DUBAI FOOD HEAVEN – Most Famous KEBABS + Zafran Rice with LAMB in UAE !!

DUBAI FOOD HEAVEN – Most Famous KEBABS + Zafran Rice with LAMB in UAE !!

Asalamoalaikum, How are you brother i’m fine, what about you Asalamoalaikum, Ladies & Gentleman. Welcome to the second day in Dubai with your brother Pakistani boy RHS Today our second day in
dubai has started. so who is with me today? Ali brother Ali brother come here Ali bhai is along with me and
is my host. So Ali bhai tell us that where
do u live and what do you
do? Infact dont tell that where is your residency, otherwise people will reach there. Ali: I am an engineer in multinational company here and earing my bread. And enjoying here in dubai as people think. And we have Hasan with us who came from pakistan with me. Right now we are in dubai marina. And this is dubai marina’s full shapack scene. Full fun So taday’s plan is that ali bhai is hosting me. And we are going to explore dubai’s traditional food. We will start up with arabian breakfast. We will get to know about the arabian breakfast we will eat here in dubai. So full fun scene is ahead. And all the charges of dubai trip are because of this scene. So the first thing we will eat is from syrian restaurant named as aroos damascus. Traditional Arabic food is available here. But im not here after research so asked local people here and asked for their recommendations for good breakfast in dubai and they told me about aroos damascus. So lets just check the breakfast here and see whats available. So the things we ordered here are Fatah with meat and falafel which is a very desired dish here in dubai. And we are Served with pickles, and bread which is very different, soft and very fresh. So this fateh with meat contains a mixture of humous sauce,chickpeas and minced meat and seems really yum. And this falafel is very desired dish in dubai. Falafel is filled with the paste of chickpeas. Both these dishes are seemed to be very different. Falafel is served with a sauce. So lets just check falafel,which I’ve never tried before. ohhh, full crispy This sauce contains humous and one thing more. And falafel taste totally like vegetables,but very delicious,crispy,not very saltless or spiceless, nor very salty and is not even very spicy. Tastes like vegetables. Fateh with meat contains humous,mince and chickpeas. So lets fill it inside pita bread and taste it. This bread is very crispy hmm, Delicious The charm of eating fateh with meat is that eat the bread filled with fateh with meat and complement it with these pickles served. oho ho oho hoUll spicy, Full Sour I really loved the presentation of these pickeles. Very colorful things are served. And taste can be changed accordingly. Bread with fateh-with- meat, this is not fateh chaudhry of Pakistan.. LOL This is Fateh-with-meat. Full olives are served with it. Right now we have Ali brother with us,so lets ask Ali brother about these eatables. So ali brother what do think about these things? ALI: Hello! Very Nice. Everything is told by him. But the taste unexpectedly is awesome. Being the resident of here I’ve never tasted this Even being the resident of dubai Ali brother never tasted these things before,but these things are now open to him. Olive oil is used alot in Dubai. Plane is passing by. So olive oil is used alot in Dubai, in homes and the restaurants especially the traditional ones. So lets make our own bite of fateh with meat and put olive oil on it, and then we’ll put a pickle on it. oho, amazingly delicious I extremely loved fateh with meat, and then these pickles and olive oil are amazing. (signature dialogue) So yes,
Its me but its not me with myself. I have Ali brother and Hasan with me.
So which place is this? Ali:This is Dubai’s meena bazar so this is Dubai’s meena bazar. Where we are to eat barbeque. Behind me. Behind me You can see Alustaad bbq. Which should be your place of choice in case you want the most delicious bbq in Dubai. This is here since 1978. The inner environment is very nice. They take photos with the people who come
here and paste them on the wall. So I would say that is a classy restaurant. Any famous personality or stars who comes to Dubai visits this restaurant for sure. Owner of this Restaurant are three people very funny they are Iranian. they entertain their customers until they are there. Let’s go & check the SHAPACK of AL-Ustad’s kabab. This doesn’t mean that he don’t know URDU. MAN: I know urdu, Punjabi… After calling me on the bridge of canal, where is my lover lost? I’m Iranian. God Bless. RHS: After calling me on the bridge of canal, where is my lover lost? Extreme kind of barbeque scene is on. MASHALLAH, MASHALLAH The best thing is that you are enjoying your work while doing it. May ALLAH bless you. Where ever you go. This is Khalil brother the main cook. This is Shairaz brother and this is our whole group. Food’s Description: This yogurt Mutton, chicken is not like by PAKISTANI’S & INDIANS because it’s not sour but bahraini chicken & Mutton seekh kabab are liked by PAKISTANI’S. This kabab with yogurt is our NO.1 kabab, but sour for PAKISTANI’S & INDIAN but the chicken one is very delicious & gives you more pleasure & taste. God Bless You! May ALLAH keeps you happy! Thank you! Thank you! Most Welcome again to special ostadi restaurant May ALLAH keep you happy where ever you go! This is Minced kababs, seekh kabab Mutton & chicken so we have what we ordered. We ordered food on their Recommendations who is a very lovely & funny person. He advised us to order mix platter for two that contains a chicken mint kabab, lamb kabab, chicken tikka and yogurt chicken that he says is not liked much by PAKISTANI’S & INDIANS because it’s not sour and it’s liked by Arabians because it’s not sour or spicy and then we have Zaffaran chicken that is liked by INDIANS & PAKISTANI’S and all. Then we have Zaffaran rice. So a full SHAPACK can be checked out. First