euphoria | official music by labrinth – visualizer (s1 ep1) | HBO

euphoria | official music by labrinth – visualizer (s1 ep1) | HBO


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  1. I think what's so refreshing about this show is how completely relatable it is, from the music to the situatuations, phrases and behaviour of teens living today. but also how it's like I know a rue. I know a cassie. I know a nate, a Jules, a Kat, a gia, a lexi. it's so fucking unapologetically real and I love it.

  2. Fun fact: contrary to popular belief, this song actually does have lyrics. According to labrinth’s Instagram stories, besides him saying little things such as “hey”, there is a line of lyrics: “I’ll be forever” (played first at 0:25)

    Please like so people can see!

  3. Extremely powerful at the start of the 4th episode when You see Jules' background being admitted/tricked as a kid, great show that doesn't glorify drug use and the soundtrack is awesome

  4. does this song make anyone else feel really emotional? Maybe it's because this scene is always played during everyone's emotional backstories but I always get really choked up when I hear this song

  5. HBO has the best video editors. How did they get the lights in the car window to look like that?? And the visuals fit the mood perfectly

  6. Watch it at 0.75x the speed.

    If you have a Galaxy, take it to a whole new level and apply Tube Amp Pro and Concert Hall on your equalizer. You're welcome.

  7. This song seriously needs to be on Spotify. It just gives you all the feels that you didn’t know you needed.

  8. Labrinth absolutely destroyed the music for this show. He shaped the show to be what it is, and sets the tone perfectly. Amazinggg

  9. Just had a mental breakdown and played this in the background. Needless to say, it made it somewhat interesting.

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