Exploring an Abandoned Religious School – Beautiful Victorian Architecture

Exploring an Abandoned Religious School – Beautiful Victorian Architecture

[Narration] In today’s episode, we’re checking out an abandoned religious boarding school that was constructed in the late 1800s. It began its life as a military academy, but soon transformed into an all-boys
college prep school. After over a century of operation, the organization went bankrupt, and shut down in 1991. Since then, the Victorian-style structure has been rotting away while the local government decides what to do with the property. Now, join us as we venture inside and discover what remains… [Intro music] Our exploration began around 6 AM. Therefore, we thought it would be best to begin in the basement, where we wouldn’t have to worry about our lights being noticed from outside. -It’s weird seeing this really old ornate staircase,
and then there’s just drop ceiling right here. -These are all empty.
-Yeah, these look like dorms. [Narration] For this adventure, we’re also joined by our friends Chris and Devin. We’ll include links to their pages in the video description. -They’re locked from the hallway, not the inside.
So I don’t know what they mean or anything- -They might have put the locks in after they were disused. -Or, since it was a religious boarding school, they could’ve been, like, really strict. -Locked the kids in? -That’s what I was thinking. ‘Cause the lock looks new but *that* looks really old. -Yeah. -This is an old-looking workshop table. Looks like everything’s been pillaged through already, though. Oh, wow. That’s good organization. -What was that bang? -That’s just water, right? Wanna go upstairs? -Yeah, I think we should wait-
-Yeah, let’s just finish the basement. That was spook, though.
-I would rather have more light than struggle to see. -Or like, the wind slamming something shut. Kitchen. -Look at the labels on these. They’re so cool. -Yeah, that’s pretty cool. -The mural is…wow. -It’s painted… 1940? Is that what it says? -There’s no way this is that old. -Is that a 9?
-1990! So you were pretty close. -These were all classrooms. Let’s be quiet in here. Look at how tall these hallways are.
-Yeah. -I feel like I’m at Hogwarts.
-It’s still really dark out. -Yeah. Might want to wait a bit. These classrooms are way nicer than the ones in the basement. I wonder what the original ceiling in here looked like. -It’s part of the hallway, probably.
-Yeah. A lot of detail on the floor, also. All this tiling. Being in an abandoned building before sunrise is always really cool. You get to see it transform as the light comes up. -They put in all the wood paneling afterwords, too. With the drop ceiling. There would’ve been white plaster walls all the way down at one point. The lights *are* still up in here. -This was the main entrance, right here.
-Wow. We really to wait ’til it gets it gets brighter, I can’t see anything. -Oh, you can see the stained glass up there now. [Narration] We decided to hold off on seeing the chapel for the first time until the lighting was better. [Music] -Wow, all the curtains are still up in this room. -Yeah, this is a nice room. [Music continues] -There’s definitely a lot of water making its way into the building. -This is gonna be a mirror image of the other classroom hallway. Or actually, not classrooms. These look like dorms. -It’s cool how they put brickwork around every single door frame. I love when you’re in a building, and vines are covering the windows. It’s so cozy-feeling. Especially on a rainy day like this. [Music] This is below the chapel.
-This was the dining hall. -Wow, this is cool.
-And, originally, this was a military school for boys look what’s on the wall back there. -I see… a pope. I don’t know, who else is on the wall? -On the left side.
