Drugs As Tools For Spirituality

Drugs As Tools For Spirituality

There’s a fascinating
organization called MAPS,
Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. This is a nonprofit
think tank that advocates for the
responsible investigation of psychedelic
plant and chemicals and exploring their potential
as tools for transformation, for interpersonal
transformation. And this is a moment
that we’re living in now. Right, we’re kind of living
through a psychedelic renaissance where, all
of a sudden, people are starting to
take these tools, these cognitive
technologies, that have been used for thousands of
years a little more seriously. We’re starting to take
out the magnifying glass and stop being alarmist and
actually paying attention and studying the potential
of these tools, right? So there’s a fascinating
article written by Timothy Leary back in the ’60s
called Programming the Psychedelic Experience. And the idea here was that
if you could successfully pattern and sequence the input
signals that the subject would receive when he was on
a psychedelic odyssey, you could literally
assure functional output. You could almost guarantee
a functional catharsis, that there would be of value
to the psychedelic session. And he described the
psychedelic experience as a period of
increased reactivity to stimuli, both from
within and from without. so you are immediately
plunged into a dialogue with your own subconscious. Things start to erupt. Things start to emerge. New patterns start
to be perceived. And at the same time,
the world, becomes like a Sensurround system,
the fidelity, the resolution of the input
signals get boosted. So all of a sudden,
you are overwhelmed, almost eclipsed by
the signals coming in. You are like a mind in flight. You are in orbital position. You are seeing the big picture. But if you don’t
have navigation, if you don’t pattern those
signals by carefully choosing beautiful music, by
carefully curating excellent ecstatic
poetry, reveries that you can read
while you are tripping, controlling the environment,
hanging around people whose company induces
feelings of well-being, by patterning those signals,
you’re authoring the song. The soul surfing that
you’re actually doing. The people that engage
in these mystical states are known as psychonauts. They’re literally soul
surfers investigating psyche through first person experience. And there’s all kinds of
answers that we can find within. There’s all kinds of
spaces that we can explore. The new space is inner space. And it’s fascinating. We have to look deeper
into this mystery. We need to explore
these numinous realms, the archetypal
realms from within. We need to go Carl
Jung on our own brains using a cocktail of
chemical technologies that will thrust the
bodymind into liminal spaces of exploration. We need to engineer
inception-like dream spaces to explore. And the technologies are not
all going to be external. Some of them are
going to be internal. Computers are drugs but
drugs are computers. This is the essence. This is why we should
be open to this stuff because it’s
absolutely fascinating. To check out MAPS,
Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

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  1. Yeah, you got high, big whoop! No need to go all poetic about it, even worse label it like credible science. It's a disgrace to the scientific community.

  2. After watching this video, a friend and I discussed the manner in which people converse with the subconscious, getting that input boost among the other things you mentioned in this video. I must add that the overwhelming feeling from the input boost is one I have experienced while in an English class. And as the professor was speaking, I could not write because my mind was focusing on processing all that she was saying. Part of me felt that the minute I begin to try and write lengthwise, I would miss a piece of the puzzle of what she was saying to help my understanding. The feeling was ecstatic, euphoric too. I've gotten that feeling through meditation and walking. On the other hand, there are those who gain such feelings through the use of psychedelic drugs. I feel that with our advancement in technology, medicine, innovation in many aspects of our lives, the speed at which we are going with such advancement makes it hard for people to even take the time, let along think about and create the time to meditate, and reach to such an elated feeling. So much so, that a drug becomes the option. But I wonder, I am curious, with such a knowledge being exuded from you in your videos, and it shows you are passionate about these findings, fulfilling your curious nature, I sometimes conclude uncertainly that you are both for and against psychedelic drugs. I concur with this video nonetheless. The drugs are useful for so many reasons and should be investigated more. And while I do believe humans have the potential to reach the levels of transcendence, I wonder about those who use the benefits of drugs to get there. Is it a need, which I certainly understand or is it simply a want, a sort of, 'let me just try this and see?' What is your take on this? Do you use drugs to get to that level? Do you try to without the drugs?

  3. I'm afraid this video will be easily misinterpreted as encouragement to take potentially harmful substances. I personally believe you shouldn't require drugs to live a valuable life, just by studying science alone and I'm only 20 I feel incredibly enlightened by it and I still have an incredible amount to learn. Just things like quantum mechanics, advanced A.I, entropy, can expand your perspective to amazing new heights, I see the world and life incredibly different than I did just a few years ago.
    However, if it's taken in moderation and occasionally yes, but to completely rely on it for higher thinking is dangerous. Why not also take a whole plethora of drugs to improve yourself, and some physical enhancements too and soon it becomes a slippery slope.

