FALL GETAWAY to DAMYANG | Day Trip Away from Seoul City

FALL GETAWAY to DAMYANG | Day Trip Away from Seoul City

Hi everyone, hi, everyone We are in Jeollanamdo and we’re at Damyang and this is Yes, Damyang. It’s been three years I’m currently using The camcorder app for this so if you guys are curious about what app I’m using. It’s the camcorder app It’s still looking quite green, but the leaves are changing But basically to come here it costs 2000won. I’ve actually taken a photo with like this tree I’ll put the photo right here like three years ago there’s a lot of people now but Well, Damyang is seriously, beautiful so much to see Wow~ Me~ Yes, you. Taking our photos. Come a little bit more – yeah that direction Wow, look at this natural bouquet guys Would you stop being my friend if I pushed you in there? Uhm…. But then I don’t think you would do that What if I do? What if I did it for the views? Push you all the way into the pond Don’t want to put myself through that Do you hear the steps? Its so like.. peaceful here Duckies~ Where? Duckies~ I love nature! Nature! All right your turn I love nature! I love nature You guys it’s so beautiful here You guys it’s so beautiful here. Ashley’s too far away to do that Guys, it’s so beautiful here Dried persimmons. My mom fried it herself. Really?! Wow~ It looks really good. It might look at little off But it’s because it’s dried. Picnic time picnic time eating snacks that Christine brought Yes I like using this camera because it tells you what time it is So in between I’ll be adding these and let me know if you guys like this feel Mhm, but sweeter It’s so delicious I thought it wasn’t gonna be sweet It’s quite soft It’s okay for you right? Also made these Thank you I know every time Christine brings it for us. She comes over and eats it all One for you~ We’re kind of matching today. You guys are. Leather mhm, hat Pants. Yeah the only thing different is she has a colorful t-shirt and I’m just black-on-black Oh, you’re all black today But with the scarf. With a hint of red I swear I saw you wearing maroon color before Before we start exploring again got to fix our lips after this I guess picnic you can call it but This is my go-to right now. I’ve been using this in every vlog. I know you have. Mamonde number 26 autumn rose Wow the glare is amazing. Something sad happened earlier on the train, Ashley dropped her camera and She’s vlogging like this But thankfully it’s a UV lens that I put on top of my- Normal lenses, so it’s just that one that cracked. But I can’t get it out. So it’s just Creates a natural – You’re right Wow, it actually really pretty. Really? Right here like this. Oh~ There’s a rainbow little – Hey, it’s like vsco cam it’s literally a vsco cab We’re now leaving the Meta Garosugil and we’re gonna go check out the Cafe village it smells so good right now Chuksun Bread It honestly smells better than it looks Yeah But it’s not bad But this does not feel like Damyang I actually haven’t been here Can you believe that this is Korea So nice on our way to the bamboo forest and look at all the flowers flower road Still walking and it’s windy but Hi, oh my gosh so cute. Here we are 2.0. Uh, oh Oh my gosh Hey next time film your music video here. I know right? Yeah, and so many more colors too. Yeah Yes, we made it this far and we have to cross and this is where all the food is Yes, we’re almost there and fun fact Ashley can sing along to every trot songs that we heard today Not this song, I don’t know this song It’s pretty impressive you guys Guys, 10,000won *Makgeoli song by Christine* You have to do it like this Cause of all the rice down there Okay, ready? So excited~ I love makgeoli It was so funny cause Christine was – It was so funny cause Christine was like “Joan lets get makgeoli” Yeah and she was like “Duh” I was like of couse It’s for you It matches your nails, yes For reals Makgeoli is fire okay Wait, cheers Ready cheers Cheers~ My makgeoli colored nails Hello~ Very cute~ The best side dishes in my opinion Thank you~ Yes Hallelujah. Thank you mom Cheers~ Alright guys Oh~ It looks delicious Bamboo rice so basically you have to Scoop it out and eat from here. It’s hard to eat it from here. It’s very sticky I love this rice Wow~ I was telling them that I used to take this home and put my makeup brushes in it Because this is like the “maneon”. Yeah, they say take it home and use it as a pencil case or vase. Oh it does. Yeah. Because they don’t reuse it. Yeah, it’s kind of a waste So sticky, sticky Icky vicky. You’re so sticky Oh my gosh you know that song? Hell yea Fairly Odd Parents. I love Fairly Odd Parents. That was my favorite. No? No. Sticky icky vicky vicky you’re so sticky That thought of being around her makes me feel so sticky And then there’s that pickle song, yeah Like if you know what we’re referring to. Dude Fairly Odd Parents. Christine is too young Dexter’s Laboratory, Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls Dexter’s Laboratory, he was so extra. Johnny Bravo You guys had cable? Yea. I didn’t have cable. Cartoon network. I had PBS. I had cable later. Like Powerpuff Girls someone referred to us as the Powerpuff Girls and I was like, all right. We obviously know Bubbles is Christine You’re the Blossom and I’m the Green one. I’m Buttercup What do you guys think so far? It’s yummy I tried one by_ it’s good It’s pretty good right? I look the gook This is my favorite side dish, yonggeun You guys have to try this this is my favorite side dish from here Food doesn’t look that good with this filter, but I promise it’s amazing. How is it? It’s good? I know me too. I just stood there Alright, it is time for the Junokwon , let’s head over to check out the bamboo forest Resting at the Hanok area. Oh, so beautiful It’s a bamboo Of course. Alright, we are now leaving the bamboo forest. There’s a lot of hiking Let’s go on out. Waiting for the bus now to go to Gwangju Bye Damyang Bye. You’re beautiful Miss you Alright, so now we’re gonna go get some makgeoli again and We are going to- We didn’t have enough before I didn’t even feel like a little tiny bit of alcohol. Yeah Not at all Yeah I’m so full Like that tea and bread fills me up but We’re gonna be on that train for two hours. So we’re gonna go grab something to eat and drink We’re at Hwangtotgil And check out this menu. It is Hanji, right? Is this Hanji? Yes~ You’re watching this drink water, it doesn’t have to be pink we were talking about how this is probably our last trip out of Seoul before it gets super cold because November is unpredictable I get comments about Weather yeah, yeah when when it’s the best time to come in November, but it’s different every year, but it’s getting cold. So This is gonna be our last probably To our last drink It’s raining now Look we got really lucky because it’s raining now. We got here just in time But what if it’s like pouring in Seoul? I got an umbrella. Me too. I don’t. All right, we made it to the KTX we are on our train, you know, to be honest I had to pee so badly, yeah You went before Christine? Mhm. She’s in the bathroom right now, but we’re gonna wrap with the vlog. It’s been a long day. I know, so long, but it was a good one. It was. Go home and knock out Here the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here And I’ll see you guys in the next one. Have a Joanday~

