, and he’s belted out there by Dee Webb. It’s a 13-yard catch and run and good for a first down.>>I know the reason. This guy is just the ultimate competitor, and it would just kill him to come out of a game, even though the game is out of reach.>>And he won’t quit.>>No.>>First and 10 for Manning. Outside, Marvin Harrison. 44-yard line. Covered by the linebacker Ingram, a gain of 12.>>Sometimes you’d like to think the coach will make that decision for you and maybe bring in Jim Sorgi and give him some reps.>>Sorgi has not taken a snap all season long. First and 10, 44-yard line for Manning. The block by Tarik Glenn giving time for the pass to Ricky Proehl, who is drilled by Webb to the 38, a 13-yard catch and first down.>>Yeah, this is frustrating for — you look at Webb there. He’s got great coverage on Ricky Proehl, and Peyton Manning just threads the needle. That’s the thing about him that’s so fun to watch, just how accurate a thrower he is.>>Five in the secondary. And Manning. And that is incomplete on first down. Now it’ll be second down and 10. Scott Starks is also in now for the Jacksonville Jaguars. And they’re gonna make a change on the line. They bring in Pettway, and they bring in Jorge Cordova for the Jags.>>Tell you what. This secondary’s done a nice job today with the exception of some of those big plays they gave up early in this game. They’ve settled in. They’ve done a nice job. The corners have done a nice job funneling things back inside for the safeties, and they’ve eliminated the big plays.>>Second down and 10 for Manning. That’s Reggie Wayne tackled by Ingram. 31-yard line, 12-yard pickup. Time-outs remaining — the Colts have two. Drive started at the 20-yard line. Manning has a touchdown run. Rhodes has a 1-yard touchdown run. First and 10. A block by Scott. And that is another drop for Rhodes. I wonder if he heard Nick Greisen beating a path to him.>>You know what? I bet you he couldn’t see that. You look where that sun is and that shadow coming across the field.>>Nonetheless, it’s 8 drops by the Colts today.>>Yeah, and that’s pretty uncharacteristic for this group. They’re a pretty savvy bunch in the passing game. They take good care of the football. You don’t see it on the ground a lot, and that’s something that jumped up and bit them today.>>Second down and 10.>>And you watch Peyton get up there and change the protection, to signal out to these receivers, change the route combinations, alert who’s hot and get rid of the ball quickly.>>Manning. And looking for Wayne, and Webb was defending. No yellow on the field. It is incomplete. Is it hard for a quarterback to get a grip on the ball in a shotgun snap?>>It is, but he’s used to it. But the great thing there was just how he orchestrated that whole thing. That looked simple, but it’s not. He had a play called. He got up there. He recognized the pressure. He changed the protection. He changed the routes. He blocked them up, and he took a shot downfield. And that’s really where you hurt defenses and defensive coordinators.>>Third and 10. Proehl taking the place of the injured Brandon Stokley, Achilles injury earlier in the game. Nickel secondary for Jacksonville. Manning. Almost intercepted by Sensabaugh.>>Again, trying to stick one in there, and you look at Utecht going up. I don’t know if he short-armed that. We refer to that as “alligator arms.” He had one eye looking at the ball and one eye trying to find another safety ready to knock him out.>>Sensabaugh had a pick of Manning earlier in the game, his second of the year and his second in as many weeks. Fourth and 10, 31-yard line. Wiley is now a defensive end for Jacksonville. Starks and Cousin are the two of the five defensive backs. Manning behind Wayne and almost picked off by Sensabaugh again, as that is ricocheting off the shoulder pads of Reggie Wayne. On downs, the Colts give it up again. Jacksonville will take over with 2:16 to play. Harrison and Wayne both over 100 yards receiving today. From the 31, first and 10. And Pearman into the secondary and upended by Dexter Reid. 12-yard push up the middle and a gain to the 43 and a first down. That’s a great tandem. They’ve been devastating today for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the very porous rush defense of Indianapolis. First and 10. We’re at the 2:00 warning, and Garrard is still in. And Pearman with a great run up the middle, busting his way free. Bo Schobel brings him down, 45. First-down run and a gain of 12. He’s got now — adding onto the total, 377 yards rushing, the second-most rushing yards in a game since, what, 1970? How about that? That’s amazing.>>Yeah, and the key has been they’ve not overused Fred Taylor this season. Last year, he had a game where he had 40 carries. They wore him out. Carl Smith said, “He’d be so beat up, he couldn’t practice on Wednesdays.” This year he’s been fresh, and he has not missed a practice the entire year. And I think that’s gonna page huge dividends for them the next couple weeks.>>Jacksonville will go to 8-5, in second place in the AFC South. They’ve now won 3 of 4 and 5 of their last 7. And the Indianapolis Colts — and this, by the way, is the second consecutive win for Jacksonville. And Manning, ever plotting, ever planning, on the sideline, watches his Indianapolis Colt team now go to 10-3. Still in first place in the South. They got to wait and see what happens in that Denver/San Diego game because right now San Diego would have a half-game lead for that best record in the AFC, home field and home field throughout and the bye, of course. Indianapolis has now lost 3 of their last 4. After starting the season with 9 consecutive wins, a second consecutive loss. They lost last week to Tennessee, and they get throttled here in Jacksonville today, 44-17, with 4 Jacksonville rushing touchdowns.