  4. Bro keep spreading this wonderful knowledge. I have a ton of respect for your for putting this information out there. Peace, Love and smoke DMT.

  5. I've done shrooms twice.
    First Time: Greatest feeling ever.. I had like .9 grams, and was just feeling myself connected to the earth. I kept telling my friends that I felt like I was part of the grass around me, and that I felt like a mushroom myself lol.
    My body just wanted to stay down with a warm feeling on my chest keeping me down.
    Weather was perfect, nice South Floridian warm air. Felt like seasons past and everything. It drizzled on us a bit, got cold, then windy, then hot, and the cycle repeated just one more time
    It was perfect.

    Now let me explain.
    Keep in mind I was extremely stupid on my part
    I bailed on my best friends who wanted to do shrooms again. All our second time.
    But instead, I chose to go with my cousin, and his idiotic friends that I don't know. There were like 6 of them, 8 of us in total.
    And I'm not normally comfortable in a big crowd.
    I agreed to take 1.2 grams, in the middle of no where in the everglades. 20 minutes of a walk away from civilization, in 40*F weather with shorts, and a short sleeve shirt. Windy as shit too.
    6:00pm we took the shrooms, and it was already getting dark. We all smoked a blunt, and just watched the sunset.
    That I admit was pretty beautiful. The colors were so perfect, and purple. I don't think I would ever see it again.
    The stars were quite visible too.. And I LOVE to star gaze.
    Then the freak out began…
    My cousin just randomly jumped up and told everyone to split in groups
    Keep in mind This Was all Their First Time! And kept looking at me for advice… Being my 2nd time……
    People actually listened to him, while I just looked at them with confusion. Like, why the fuck are we going to split up, and walk around the fucking woods with no fucking light, and putting me with people I never met before in my life….
    The eventually left, and I stayed with 2 other guys. We smoked a joint and actually started to conversate…
    I was starting to feel a little uneasy at this point.. Giv'en the fact I couldn't see my damn hands from how dark it was..
    And my phone was at 10% battery.
    We brought chairs, so, I just sat their while we talked… And then… I saw a huge object just standing near my leg. Almost looked like a boar from its shadow. I jumped up without saying anything.. Just shocked. And nothing was there.
    They asked me if I was alright.. I didn't even explain myself, I just sat down and said… "I'm just tripping bro" lol.
    Could have been a fucking alligator for all I know… hahahaha.
    One of them had the idea to go and find the other group because we felt like it has been so long since they have been gone.
    As we are walking in the dark, with 0 visibility. We heard screaming from the distance. I began to worry for my cousin.
    We began running, "shrooms still felt pretty moderate", until we reached them.
    I will never forget seeing my cousins eyes. His pupils were so fucking wide open, that he looked like a damn pixy to me or something.
    I asked why he was screaming, and he couldn't keep a straight story because he was so excited.
    I took the shrooms like 30minutes before they did, "I was taking a shit while they were at the spot".
    So whatever was happening to them, I knew eventually I would start to react as well, and even stronger. Being that I took the highest dosage.
    I asked him what was wrong… And he finally said that the you feel more alive when you scream while on shrooms.
    I though it was crazy, but all his friends began to do it.
    I was in the middle of complete idiots, and was starting to really freak out at that point.
    I convinced everyone to start heading back to the chairs, and so we did.
    We decided to run back… And holy shit… I felt like flash man.. going 100mph. Everything was zipping past me like wind.
    We finally made it back. And then someone… Gave us the time.
    Since we have reached the spot and watching the sunset.. It had only been 30minutes…. What felt like 2 hours at least…
    Was 30 minutes…
    I wanted the trip to end so bad, then I knew there were another 6-8 hours more to go….
    Then, the shrooms started to kick in a little more. One of the guys was talking so loud, so fast, and such nonsense… He never finished what he had to say…. Just made my trip that much worse.
    I told my cousin before we did the shrooms, that if any of us felt uncomfortable and had to leave, we would listen to each other..
    I told him… "Buddy, it's time to go, I'm not feeling so damn hot right now…"
    He refused to listen to me by saying.. "You're fine, just having a bad trip, it will go away". I'm still sane enough to think that this guy had no idea what the fuck he was talking about… It was his first time…."
    He pretty much let me down big time…
    I decided to just stand up, and walk away down this long dirt walkway, at level with the surrounding everglades waters…
    I had a flashlight on my phone, but realized that I had 2% batter left on my phone. going down a 20minutes dirt road..
    If I saw big ass alligators walking to the spot during the day time, I could only imagine what I could have stepped on that night…
    That whole walk was a damn trip itself of straight paranoia lmao.
    I eventually made it back to the car, cold as shit, and windy…
    I then realised that I forgot to get the car keys from my cousin =))
    Everything was going so wrong for me. As if I were being punished by my stupid decisions.
    There was a soccer game going on in the park… The people screaming and cheering were freaking me the hell out at that point. I walked towards the bathroom with a terrible limp. I've had foot reconstruction surgery in the past. I felt as if people were watching me like you see those junkies walking in downtown..
    I felt so out of placed and so damn uncomfortable.
    I made it to the bathroom, and tried to throw up in the toilet, to get the shrooms out of my system.
    Some of it actually did come out, but it just only made things worse…
    I looked at myself in the mirror, and everything was so damn wavy and moving. I was TRIPPING at this point.
    after about 40 minutes hiding from the world. I made it out of the bathroom, and walked towards the car.
    I kept thinking these people were looking for me by the car, and my phone was dead….
    I didn't want them to think I died somewhere on the trail, or got really lost.
    So most of the trip was me walking from the bathroom to the car multiple times.

