Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins

Foundation Art and Design for our students
is the beginning of a creative journey as a professional. It is delivered in the same building as the
undergraduate qualification. They are being taught by people who are out
there in the industry doing it. On the Foundation course we’ve got students
from 62 different nationalities, it is a very diverse experience. It is just this most wonderful, almost luxurious
moment that you can explore things which you’ve never been able to explore before. We are able to offer a broad range of subjects
specialism. I’ve been encouraged to do the ideas that
I didn’t think would be possible. I’ve learnt so much through that process. The tutors here have really helped me find
things in my ideas that I couldn’t actually see, I only found out that Graphics was what
I wanted to do during Foundation. Initially I didn’t think I would have come
into Architecture and Spatial, but I think the Foundation has allowed me to really get
into it, especially with the help of the tutors, “oh yeah, you can do it if you push yourself
a bit further”. And, next year I will be studying BA Architecture
at Central Saint Martins. I am going to study Graphic and Communication
Design at Central Saint Martins. Here in Central Saint Martins, they raise
the awareness of how important art can be and how art is a very compassionate way to
communicate. The Fashion course is not only about clothes
I think, it is an expressive art course and I have increased my reflective thinking and
my critical view – I think this is very important incase your doing design. I think if you go straight from school, it
is a massive shock and I don’t think I would’ve felt ready, but now having done this year,
I do feel ready to go on and succeed. The particular qualities that a student will
leave this Foundation course with, the experience that they’ve had here, through the teaching,
through being at Central Saint Martins, and the expectations that they have of themselves
will be the thing that will propel them all the way through their careers.

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  1. 'Centralism' (all London institutes) within art teaching in a tiny country such as the UK especially post Brexit because when Brexit starts to 'kick in', the Creative Industries will crumple and we'll be all back to the 1970's again.

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