First Ever Swiss Roll | Great British Bake Off Recipe Test | Mary Berry

First Ever Swiss Roll | Great British Bake Off Recipe Test | Mary Berry

But I don’t know how to do this without
putting my fingers like straight into this jam. I think you just put your fingers straight in that Jam.
Look my finger. Today we are going to try cooking a recipe from Mary Barry’s Baking Bible.
Yeah! I’m Tara. I’m Natalie and this is
Natalie and Tara Try Stuff As you may or may not know, the Great British Bake Off, on Netflix, has taken America by storm Well not you. No. The rest of us.
Although I did watch the very first episode for this today. And I was like
“okay. I get it.” It’s cute and she’s adorable. Yeah, I love it.
Mary Bear is adorable I love the contestants. It’s like one of the few reality TV shows where people are actually nice to each other. I finally
convinced Natalie to let me bake
something from this show. So we got Mary Ber- Mary Berry’s Baking Bible Oh, that’s a mouthful right there. Mary Barry is Baking B- [meow] Marry Barry Baking Bib- [meow]
You little jackass! I’m glad I watched it because hers did not look oh that great when she was done. She was like “oh they fall apart.”
Yeah. If I would have tried to do
this and not watched it I would have just been so sad. You probably
watched the thing where she’s teaching the thing. Yeah This is one the recipes is on the
show the first episode that appeared for
us Americans, so that’s why we want to
try this swiss roll also I I wanted to, I have to try and roll this. I want to try
and roll this so bad. Can I do it without cracking in half? I have no idea.
She cracked her so there’s no way.
She does. Let’s uh let’s try this. Tara, what did
you learn about swiss rolls? Uh…not-
Every swiss roll is a roulade but not
every roulade is a swiss roll. These are facts. This is very exciting for me
because there’s only four ingredients. We need four large eggs. Now this is where
things get tricky though. We need 100 grams or four ouncer- four ounces of
caster sugar. 100 grams are four ounces of self-rising flour.
And then- and then- just that’s all it takes for the cake. And then for the filling you just need
four tablespoons of raspberry jam. That’s all that’s in a cake? Yep. I think first what we need to do is figure out what 4oz of caster sugar and 4oz of flour is. Okay. Because it’s not the same and I did find
something on the phone but my phone’s over here being used for this angle. So, I
mean thank you for going from grams to ounces but… That’s awesome.
But doesn’t mean any for me.
I don’t think I own a scale. No. No. So let’s uh- Let’s uh- Break
away and- Let’s do that- and find out. I wonder if Alexa can tell me. Alexa how
many cups in 4 ounces of self-rising flour? [Alexa: “there are 0.91 cups in 4 ounces of self rising flour.”] Wow. I told you it’s one.
Okay let’s try this other one all right ready? Not a commercial just so you know. Step 1: preheat oven to 220 Celsius.
I got it! No you don’t! You know what Celsius is!
Alexa… [Alexa: “220 degrees Celsius is 428 degrees Fahrenheit.”] Preheat that oven to 420 degrees Fahrenheit! Now we need to grease a 13 by
19 “swiss roll tin”. Because everyone has a swiss roll tin lying around. Is that it?
Turns out it’s basically just the same thing. This is the same size as almost all of them. I don’t. Yeah, that’s a lot. Nope. Too much. We’re putting paper down too. I don’t understand!
Yeah, I know! That’s my confusion.
[Natalie choking on baking spray] Next up we are going to whisk the eggs and the sugar together in a large bowl until the mixture is light and frothy and the whisk leaves a trail when lifted out. We’re gonna sift the flour into the mixture, carefully
folding it in at the same time.
Oh, here we go. This is what I wanna do. Finding the angle of how this works. Yeah, gotta find the right- like, ahhhhhh. What do you mean “leaves a trail”? It always leaves a trail. Yeah. I don’t understand this “trail” thing.
Leaves a trail- Maybe this is like a cultural difference. Maybe this a trail? What don’t I understand about this trail situation? I don’t understand the trail. I don’t understand the trail part. Yeah, maybe trail means something different. Just
like, -Maybe- we don’t say castor sugar. We just discovered that when they say “frothy” they mean “foamy.” -Mm-hmm.- So we got a lot of stirring to do.
Yeah. It’s the worst scrambled eggs ever. Well it’s got sugar in it so maybe it’s not.
You would eat sugared scrambled eggs wouldn’t you? Oooo I wanna try that! Sift the flour into the mixture
carefully folding it in at the same time. Of self-rising flour.
Self-rising flour. It’s like a flour that lifts itself up by its own bootstraps. A flour that doesn’t need nobody else. While you’re doing that I’m gonna do this?
You’re gonna fold it in.
I don’t know means. Oh look. It’s already changing.
There you go. Very gently you’re just putting it in there.
Oh god! That noise is terrible! That’s like walking on snow! Stop! Oh my god! I think that looks right. That looks like the
things. Okay, alright. Okay. Next thing! Turn the mixture into the prepared tin and give it a gentle shake so that the mixture finds its own level. Let the mixture find its own level.
Listen, you don’t tell the mixture how to live it’s mixture life. Pouring it in.
Make sure that it spreads evenly into the corners. I’m excited. You can do it. You can do you it.
You got this. Find those corners. Find
those corners. It’s doing it. Just gotta- gotta be patient. Patience is a virtue,
that neither one of us posses. You need to let that- You got to let that- You’re like a helicopter parent. I’m helicopter parenting the sh*t outta this cake.
