Fr. Marc Vernoy: An Open Letter To My Brother Priests

Fr. Marc Vernoy: An Open Letter To My Brother Priests

Dear brother priest Greetings in the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary My name is Mark Vernoy, I was ordained a Catholic Priest Catholic priest for the priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X and June 29 1995 After having been sent to Asia, Europe and Africa I was assigned in Sanford, Florida 8 years ago to establish our priory. We are as tells our statutes aPriestly society of common life without vows, after the example of the societies of foreign missions. Our purpose is the priesthood and all that pertains to it and nothing but what concerns it. It means the priesthood as our Lord Jesus Christ willed it when he said “do this for a commemoration of me.” Before founding our society Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre led the largest Catholic missionary congregation the Holy Ghost fathers And was the apostolic delegate for West Africa. His experience showed him the necessity of a real common life to preserve and strengthen our priestly life against their challenges and dangers of modern life in this world. As our Lord Suffered His terrible passion so His mystical body Holy Mother the church is atrociously suffering today. Through so many victims children and young adults an in Her immaculate and divine dignity. Some of her beloved sons consecrated in the priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ have Appallingly betrayed her and have thoroughly defiled their persons with horrible crimes. They’re unnatural Deprivation is so evil that Holy Scripture places it among the four sins That cry to heaven for vengeance In their sacrilegious abuses they crucify the whole Church They desecrate their holy unction and give up their fatherhood and their human dignity as there is no human dignity anymore when you depart, so sinfully from God our Creator and Redeemer. As poor sinners, we all know that human nature is weak and wounded Always ready to fall into a sin. Thus, Our Lod Jesus Christ is alerting us Watch ye and pray that you enter not into temptation The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak. He constantly admonishes us against the parallels of the world whose Prince is Satan and has no positive or optimistic attitude towards them. The world does hate me because I denounced it for its evil doings. If you belong to the world, says Our Lord The world would know you for its own and love you It’s because you do not belong to the world because I have singled you out From the midst of the world that the world hates you. And he continues have you ever been told that the world’s friendship means enmity with God, and the man who would have the world for his friend makes himself God’s enemy. However, after the Second Vatican Council and through the liturgical reform as well these evangelical exhortations have been silenced in the Church. In the general audience of July 3rd 1974 Pope Paul the sixth explained this change as follows. Quote. We have certainly heard of the severity of the saints for the evils of the world Many are still familiar with the books of asceticism Which have a generally negative judgment on earthly corruption. But it it is also certain that we live in a different spiritual climate being invited especially By the recent Council to take an optimistic Look at the modern world its values its conquests. End of quote. The Pope continues then his speech praising modern materialism Comfort and technology and gave this advice: quote We must maintain a line of demarcation between Christian life and secular life Between the spiritual and the temporal there cannot exist This communion or rather this confusion of interest and ways of life That the old unitary conception of Christianity made easier and more habitual. We, Catholics faithful to the word of Our Lord and to the Holy Tradition of his church have always been aware of the distinction between the spiritual and a temporal worlds but not a separation a Line of demarcation as we believe in the social kingship of the son of God We are for a communion coming from subsidiarity, but certainly not for any confusion. We want even love to be known in this world to spread and to be loved. These words of Paul the sixth along with many others regarding a new spiritual attitude Towards the world are very disturbing and confusing as they frankly depart from divine doctrine and from the constant teaching and practice at the Catholic Church. The absence have God the Father in any society is at the root of all Evils we may witness today. How could Paul VI up and the gates of the church to the fetid an evil spirit of the world? Promoting a liberal and Godless attitude with the world This invitation has unfortunately Been observed in what was called the adjournmento of our church. The Holy Father instead of promoting the salvific influence of the church in our world Uncaring for the spiritual good of his flock exposed both To the sinful contamination of the world and for their own ruin. And the first rank of this contamination have been the consecrated persons 120,000 priests Left the priesthood for the world and his corruption and many who stayed in their position