    I had then reached my peak of the high.
    Sounds were becoming very sensitive to my ears. As if I could hear every little detail of words coming from people 1 mile away from me.
    I was in a baseball field bathroom that was completely empty, 1 mile away from the soccer fields..
    It was so intense.. I began thinking I died at the trail, and the voices I was hearing, was my cousin calling my name, and his friends.
    Its crazy how your brain works man lol… The random cheering and chanting I heard 1 mile away, were starting to sound like people calling me out.
    I even began to think that I was never in that bathroom.. That the reason I heard those sounds so clearly, was because I was probably naked in the middle of the soccer field, and people laughing at me.
    I know that sounds crazy…. But I actually thought of all that shit…
    I was in that bathroom… For 2 fucking hours
    2 HOURS!
    I kept trying to walk back to the car. But it was so cold and windy, that I kept getting dragged back into the bathroom.
    I was on the floor by the toilet just freaking out… praying to god that if it would just stop and go away, I would never do shrooms again… The floor was spinning in crazy patterns, and I was falling into it. Something in me just gave me the energy.
    The energy to just stand up and walk towards the mirror…
    I just stared at myself in the mirror. I saw something that wasn't me… It was really really hard to explain what I saw or why..
    I started thinking about my family… My mom, dad, 2 older sisters, 3 older brothers, my dog.
    I kept thinking, man.. How would they react if they thought I was crazy and died somewhere on shrooms.
    I know you can't really die on shrooms, but my brain kept thinking it uncontrollably…
    I had the energy to just step out… And continue on towards the car to see if my cousin made it back.
    Car was still there, and no one around… This one worker drove by with his baseball field car machine… what ever it was… Was loud as shit. I freaked out on him, thinking he would run me over..
    But he just drove on.
    I notice the park was empty, and everyone had gone home. I kept waiting by the car patiently, hoping my cousin would just appear.
    Shroom effects are still pretty high up there… But the WAVES were becoming less frequent..
    after 30minutes to an hour waiting by the care.
    I had the idea…. Is this shit even open??
    The door was unlocked =)
    I got in, phone charger was there… Car charges phones while off…

    I felt as if I were finally connected back to the world when my phone turned back on.
    My first text was to my friend saying
    "I'm so sorry I bailed on you guys to shroom with some dumb asses…"
    Even though I was the dumb ass as well…
    I heard a knock on the door, and my cousin was back.
    I kept thinking it was so unreal.
    Even kept asking him if he was really there with me, that I didn't just fall into one massive trip.

    It was real. made it home still a bit high as fuck… But I was feeling so damn good…
    Back in familiar territory, walking my dog… staring into the night sky just thanking whatever got me through that night.

    And after that.. I will never do shrooms ever again.. lol.

  6. Amazing. just amazing. you have made an excellent video with great content , visuals and audio. and your speech is just mesmerizing. thanks and would love to see more stuff like this.

  7. If you claim to be enlightened (without the use of drugs), but judge others for reaching enlightenment due to drugs, then you are not enlightened. I personally don't think that taking it automatically grants enlightenment for everybody, but depending on the person, it very well could.

  8. Jason Silva, dude, you are emoting waaay too much. Chill the f' out. You are emphasizing every syllable and gesture like Shatner as Captain Kirk. Its overdramatic, not convincing or interesting. Actually it's counterproductive. It seems like you are on a drug that I don't ever want to be on. (maybe that's your intention?)

  9. We should have centres, with 'shamans,' where we can go and try a psychedelic. They would help guide us through the trip, making the environment comfortable for us to explore our consciousness.

