Finding Meaning In YIIK: A Postmodern RPG | Jack Saint

Finding Meaning In YIIK: A Postmodern RPG | Jack Saint

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    Final reminder to PLEASE NOT USE THIS VIDEO AS AN EXCUSE TO GO AFTER THE DEVELOPERS. This video is an interpretation of the game based on a few different things (first and foremost the game itself), but it is not about exposing the developers as evil heartless alt-right thugs or anything else. Even if my criticisms are severe, they do not deserve to be harassed, and if you do speak to them please be considerate. Thanks!

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  2. I know it’s technically off the general topic of the channel but I really want Jack to adress the inherent eurocentric core of basically every ancient aliens (or similarly terrible distortions of history)

    Especially with illuminati esque deep web libertarian conspiracies. Every single thing they say can just be replaced with the worlds “capitalism” or “capitalists” and it would (most of the time) make sense. They’re just socialist who don’t want to admit it because they have no idea what socialism actually is other than the fear mongering of the actual warlords of these deep web conspiracies

  3. On God I kept reading that one paper as Juul Space when the other stuff was covering it and it didn't even seem off-brand

  4. Been watching a lot of yiik content as I'm morbidly curious. This video above all others made me want to go replay TWEWY, which covers a lot of the same themes and an intentionally unlikable redheaded protag. Except he actually grows as a person and the gameplay is incredibly engaging.

  5. What I got from this game is like main character ask too many annoying questions. He might have been autistic? Maybe that’s the thing?

  6. If there is one thing that this game does right – it's the music.
    You can't go wrong with Toby Fox and Calum Bowen.

  7. This game is like a black hole of ineptitude. It's a dumpster fire that progressively gets worse and less focused with no redeeming qualities until it completely drops the ball in the climax. It goes from a narcissistic self-congratulating suckfest to a straight up message from themselves to themselves saying "people don't understand me" while ignoring every flaw they are presented with. There is a reason detractors of this game call Alex a self-insert protagonist, and it's not just the misogynistic, I-am-very-smart, incel attitude. He, much like ACKK themselves, is incapable of listening to criticism, thinks overly highly of themselves for no legitimate reason, and are more concerned with the image presented than the subtext therein.

    Something I just want to point out… Character stats, inventory, and story progress is stored in the save file (located in appdata/locallow/ACKK Studios) as plain text. Jumping to a specific story trigger, altering the party or inventory, and going to any location is as easy as opening the save file with your favorite notepad program and changing values. You can even change the files that the game calls on for new games, maxing characters and inventory before even starting the game up. Suffice to say, it's a hell of a lot better than combing through a Mind Dungeon.

  8. Self-insert “quirky” hipster OC goes on an adventure that shamelessly rips off Persona and Earthbound without any of the shit that actually made them work, female character who fits the writer’s preferences (who even says “I’ve always had a thing for gingers” BLECH), terrible fake-deep dialogue, stating the same damn thing several times throughout entire scenes, generic stupid “haha I’m so QUIRKY and RANDUM” humor (CATS! LIAMAS!, PANDAS! MUSTACHES!), generic “HAHA THIS IS A VIDEOGAME! LOOK AT THESE VIDEOGAME REFERENCES! LOOK AT THIS SELF AWARE DIALOGUE, THEY KNOW THEYRE IN A GAME!” humor, exploiting a real life tragedy, protagonist talking to himself for hours with his mouth still moving (even though it’s supposed to be inner mental monologues) and being pretentious and overly descriptive (talking about an elevator “VIBRATING WITH MOTION” as he dramatically clenches his fist), literal self promotion of the developer’s previous game (which has abysmal reviews on steam) as if its a classic, a “1990s” setting that doesn’t look or feel like the 90s at all and was most likely chosen just because “DUDE! The 90s are so COOL and WACKY and NOSTALGIC, right? Let’s just say it takes place in the 90s but make it look like 2019 anyways. Oh, and of course, our game we made a couple years ago happens to exist in the 90s as well.”

    I could go on and on…

    Oh and not to mention, actual plagiarism of a famous Japanese novel

    And to add more to the “self promotion”, we have a bit of an instance of selfpromotion-ception: self promotion of a game called “Two Brothers” that was made by……..two brothers

  9. It seems like the dev's were like "well scott pilgrim is an asshole and everyone loved scott pilgrim" without realizing that the book itself is at least aware of and disapproving of him being an asshole. I could be reaching here but the game has a lot of Scott Pilgrim-esqe stylistic similarities.