-Oh, yeah. A solider. -Class of 1969.
(author’s note: nice) A dumb waiter that went down to the basement kitchen. -The cart’s right here. -Yeah. You pull the rope and it would go up and down. [laughs] It’s not working right. [Narration] Although the sun still wasn’t completely up, we couldn’t resist taking a look at the main chapel. [Music] -Horizontal pews. Damn. This place… is incredible. [Music continues] I wonder what was smashed out in the middle there. There’s still Bibles and hymn books behind all the pews. Yeah, looks like the stained glass is starting to fall down by itself. It was on a layer in front of the window instead of being the window itself. This staircase is absolutely incredible. It’s still really dark in here, but this might be as bright as it gets. It’s a very gloomy day. There’s altar boy outfits in here. -Yeah, the water’s really getting in here. -This staircase is really cool, too. -[Bryan mentions the water]
-I’m literally- yeah, I’m getting dripped on right now. -It’s like, this place isn’t gonna be in this condition much longer until they do something about it. -This room has some graffiti. This is the first real vandalized room I’ve seen. [inaudible Bryan whispers] At least they kept it to one room instead of going all over the place with it. There was a shower room. Not a ton of privacy. There’s dead birds all up the staircase. -Creepy. -That’s probably where it goes up to the clock tower. I don’t feel like going up there yet, though, because I’m going to have to wear a respirator. It’s really full of pigeon shit. -Let’s go somewhere else.
-Okay. I mean, this whole floor is already full of pigeon shit.
-And dead pigeons. -Holy crap, they’re literally everywhere. We’re just walking on pigeon skeletons. They’re literally everywhere! -Look how tall the ceilings are in here!
-Holy crap. -That’s like, two floors. That is incredible. I gotta see what the staircase looks like over here. [Music] Holy shit! Stained glass ceiling! This is nuts. This definitely deserves a type of ~grand staircase~ -This is incredible. -Did you see the stained glass? [Music continues] Do you hear the pigeons down here? These are all dorm-sized rooms, also. -Yeah. It seems like it gets taller here again. -Mountain of pigeon shit. DON’T POOP ON ME! They’re ready to drop some bombs on us. Luckily, we are watching where we’re going. Wow, this whole grand staircase just leads to this. A little nook 🙂 -Once that wall is a new-
-With two doors. The other wall is probably new. Bad remodeling. -Look at the gaping hole in the roof over there. -Oh, yeah Is that where you go up the clock tower? Probably is. -This is steep! To the ladder more than the stairs. -And you can’t use your hands or else they’ll end up in pigeon shit. -Using my hands a little… [scoffs]… so much shit. -This better be worth… -Oh f*** -Is it worth? Is it worth it? -Um…
There’s so much shit in here! I don’t even know if it was worth coming up here. [Music] [Narration] Although the climb up the clock tower wasn’t very rewarding, the rest of this exploration certainly was. The building is a beautiful example of Gothic Victorian architecture, inside and out. Currently, there are plans for re-purposing the building. But unfortunately, they involve demolishing almost everything, except for the facade. Local citizens have voiced dissatisfaction with the plans, so only time will tell what eventually happens. If no action is taken, however, Mother Nature will eventually have its way with the building. We wanna take a moment to let you know we have a brand new set of prints now available on our website. We also published our first new set of Polaroids from this trip. They’re one of a kind, and once they sell, they’re gone forever. If you’re interested in purchasing a print or Polaroid, the link is in the description.