are greatly suffered Also the changes in the liturgy contributed to a confusion regarding the identity of the priests and even to a desecration of priesthood Every day of our life we need to be reminded about our sacred identity and divine vocation Paul VI concluded the Second Vatican Council with these words. Quote Indeed an immense love for men Profoundly permeated it human needs Examined and considered in details have absorbed the attention of our Synod you worshipper of humanity in Latin culturas Humanitatis who renounce transcendental truth ought to pay tribute to the Council for at least this and acknowledge a new humanism for we also and we more than anyone are worshipers of End of quote. This new horizontal attitude worldly and man centered Forgetting the primal and preliminary vertical attitude towards God Almighty altered Completely the meaning of Christian life and had enormous effects on Catholic doctrine and liturgy Nevertheless, the apostle’s admonished the Romans Regarding this very attitude leading to all perversions and abuses Saint Paul Wrote For professing themselves to be wise they became fools and they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of corruptible, man Wherefore God gave them up to the desire of their hearts unto uncleanness to dishonour their own bodies Among themselves who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature Rather than the Creator who is blessed forever amen. For this cause, continues St. Paul God delivered them up to shameful affections for their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature and In like manner the men also leaving the natural use of the women have burned in their lust one towards another men with men working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error and as the liked not to have God in their knowledge God Delivered them up to a reprobate sense that prompts them to disgraceful acts they are versed in every kind of injustice in knavery Impurity other is an ill will spiteful murderous Contentious deceitful depraved back biters slanderers God’s enemies insolent haughty, vainglorious inventive in wickedness disobedient to their parents Without presence without oh, no without love without loyalty without pity Yet with the just decree of God before their minds. They never grasped the truth That those who so live are deserving of death not only Those who commit such acts But they also that consents to them that to them Let us keep in mind that t. Paul. is not targeting only abusers but also those who cover for and promote this kind of behavior as a Consequence it is quite clear that this new optimistic look at the modern world deprives the flock from any spiritual protection and abandon them to pride idolatry adultery Egotism narcissism Selfism blindness contraception, abortion erection practical atheism abuse of power irresponsibility revolutionary feminism homosexuality and Many other evils that we do better not to name In a society as large as the church There is a force of inertia That can still give the illusion of its strength and coercion for a certain time after serious and disabling events the church is partially unplugged for half a century as God did not fully abandon her. Confusion without a clear supernatural goal her human side simply continued to roll thanks to the the strength its add accumulated until those years and thanks to an intense an overwhelming emphasis and administration. Many society is deprived of fatherhood a loving Authority that gives a vision Have forgotten the why of their lives to focus and the how of their organization Today we are witnessing the result of the disconnection with God the Father the batteries are very Low, and a spectacle of the fall is in shameful confusions is lamentable While Paul VI approved and promoted disconnection some Roman pontiff’s tried to fix things especially the moral life with cosmetic measures Which are worthless as the only effective medicine which is in the truth of our faith is the Word of God and in his Mystical Body. Very few in the Catholic Church, are those who really believe in this article of faith that She in union with a head who is Christ is The only one who provides the necessary means of salvation to human beings The true church And Chaste Celibacy cannot be the cause of today’s sex scandals The crime comes from a carelessness for spiritual good from an invasive anti-catholic subculture and from the absence of true Shepherds and fathers the new collegial way of Governing the church deprived the fathers of their full authority Responsibility and accountability and finally of their paternal heart the Second Vatican Council and its consequences were supposed to revivify the church with a Reformation but it obviously favoured a dreadful deformation never as a true Catholic Reformation ever been liberal and Confusing in its teaching, lax and permissive in its practice as it clearly was in the last counsel. We know that a fish rots from the head, but we also know that the good outcome always comes from Peter and we must pray for the Pope. Our Lord told Peter Thou art Peter and it is upon this rock That I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever That shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. However