Flores supports Kenny Stills’ protest, plays Jay-Z at practice to help deal with the controversy

Flores supports Kenny Stills’ protest, plays Jay-Z at practice to help deal with the controversy

Totally unrelated.>>Yeah.
>>Issue. Was it a concidence that there was eight
consecutive Jay-Z songs at practice?>>Yeah,
I figured I would get this question, so.>>[LAUGH]
>>Once this playlist was done. What you guys don’t know
is I walked up to Kenny, in front of the entire group, and said [BLANK_AUDIO] This is a challenge to you. To get up and catch the football and
make plays for this team, regardless of what’s
going on outside his building. [BLANK_AUDIO] The next day because there was a lot more attention paid to
this than I ever would have imagined. I got up in front of the team. And I told them that I support Kenny. I support Kenny,
I support the player protests. I mean, quite honestly,
they’re bringing attention to To my story. So let’s talk about that. I’m the son of immigrants. I’m black. I grew up poor. I grew up in New York
during a stop in Frisco. So I’ve been stopped because
I fit the description before. So everything that these guys protest. I’ve lived it. I’ve experienced it, so, [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah, I applaud those guys who protest. So whether it’s Kaepernick or
Eric Reid or Kenny, I applaud those guys. And I told Kenny that in our meeting,
in front of the entire team. So That’s where I stand on this things. I think it got way more
press than it needed to. I’m trying to challenge one of my players. I’m gonna do that how I see fit. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. At least its an actual black man raised by blacks this time….. but nah he's still a millionaire why should I listen to someone who makes more than I ever will?

  2. What other country could all these black men be in the position they are in with the wealth they have living way better than the majority of the citizens of that nation? But yeah let’s kneel to disrespect it for what oh yeah no one really knows different story every time but aye orange man bad okay

  3. Tired of all the political grandstanding in the NFL. Can't wait for Vince McMahon's league which will stick to football.

  4. What a sweet man. Now he can go suck off Jay-Z. Everybody else in the NFL is. Especially that POS commissioner who makes $45 million a year to do NOTHING. Seriously what DOES he do?

  5. I'm trying to understand the logic behind having a rough life and beating the odds to make it to where you've dreamed to make it and finally having everything you worked so hard for and make millions of dollars now just to turn around and use that platform to protest all the bad stuff you went through when it's what got you where you are. There's no such thing as being triumphant or showing perseverance when the world tries to knock you down anymore. So instead of fighting the battle and over coming those battles and coming out on top… we now make it to the top and cry victim?

  6. If the NFL wants to allow disrespect to our flag and the national anthem I'll be more then happy to sit on the NFL if the players have a protest I'll be happy to support them on their time, please leave football alone

  7. Racism will never die as long as we describe ourselves and others as black or white.We are all humans and if we need a word to describe ourselves,it should be Americans.
    Jay Z is a supreme racist.

  8. People watch sports to get away from world problems…. stop injecting them into it….. nobody's saying you can't protest… just do it off the field.

  9. My TV will take a knee from sjw ball forever. Thanks for raticalizing something that dosen't exist causing the masses of low IQ people to hate law enforcement and the military.

  10. Get up off the ground and stop acting like a child , you and other BLACK people are NOT OPPRESSED ! ….YOU MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS….JAY Z IS A RACIST…AND SO ARE YOU.

  11. Note jayz a notorious drug dealer. What nfl idolize the finest. Then talk about "police brutality". Cant just pick and choose what to stand up for. Blows my mind. Not one single one talks about WHY blacks are treated how they are. Probably should look to crime stats and start being 100

  12. instead of applauding them why doesnt he kneel with them in solidarity? because he knows its disrespectful and wrong? how can you support something but not kneel with them too?

  13. LOL. Someone get these guys some cheese and wine coolers while the violin is playing in the background. No other country in this world would give these guys the chance they have while putting up with all the bitching they do. Play football, do what you’re paid to do, and if you want to be another loser leftist, do it during the off-season.

  14. Many fans don't support Kenny stills or Jay Z..keep racial politics out of sports..Flores needs to keep racial politics out of it himself or be replaced

  15. playing jay Z at practice I'am sure is aggravating to most ??
    This may get him fired quickly ?????
    Jay Z does not have universal approval ??????

  16. I love this coach. Finding creative ways to motivate the leaders on his team. Media is always going to make it a bigger deal than it really is. Lets have a great yr. Go coach flores! And go phins!

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