ESO Morrowind: Get your FREE Saint Delyns Penthouse in Vivec City

ESO Morrowind: Get your FREE Saint Delyns Penthouse in Vivec City

Hello everyone,
my name is Tianlein and today i show you how you can get your free apartment in Morrowind
in the Elder Scrolls Online To start the Quest “a friend in need” we need
to talk to the housing broker Canthion You can find him next to the bank “foundations
rising” in Vivec City in Vvardenfell south of the Vivec City Wayshrine Now we have to go to the outlaw refuge which
is just south of the bank in Vivec city Here we have to talk to Szugogroth With his help we know now the whereabouts
of Bolag Idolus We have to travel to the north to the delve
Pulk The Tel Mora Wayshrine is a good place to
start your way to the delve Inside the delve Pulk not far away from the
entrance you will find Bolug Idolus After we recoverd the deed and key we have to return to Canthion in Vivec City Now you have to buy furniture from a home goods
Furnisher or from guild traders or you can craft it yourself But if you want to go to the nearest by home goods Furnisher you have to go inside of the
Saint Delyn Canton to Saint Delyns Inn Here you will find the Home Goods Furnisher
Uzipa and you can buy some furniture pieces After you left the Saint Delyns Inn you will
find directly opposite the entrance to the other part of Saint Delyns Inn where Canthion
is already waiting for you infront of your new apartment Talk one last time to him and then you are
proud apartment owner of the Saint Delyn Penthouse in Vivec City In this penthouse you can place 15 furnishings,
1 Trophy Bust and one 1 Assistant, Mount or pet Those limits double if you have an active
ESO Plus membership Hopefully you will enjoy your new apartment
in Vivec City It would be great if you subscribe, like or leave me a comment Have a nice day and until next time Tschüss!

23 Replies to “ESO Morrowind: Get your FREE Saint Delyns Penthouse in Vivec City”

  1. What?! Yesterday I was thinking that it was a bit sad that there was no little room in Vvardenfell, but there was one! I need to read my patch notes more carefully. :p
    Thanks for showing!

  2. Didn't find the NPC at the shown place. Might because ive already done the "a friend in need" quest before the Morrowind expansion?

  3. Hello 🙂 Sorry, I forgot to mention that Canthion is only waiting for you in Vivec City if you created a new Character or your "old" Character has not acquired any of the other free apartments.
    If you own already the Mara`s Kiss Public House(Vulkhel Guard), the Rosy Lion(Daggerfall) and the Ebony Flask (Ebonheart) you have two options. First option is to purchase this inn room for 3000 Gold. Second option is if you want it for free that you use a character who has not completed the "friend in need" quest in the base game or you create a new Character.

    You can find this information in the official Patch Notes:

  4. So basically just do the "a friend in need" quest in Vardenfall, didn't really have to make a whole video for this…

  5. Wonderful…I thought I had to buy the house…never knew I have to go IP north and speak to her to continue the mission ..will try this out tomorrow
    So I created a new caracter..sounds like a win for me…only been playing for a week now

  6. I realize now you can expend the tip to all three free rooms in each faction , creating a character in every faction and do the quest on all three capital cities.

  7. Hi , i also have the problem i can't find Canthion in Vivec City but i find the third way to get it : take a chars which did not do the Friend in Need Quest in another Zone, go to crowns shop and "by" for free the lauching quest , next u have to use it and you are able to get the room for free and no quest to do ! Just go front to the room and talk to the women !

  8. the room to spare pamplet for get is for vvenderdell is taged on wall by wooden boat right before you enter city were the pilgrims approach is,

    pretty much go to vicec city wayshrine, head towards the pilgram approach,walk past it right out gate then there should be a little wooden boat in water the wall right there as quest.

    i remind you im on a brand new lvl 3 charter no quest done or xp earned. red pact if you wish to know

  9. penthouse… Doesnt have any window or balcony. Thats what I hate in this game, they brought housing but they are all clostrophobic small holes. Even the mansions are phased. Their windows are like walls, non transparent. Honestly Swtors housing is not the best there is, but atleast its not a hole in a hole. Best is rift though, you can build whatever you want. Ive once built a jedi temple in rift online, and It was in a massive scale. They should honestly rewamp this housing shit, I dk how people can like it. Zero space for creativity, or proper roleplaying. Extremely expensive in every aspect.

  10. So can my Templar kick back in my Dragon Knight's penthouse if he brings his own mead & doesn't pray out loud or does he have to get his own room?

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