Drew Brees picked off twice, other observations from Day 5 of Saints training camp

Drew Brees picked off twice, other observations from Day 5 of Saints training camp

Larry holder Jeff Duncan here with you
day five of Saints training camp practices in the books quite an
adventurous day the monsoon came and I’m guessing the Saints figured since it’s
an off day tomorrow they can shred the field they practice all throughout it
certainly made for some highlights and look second day in a row defense has
really come out to play and it was basically interception central for the
defense this afternoon I can’t remember Larry as many interceptions as we saw
today by the defense there was at least five I know of Drew Brees intercepted
twice he did not have a good day none of the quarterbacks did now look the
conditions contributed somewhat but I just think the defense is ahead of the
offense right now it’s pretty apparent out there and I don’t know what they’re
doing they got an indoor practice facility Larry can’t they go indoors
what was that all about I mean I guess Payton wanted to get these guys used to
the wet ball hey if you could do it and get a day off from soaking in the field
look I I just think that it’s we talked about the defense last year lot training
camp and people are wondering you know maybe that’s just kind of what’s going
you know what’s going on should I really buy into it but I think we’re starting
to get accustomed to in these training camps that the defense oftentimes can
one-up the offense I thought we saw that look I do think that Drew Brees threw
one bad ball in the storm and down rained and Demario Davis caught a duck
one of them actually wasn’t his fault went right through Tommylee Lewis’
hands that Kurt Coleman intercepted but just overall I mean from first group to
second group the third group I think you’ve been seeing just some some really
good play from the defense in particular the linebacker corps I mean
Alex Anzalone he had an interception Demario Davis I think had an
interception way downfield on both both plays showing great range and agility to
turn and locate the ball both times those are good signs for a position
group that frankly hasn’t made a ton of big plays over the years and you’re
doing it against number nine you’re doing it’s the best I thought that the
offense just looked out of sync they did not seem to be able to get the ball down
the field at all today I think they had one long play in seven on seven drills
to Ted Ginn jr. but otherwise it was a day for the defense
also Craig Robertson had an impressive interception JT Barrett is throwing a
check down and Craig Robertson makes a backhanded one-handed interception and
you’d kind of just made you go WOW and probably to cap off the day we saw Nate
Stupar are really give Terrance West a shot force a fumble Arthur Maulet
picks it up and then he does a headfirst slide into the sideline cuz it’s soaking
wet like you’re slipping slide and Chris Banjo goes safe and it was it really kind of
encapsulated the day now it’s just some other tidbits Ben Watson left practice
early he did not come back the severity I don’t think it was that serious Marcus
Davenport also left practice early probably the same thing it didn’t look
serious Terron Armstead did not go through team drills at all today and you
saw Jermon Bushrod playing on that side of the football and so look it’s they
got the off day tomorrow which i think is gonna kind of get this team rested
because it’s been a scorcher outside of this rainstorm it was a scorcher again
today yeah today was a welcome respite from the heat and humidity that we’ve
had the players look like they were kind of enjoying it out there we weren’t
enjoying it but they certainly seemed to be and look I think you’re right these
big guys I think are wearing down this is now day six practice number five and
they’ve been going in and out of the cool tent I know they’re hydrating a lot but it
just takes its toll on your body so this off day tomorrow will come at a great
time absolutely so check out all of the
coverage of all things Saints at NOLA.com and in our the print editions of the
Times-Picayune and so for Jeff Duncan for Larry Holder thanks for joining us

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  1. Whoever is editing these latest training camp vidz is doing a phenomenal job (by expertly intersplicing/inserting the clips of the plays/players as they are being discussed). Sure, you see that regularly done on espn, but it's rarely done well on local news, and even much less for Dunc & Holder online uploads. Much appreciated. Keep up the great work.

  2. Craig Robertson is a ball hawk. He played a role in a bunch of turnovers in 2017. He either made the interception, caused the fumble, tipped the pass that got intercepted by someone else, or recovered the fumble.

  3. NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game will be the Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints

    AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game will be the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Jacksonville Jaguars

    Saints vs Steelers in Superbowl LIII with the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS winning there 2nd Lombard trophy you heard it all here 1st (7/31/18)

  4. huge huge fan, please dont hate me, but he said "wet balls"lol always makes me think of tom brady's press conference lol

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