Get over. Go. You can do it! You got this!
Go. Get in the corner!
Nobody puts roulade in the corner. I’m just gonna gently encourage you that
yeah, you can go over there. It’s super okay. Okay stop it! Stop touching it! Okay
that’s not encouraging anymore. That’s dictating.
I wasn’t dictating. Give it a little tappy tap tap.
Look at all those bubbles. I think it’s good to go.
Next step. All right. Bake in a preheated oven for about ten minutes.
While the cake is cooking place a piece of baking parchment a little bit bigger
than the size of the tin on the surface and sprinkle it with caster sugar. Huh.
Okay so we’re gonna put this bad boy in the oven for ten minutes.
Let’s go bake. Okay alarm went off. Let’s go get the cake.
Look at that! Yeah, it’s poofy in the middle. Maybe I’ll fall down a little bit. I’m so scared of this. Are you
ready? Got it. Go. Oh! I did it!
Nice. Okay that fell out because of how we greased it. Uh-huh. Now I understand this.
Out of my way. Quickly loosen parchment on
bottom of cake. Yes! Whoooo! Oh, but that is so not level. Trim the edges of the sponge cake with a sharp knife. I wanna taste. Oh, wow. Yeah, thats good.
Okay, what are we doing now? This is the interesting one. So
we have to like cut almost all the way through right here and that’s where when we fold it it’s gonna-
it helps it’s do that first roll. That’s not enough, you’re just denting it.
I know, I can’t quite get through it. Leave to cool slightly and then
spread the jam. So we got this cool because if the cake is too hot the jam
will soak straight into the sponge. Ohhh. So we just gotta let it sit for a little
minute. For a second. Then we will put some jam on it. Okay.
[singing] Got jam on it. Next we got a spread on this jam. We got some seedless red raspberry jam. Okay. BLOOP!
Here I’ll spread you blop. I’m scared of this for some reason.
The glopping? For some reason this this a part seems more intimidating then everything so far.
Really? Like I can’t go back. That’s probably pretty good. Don’t you think? Do you think it’s a good layer anything a
little bit more a little more?
Maybe a little more. It doesn’t- oh, it says four tablespoons. How much do we do? What is this?
Spoon. Ooo this looks so good. it does look really good. Wait! How messy is this gonna get as we
try to roll this up?! Roll the cake firmly from cut- from the
cut end. Well they’re all cut we cut them all. When- when I watched Mary Berry do
this she was all in there with her hands and she was breaking all this part to
make it work. Like she’s like you got to get in there and like break it. But but I don’t know how to do this without putting my fingers like straight into this jam. I think you just put your fingers straight in that jam. And we want a tight roll. Look at my
fingers! How do I get this to do the next role? I
can’t because they’re so dirty. Yeah, see it’s just exactly what happened
with theirs. Okay. Hers was just a mess. It was just I was just a mess. That’s
actually better than hers was. Wow! Please put up the image of hers. Okay there you go. Ready? You’re gonna lift and I’m going to slide under you. Bam! I’m just gonna… There we go. We did it!
Look at this fantastic, beautiful… See that went all the way through the
other side, almost. Just like the picture. It’s not- I don’t understand the picture at all. Hers she tore it to shreds. Like, at least you got one like part
that’s really good right here. What is the secret to making it not do that?
Is it like the amount of time you cook it? Is it- Honestly, I think I remember in the episode there being a big to-do about rolling it soon enough. Nothing says anything. Why would- Why wouldn’t Mary tell me that? Mary made a cookbook it’s a Bible.
Hey if she shredded hers then we’re good. Maybe that’s why. Cause she doesn’t know you’re not suppose to wait too long. Mary Berry! Okay, you guys know us. You
know that we can’t just do something simply we can’t just follow directions
and then try and eat this like that’s not us. Not our style.
We have to take everything to an 11. So we’re gonna take it to an 11.
Let’s go have a tea party. I hate tea. Natalie, what are you wearing?
I’m dressed up as the Mad Hatter. Because it’s a tea party! It’s a tea party! I meant like- like.
I know what you meant. Okay. Fine. Fair. Whatever.
You didn’t- you didn’t specify. I have learned my lesson of not specifying. May I please have a spot of tea?
Yes, you may. One sugar sugar sugar. Two sugar- This is my first tea party. Would you like a piece of swiss roll? Ooo.
Made fresh today. Do you have any roulade?
I do have a roulade would you like a roulade?
It’s raspberry. Ooo look how pretty that is.
Oh, look at that. That’s pretty good. Even though it destroyed it on top it still ends up with a pretty-
It’s still it’s so a decent-sized “swirl” as they say on the show. Let’s taste the fruits of our labor. [humming] It’s super good and I really like it.
It’s a touch dry. I’m going to dunk it in my tea. I don’t think you do that in polite society. Nope. You also don’t talk
with your mouth full… or show up is the Mad Hatter to a tea party.
I think we’re just gonna like drop you guys off here. My name is Tara. I’m Natalie. As she keeps choking down tea. And this is Natalie and Tara Try Stuff.
Don’t forget, if you like what we’re doing subscribe to this channel, hit the bell
so you stay up to date with what’s going on, find us on Instagram, and Twitter, and
all that jazz, and we’ll see you next time. I don’t think you finger gun in
polite society either. Nope.