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  1. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO HELD HER BREATH WHEN JOAN WAS FILMING WHILE CROSSING THE ROCKS 😭 lmaoo super nerve wrecking but thanks for sharing Joan Unnie!! ♥️ Hopefully I’ll get to visit this area when I visit again ✨

  2. OK, I rarely ever make comments but… I just wanted to say that personally I really enjoy the vintage lens. I think that it definitely adds a certain aesthetic to the video so everyone is going to have a different opinion. Also, I think that it would look better if the filter was used more in context. I felt like it was just randomly being added and sometimes it was a little awkward. It might look better in shots where there's just scenery or maybe during the walking in/out shots. Idk if it was just me but I felt a little awkward watching the filter on the screen and then hearing Joan's voice in the background, almost like the two didn't match up (like Joan's voice should have sounded grainy to match the image). Anyway, I just wanted to comment because I really like the filter itself and would love to see it come back in other vlogs. Love you Joan!

  3. I missread Damyang to Samyang LOL. South Korea in fall soooo prety, hope someday can go to places that Joan usually go. Aameen 🤗🤗🤗

  4. Today is my birthday~!!! October 30th~!!! Had a chill day and I just watched the recent episode of, The Beauty Inside and I balled! Needed something to make me happy so I'm watching your vlog now! 😊 Also, no photo from 3 years ago? UPDATE: I really like how you are using that camera app do change up your vlog but… at the same time… I feel like the vlog isn't natural! Or, it didn't flow well! Sorry! But… that's just my opinion.

