Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi: “Guard your mind!”

Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi: “Guard your mind!”

Let’s be attentive, guarding our mind! An irrational thought comes to our mind. We try to chase it away but it won’t leave. Then we make use of the resistance, opposition, as the Fathers say… Resistance has two forms: We say: “O, you devil, run away! I’m a Christian!” He won’t leave, he’s wicked… Then we make use of the second method and we humble ourselves saying: “You idiot, you are not ashamed? Are you a human or a devil? What are these that you think about?” This thing crushes the devil and he runs away immediately. And then comes the divine grace and comforts us… Therefore, guard your mind! Do not waste your time in vain!
Do not listen to useless things! Do not spread rumors about each other! Keep your schedule tight! Do you have too much time?
Run to your room and open a book! The words of the Fathers are words of the Holy Spirit. That is why they feed our souls, wake us up, guide us, challenge us, teach us… Therefore Fathers, be attentive, we have to win this battle.

14 Replies to “Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi: “Guard your mind!””

  1. why these words are so sharp? they cut deep right to the inner core. god bless you for posting and bless us all

  2. Lord Jesus knows exactly what you need when you need it and this was needed…praise the Lord 🙏💕

  3. Amen ابونا القسيس نطلب من الله العلي القدير ان ينجينا من الشيطان الشرير ويلهمنا ويرشدنا لطريق الحق امين يالله يايسوع ابن الله الحي .ساعدنا

  4. ORTHODOX TEACHING OF THE ELDERS, Why do you post the name of the clips in english and do not translate the actual message of the elder in english?? If your're not willing to translate, at least keep the name of the clip in the same language the elder speaks!

  5. I just love this channel and the Fathers who guide us. I try to say the Jesus Prayer when my mind "runs away with me" and it seems to help.

  6. … αν για καποιο λογο δεν πιασουν οι αντιρησεις …
    των υποβολων του κακομουτσουνου …

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