Dollar Tree Christmas 2019 Hanger Angel DIY – Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Angel

in this video I’m going to teach you how
to make a big wall of the court using hangers and it’s not a snowflake it’s an
angel so if you want to learn to do it well then follow me what’s up glue dots
I’m Elaine the midnight crafter or the midnight elf crafter so I’m obviously
having fun with these silly hats and these fun things for the holidays so
this video I have to have a huge shout out and thank you to Terry he is one of
the fabulous glue dots who made a beautiful Christmas angel using hangers
so the snowflake video has been a wildly popular or I should say the snowflake
DIY and it’s going crazy I see it everywhere I’m seeing more crafters
doing videos on it so this time I thought I’d do something different so we
can add to our snowflake a hanger decor Terry has a great Facebook group that
I’m sure he would love for you all to join and it’s called My Hanger Crafts
so you can get on over there and check that out as well I want to get to this
video and show you how to do this amazing craft but first I would love it
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let’s do it so to get started we’re gonna take our
hangers now we’re gonna be needing 10 hangers these come in packs of seven so
you’ll be needing two packages and we’re gonna start out by drilling a hole in
the corners of each of our hangers so over here at this edge we’re gonna be
drilling a hole here and then one on this side and we’re gonna do that to ten
of our hangers so my holes are all drilled you do want to be sure when
you’re doing your holes to make sure that you drill a hole large enough that
your zip tie will fit through it because I had to redo mine either get smaller
zip ties or bigger drill bit and the other thing is if you get the hangers
these are the ones from Dollar Tree that they have this edge then you’ll need to
drill if you get the ones that don’t have that edge maybe you get them
somewhere else you can skip this drilling the whole part all together now
we’re going to be starting to form her dress and the way you’re gonna do that
is you’re going to take two of your hangers facing the same way and put the
corners together and make it so they’re little hooks are kind of in the
direction of how it would be if you were forming a heart with them and line up
your holes here at the corner and put a zip tie through now you’re not going to
tighten your zip ties because we do need to make some adjustments so that things
don’t end up cockeyed and funny so just kind of get them basically in place but
don’t tighten them up and that’s kind of the key whether you’re making the
snowflakes or angels or whatever you’re making we’re gonna do the same thing
again for the other side taking our two hangers one with a hook facing to the
right one with a hook facing to the left and then you’re going to kind of turn
the one that’s facing to the left and rotate it until your corners meet up
again and put your zip tie through now because this is going to be it’s the
same as that one but we want it to be the other side of her dress you want to
make sure that you put your zip tie in from the same direction from the bottom
up so that you can cut off all of the excess
pieces at the end and have a front side and a back side so we have two of our
pieces now these are going to be pretty big angels guys so be prepared so now we
have the bottom here and we’re going to be attaching that as well
so put those two holes overlapping put your zip tie in from the bottom up
through both pieces and attach it loosely all right we’re on our way next
what we’re going to do is criss cross so that we get a little bit of a space here
or we can actually zip tie these two pieces together and do the same on this
side here’s what we have so far now we’re going to start working on the
upper part we’re going to make this shape yet again by taking our one hanger
going right one hanger going left and then rotating this hanger around until
it overlaps in the corner and attaching those this time the point will be going
up right on this one and we’ll be attaching it here where these holes meet
up and do the other side as well we also want to secure this point here and you
can do it in a couple places if you’d like you can do it here and here or
wherever you feel like it’s gonna be the sturdiest for the hangers that you have
so now we have one big seemingly confusing triangle but it’s not that bad
guys just I know you got this and hopefully my instructions are clear
enough to make this understandable so you can go ahead at this point adjust
things as you want and tighten up your zip ties and it’s pretty sturdy I mean
you can see I can pick it up it’s not jiggling around or anything so we are
all good we’re gonna work on the wings now so we’re gonna set this aside for a
moment and what we’re gonna do for the wings you’re gonna take your two hangers
and you’re gonna flip them so that their hooks are facing together so if you look
at it this way it’s making like a giant elongated
heart and go ahead again and attach those together attaching them both here
at the bottom as well as our two little points together here our hook points
these you can go ahead and tighten up because the wings are pretty much
independent of each other we’re gonna do this one more time to have two of those
and try and keep these flat when you tighten them up so that they don’t
overlap each other all right so we have our two sets of wings now you can go
ahead and clip off these extra little doohickeys that are sticking up and
bring back your triangle dress and go ahead and cut those up next we’re going
to be attaching the wings up here towards the top and you can see our