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  1. 3:41 – Fred Taylor rushes for 76 yards on Jaguars’ first play of game

    4:35 – Maurice Jones-Drew rushes for 18-yard TD

    15:16 – Adam Vinatieri hits 41-yard FG

    18:20 – Jaguars’ Josh Scobee misses 48-yard FG

    32:54 – Colts’ Dominic Rhodes rushes for 1-yard TD

    34:24 – Maurice Jones-Drew rushes for 17 yards on back-to-back plays

    35:34 – Fred Taylor rushes for 19 yards

    35:55 – Fred Taylor rushes for 21-yard TD

    41:30 – Peyton manning is intercepted by the Jaguars’ G. Sensabaugh

    45:55 – Jones-Drew gouges Colts defense for 46-yard rush TD

    53:00 – Josh Scobee hits 48-yard FG to end the first half

    53:56 – Jones-Drew returns 2nd half opening kickoff for 93-yard TD

    1:02:12 – Josh Scobee makes 34-yard FG to put Jaguars up 34-10

    1:13:20 – Jaguars stop Colts on 4th down

    1:20:14 – Josh Scobee’s 46-yard FG puts Jaguars up 27 points

    1:28:50 – Peyton Manning sneaks in for 1-yard TD

    1:40:00 – Jaguars’ Alvin Permian powers through Colts defense for 6-yard TD

  2. Fantasy Stats
    Fred Taylor-19.1

    1 Yard = 0.1
    Rush TD = 6
    Kickoff Return TD = 6
    Receiving Yard = 0.1

    MJD: 166 Yards, 2 Rushing TD's, 1 Kickoff Return, 15 Yards Receiving.
    Fred Taylor: 131 Yards, 1 Rushing TD.

  3. Well… Peyton still managed to get his ring. With THAT defense. This itself can close GOAT discussions.

  4. one of the best del rio jags games ever
    to bad gus cant get it done like this
    i miss del rio that was the style fotball i loved bout this team

  5. I am a Patriots fan. But damn, MJD is without a doubt my favorite non patriot of all time. He's just such s fun player to watch. And Taylor is great as well. And while Kevin Faulk is my favorite running back. MJD is still amazing

  6. As a Colts fan I hated this game and was too disgusted at first to click on it. But then I remembered that this was a catalyst game that woke us up and sent us on our way to the championship. I don't think we win Superbowl XL without enduring this humiliating loss.

  7. This is the first time I ever cried after a football game… Gimme a break I was 8. But I still remember being inconsolable and hating David Garrard for the next week

  8. It kills me that the '06 Jags missed the playoffs after this. Dropped their next three and finished 8-8.

  9. To everyone writing negative comments about the Jags, saying things like, "What's so special about this?". We are Jags fans. Being a Jags fan ain't easy. Just let us have some tiny bit of joy. LET US HAVE IT. DEER GAWD.

  10. If Pearman would have got 29 more yards on that last drive then the Jags would have 3 players with 100 yards rushing. Wow

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