Facts About Saint Rita of Cascia

Facts About Saint Rita of Cascia

Good day. Here you can see the body of Saint Rita, and she was placed here in 1947. It is her real body. As you can see, it was just mummified as in the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. But you have to know that by the year of 700, her body was like a sleeping body. She was very beautiful still with a very sweet fragrance. As you can see the casket, the urn of Saint Rita, it is sealed. The other side here was sealed by the Bishop and then the authority, our Mayors. From what I know, it was opened in 1957, and then followed by 1997, and then after 1997, it was followed by the year of 2015. When they opened this, they should be the delegate of the doctor from the Vatican, the Bishop of the Diocese, the prior, the rector of the Basilica, the Mother Abbess, some delegates from the city, the Mayor. It will be opened with all these testimonies, and then after they will seal it. The examination, I could not say that as for it didn’t happen as for what I know because they just open it to get some relic, as you know. And then, of course, to change the dress of Saint Rita for the relic to be given to the people, as you know, they are also asking the relic. It is real body, but because little by little it has been mummified. Of course the part of the eyes, the nose, It is the fragile part of our body, so it has been touched, but the rest is her real body. One of the studies also told that here, in Cascia, the temperature makes the body really preserved, so may be it’s also one of the facts that her body has been preserved. As I told, by 1700, her body was still really like a sleeping body like that with a sweet fragrance, but sad to say there was earthquake, the fire. Because of that, the sisters were afraid, so they get the body of Saint Rita which was still with her second casket. May be you saw it already there. So they placed it in the garden, and then after that, of course, with the humidity, with the sun, only then the body of Saint Rita has been mummified. But before then, until 1700, her body was real, perfect. and then as I told again, I will repeat that it has been mummified as the body, as the nature of the body may be. Somehow, as we know, it’s a miracle because it’s the nature of the body to decompose, but her body was still intact. By the year 1947, again, her body was placed here for you to see it because the first one, as you saw it before, the first casket. The sisters had to close and open the casket for the people to see, but after that, the prince of Portugal received a miracle from Saint Rita. He was having a tumor, but he was healed. So as a gift, as a sign of gratitude, he gave that casket, as you saw, there was the mirrors. So the sisters then will not open and close the casket, so they can see it perfectly. Unfortunately we don’t have any written comment of Saint Rita, the documentation because there was the time it was all burnt also, but as we all know, we have the real body of Saint Rita so that will tell us the fact that Saint Rita lived here for 40 years. She entered here, in the monastery, at the age of 36, and then she died at 76, so she lived in the monastery for 40 years. About the thorn, she got the thorn for 15 years. And as you all know, only one time it disappeared because when the time she was supposed to join the canonization of our first canonized saint, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino or the jubilee that will be held there in Rome, but unfortunately, she was never been permitted by the Mother Superior because of her thorn and it was really smelly as they said it. Saint Rita prayed to God, and then God answered by removing the thorn from her head. So she was permitted to go to Rome to attend the feast. And then, when coming back, the thorn came back again to her forehead, so it never leaves her for 15 years. May be you saw in her room when you went there, you will see there all the things that they used to clean the wound of Saint Rita. The other point that you should know is her obedience. Obedience to her Mother Superior then when she entered because as a wife she entered the convent. She experienced being a wife, a mother, and then a widow. and then she enter here. So the Mother Superior then needed to prove her obedience. She was asked to water everyday the dried stick. It was impossible to have something from a dried stick, but because of her obedience, she watered it every day with faith, with obedience, with humility because the other nuns were teasing her, “May be you’re crazy. You’re watering a dried stick.” Only the Mother Superior and Saint Rita know the agreement, only the two of them, so the other would not know why she was watering a dried stick. But anyway, with everything, with faith again, with obedience, she watered every day, every morning without any tiredness. So God recompensed her by making that dried stick to be a grape vine. It’s still giving a fruit. May be you know that our holy powders is from the grapes. We are making the powders from the leaves of the grapes. It’s a long process. We need to, of course, to get it from there, and to dry it then to make them, then to powderized and everything to make the pack, for the packaging. We are making the holy powders and giving them to the people. Fortunately, with God’s mercy, through the intercession of Saint Rita, many miracles are happening. Also about the fruits, Yes, we are giving it to the Popes. They are the lucky ones to receive it, and then, of course, some authorities, some