in his letter to the people of God Pope Francis Unfortunately avoids the deep causes of so many heartbreaking scandals. Three keys three key words are missing Homosexual Bishop Sacrilege We do not hear Peter warning us and taking any concrete measure against the liberal and homosexual subculture corrupting from the highest prelates to the simple assistant priest. We know for years that many in the hierarchy are covering up for on even promoting this evil subculture; liberal in his theory and confusing and perverting in its latest practical consequences. We unfortunately know today that Peter is apparently tainted with this sub-cultural influence. In the letter to the people of God Pope Francis gives no concrete direction. Being accountable and responsible for whatever happens under their authority to the flock, Pope Francis is not asking his brother bishops to investigate to inquire to thoroughly and canonically visits their diocese. Where is the sense of fatherhood? No man can serve two masters. And we expect a Holy Father to set a clear example as the vicar of our Lord and to act as a true father in order to confirm his brothers and Under the authority of our only master Christ our Lord Background checks are a cosmetic measure We need the help of God the father We need to beg the Holy Ghost for the grace to keep the faith the Christ to persevere in his charity and love The grace to be led by his hope and to live in his peace This requires remaining in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and the very minimum we must do is to pray faithfully our breviary, our rosary to reserve a quiet time of contemplation another to savor holy scripture to entertain a deep love for the Sacrament of Penance and its frequent use and Finally a supreme devotion for the Holy Sacrifice of the mass Which is the summit of our lives and reminds us who we are We must also ask for prayers Traditionally first Thursday’s are dedicated to pray for priests at masses adoration holy hour etc and our brother priests need our presence and comfort to avoid the curse of loneliness That effects many Which is a deadly danger and for some a foretaste of hell Holy scripture warns us: woe to him that is alone For when he falls he has none to lift him We first sons of a immaculate blessed lady Need to ask her intercession to live a holy and chaste life It is a gift that we must daily beg through prayer fasting corporal penance an ascetic life They that are Christ’s have crucified their flesh with devices and concupiscences. Our Lord warns us Unless you shall do penance you shall all likewise perish The first move of a worldly life Is to abandon the ascetic life Under splendid and radiating virtue of chastity The gift of this delicate faith virtue is a fruit of a constant understanding renewal and love of our consecration We have been set apart and we shall not take back what we have sacrificed and given to God Almighty The Holy Sacrifice of the mass is at the core about fidelity and Necessity to continue to grow in the dedication of our own fiat St. Paul wrote to Timothy Neglect not the grace that is in thee which was given thee by prophecy with imposition of the hands of the priesthood meditate upon these things Be wholly in these things that die profiting may be manifest to all Take heed to thyself and to doctrine be earnest in them for in doing this thou Shalt both save thyself and Them that hear thee Our identity is a divine gift and we must have a vivid sense of it To live it. Holy We priest of all Lord Jesus Christ are expected to preach fully courageously and without any ambiguity The mysteries of God and all the means he gives us to leave these mysteries the doctrine regarding sin the and the last ends are extremely efficient The catechism of Spirago Tells us Sin, is the one and only evil in the world We mortals are accustomed to regard the sufferings and Contradictions of this life as evils whereas there are graces in reality Since far from separating us from God they bring us nearer to him Through sin man becomes worthless in God’s sight Through sin he who is made of nothing returns to his original nothingness St. John Chrysostom says many consider eternal damnation to be the greatest of all evils but for my part, I always a said that to offend Jesus Christ is a far greater evil and sin Is a greater evil than the annihilation of the world nay of a million worlds? with the countless Inhabitants sin is the only real disgrace we Priests and sinners United with the passion and crucifixion of our Redeemer alter Christus Must fulfill our duty of reparation and expiration for the sin of the world the sin of our fallen brothers and Set a good example for this purpose In this troubled and Confused time. We have the great duty to remind ourselves and faithful about the evil of the practice of homosexuality and Seriously fight against is unnatural contamination We pray to Mary Immaculate Who prophesized that these crises at Akita, Fatima, La Salette, Quito. We pray to her for the church and for You my dear brother priests Who are expected as After our necessary and certainly sorrowful purification To be a key instrument in the absolutely needed conversion and Reformation to return to the love of Christ. Amen