  10. I thought about this for a while… Alex's character development should've been in gameplay if they really wanted it to be "post-modern".

    My idea is that Alex starts out stronger than every other party member, but levels slower, gets less powerful level ups and rarely learns anything new. Also stuff like his panda-barrier should only protect him, because he's so self absorbed.

    Then like a few hours in, the party hears about a legendary trio (or whatever the size of the party is -1). Alex absolutely assumes he is one of them, and one after the other they all get a super powerful transformation or something like that – all except Alex. You could even make it that he absolutely exploded at the last guy getting the superpower for "stealing his power-up".

    At that point, Alex would be by far the weakest party member with skills that can't even help out the party. He would get more and more aggressive about that, to the point where they just leave him behind.

    Then he mopes around lonely, up until at one point he sees the group fight the final boss – and losing. At first he could even be like "see, they deserve it for stealing my spotlight" but then one of them actually dies – or some other kind of way to shake Alex. One Dying could be even more potent because then you could make him realize that he was wrong, he starts improving himself – and that's reflected by him gaining more levels, catching up with the party and him learning not a super move, but stuff like all of his specials being able to involve multiple people. Then he even could realize that his panda-barrier could've save the guy from death because now it effect works on multiple people.

    And then it could be about Alex trying to reunite the group so they could face the final boss again – and then they win.

    That's how you could make the game actually interesting.

    Also, cut out every single monologue Alex has. This isn't a novel, we can see what is going on.

  11. Honestly, if MC was just a silent protag, it would be much better since mc is a compleate dipshit

    If he was silent id honestly wozld want to play it

    Can someone mod this game to be good?

  12. What if this game is a plot to just shit on the most stereotypical if Millenials? Makes the most sense to me.

    The inevitability of the game is the most post modern part of it. Maybe the goal was met. Maybe it's all a troll.

  13. I thought the story was self insert enough with the main character and constant Two Brothers references, but being told the entire story in this way made me realize something…"Holy cow, did this person really center the plot around themselves this much?" That's like fanfiction levels of crazy. 19:12 doesn't make it any better in my opinion.

  14. I haven't watched the full video yet but at 1:54 it looks like it says "JUUL SPACE" in the back and that is epic

  15. This game looks bad, but criticizing just because of a reference of a murder is stupid, principally
    when a lot of games are inspired by murders and nobody complains.

  16. I used to think this game was shit but then I found out that you can get a secret ending where you take a redpill given to you by Dick Masterson. So now it is a 10/10

  17. I'm fairly sure the final secret ending is the one described in the secret note from the developer you can unlock on onism – "no one would ever allow me to ship a game with such a beautiful, happy ending". Basically: you, the player, log off & clean your room & get a girlfriend & stop caring about things so much. The game is a postmodern statement against postmodernism, except it uses the dumbass straw version of postmodernism you see pushed by JBP and the like. So all the Alexes live in their own little worlds & forget where they come from & just want to destroy things for no reason. At the end you flip a switch to absorb all the different viewpoints (debate me!!!) & achieve objectivity.

  18. when you told me that the girl is based off of an actual real person who actually died and disappeared i made a guttural noise of revolt and dread

  19. I bought a poster for this game from a guy running a YIIK both at Pax West 2016 then nearly completely forgot about it until this video. yikes

  20. I'm less concerned with the fact that he used a real life disappearance as an inspiration for something in the game more with the fact it seems to be copied beat for beat. Imagine being such a hack that you think this is creative.

  21. my issue with your theory about the 3rd ending is that it doesn't seem theres any indication in the game that the game is supposed to be interpreted like that

  22. Thanks for making this.

    I really wanted to write something about this game but I couldn't deal with the prospect of going back and replaying it to gather footage or to iron out a script because it was just so fucking trash.

  23. I agree with the third ending you inquire… I think it perfectly reflects all those players who could no bear with the game and never finished it hahahaha xD

  24. I've never played the game so sorry but is Semi supposed to be korean cause if so… that's not how people romanize 박 … it's usually translated as Park…

  25. 8:49 you're forgetting the best one yet.
    Tell Tale games had the genius fucking idea of using an Islamic terrorist attack in their batman game. I'm glad you're dead, tell tale games.