of all let’s check chicken mint kabab. oho ho.. WOW,,, WOW,,, WOW And one thing that is really impressive here is that they welcome you here with DATES. Here we have mint yogurt that I’ll check out with mint kabab Oye hoye hoye hoye WOW! Extremely delicious. After chicken mint kabab, we have lamb mint kabab. Let’s check it out their now it tastes! oho hoo. fully delicious Then we have lamb tikka that is similar to the ones of Karachi or Lahore that is full of spice. oye hoye hoye, Best, best one You can’t even imagine how delicious it is! Why have you stopped when so tasty food in front of you. ALI: No one can stop! I’ve finished once & preparing for the next. oh okay! This lamb Tikkah is so delicious and very juicy that when chewed its juice bursts in your mouth. Than we’ve normal chichekn tikkah of Arabs very yum. hmmm, Delicious There is so much taste of lemon. These salty, sour kabab’s are very delicious. Then best three things are left which are very different. Yogurt Tikka that is like by Arabians so let’s try it out! He says that it is not liked by PAKISTANI’S. This is Lamb cooked with yogurt. ALI: Especially liked by IRANIAN. RHS: Liked by people of IRAN. Hmm.. It’s good! It contains a lot of hummus, a sauce that is used a lot in ARAB & DUBAI (chickpeas & olive etc. are mixed) so it’s salty, it’s good.. as it was said that it’s not liked by PAKISTANI’S so I’m not among of those. So let’s checkout chicken Zaffaran Tikka. I’m excited about it. Oh! ho ho! Very soft! The size of it is big but this is soft like butter chicken of PAKISTAN. Then comes to Zaffaran Rice. There are totally like boiled rice are the small amount of Zaffaran Rice that’s why white and yellow mixture is visible. Very YUM. As such can’t taste the rice much.All worth is of these dry cranberries My favorite dish among all is lamb tikka which is extremely delicious. I saved one lamb tikka let me check it with Zaffaran Rice that how it tastes… oye hoye wow…Extremely YUM!!! Now ALI brother took me to Marahib so tell us Ali brother that since when are you eating this? And what are their specialties? ALI: I have been eating this since 3 years & I personally like their Haneeth & Madfoon. Today I hope that we will try both of them. So Marahib is behind me. ALI: Not both of us! Both of the items I mean. yes both items will be tried! You can search the location from the google map when you come to DUBAI or you live here. Marahib has very traditional dishes like Mandi, Madfoon, Haneet & things like these. The sitting arrangement is very unique. They have cabins for sitting on the floor. Oh wow! Checkout the pink flower behind. So you can eat after sitting down on the floor. They display a sheet on the floor called Sufra on which food is served and eaten. In reality the ARABIANS pour the rice and stuff from their plates but we will eat Mandi directly from the plates. Now we are going inside Marahib let’s check the SHAPACK of Marahib & its food. We ordered two dishes Haneet & Madfoon included in Mandi. A very presentable Thali (Plate) is created in which we have Rice. Haneet contains a full leg piece & Madfoon contains small pieces of Lamb Their meat is very soft & well cooked Then we have Tomato’s sauce (chutney) and Mutton’s soup or stock and salad Haneet has a full lamb’s leg piece so let’s try this out. The way Haneet’s leg piece is breakable is amazing oh! ho ho! oye hoye hoye hoye… extremely delicious Extremely delicious firstly the meal is really tender and the lambs taste simply amazing and their Rice contains a specific masala like Biryani has its specific masala. Simply amazing. I must say! The taste added by tomato’s sauce is extremely great I told you guys before in Peshawar & Quetta series that dishes that contain lamb & stuff are my favourite. It was my desire to eat rice in Thali like this that contains rice & leg piece on it. Now when it is in front of me & I’m eating it is so exciting. Haneet & Madfoon both are the dishes of
YAMAN. Where these dishes are very commonly eaten. So Madfoon contains piece of Lamb that are covered with foil very delicious soft & tender so let’s check Madfoon that what it tastes like. I loved Haneet so let’s try Madfoon out. Oh wow! Madfoon is ditto butter like Madfoon is so soft like ROSH If you have ever eaten ROSH of Peshawar, Pakistan it’s so like that and the taste is similar too! Very soft it is! With this they give mutton stock (Lamb’s) let’s try it out. Its hot! This tastes like the stock cooked in home. my most favorite dish is Haneeth which I can’t explain in words It’s too delicious. So ladies & gentlemen trust me you guys these 3 plates are not eaten by me. SHAH G & HASSAN ate these! Shah ji! Have I eaten something? ALI: No! No! now Ali brother took me to take Filli (TEA). We are close to Burj-UL-Arab on the beach. A very small stall is present here which is very modern. Recipe is not told to us but I’ve it right now. This contains Zaffaran let’s try it out & see what’s the difference b/w Filli tea & ordinary tea. Ali brother you often drink this so tell us the difference. ALI: can’t explain! You try it & tell what the difference. Right now it’s very hot! Hassan is enjoying each & every sip. HASAN: I loved it. he loved it. Now let me try! Oh wow very tasty can’t be compared with any other tea, very different. So on filli tea our 2nd day in DUBAI ends. Check out the weather & Burj-UL-Arab behind me. So Ali brother thank you for hosting me whole day in DUBAI. A lovely host like Ali brother is not easy to find and he is Lahori and he loves to eat. He is with me from 09:00 a.m. and its 09:00 p.m. now almost 12 hours. He ate food full of his stomach and also made me eat so! Hasan right now is enjoying filli tea. So today’s day in DUBAI is ending here. It’s ending for you guys, we will enjoy the remaining sips and enjoy with Burj-UL-Arab and the beach.

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