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  1. Baron Angelton

    @Brett NeVille Mary is the MOTHER of GOD?? Are you completely sure?

    Show me scripture to back up your statement .

    Honestly do you believe in the big god and little god concept? By your rationale GOD had a mother where is his father. Is he Big God who is hiding that we know nothing about.

    Fact: GOD the FATHER by HIS HOLY SPIRIT placed an infant Jesus in Marys' womb. She was the vessel that brought GOD down to humanity to be the perfect second Adam. (Search Scripture).

    That was the only way for GOD to redeem mankind from Adams sin. Now

    for the libertarian ladies reading this, it was EVE who sinned and then

    invited Adam to do the same. As Eve was "bone of his bone and flesh of

    his flesh" according to Adam he took the responsibility of the sin, after

    trying to pass the buck by blaming Eve. Back to Mary.

    Mary was a virgin at the time of her confinement. After the birth of JESUS,
    Mary is known to have had more children,brothers and sisters of Jesus.

    They were James, Joses (or Joseph), Jude and Simon and at least two

    sisters. Matthew 13:55–56 in the Bible tells us that. Mary is not and can

    not be a perpetual virgin. If anyone knew that Matthew would, as he was a

    TAX Collector equivalent to The US IRS/ HM Revenue and Customs in the

    UK. They know almost everything, at least we are led to believe. However

    Mark 3:31–32 also tells about Jesus' mother and his brothers looking for


    Stop praying to a dead person whose bones are in an ossuary in Israel. She cannot hear you, cannot speak to Jesus and tell Him to forgive you and other fanciful ideas you may have been taught. Jesus is not on the cross and not in the tomb either. So stop praying at empty holes in the ground/rock.

    Do not keep mumbling the 50 beads of the rosary thinking you are praying.

    Your utterances go no higher than the cathedral of your mouth. Trust me I did not originate that statement JESUS did Matthew 6 vs 7 & 8 : But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. 8: Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

    So you see my reprimand is in love and in light of the Gospel. God bless

    you all who read this.

  2. Marc Vernoy: Can you tell me why the catholic church is in opposition with God designed plan for humankind. In Genesis 2 v 18 God said it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

    Paul reiterates Gods sentiments in common parle : 1 Timothy 4 vs 1-5 follows :

    1. Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

    2.Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    3. Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

    4.For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

    5. For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

    Why are priests forbidden from marrying? Surely that is rebellion against Gods plan for humanity?

  3. Gentlemen such as Vernoy, Vigano who are willing to stand against the current corruption and heresy that has infiltrated this church to the detriment of the flock I will stand with and pray for. God bless these courageous men and what Pope Paul the 6 stated regarding Christian values. I honor men like him who stand on God's word to strengthen their point and to continue to justify their cause against the perverse corruption that is pervasive today.

  4. Thank you Fr Marc n for SSPX. I went back to Tradition from Novos Ordo since 2013. MAY GOD BLESS you and May OUR BLESSED MOTHER protect you and all Holy Priests Under HER HOLY MANTLE. We shall continue to pray for all our Holy Priests.

  5. Watch/listen to Michael Voris on his Church Militant YouTube channel to fully understand the corruption in the Church today! !!!!! The infiltration of the Freemasons and the homosexuals is our problem. Read about Saint Maximilian Kolbe and his fight against freemasonry. Saint Padre Pio said that Satan has entered into the loafers of the papacy! Saint Pope Leo had a vision of the conversation between Jesus and Satan and Jesus gave Satan 100 earthly years to try to steal as many souls as he could. When is that 100 years up/over…… we trust Jesus when he says the Gates of Hell will not Prevail against My Church ". ….we need to stand up to the wicked priests and bishops and cardinals and if they do not repent, but continue to live in wickedness, KICK THEM OUT!!!!!!.
    today, we have our precious Lord Jesus hidden away in some back little room, when He belongs on the high alter! The Marian apparitions and private revelations speak of this and Mother Mary said that one day soon we will be asking "Where have you taken him" just like Mary Magdalena at the tomb……. the feminist movement gals that are running the parishes push for alter girls, abortion , communion in the hand, homosexual lifestyle. …..SICK AND SAD…..SO, SO SAD!!!! THEY BURNED THEIR MANTILLAS RIGHT ALONG WITH THEIR BRAS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    I am one of thousands who are pulling together! !!!!

    Get rid of the poisons of Vatican ll !!!!