  26. The more I hear about this game, the more it sounds dope. I think the reason for the hate is that the main character is like a reflection of SJW's, weebs, and/or posers that bandwagon whatever fad that's popular. I mean the message of the game sounds like a critique of these type of people effect on media hobbies such as Games, comics, movies, etc.

  27. This is why I loathe postmodernism in any context, be it art, literature, etc. Criticism ultimately drives art to be better, and the absence of it leads to nothing but pretentious, grotesque abominations like this embarrassment of an RPG.

  28. This is a small point to add to this dumpster fire but I wanna know why pretty much every character can stand normally but the black girl’s gotta dance all the time

  29. Personally I call it a "diasterpiece". Its got the highest potential in any product ive seen, and then just trainwrecks into mediocrity at every stage.

  30. By the way you talk about the story, i think something like it could work, just keep the tone in check, Earthbound, Undertale, and Persona, all seems to have a good tone though out the story and game, speaking of Undertale, that game has everything around you as well, and it is good and loved by many people

  31. This gotta be the fifth video I've seen on how bad this sucked.
    Never even played it.
    Probably would've pre-ordered just based on the blurb.

  32. I'm still convinced that the "secret third ending" isn't actually in the game (or if it is, bugged out)

  33. I like how you can hear Kirbopher struggling not to break on every line from knowing he is way too good for this shit.

  34. Writers and developers reading this, I just want you to know that you can ripoff the things you like and that's fine as long as you put some kind of spin on them.
    Just not all at once, please.

  35. I just realized that the protagonist's house in YIIK is stolen from Full House. Is there any part of this game that wasn't plagarized?

  36. Rory, nobody cares about your stupid dead sister! Now help me look for this dead girl I never met because I have a crush on her.

  37. I didn't found it that bad, as in not good.

    BUT, as a player of old RPGs I was specially triggered with the mechanics, as like, the own game quotes Chrono Trigger, a game that I called one of the best ever, and YiiK fails to copy the movement in menus and saves.

    Really, to heal a character it was a hassle, all the items were in just one menu, every single one, from key items, to armor, weapons, collectibles and healing, it was a mess, and after finding a item one use would take around 2 or 3 seconds, so if you had a lot of shitty healing items and wanted to use all to heal one character, it would take a lot of time.

    Not to mention menu interactions and saving, it was all so slow, and unnecessarily repetitive, press save spot, want to save? where? Ok, saving. Done, Ok Bye.
    Damn, with no skipping.

    To me it could have been better with a overall fix in mechanics. And regardless of overall plot, the ending could have had a positive impact. But they had to go with a think for yourself ending.

    Again, CHRONO TRIGGER had 13 endings, in 1999.

  38. A very ambitious story where the universe really does (it's eventually revealed) rotate on the unlikeable protagonist's self-actualization, forcing us to watch potentially more interesting characters through their intersection with him, and resulting in a work that seems hopelessly wrapped up in itself and unikeable in turn?

    So Evangelion?

  39. man i was so excited for this game when i first heard about it in 2017. i thought it would be similar to Cthulhu saves the world or cosmic star heroine(actual good indie rpg love letters). i tried my hardest to finish yiik but i gave up around the time the robot waifu joins the party. the combat just rotted my brain even more then the story did

  40. also there's basically no gay stuff in the game, which is pretty disappointing. I mean there is one point where you can try to smooch Rory, but he's not into that. Which makes sense because Alex is a huge dicknugget

  41. Dang, I was hoping you'd go over the developers response to all this. Particularly The Main Man himself, as he basically had a meltdown in the following months that saw him turn into "I"m a male feminist please show me your toes" to blaming everything on feminists and so on.

  42. You just made a video about the very subject that I was writing about, and articulated many of my points. God damn it…

  43. I have seen that problem with many characters, specialy in new writters and their special Oc. They want their character to be super important and be the center of the universe only to try to debunk this by telling "No, you see, there are other characters that do stuff" only to flop inmensly because the main character is the only one that drives the story and does the only things of relevance in the story, and elevates their powers to the point of absurdity. What sades me the most is that I genuenly like the art, music, game engine and design in the game…only to be masacred by an awfull story-painful grinding and quick time events that I dont find apealing in an Rpg like this

  44. The Meteor might have had more impact if that wasn't literally a beach ball with Alex's face plastered on doing a derpy Fortnite dance.

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