  10. I think mind altering drugs are avenues for learning about your mind in the same way that going camping is a good way to gain perspective of your everyday life. A fish doesn't know what water is until he realizes its possible to exist without it.

  11. I loved your shows more when the looked and felt like this rather than now you just sitting an talking. The energy just doesn't feel that same. Nonetheless, I still do love everything you have to offer. Thank you.

  12. people commenting here about enlightenment, and the use of drugs for enlightenment, never reached the enlightenment, . enlightenment people never judge anyone. keep this in mind

  13. Some words to help: Do not have a specific enlightenment goal; meaning do not go into the trip hoping for spiritual enlightenment or to see the world with a different lens. Instead read a book, listen to music that has substance, learn, observe people around who and their behaviors. But do these things on a level were society has no affect on you individually. For once think for yourself. I never had a spiritual enlightenment, but I do think for myself now. Influencers are everywhere, including within this video, Jason Silva. But some of those influencers have greedy agendas, be mindful of every piece of information that is received because of those people. Even within this video there are some things I disagree with, and yet agree with. That is the enlightenment that I have achieved, having a voice and being able to be an individual.

  14. I always used drugs as a chemical catalyst to put my brain into overdrive. I see myself as a lab-rat and experiment with different herbs and spices, I like to figure the effect of placebos and nocebos to see where the road of stimulation goes. My neurons never get wrecked, but grows and adapts to enjoy the mental fun.

    Vitamin D and other vitamins are crucial, it will precede the pre-existing condition in your mind and enhance it. Different conditions of the mind will lead to different results. Never understood the negative connotation, but it may be due to social conditioning and faux dogma, but gotta question everything like the late George Carlin said.

  15. If there's something that can help me access my subconscious and give me the answers that are buried within myself, bring it on. The only problem is you've got to know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone…

  16. I do this with weed and coffee lol if I really need to study, and can't seem to sit still. I smoke a bowl, drink a nice cup of coffee, and bam I'm plugged in. Retention isn't a problem at all, and my grades have never been better

  17. If you are so smart Jason silva so create quantum computer and what is equation of anti material of space?

  18. A lot of these comments remind me of my friend trying to get me to try these drugs.
    But what always stopped me was asking him "so what happens when you're enlightened? Next week or so, what changes? I'm too worried about working and making money. I don't need to see shit that ain't there. I'm more busy worrying about what I can already see to add more shit.

  19. So I get it, you have to articulate to seem more intelligent so that you can validate the drug use. It's kind of funny, but also kinda sad.

  20. he sounds like I did before the world around me thought I had a problem, mainly because they couldn't fathom my intellect. I was never high rather just taken as if my ideals were drug addled rantings of an over aware 20 something year old. this, of course, was before "youtube" and it's all powerful ability to surrender the blatherings of one, to all who seek to listen. enlightenment won't pay bills, feed a child, or liberate you in a court. enlightenment has made life hard for some, as ignorance is bliss for everyone else.

  21. A jet aircraft is one way to get around, but you would then miss all the other sensory input that walking, or any other means, would bring you… To control your state of being with such thorough intent is to not get jiggy with your state of being, which is the ultimate realization in spiritual experience. I would argue that as long as you're finding your way to get to the doctor so you can take your prescription, you will be healed. You could take a jet to the doctor, living in our fast paced world, but you would miss out on building your strengths, the fresh air, and the time to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.

  22. I honestly thought I was the only person who used phychedelics as tools.. I remember being 16, 17 simply FASCINATED with drugs.. Not opiates, not benzos, for sure not alcohol, I was obsessed with psychedelics and DXM.. But everyone around me would say I was killing myself and becoming an addict when deep down I knew for a fact what I was doing was what was needed. I wasn't tripping to escape I was tripping to explore every facet of my mind, why I think the way I do. Why I seem to be getting SO much more from drugs than other people were.. I was in love with the fact that substances could make me love everything in creation as if it were a part of myself…. When I got arrested for weed and shrooms and attended rehab my counselor whome seemed to know I wasn't like 90% of others there introduced me to meditation, and ever since that day in 2016 just about every trip I've taken has been accompanied by a deep meditative state which has changed my life for good😊. So trip on and be safe!

  23. If i may… vegetarianism . Living in High elevation living space ( with sunlight and nature) is our Top 2 environmental happiness enhances as humans!

    – others are THE people …. like when on a drug. The little things are everything.

  24. Hello shots of awe, id like permission to play this clip on a podcast documentary on Terence mckenna. The purpose of this video will be to introduce the term "Psychonaut"

  25. shots of awe, in the end, you will know that we can never be more than god. we live on this earth with the purpose and it is to love. love god then love mankind.