    Study the history of the Jesuits. They take a Blood oath (like the masons )….this goes directly against the teaching of the Catholic Church! The Jesuits were excommunicated for heresies and somewhere along the line, a disobedient Pope let them back in. They still do it to this day. Their head guy says no one is in hell and infact, hell does not exist. They try to protestantize our Catholic Faith and this is how they think we will accept their sins and lifestyle of homosexuality! . Mary said we would not be able to depend on the clergy, we would have to fight for our faith! !! Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us!!!!! I want my Catholic Church back! ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. The Masons head leaders and founders say to destroy the Catholic Church and get to the people, ……"We need to get to the children "…. so they have a circus and a children's hospital. The Jesuits say the same thing…. look up their history, it is in their writings! They speak of taking control by getting to the children. …..well, well, well…..look who has been in charge of Catholic education for over a century! !!!! There are quotes from famous people and leaders and kings and queens that are refer to those "evil Jesuits" "Stay away from those Jesuits"……
    Makes you wonder……the current Pontiff is a Jesuit.
    Listen, people, I beg of you, with modern technology and the world wide web, there is no such things as Secrets anymore! !!!! Do the research. Google: everything against the Holy Roman Catholic Church that has come out of Pope Francises' mouth. God help us!!!

  7. And, look into the fake sister Lucia! !! The church had her killed because they didn't want the truth to come out about the corruption that we are seeing now. It doesn't take a forensic scientist to see that the younger and older Lucia are two different people! Pictures of the younger, real Lucia : long oval face, huge crooked horse like teeth, fat lips , the fake Lucia that only came out into the public in the '80s, : round face, very thin lips and tiny straight teeth. There is a documentary, more than one, that proves factually that the 3rd secret has not been read and the one from the eighties is a fake…..words made up and stamped with the approval of the fake Lucia. Mary , Saint Michael, Saint Joseph, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, and Jesus, PRAY FOR US!!!!!

  8. Yup bad times
    End times
    But be happy its ending soon enough
    Go to church / go to confession / stay clean
    & the kingdom of heaven is your forever
    This world is ripe with sin 😢 pretty bad
    Be happy with the word of God & know that the power of God is with the true believers 🙏

  9. How I weep for Our Beloved Lord. How I weep for Christ's Bride. How I weep for the Priesthood. .. My first memory of our faith was before Vatican 2…..The holiness was palpable in our church's. Our clergy. Truth without fear was spoken Hell was made real at Mass in homilies. …Priestsl were unafraid to speak of consequences of the devil in our midst. My prayers for Christ's Bride and her FAITHFUL CLERGY.

  10. God bless you dear Father, God bless your Priesthood, and God bless those other good and faithful Priests on this earth at this time in history. We love you and we are praying for you everyday xxx

  11. Pleas Che clock the wiring of the earlier pope s you will see what the teaching are on Mary. Useless to say more to you but some of us know.

  12. Excellent talk, unfortunately father it is far too late, the church is being run by Satan and his gang of thieves, robbing the souls of the innocent.  Jesus must return and reclaim his church and I think he will very soon.

  13. Father Marc: Thank you for a powerful lesson for all of us Catholics in a earthly world and the tribulation of our church from within the real dangers you have acknowledged to us and now we as members must take up our swords and pray for a new and correct church and prayer and penance is the first step to cleanliness and also may be the end times are near and we need to reach out to our kids who have fallen away as i drastically try to ask them to go back to their faith and see a Godless world for them. Pray with ferver and do penance for their survival. Thanks again Fr. Marc and may God bless your voice.

  14. <3 <3 Amen <3 <3 !!! !

    There Are NO GRAY AREAS IN TRUTH !!!

    <3 <3 Amen <3 <3 !!! !

  15. Thank you Father for your courage in speaking the truth. May the Lord continue to guide you and bless you in your mission. You will be in our prayers!

  16. these people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me he who has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me and he who loves me will be loved by my father AND I TOO WILL LOVE HIM AND WILL REVEAL MYSELF TO HIM so said jesus

  17. (pleas Lord. Lord hear our disquieting thoughts. Lord may we never dishonor You. Lord may we know Your mercy's heart. Oh Lord; my Lord; our Lord; please NOW Lord!

  18. Thank you Father, please encourage other good priests like you to continue the fight, there are those that believe there is nothing sacred left in our church because of the scandals, they are wrong, our church is sacred, it is those bad priests that are giving it a bad name, heavens' Angels are watching them, all is being written in the good book, they will not get away.

