Find Your Purpose By Turning Your Fate Into Your Spiritual Destiny | Self-Improvement | Jordan Bach

Find Your Purpose By Turning Your Fate Into Your Spiritual Destiny | Self-Improvement | Jordan Bach

Hi, I’m Jordan Bach. I took a question
today from a subscriber who says—and I’ve heard this question many times
before—you’re not the only one—what’s the difference between fate and destiny?
This is a question that leaves a lot of well-read spiritual people scratching
their heads. “I don’t know what’s the difference between fate and destiny?” Your fate is really a collection of things fates. You have many different fates—
situations, people—that your soul agreed to prior to coming to this planet, prior
to incarnating. Your soul agreed to have these fates enter your life. This could be a broken leg as a child. This could be, these are your parents,
with their particular personalities, your siblings, your birth order, the
socioeconomic status that your family had in childhood. Many of your fates are
in childhood. Some of them are not in childhood. But because your childhood is
your formative years for your personality, you have a
certain amount of fates that your soul agreed to that serve as a container for
your soul’s growth in this lifetime. And this is where destiny comes in. Destiny
is what happens when you weave these fates into a meaningful, bright life for
yourself. Looking back, I think to myself, “You know, what are the fates
that I had that I’ve woven into my destiny?” My parents did not have a good
marriage for as long as it lasted. That arguing and that fighting and that sort
of—a lot of emotional abuse happening in the home—I would have perpetuated that
cycle had it not been for my grandmother. As a kid, sitting on the stairs, listening
to your parents fight, my grandmother was was there with me. She was there with me and it gave me a sense of strength. It’s gonna be okay.
If it weren’t for my parents arguing and, you know, getting really nasty in the
home, and for that presence and force of strength and kindness and comfort, I
wouldn’t be doing this work. Often, we have a painful situation and it happened so that we can learn about compassion. We have a really bad breakup and it makes you feel such a sense of grief and you think, “Why is this happening to me?” And
you realize months later—as was the case with me—that that grief broke my heart
open in such a way, I didn’t know my heart could could be that open to other
people, to other people’s pain. And it’s made my life so much more meaningful. If only I had known that then. You know how you don’t reach your destiny? By saying, “Woe is me. Why me? Why me?” Instead of saying, “Why me?” say “Who else?” Who else has experienced this? Who else is experiencing pain? Who else is
experiencing maybe not the same exact pain, but something similar? And that’s
what will really connect you with other people and it’s what will help you
weave these myriad fates into your ultimate destiny. Make sure to go to so you can download a free 7-minute audio healing session that will really get you in a
place of relaxation and comfort. Being in that place is going to allow you to
clearly see where some of your fates are begging of you to be woven into your ultimate destiny by your choices through free
will. If you live in the U.S. you can text JORDAN to 44222 and I’ll send it to you. I’m wishing you love wherever you are on the planet and hoping that you feel a sense right now that, “Hmm, I am guided.” “Hmm, there is a force looking out for me.” If you believe
that and you walk through the day knowing that, I promise you—your life
will never be the same and you’ll be guided instantly to your destiny.

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