38 Replies to “FFXIV OST Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum Theme ( Poison Ivy )”

  1. It's a very good arrangement of the Dravanian Hinterlands theme.
    It kind of reminds me of a track from FFIX.

    On a side note, are you planning to upload Pharos Sirius (Hard)'s theme, as well?
    It may sound similar to the previous versions, but it has a new intro (and a slightly different part in the middle of it)…

  2. Since a lot of people are posting what this reminds them of, I'll toss in mine:
    FF12 vibes are heavy; but the main track from 12 that sounds most like this to me is the theme for Nabreus Deadlands:
    Hauntingly melodic

  3. this reminded me of the swamp in FF9 where the air ship crashed. the party I was with the blackmage had the mog weapon and it made the old school mog sound. I was like yupp definitely the swamp.

  4. Wow…this piece blew me away. This is seriously gorgeous. I love this dungeon a lot. This game just gets better and better, I swear.

  5. Strange little tune…the sound of a windy summers eve, where you finally have time to sit down and think about the day with a glass of cool water~ So relaxing…..

  6. Why is the orchestrion roll so expansive ? I sold it for 1 million, and there were even more expansive than that.

  7. Probably my favorite dungeon in the whole game. It's just so different and brimming with life and vibrancy…

  8. Merci pour cette compil , si c est toi qui a screen tous ça ta du t amuser super taf ma préféré reste shiva ^^

  9. Oh this dungeon is one of the most amazing looking places in a game I think I have ever seen! I was in there for like 20 minutes taking screenshots when I finished it!

  10. Kind of wish the song followed the same tone as the first 30 seconds even though it's kind of depressing. Hauntingly beautiful song.

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