Fate/Grand Order – St. George Voiced Valentine’s Scene (English Subbed)

Fate/Grand Order – St. George Voiced Valentine’s Scene (English Subbed)

Oh, a chocolate for Saint Valentines Day. Yes, if I am not mistaken, this is a practice in Japan. Of course, I shall accept it with gratitude. Your timing is just right. I have a present for Master as well. Choice 1: It’s pretty but… what’s this?
Choice 2: A choker? I could not bring it along with me for this summoning, but my cherished mount is my horse, Bayard. That horse granted with blessings can reflect any attack inflicted on it once…… that is its characteristic. I took a small part of his mane, and processed into an accessory. Master, a journey always brings danger. Certainly, a Servant is here for that reason, but…… Even they may bring about insurmountable misfortune. In that occasion, wishing that this mane would protect you then…… We imbued our prayers into it. Choice: We? What? Ah yes, Ms Jeanne d’Arc and I. As well as Ms Martha, Ms Xuanzang Sanzang, and Mr Amakusa Shirou, who was reluctant to follow along as he is not a saint, but did so for the sake of Master. (1) ……Ah, and Ms Kiyohime too, for some reason. Hahahahaha. I apologize, that was a joke. Please accept this. Choice: Thank you! No, it is my pleasure. I received something very wonderful.

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  1. How can you be a Rider if you don't have your horse though…(Remember's why Medb is a Rider servant) Oh no…

    Man, between Karna's earrings and the chocker that at least 5 saints blessed (and possibly Kiyohime though that may have given it a cursed attribute as well) how many defensive buffs does Ritsuka get from equiping them both?

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