beautiful little angel is starting to come together what we’ll be doing next
is taking the angel wings that you have that you prepared and through the
backside of the same hole you’re going to pass your zip tie what we’re going to
be doing is attaching these two sets of wings together so you’re going to double
up and it’s going to go through the one set that already has the zip tie in it and through the other side that has the
zip tie in it so it’s a little hard to get it through that hole but just do
your best there this one’s a little trickier just because the other zip ties
are kind of in the way but don’t worry about it just do the best you can and
get them together you won’t need to make it too tight because you don’t want them
to overlap then we’re gonna do is cut off the extra piece here from your zip
tie that’s holding your two angel wings together and we’re gonna overlap the
body on to the top part on top of it now there is going to be a bit of it’s going
to stick up a bit because of the zip ties behind it but don’t worry about
that it just gives it a little more dimension don’t panic then what we’re
gonna do is zip tie our wings onto our body here and don’t tighten those
completely until you get both of them into place and you can position
everything where you want it so as I get them into place and I hold
it so it’s not wiggling and jiggling I’m just tightening those up and then cut
off the excess so now we’re gonna give our little headless beauty a head and
what I’ve done is taken the bottom of the mesh garbage can from Dollar Tree
which I use the rest of the can for another angel project which I will link
up above in the iCard so that you can see that it will also be at the very
very very tail end of my video I’ll have it linked as well so you’re going to cut
off with scissors the base of the garbage can and we’re going to be using
that as her head so figure out exactly where you want the head to go and I’m
putting it just above where the zip ties are and then I’m going to zip tie the
head into place as well so try if you can to put those zip ties somewhere
where they’re not going to be as obvious not up here but closer down towards the
center because we can get this covered up with some flowers waiting down on my
floor like this is quite the glute and hamstring workout I will tell you that
it’s like when you go and weed your garden and you haven’t done that for a
while hoof buttburn I’ve got those in place and I’m just trimming off the
excess on these zip ties as well here’s where the fun begins because now we get
to start decorating this little beauty so it’s up to you entirely how you would
like to decorate her so I got this pick last year on clearance after at Michaels
it was $5.99 originally and I think I got it at 50% off you can use any of the
Dollar Tree picks or anything that you would like I don’t seem to have very
good Dollar Tree picks at my store so it would have cost me probably that much by
the time I got red berries and greenery and the pinecones and all that so I’m
just gonna use this I really like the size of it so I’m going to take that and
go ahead and attach that on to her I’m going to do a few more embellishments on
her and then you can also which looks beautiful
you can put lights string lights around this you can dangle something here in
the center if you’d like you can maybe some ball ornaments which I might
do… stick around and see but anyway if you’re enjoying my channel guys give me
a thumbs up and leave me a comment because I love hearing from you would
love to have you join our Glue Dot family and see more interesting projects and
again I won’t have a huge shout out to Terry for allowing me to make a video
out of this this was his idea he did it slightly differently he did add one more
hanger in there that I eliminated but the basic idea was something that he
came up with so thank you Terry and I hope that I’m doing you proud so I want
to show you quickly what I decided to do to add some embellishment to mine I took
some of this mesh tubing that a lot of people use for wreaths and stuff you can
get this at Dollar Tree and I cut various lengths you can see I have kind
of a long a medium and a short and what I’m going to be doing so I also have
these ball ornaments that I got from Dollar Tree I think last year and all
I’m gonna do is add a little bit of glue around the top part of this it doesn’t
take much because this mesh tubing just sticks really really well
and then just go ahead and put it on the top and it sort of expands and it will
stick right on there and hold your piece just like that so I’m gonna do that with
all of these ornaments that I picked here and do it on both ends now you can
use anything you can use bells you can use stars snowflakes whatever you’d like
I just thought I would do the ornaments because I thought they look cute and
they would pull in some of the red from the pic that I have put on there as well
I’ve been really into the traditional Christmas colors lately for some reason
now that I have these all done and I because I have an odd number I have one
that’s just a single dangly I’m gonna take and fold them in half not in half
exactly but fold them so that these are all hanging randomly at different
lengths and you can kind of adjust that to whatever looks good to you so once
you have them folded where you like it you can go ahead and either glue that
together or just hold it and glue them individually I’m going to glue mine
together because I don’t want it to move around and then I’m going to cut the
excess part off and then I’m just going to take this piece here and glue it on
I’m gonna show you it all done you

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