  19. We in the Mumbai Diocese had a Vatican 2 CARDINAL a known Charismatic Renewal priest who was called to Rome Who choose to stay in the Homosexual Enclave of Rome in a posh Duplex Appartment. The Said Msgr Cardinal Ivan Dias has become Blind and How fitting the Word JESUS CHRIST -:. If the blind lead the blind both will fall in the pit.Deo Gratias.
    Allan Simoes

  20. I am a retired Catholic deacon, and I think that you are a bit confused about some of what you are saying. We know about the the corruption of some of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, but to blame the entire Church and Pope Paul VI for the current situation is not right and is not acceptable. What you are saying will influence many Catholics who view this, and lead them to conclusions about the Catholic Church that are not good. God created all people as good and in His image and likeness. Though we are born with original sin, people have to remember that original sin is taken away through our baptism. But we are still sinners because we have a free will to choose evil over good. That does not exclude some of the hierarchy, and though the results of some of their choices are very bad, as Catholics we should continue to pray for them and the whole Church. But at the same time, remain faithful Catholics in our daily lives, living out the gospel message as Jesus taught it. God will see that justice comes to those who have abused their rank in the Church. There is a blemish on the Catholic Church right not, but because of the faithful, it is still thriving and carrying on the mission given to us.

  21. Christ the King…in Heaven and on Earth…I find no confusion….only bad shepherds and blind and deaf sheep.
    Thank you Father.

  22. Modern Christianity has become something like a sad sideshow for the 3 ring sado circus that is the secular world.
    Supernature should never bend a knee to nature, and the supernatural never made to do the service of nature.
    Romanticism did this to us.
    Pragmatism and the Will will get us out

  23. Progressive Politics Poeticized is NOT Christianity.

    Religion is NOT a horserace

    "Humanism" is no horse to "keep up with"

  24. Pope Paul VI, go back to the declassified documents of America and private Virgin Mary messages, there are two pope Paul VI, one real and one is fake. Be real careful.

  25. I had no idea of those words of Pius 6th. “We worship man”? How shocking! I pray for the pope and the church daily. Thank you for message.

  26. Please read Revelation 2:2.
    The truth will set you free. Everybody know about Jesus is the way , the truth and the life, no man cometh unto Father but by me.- John 14:6."
    Jesus is only God ,the mediator, saviour a Holy one and died for our sins. NO other intercessor , Jesus is our redeemer and He is a living God. In John 4:24-God is Spirit, and they that worship Him must WORSHIP him in spirit and truth. Remember; in
    EXODUS 34:14– "For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous , is a jealous GOD:" means NO saints or goddes to worship or venerate etc. Everyone knew about Jesus, about His Gospel and His commandments. Well, the TRUTH will set you FREE. God bless you all. In Jesus name ,Amen.

  27. Matthew 15: 13 – 15:
    13But Jesus replied, “Every plant that My Heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by its roots. 14Disregard them! They are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

  28. The only problem is the SSPX is not Catholic. Please people look into what you are doing. We need to have faith in Jesus Christ that his promise would be fulfilled. He promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. You can not leave the one Holy Catholic Apostolic Church and call yourself a Catholic. I love these people's faith but they need to stay in the One Catholic Church and fight against Modernism instead of starting up their own church and calling themselves Catholic.

  29. Amazing when the people are sacrificed on the alter of the evil world church system.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11 (KJV)