parish priest to be given to the sick people. For us, also nuns, we also receive this, but may be 4 or 5 pieces, and then we eat it with devotion. We can also give it to our parents and relatives. So it’s the grape vine of Saint Rita. Also, we have to see her message. Her message of reconciliation, the forgiveness. She was called the Saint of the Impossible because it was the people of Spain who called her. It was only the people who give this name for her because of the many intercession she gave with all the impossibilities of the human being in everything, but through her intercession, everything became possible. That’s why they proclaim her as Saint of the Impossible. About the reconciliation, because as you know, it was not easy for her to enter to the monastery because of the conflict between the Guelphi and the Mancini group, her family with the cousin or the relatives of Paolo Mancini, her husband. The Mother Abbess then said, “I’m sorry. You should reconcile the families first.” The first miracle she made before entering the monastery is the forgiveness, the reconciliation among the families. It was not easy because, as we all now, that epoch, the vengeance, the revenge are normal. The forgiveness is very abnormal. But Saint Rita made it possible for them. Only then, it was possible for her to enter the monastery. May be you know also by the tradition, I repeat, oral tradition, she was praying at the Roccaporena, may be you know it already. While praying at the top of the mountain, she was brought to our monastery. They said that the angels were ringing the bells then they found out that Saint Rita was already inside. By the old tradition, she was accompanied by Saint Augustine, and then Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, Saint John the Baptist. It’s also important to see her message that in our families today, it’s not that easy to forgive. So, we ask you if you have faith to Saint Rita, prove it that you are really a devotee of Saint Rita because if you are devotee of Saint Rita, you will know how to forgive like her. If you will forgive like her, really, she will be proud of you. You will see there will be many miracles for your life, for your families, because forgiveness, really, is the most important point in our life. We should forgive ourselves. We should forgive others. We should forgive everyone. That will make us peaceful, serene also happy because it is what Jesus also teaches us to forgive. Forgive many times. There’s no seven time seven. There’s no time because we should forgive every time. There’s no limit of forgiveness because the forgiveness with the love, it’s united together. If you love, you should forgive. If you forgive, you love, so it’s always united. May be I could tell you some of the miracles of Saint Rita. I am telling about the reconciliation. One I know is between brothers, they were really having quarrels to the point that they will also make some disasters among 70 families because with the disaster between them, they will close sum business that they own. They will close that because of the quarrel. That means they will affect 70 families. Of course it was a great chaos. That man was not really a devotee of Saint Rita, but he asked Saint Rita. He tried to pray to Saint Rita. After some weeks, the miracle somehow happened because they were able to reconcile to each other, so they didn’t close the business. The 70 families were not affected. The other thing is that may be some one of you is asking about the perfume of the roses, the fragrance of the roses. For example, many pilgrims coming here, and then they will just go out from the convent. Before going out, they will tell me, “Sisters, did you place some perfumes, rose perfume?” “Because I can smell a very strong smell of rose perfume.” “No, I am sorry. We didn’t.” “We don’t have any perfume like that.” But usually it is the sign of Saint Rita that she is near to the person. Speaking about this fragrance of the rose, a mother was asking Saint Rita’s intercession because her daughter was dying, was really sick. While she was traveling and while praying also to Saint Rita, she smelt the fragrance of the rose. Of course she didn’t mind it, but when she arrived to the hospital, the daughter was healed, completely healed. Only then she remembered, “Ah, I smelled that rose.” So she remembered Saint Rita. One of the millions of miracles of Saint Rita is that A six-year-old boy, they gave him six days to live. The mother did not believe in God and Saint Rita. And then she said, “If my son will be healed, I will believe.” Then the friend of her asked the intercession of Saint Rita. They went here, and they asked Saint Rita to cure the boy. They also asked one of the sisters here to pray for him. After 6 months, they came back here. Just to tell you, That boy they gave 6 days to live. They came back here to thank Saint Rita because he is really completely healed. One of the miracles. There’re really millions of miracles of Saint Rita, I know you also have one of your experience For now, may be I could just tell a few of these. Again, I repeat to you the message of Saint Rita. The reconciliation, the forgiveness, the love, the obedience, the faith, and then to be united to Jesus because as you see the grape vines, it also symbolizes the vine and the branches linked together. So, it’s Saint Rita and Jesus being united together because only then when we are united to Jesus, that we can do many miracles. Without Him, we can do nothing. Thank you.

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