Family Life | The Romanov Royal Martyrs

Family Life | The Romanov Royal Martyrs

Hmm Hmm Those who live in love are invincible It’s clear in every page of every diary and in every letter that this family enjoyed a unique and blessed internal happiness that was unaffected by anything that befell them They were a model of joy and happiness and that’s an example to all of us. Nicholas II was a very good family man and he cared a lot about his wife
and children and in his diary whenever he mentioned his family, it really came
through that he sincerely cared about his family. The family that prays together stays together. Nothing could have been more truly said of the Romanovs. Religion was the glue that had bound them tightly together through all the years of anguish. It’s not the tragedy that people are drawn to but their happiness with one another. For anyone who reads Alexandra Feodrovna’s correspondence it will become obvious that she really
was far from cold and haughty. Her personal writings show that
she was a very caring person She was very involved with her children
and in the notes to them she appears as a loving mother. My darling Tatiana, very tender kisses and thanks for your dear letter. That’s a dear you pray for old Mama. Perhaps God may make her better. But sometimes He sends illness for the good of one’s soul. A good hug from your loving old Mama. God bless you. I was surprised to be approached by the fathers of the monastery for this project and I remain incredibly honored that they asked me to participate in this extraordinary work of faith. The fathers of Mesa Potamos monastery drive this project with the devotion and love for the Romanov Royal Martyrs, which echoes the love the family had for each other and for God. Because there was so much historical material available to them they were exceptionally careful about only going to
verified original sources and as a result through their efforts, they have countered many myths and outright fabrications, which have been repeated for years in books and I think all readers will be grateful for this. In addition to this the videos they’ve produced about the Romanov family are some of the most moving films I’ve ever watched. The manner in which the last Romanovs met their fate was inspired by love and with the work of the fathers the family’s example can be known to all. The evil there is now in the world will become yet more powerful and… …it is not evil that will conquer evil, but only love. Grant us Thy patience, Lord, In these are woeful days The mob’s wrath to endure And when that hour comes to pass the last dread gate breathe strength in us to pray Father forgive them

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  1. What do you think about the inter-family love shared by the Last Russian Imperial Family? Share your thoughts here with us!

  2. Interesting & moving!! This clip definitely showed & proved what a close knit & loving family the Romanovs were!! Good looking family & 4 beautiful sisters!! Thank you for the preview!!

  3. It's amazing that the Romanov family members loved each other so much but didn't care about the people and country that were dying from hunger, miserable living conditions and in such poverty. Hypocrites.

  4. What a stanning piece of work!
    Congratulations are in order for the production team and contributors.
    THANK YOU all for letting us know about the astonishing life and martyrdom of this family.
    Glory Be To God!!

  5. Amazing and life-like color of all family members in this video.  One has to feel sorry for the children who were all innocents in this tragedy.

  6. Είμαι πολύ χαρούμενος που το καταπληκτικό αυτό έργο θα εκδοθεί παγκοσμίως! Ένα μεγαλο ευχαριστώ στην Ιερά Μονή Αγίου Προδρόμου Μέσα Ποταμού, για τη δουλειά της, χάρη στην οποία και το ελληνικό κοινό τώρα μπορεί να εξερευνήσει από διαφορετική σκοπιά το βίο των τελευταίων Ρομανόφ.

  7. Martyrdom implies knowingly dying for a worthy cause. I don't think they were politically astute enough to realize their precarious position. They were, especially the children, collateral damage of the revolution. They could have been saved if King George V of the UK did not withdraw his offer to give them asylum. He was afraid of the political backlash by the British people. The British royal family was already feeling hostility because of their German origins. They were victims, not martyrs.

  8. Thank you for sharing beautiful film.

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