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

  30. I will preface my comment with the fact I was raised Catholic until 18, went to church every day of obligation, and 11 years of Catholic school.I have walked away from the church because the church never was about truth of scripture. There are a few glaring apostasies:
    1. Catholic is a Greek word meaning Universal, or worldly, of the world. Jesus entire message was anti-world, very exclusive to the kingdom of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. In Romans 9, we find that these people would not always be identified as israel, but rather Isaac. The modern people of Israel are Anglo-Saxons, quite literally, Isaac's Sons. The church was good when it was almost entirely made up of Anglo-Saxons, but as heathen races began attending, the church suffered. I went to a prestigious high school, but the non-white students, who were historically excluded, were obviously not suited to be there.
    2. Mary worship. I have read the bible on my own several times. Praying to Mary is blasphemous. The bible, being the source of God's instruction, not once mentions praying to Mary. We are instructed to pray all things through Jesus Christ.
    3. Calling priests "Father". The bible specifically instructs us to call no man on earth father. Only one, as Jesus stated, is father, only God.
    4. Praying the rosary. The bible specifically discourages praying as the heathens, with repetitive prayers. Jesus instructed how to pray, which is the Lord's prayer.
    5. The Law. The first five books of the bible are known as the Torah, which is the Law. The 10 commandments are a part of that Law, but there is much more. Food Law – prohibits eating pork, and many foods. Catholics love to have an Easter or Christmas ham. But how do you determine, if your daughter wants to marry your son, what to tell her? Not in the 10 commandments. The church, lying through it's teeth, claims that the law is Jewish Law, so Christians don't have to follow it. Number one, there were no Jews in the Old Testament. Jews were called so because they were from Judea, a Roman Territory. Jesus was an Israelite, of the tribe of Judah. The Law was given to Israel exclusively, see Romans 9. Jews are not Israel. Israel is the descendants of Jacob Israel. Jews, as we know them today, are mostly the descendants of Esau Edom, whom God hated because he took Canaanite wives. In John 8, Jesus revealed them to be Satan's offspring through Eve. The Catholic church, the elite of the church, know this, and keep it secret, because they are controlled and infiltrated by these Edomite Satanists. Therefore, the entire church is corrupt from the very top. Second, the church does not even preach the Law, the law is what the church says it is, which is evil. Third, the church does not encourage bible study, but rather, chooses what passages tp read in church, excluding several verses in the cycle of scripture, namely, the Law.
    These are the glaring reasons the Catholic church is illegitimate. There are many others, but significantly, what I mentioned, is enough to see that the Catholic church is not Christian, in that they contradict Scripture.
    As I said, the church was only "good", when it was nearly exclusively white people, because the Law and the Holy Spirit are written in our hearts and minds, as opposed to the heathen races, who have no spirit not soul.

  31. The coming WARNING from God will be the beginning of the total destruction of evil that has entered the Catholic Church and the whole world in preparation of Our Lord's Second Coming.

    Come Lord Jesus, Come !!!

  32. Vox Catholica, Thank you for your site which allows us to hear important messages from priests like Fr. Marc. I must say, however, I am disappointed in your tone in responding to some non-Catholics who come on the site with fervent, though, mistaken comments. Teach, rather than castigate, explain in love rather than in rudeness and even those who may disagree with us will experience the love of Christ and hopefully come to know the fullness of the faith in the One, Holy and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ,

  33. well said father, we all should be aware that many groups mainly communists have been infiltrating the church from the start of the last century? They placed thousands of homosexual men and thousands of Atheist men into church positions to bring down the church from within.We see the fruits of that now.
    All things happen in Gods will.

  34. Love these Priests at S. Thomas More. I only went once and I knew this is what I have been searching and yearning for. This is the True And Holy Mass I remember from when I was young and a child. I tried to confess something to a few priests in the past several months. None wanted to talk about. Until I went there. GOD Bless these beautiful Priests who actually care about us and our Souls. I am finally back home. Thank GOD!

  35. I will ask our Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for you and the family of the SSPX today on the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary. MY God bless you and yours!

  36. You say what you must to defend the teachings of the Vatican church. The Catholic Church teaches that Mary is the mother of God and she was born sinless, pure and forever the only perfect born human- – Wrong on all accounts.First the only perfect born human is and always will be is Jesus because He is God and man. The Vatican and priests know this is true. The devotion to Mary IS worship. Admitting it would open too many questions & the Vatican might loose too many people in none America countries. We, that have had our eyes and hearts opened and were were lead by the Holy Spirit away from falseness to the real Jesus & out of the Vatican. The Vatican knows the real truth & that’s the THING !!!!!!! Vatican would loose all That money and blind people. Now in 2019 the truth will come out. More. Time to wake up Catholics, accountability is yours!!!

  37. Thank God for priest like this, We need many more like him. May God bless and protect him. We all need to pray The Holy Rosary of The Blessed Virgin Mary and She will crush the head of this present serpent who has infiltrated The Catholic Church.

  38. Thank you for saying what we should be hearing every Sunday in church – I am 81 and have never heard the truth like this!