34 Replies to “First Ever Swiss Roll | Great British Bake Off Recipe Test | Mary Berry”

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    I was waiting for MR T
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  4. You did a pretty good job! I think the sponge was a little thick which made it difficult to roll, especially as it cooled. Great job nonetheless!

    You probably know this now but self raising flour, is just all purpose flour with the raising agents already added before packaging and caster sugar is super fine sugar. You can make your own by putting regular granulated sugar in a food processor or blender and blitzing it for a couple of minutes.

  5. Natalie and Tara, you ladies did great on your first Swiss Roll. Oh, – wait…I just got a call. It was my stomach, it said, Natalie and Tara's Swiss Roll has made it HUNGRY! FEED ME NOW!!!! Gotta go, – BYE, LADIES!!!

  6. Good job of the swiss roll. love the cucumber sandwiches. I miss Mary Berry and Mel & Sue on the Great British Bake Off.

    Next make your own teas and roast your own coffee.

  7. How about that, I learned something , I thought a roulade was some type of jam. Nice job on this one, I think I may try this next time I have jam around. Looks great.

  8. You did a great job! Also, now all the photos that I've seen, of Swiss Roll/Roulade cakes that are completely covered in frosting, make total sense!

  9. The only rolls I got are around my midsection! Ha! Get it! Rimshot? Yeah? no?

    But seriously, my dear internet acquaintances, congratulations on hitting the two year mark! I doubt I will be able to see the live extravaganza tomorrow so I thought I should send my best while I have the opportunity. Here is to many more years, more success, more great projects, and more fun. You guys rock. Thank you.

  10. Almost forgot to tell a tale. My grandma used to make ice cream rolls (same process, just ice cream instead of jam) and the first time she let me help the cake cracked all to hell as I rolled it up. I was pretty mad at myself and this was the conversation:
    Grandma: How do you think that is going to effect the taste?
    Me: Well, I guess not at all.
    Grandma: Then shut up.

  11. Thanks for supporting Townsends on their live feed today! I've been following your various accounts ever since they gave you two a shout out last year for your 18th century cooking episode. Keep it up the great work! Tara's fascinator FTW!

  12. Hi Tara and Natalie!! I thought this was a smashing success! Personally, I am not a fan of perfect, as long it tasted good, who cares. Keep up the good. Still love ya both!

  13. A good bit of effort in this video – and I appreciate it! Might be that the sponge was a bit too thick, and too cool, but still and all, you two have the satisfaction of having made your own Swiss roll, and enjoyed the consumption of same. A bit of all right!

  14. I’m probably late to the party here and you probably already figured it out, but the reason you grease the pan and then put in parchment paper is the grease helps the parchment stick to the pan so it doesn’t slide around when you pour batter in. Parchment works better than just a greased pan because it helps you lift the cake out in one piece instead of it breaking if you just flipped a greased pan over. Also I recommend taking the extra step to then grease your parchment because it will then peel off easier. Boom baking facts! 😄

  15. Next time I go to a tea party I'm totally dressing up as the Mad Hatter. Love the video.

    Also if it were me I'd put more jam in the roll because I'm a maniac. Looks delicious tho.

  16. The cook never tells all when giving a receipt. They always leave out one small step. Such as how to roll a cake. Y’all did very good.

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  18. Well done girls for scratch cooking – it's always better :^D
    There is a rare and delicious desert from the UK called the arctic roll you should try.
    It's a Swiss roll sponge – jam – icecream affair,and it can both start and end conflict.

  19. Being European, I'm not sure I'm okay with you guys calling that jelly a jam…
    I definitely approve of your tea party though! 😁👍

  20. Nice first attempt!!! I saw that your roll was hard to roll, thats because you didnt whisk th eggs and sugar long enough, hence there wasnt enough air in the sponge…When whisked its usually verrryy pale in colour and doubled in volume, thats how you know its ready!!! xxx

  21. Aha, been years since I last made one of those, but yeah, the crucial step, which Mary Berry left out is the roll while warm stage. There's a great example here:

  22. Next up you could try a spotted Dick , an old British classic, a boiled suet pudding that is smothered in lashings of red hot custard, and has the consistency of concrete.

  23. Where did you find the caster sugar? It's really hard to find in American stores. OK. Here's how you deal with the cake breaking — come up with a topping made with whipped cream and raspberry. The topping will hide the cracks. It's probably not 100% kosher to do that, but it will work.

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