Drew Brees: Saints have ‘cultural foundation’ in place to be successful in 2018

Drew Brees: Saints have ‘cultural foundation’ in place to be successful in 2018

there’s probably more challenges with
higher expectations I think everyone loves the underdog mentality you know
it’s easy to get motivated with the underdog mentality but it’s it’s a
little bit harder to maintain that level of focus and concentration when you know
you’re supposed to be right or you’re expected to you know so but but but but
then again if we want to be a great team we have to be able to embrace that and
we have to get the best out of ourselves by expecting it out of ourselves and not
worrying about what other people expect of us it’s really about what we expect
of ourselves in each other so that’s my approach similar talk and yet completely
different locker room completely different circumstances you know if you
recall we had the success in 13 where we felt like hey we had a team that was
good enough to and lose the Seattle and they go on and win the championship you
know so we felt like we were we were there and and and ready to take the next
step and yet you know that offseason if you recall we lost five you know pretty
incredible leaders and and and highly productive players out of the locker
room on both sides of the ball and and it just it changed it changed the
culture a little bit you know change the dynamics a little bit and looking back
on it we realized that at the time we felt like you know we’re young we’re
talented guys are ready to step up and fortunately that just what the case I
think differently this year is that yes we’re coming off a successful season
last year as far as you know getting close to and feeling like we were there
to accomplish what what we had set our goals towards but but I’d say the
difference is we’ve actually gone out and before we haven’t lost veteran guys
we’ve gone and acquired some more veteran leadership and some guys that
are great in the locker room and great leaders and we’ve got these this young
talent that is continuing to develop and I think you you’re always looking
forward to seeing that jump from year one to year two for certain guys and
here to to your three for other guys but it is about making sure that you
have the cultural foundation which we did not have back in 14 I feel
like we have this year we have to continue to cultivate

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  1. Just think there is a whole generation now¬†of Saints fans that are spoiled….all they know is Drew. They probably don't even know who Aaron Brooks is lol

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