Ephesians 4:30 A Warning to the Saints: Grieve not the Spirit – Holy Spirit #25

Ephesians 4:30 A Warning to the Saints: Grieve not the Spirit – Holy Spirit #25

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  1. This is the 14th Sunday Service message on the Person and Works of the Holy Spirit. It is #25 in the series, which includes additional in-depth teaching from the “Festival of Faith” weeknights at 7:00 p.m. Pacific.


  2. Hands down, best sermon on this verse ever! Thank you Pastor Scott, for keeping us aware of the cosmic struggle for our souls and the narrow path that only the Holy Spirit can guide and usher us into YHWH’s brilliant presence thru the promise of His Son! Tharsei

  3. Great lesson too bad facebook is down and I can't share this yet. I'm involved in a debate with my roommate who attends the Methodist church which is having a big debate on whether to ban leadership who are PRACTICING HOMOSEXUALS, and also to ban gay marriages in the church on the east coast. The west coast wish to teach 'progressive' Christianity and allow/ordainance of Practicing homosexual leaders and elders as well as bless and allow gay marriages by the church. I for one do not believe the bible is 'progressive', it is what it is, says what it says and tells us God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I am NOT for banning ANY sinner from the church for all sin is the same in the eyes of God, but big difference in repentance and nonrepentance. In asking forgiveness and walking a path the bible teaches, praying and keeping in Gods Word, and knowing stumbles will happen but you get back up and continue on walking with God… NOT living in sin, Not intentionally deciding to do what humans feel is right. However Teachers are held to a higher standard and living and practicing what the bible says is sin, and a church blessing gay marriage and the practicing of what the bible condemns is not something that changes or can be progressive in the bible.. to tickle ears, to say 1 sin is worse than another, to openly welcome practicing sinfulness greives the holy spirit.. but I guess that will become clear in the end.

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