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  1. We have a brand new selection of photo prints and Polaroids for sale on our website! The Polaroids are one of a kind and once they sell, they are gone forever! Check them out at http://theproperpeople.com/shop. Thanks for the support!

  2. 9:15 It is interesting that the pews are facing the opposite way that you would expect. I am used to them facing the pulpit.

  3. I will never understand why you guys ever get a single dislike – such quality on every single video! TV quality for sure! Must add – Your video"s totally take me away from where I am at…. Kinda almost like being hypnotized…..

  4. I think they should re-purpose it while keeping it's history. Like that building probably has a ton of mold, and a ton of water damage. Like I think they should salvage as much unique and historical things as possible, like the gothic staircases, light fixtures, paintings, etc., but renovate the building thoroughly, repaint it, clean it, update the electrical, and update it to modern safety standards, while keeping the as much gothic historic and unique stuff as possible.

  5. I used to go by that place when I lived in L.I. I tried to get in several times but something would have just been boarded up. You guys are truly fortunate to get in. My last attempt was in 2015 and I can see much more decay since I was last there. Eventually I'll put out a vlog of my time filming exterior.

  6. Beautiful, I’ve explored abounded places myself with a crew. Always I get the chills in a huge building with low light

  7. You can only imagine, or wonder how many nuns had orgies here, or how many people got fondled as minors at this goddamned place..

  8. Random person:
    "How do you know it's a kitchen?"
    "Living rooms don't have ovens and microwaves do they?"

  9. Such a shame a building that ornate was left to rot. You'd think a medium-sized business owner would want to make that their headquarters or something.

  10. Just irritates me to know end when they leave the pipes yeah the supposed stain glass too but those pipes are usually unique.

  11. Because of government regulations and insurance company lobbies, many buildings like this are literally turning into pigeon shit.

  12. Drive past this building all the time. I love the outside, good to see what the inside looks like. I know a lot of local organizations and schools use the athletic fields around the building.

  13. Just incredibly sad how it has been left to decay. The stained glass should be salvaged as well as the organ pipes. So sad. Such a beautiful building.

  14. Another great tour — but always explore the organ, please. The console up close (manuals etc.) and behind the facade(s)! 😉

  15. Just watched your abandoned theatre in 2015. You guys have come a long way. From wobbly shoot to tv quality shoot! My only fav urbex channel!

  16. Town meeting: please if I can have your attention to the front. These gentlemen will show everyone why this place needs to be refurbished.

  17. It's sad to see buildings like the rot. It deserves to be restored and repurposed for some other use. Some non profit charity organization should consider investing in the property and turning into low income housing something along those lines.

  18. If I had been that lucky sob that won that 1.5billion back in October is have bought this place and had it restored.

  19. This is a perfect example of pepole not fearing God or the Lord or both . God help us were are your people going witch way ? hard life (MULDEW) ~ gary b *

  20. What a beautiful structure. So sad to see it going to rot. If the owners or local authorities are serious about preserving it for some future use, I have one word: tarps. C'mon people!

  21. Wow, a male only, military religious school sounds like the dreaming place to study 😗… The gothic appereance of the whole building is amazing tho. Great stuff guys!

  22. Look into Tartarie Empire and the Mud Flood info. Seems they had an influence on our architecture back when we had all the real ornate buildings in America like the one here. Such detail…

  23. Every time I see those high ceilings in Victorian structures it reminds me of why they wore such heavy clothes in the winter: all the heat was ten feet above their heads! The banister and balustrade filigreed iron work was so much better in those days. Thanks for the tour!

  24. For those people asking what school this was, it's St Paul's in New York. It was an Episcopalian school that went belly-up in 1991.

  25. Most of the chapel looks like it could be saved somehow especially the stained glass. The stained murals are pure work of art that has been mostly lost in the art world of to day.

  26. The first thing that needs to be done is fixing the roof, then work your way down to fix the water damages, clean up the mess. But it will take much money to restore.

  27. Does anyone know the name of this facility and what city it's in? I'd love to do some research on its history and see if I can find photos of it when it was in operation. Thank you.

  28. I'm so happy that you explored this building! I pass by it all the time and have always wanted to know what it looks like on the inside.

  29. FUCK man, in every goddamn video you people piss me off with your stupidity LOL 😀 https://youtu.be/VBpuJShKPsQ?t=109
    You really think they locked kids in the room, really? So imagine that you have 60 kids locked in like this, and there is a fire. Good luck unlocking all of those locks. 🙂 Please turn on your fucking brains, it really hurts to watch you people "think" sometimes. Im no fireman but I can assure you that locking people in like that is a very illegal and unsafe way of keeping people in their rooms.
    My guess is that it was either from the start, or later on, storage for bikes or other equipment.

    Ps. I only made this comment because it is really every time i hear stupid shit from you people :p and yes im triggered

  30. You guys need to include NAME OF PLACE, ITS LOCATION AND MORE INFORMATION in the description or at the beginning of the video!

  31. you find a lot of dead birds because they usually fly in by accident  through broken windows and  aren't able to find their way out.

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