Dolphins’ players talk about QB battle

Dolphins’ players talk about QB battle

Everybody knows this
quarterback battle going on and we just get in and
just compete with every last ball double. It’s either we’re in with Johnson or
we’re in with Fitz, either way it goes, with all those guys, they’re both
great talented quarterbacks and I think it’s well done and
can lead us to the promised land.>>It was something that
we haven’t seen about that battle that might be interesting for us?>>No, not really. I mean, I guess I would say their
personalities is just their personalities is they got great personality, they love to joke around and, and
they just take ownership of his offense.>>Yeah, as far as I mean battle,
I think it’s not really a battle I think it’s just two guys working
together to try to get better. Josh, obviously the younger guy he’s
been he’s fed a lot off of Fitz. Fitz done a good job communicate with him. And the whole quarterback room,
Jake’s done an excellent job coming in and communicate with those guys and across the
board the whole whole quarterback room, communicating with the receivers and
offenses line. I mean, it’s really, I wouldn’t call
it a battle, I think it’s more or less these three guys trying to
get better with this team and they’ve definitely done that. [MUSIC]

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  1. Did you get that??? Stop creating drama!!!
    “It’s just three guys trying to get better”
    No more blowing headlines out of proportion AKA Fake News!!
    Headline was written even after this interview!!
    Come on man!!

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