D’où vient le “Diable” des religions dites révélées ? Est-il réel ?

World – Where does the devil come from? Is it real? The devil “and his representation do not exist in authentic African spirituality. Nevertheless, it should be remembered to those who follow this channel that without the existence of “the devil”, there would never have been the existence of the so called revealed religions. As we say, there is no devil in authentic African spirituality, the ancient African traditions do not know an evil cosmic principle as is the case with the devil in the Christian or Muslim faith, but rather a concept based on “the Order and Disorder cosmic or natural”. In the true vision of the African world, there is no “devil” who would be in constant battle with a supreme being in this case the one you call “God”. For the authentic African, these are two facets of one and the same piece, in fact, it is simply the Man who is at the center of the reflection and who manipulates the forces of order and disorder… If today, Africans believe that the devil would exist in our local traditions, it is simply because of colonization and enslavement that they experienced and they did assimilate such a notion of spiritual misguidance. Authentic African spirituality does not recognize an all-powerful supernatural being referred to as the Creator and both as the sole master of the universe but rather as several combinations of energetic forces, There is no words in ancient African languages that could designate the “devil” as we found in so-called revealed religions. Arab-Muslim and European Christian imperialism would have deformed, mutilated and dismembered, African deities such as the Eshu, Esu and Ekwensu (among the Yorubas and Igbo of Nigeria) etc … by assimilating them to the devil that does not exist ! The devil has been fabricated by Christian and Islamic theology. The concept of the “devil” itself is first and foremost a product of superstitious Islamic and Christian imagination, which is essentially a practical figure for explaining the moral failure of believers in so-called revealed religions. It should also be known that neither sin nor the devil would be conceptions of African origins, the “devil” as exposed by the Abrahamic religions does not exist in authentic African spirituality. These are fanciful interpretations of foreigners during colonization led Africans believing in these stupidities. We do not condemn those who believe in the concept of the “devil” or even the “devil” himself, But you must know right now the fact of believing in this being makes you as a non Kamit or African spiritual being. You are just a colonial product… The concept of Souté or Seth can be defined as the set of things hidden from ordinary mortals or the regenerative chaos of this world and this the reason why ancient Egyptians spoke of natural disorder. The natural disorder may be sickness, death, etc., which is opposed to life, health, usually represented by the Ankh cross. Nothing to do with the devil that does not exist… For those who seek to a better understand the concept of Good or Evil according to the ancestors, You should watch this video. Hotep!

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