  39. Thank you Father for you are a man of God let us all stand firm for our Catholic faith and pray for our brethren loosing the true meaning of the word of God in their lives

  40. Praise the Lord I pray for our pope Cardinals Bishops Priests and Brothers n Nuns may God protect all n guide them n keep all in His care in Jesus Name Amen

  41. Catholics are told they honor Mary. We honor our parents . YOU don’t honor Mary when you ask her to pray for you. You don’t honor her when you pray a string of beads to her. When ancient statues are carried in Vatican and pope kisses it he isn’t showing honor. You are not admitting the truth because you don’t want to admit the truth. I told you I was once Catholic also!!! Honor has nothing to do with it. Pray when you’re home and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. But you must go deep into prayer with all of your heart as if your life depended on it!!! Because it does. Catholics aren’t taught to pray the way Jesus Christ requires it. God want 💯 percent of you! It doesn’t come easy. It takes over and over , going to Jesus Christ in you spirit . But if you want Jesus Christ to be your Savior you will keep doing it until your Spirit reaches the Holy Spirit!! I say this because Jesus Christ is the Only One!!

  42. Thank you for this Fr. M. Vernoy. No matter what men do, say and twist……His true children can hear HIS voice – and shun any other ……. Church Militant will don their breastplate, helmet, sword and sandals……call on their guardian angel and hold Jesus' hand very tightly – we pray for His mercy for the genocide of children – for the hatred and complete aloofness towards His precious name. We pray unceasingly within our hearts for mankind and that He protects us as we sojourn on this earth – this valley of death.

  43. Thank you, Father Vernoy, for this forthright and insightful letter. I had never before heard the words of Paul VI from the closing of the Second Vatican Counsel. That this humanistic rubbish came out of the mouth of the Vicar of Christ is chilling. Please keep fighting the good fight. My prayers are with you and all true Sons of the Church.

  44. Nice words, spoken with a degree of conviction, but if you also listen to Cardinal McCarrick he also spoke with sincerity and conviction and there lies the problem of how do you identify between the two………assuming there is a difference?

  45. May The Lord bless you, may The Lord keep you! May He continue to grow you into The Truth, who is Our Lord and Our Christ.

  46. May God bless and keep you. I pray your message reaches all our priests and they in turn speak the Holy Truth.

  47. Deceptive words and expressions mean absolutely nothing to those that do not comprehend your JA-GONEs.

  48. Well said, my heart breaks for those priests that are following Jesus and Jesus alone. I’ll pray for you all that the Lord to give you the courage and the wisdom to walk the walk and lead those that seek the truth.

  49. Indeed, the Church is suffering… but unlike Jesus, the Church brought this upon its self by denying the Sacrament of Marriage to its priests and nuns must end. Bless you Fr. Marc. Sincerely. Charles V. Davis, Rt. Rev. A.T.O.M.

  50. Thank you Father for your open letter to priest. All faithful must stand together to preserve our Traditional Catholic Mass . Do not run from the Catholic Faith, as this is the true Church of Jesus , Given to Peter.
    Pray, , sacrifice, and do penance. Pray for Pope Francis and all those who follow him, to have a change of heart and return to the Traditional Catholic Mass and her traditions. Pray, that we and our Catholic Traditional Church is kept alive by faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Pray the Holy Rosary at least once a day.
    Carolyn M Scotti

  51. Pope St.Pius X warned against the Error of Modernism ,what exactly is it & how is it connected to Biblical Prophecy , Quote the said Prophecy .
    What was the specific reason that the Jews missed out the Messiah even though they had the scriptures ?

  52. The air is heavy with Satan and his legion. They've become larger, stronger and savvier. However, God – as satan's creator- is allowing this abysmal depravity to take place for his perfect plan. At the same time, the actions by priests and their lack of compassion and lack of care are being discovered little by little. However, though God will place the worst justice on them, I feel sorry for them. I rather forgive them. Their actions are an abomination, but what happened to them when they were younger that they resorted to these acts. I pray for them

  53. Look a farther back……..THE CHURCH has had BIG PROBLEMS for hundreds and hundreds of years……(not just Pope Paul!!!!!!)

  54. This message needs to be heard. I was never aware of some of these statements made during and following Vatican II.. Thank you Father Marc and God bless you and your ministry.

  55. Wonderful talk/sermon by a loyal and faithful follower of Jesus Christ.
    Living in Toronto, Canada, I don’t have much opportunity to hear such authentic Catholicism.
    Thank you! I thank God for sending me to your video!

  56. Thank you Father for your steadfast stand against sin. This is an excellent reminder of our duty as Christians. As a Protestant, I hope all faithful Christians will not compromise with evil and stay focused on Christ.

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