  5. Happy Halloween 🎃! You finally went to Damyang! 🙂 It’s great to see Ashley, Christine and you on a girls’ trip. I need to get back to work and this was a nice way to end my break time. It’s getting colder so take care and stay warm! 🤩👍🏻💝💕🙆🏻‍♀️

  6. Hey, I think what would make these daytrip vlogs even better is if you would give a little information in how to get there and how long it takes! But i really like them

  7. is Damyang the place with the little prince? 5:44 looks like the location that was in runningman's earlier episodes

  8. loved the video! just posted a vlog too of my life as a model in LA! shared me shooting 1 commercial and 3 photoshoots as well as doing boxing and eating some super popular restaurants in LA! come take a look at my channel!

  9. you guys are soo pretty 😍 #BlackOnBlack 🖤 love yo see yr adventures and certainly enjoying the camcorder vids in between 💖💖💖 thank you for vlogging & sharing ✨✨

  10. you guys are soo pretty 😍 #BlackOnBlack 🖤 love to watch yr adventures and certainly enjoying the camcorder vids in between 💖💖💖 thank you for vlogging & sharing ✨✨

  11. I can't wait to explore Korea when I come on my student exchange and hopefully meet you Joan ! I hope your jaw is okay too 💖💖

  12. I loved all those shows!!! Fairly oddparents, Johnny bravo was hilarious,dexters laboratory, and my all time fave powerpuff girls☺️☺️ah the memories

  13. the old view camera gives off a replay of your memories. better compile a lot of those for children to watch in the future. great content as always..

  14. Hope you can share on how you got to Damyang from Seoul, just a little guide how you planned your trip, so that other people can find it helpful too 😛

  15. Love the vlogs😍and also love that camera effect, at first it seemed a bit weird but then its like cool. It feels like ur in a horror movie and something is about to happen.

  16. Those old toons 😍😍 my friends and I reminisce those times too….
    Those were just the shows that made our childhood better 😍

  17. joan is my favorite! always carry a dog treat when you go for a walk. you can get a milk-bone or any treat, a little bit of cheese or meat or hot dog. Just save a left over if you are going for a walk from your meal. dogs stomachs are not the same as humans. they will not get sick. their food goes out of their bodies quickly and never enough time goes by for them to get sick from any sort of uncooked meat. you can literally feed dogs and cats raw meat.

  18. OMFG Icky Vicky song at 9:30 🤣🤣 How on earth do you guys know that song! I thought about it when Ashley said 'so sticky', and then you guys mentioned it!!🤣🤣🤣 what the heck is happening

  19. New fan here, discovered your channel about 2 weeks ago. I love how you explore and how you describe without going too girly or excessive. Keep it up!
    PS; I do love the camcorder add-ins.

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  22. I actually love the the filter but only for transition shots with music that way it looks more intentional instead of random clips here and there. Like when you guys change locations and are on your way! It gives a good time stamp for your vlogs as well:)

  23. It makes me really happy to see ya’ll get away from all the craziness of Seoul and relaxing/taking deep breaths in the outskirts of the city rush

  24. Joan, I swear I am always a step closer to making a fanfic of you and Ashley and Christine and all of your Youtube friends. Your matching outfit with Ashley gives me a suspense-thriller duo vibe.

  25. The reactions you do is a bit extra; it''s childlike sometimes. And the filter is a thumbs down. Reduces the quality of the vlog.

  26. Love to see you exploring with Ashley and Christine. It's so fun and I love that I get to see different places in your vlogs. Also the food looks soooo good, I'm so hungry now! There's gonna be rice for dinner! 🙂

  27. Hi Joan! I’ll be in Korea on Sunday. I’d like to include Damyang on our itinerary. However, I cannot see a KTX station directly going to Gwangju. Only Gwangju-Songjeong. Are they the same? May I ask how long is the bus ride from Gwangju to Damyang? Many thanks! Hope to see you in Korea 😉

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