  26. Took my first heroic dose of psilocybin 2 weeks ago. Never been closer to my wife, kid, and mother. Life changing experience 🙂

  27. A good self education does more for the mind than drugs. You can spot the liars quickly and know when they are selling you shit….like Jason. Every one that I've met that's done psychedelics has not transformed. They stayed infantile.

  28. hey guys! can i use some of the audio in this video for a podcast? im putting as much of the psychedelic comunity together audiowise, and making a collage of sorts, like montage. I cant do without this!! 🙂

  29. I like how this is psychonaut masturbation. People in general though would consider this video to be esoteric druggie talk. How can we bridge this gap?

  30. I love that the made this video for MAPS! If you believe in the psychedelic experience, please support MAPS!

    PS. No one was talking about enlightenment in this video so stop debating it ffs… this is about MAPS, intelligent tripping, psychedelic exploration. Not some superstitious religious equivalent of paradise.

  31. Just another parallel viewpoint: A certain school of thought teaches that the Ego is the soul, the spirit, the true self, the “I”, the living being, the experiencer of the experience. The ego/self is covered by different subtle elements – the false ego, the mind and by the gross physical body. We cannot extinguish nor kill the ego, it is undying, eternal and primeval. We cannot deny our own existence, we are aware, conscious. The mind is the repository of our experiences gathered thru the senses, carried and transported by the elaborate, perfectly organized and complex electrical impulses and neurotransmitters called synapses to the brain and ultimately stored in this unbounded reservoir. It is the ego or the self who is ultimately viewing, feeling and experiencing these experiences and not the body, the mind or false ego. Even in dreams, it is the ego/self that is the one watching the incessant segues of “film clips” of the mind and the persistent “chatter” during waking hours. The False ego works in some ways – 1) we identify the soul/self as the physical body, 2) we identify the mind as the self and 3) we identify the self to be God. Hallucinations are just mental gymnastics and and can never be equated to spirituality which is a totally different dimension. We know what happened to Timothy Leary and Terence Mckenna with their failed "chemical enlightenment" experiments.

  32. This comment is just another viewpoint expressed in parallel. Timothy Leary, his life with his experimental “chemical enlightenment”, failed. Terence Mckenna, in one of his ‘bad trips’ repeatedly said: “a lack of all meaning! A lack of all meaning!’ Both never emerged as the desired ‘enlightened souls’ but succumb to hedonism and to the deadly substance called Psychedelics, and ended with ‘meaningless existence’… Uncontrolled hallucinations like mystical experience, “wakefulness” heightened meaningful and profound transformation and perception of everything, being one with everything, losing a sense of individuality that is derived in Psychedelics while one is high, cannot be equated to actual spiritual experience wherein one is fully aware, conscious of one’s individual identity apart from everything… Psychedelics, empirical knowledge or speculative philosophy can never elevate someone to true heightened spiritual perception and enlightenment. …It can be a tool for some therapeutic use but not in spirituality… One may experience good trips in Psychedelics, but, should not ignore its dark side – psychotic episodes, full-blown psychosis, transcient hypomania, flashbacks and withdrawal symptoms… The happiness or bliss derived from Psychedelics is just like between water from a hoof print of a cow and the vast ocean in comparison….. If we don’t include God in the equation, like many of these philosophers do, we will endlessly search for answers that we will never find. It is simply not there in the material realm or even in the vast territory of the mind. Carl Jung’s archetypes are just sensory experiences stored in the unconscious and just given “meanings” by personalities across different cultures, simply speculations.

  33. I thought what made us more enlightened was being more surrendered to the present moments. Is that not true? I just thought drugs kind of forced that surrender on purpose but you could learn that through practice of surrender instead. Is that not true???

  34. Every time I do shrooms or acid I feel like I’m in a whole other dimension it’s such a life changing experience ❤️

  35. Totally spot on , this is the 3rd wave of psychedelic awakening , it's happening all over the world with or without legalisation, it's as inevitable as a flower growing and as beautiful . Gratitude and love for spreading the awareness, loving the videos and energy.🙏♥️

  36. If the right intentions going into this experience a better controlled mindset can be of an assistance towards one’s resolution instead of addiction of misuse.

  37. psychedelic trip after two weeks with good healthy food, supplements and some love for the body is what we want to give to the people https://triptherapie.nl/

  38. First video, saw this guy, thought he was dumb.
    Second video started to understand him.
    This is the third one and this guy Is a fucking genius!

  39. I just wish we could try to explain that drugs aren’t evil without making videos that make us look like we’re overdosing

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