Fandom Patron Saints, Part 2

Fandom Patron Saints, Part 2

RCT Geek. Faith, fandom, fun. 10 fandom patron saints, part 2. Pokemon Really, any missionary saint would fit the bill as essentially their mission to evangelize could be oversimplified as Gotta Catch ’em all! So we decided that Catholic missionaries who did a
particularly large amount of traveling to multiple countries would work. We’re talking Francis Xavier Arrowverse fans. The fandom patronfor the flagships CW DC
Universe show is St. Sebastian, patron of archers. Padre Pio for The Flash. A man who is said to be in two places at once levitate, read minds and hearts, Team
Flash would suspect he was a meta human, and I defy you to say you never thought
the Franciscan habit looked kinda like a really cool superhero costume. You never thought that? Really? It’s just us weird people over at RCT Geek who have? Oh. For Legends of Tomorrow, we’re gonna go with Cardinal Newman on this one because
the Legends do travel back to World War One France, and encounter a young Tolkien. The actual Tolkien was educated at the Birmingham Oratory, which was founded by Cardinal Newman
in 1849. It’s also possible that Gandalf was indirectly inspired by Cardinal Newman. For Supergirl we were thinking St. Gemma Galgani,
because she is said to have levitated or fly. Game of Thrones fans. As to whether faithful Catholics should watch or read Game of Thrones, is the subject
of another video, But for now we just want to suggest that St. George would be an appropriate unofficial patron and nothing more. Think about it, Game of Thrones has dragons and spear wielding heroes. St.
George was a soldier who killed a dragon. Plus George RR Martin is the creator. Stranger Things St. Theodora You might not have heard of this French-born foundress of The Sisters of Providence of St-Mary-of-the-Woods. She came from France to the Indiana frontier. There she had the many struggles and trials and
successes that come with living in the middle of a forest in the 1800s. The chaotic events of Stranger Things takes place primarily in a small town
in America’s Hoosier state. The Chronicles of Narnia. The perfect candidate is Bl. Lucia Brocadelli. She was an Italian mystic and virgin. The character of the youngest of the four children in the Narnia stories was at least
partially inspired by this holy woman. She lived in the small town of Narni, Italy. Put into English, she is called Blessed Lucy of Narnia. Like, comment, and subscribe! May the Lord be with you.

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  1. Well, I thought for Harry Potter even though I have second thoughts if faithful Catholics should read it or watch it is St. Alexius of Rome. Why? Because he slept under his parents staircase. Am I crazy or what?

  2. Get Ned to do the voiceover, I can't understand a word she's saying. She's talking too fast while mumbling and slurring, takes away from the video completely. 👎

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