Does Masturbation Hurt Your Spiritual Possibilities?

Does Masturbation Hurt Your Spiritual Possibilities?

Sadhguru: Semen is the basis of
your physical existence. So in the yogic culture this is called as veerya. Veerya is considered to be like vajra. That means, it is one of the most potent things
if you know how to use it. Not just semen, just everything in this body
can be transformed Does Masturbation Hurt
Your Spiritual Possibilities? Moderator : Sadhguru, second question from social media – Aryan Sain asking this question. How important is a man’s semen for physical,
mental, and spiritual well-being? Can wasting our semen damage us spiritually
(Laughter)? Sadhguru: Well, you know, semen is the basis of your physical existence, whether you’re a man or a woman. You have come into existence because that is fifty percent of the ingredient. Yes? Well, we have skin, we have epithelial cells, we have hair, we have many other aspects of body – you know, heart, liver, kidney,
so many things. All these cells are of a certain potency
in their own way, but semen is of an extraordinary level of potency, it can create a whole new life. Well, today you can take an epithelial cell
and do lot of things in a laboratory and maybe we can clone you, all right? So the potential is here also, but it is not in the same dynamics
as it is in a cell, which you’re referring to as semen. So, in the yogic culture
this is called as veerya. Veerya also refers to what you call as vajra, which means stability or diamond, which is the hardest thing. So, in the human body, veerya is considered to be like vajra. That means, it is one of the most potent things
if you know how to use it. Well, how to use it means you can use it to
produce a child – that’s one thing. Well if you’re… this question is coming because you are using it to spill it
on the JNU bed sheets, – okay (Laughs)? If that’s how you’re using it, well that’s your compulsion – you’re doing whatever you’re doing. I’m… this is not something to be judged morally, that’s not the point, it’s a question of what is the level of compulsion
that one has. But anything in this body, can it be transformed into
a different level of function? Absolutely. Not just semen, just everything in this body
can be transformed. See, suppose I gave you all
soup-making ingredients, same soup-making ingredients
to every one of you – do you believe all of you will
produce the same soup? Participants: No.
Sadhguru: No. You will produce five-hundred
varieties of soups. Though same ingredients. That’s all that’s happened
with us right now. All of us are fundamentally same ingredients but see how different each one of us are – different soups. Well, if I give you soup-making ingredients, either you can make a great soup
or a lousy soup. Depends what kind of skills
you have, isn’t it? So, this goes for everything,
not just for semen. Every dimension of your body and your mind you can transform into something tremendous, or you can make it mediocre, or you can make it a serious problem
– every aspect of your life. That goes for this aspect of life also. This same energy… See, people are making it literal translations,
but if you want to produce a certain, let’s say epithelial cells, how much energy the body spends on it and if you want to produce a cell
which you call as semen, how much energy body spends is very different. This can be scientifically established. So, when you’re investing
so much energy in that, obviously it has a potency, if you know how to explore. But are you competent to explore, are you capable of exploring, do you have the necessary sadhana
and guidance to do that – that’s a big question mark. (Music)

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  1. Life force retention is amazing, it will help you in your relationships with your family, friends & the world.. The divine will begin to manifest. Good luck

  2. But masterbation gives so much pleasure to the body and it reproduces again. I can leave sec but can't leave masterbation, its such a delight ☹

  3. I’m a master lol 😂 thought it to be better then harassing woman I have no other intentions with . I believe it saves woman a lot of problems LOL 😂. But I’m no Yogi thank you Guru

  4. I dont know why those people in audience laughing when this question is asked as they have heard a joke🙄🤔

  5. My wishes and hopes for humanity is so vast that all of existence cannot contain.
    We are electromagnetic ephemeral tellurians, Nothing more than synthesis of elements. 
    Human is an emotional cognitive being, therewith induction is filtered through the amygdala to form deduction, thus the all important choice. 
    Life is a product of action/reaction, only a fearful mind searches for creation! 
    Only a fearful mind will psychologically manifest what does not exist. Only an irrational mind will expel energy to cajole others of the insensible. 
    When masses follow the fallaciousness, the vibratory energy that fills the space that we share becomes societal momentum, the infrastructure remains stagnant even with the progression of the inanimate being controlled by the fearful. 
    All the (story’s) told in the world are tainted with fear even if the storyteller’s intention is to be commutative. 
    One can never lie to self, only disregard what is inherently known. This damages psyche and close loops the mind producing a psychologically lost entity.   
    Study self and all that you seek will reveal the answers to unasked questions that flow through each and every one of us. 
    Expect nothing of yourself releasing your desires from expecting from others. 
    I Kallen Vall’Murti love each and every one of you in this world and wish you the most wondrous journey.

  6. Masturbation will ruin your life. I am into it on daily basis. Really it ruins half of my life. Don't go with science.. it really ruins …

  7. Let me say that I have gained many good insights from Sadhguru, but he danced around this question without giving a good answer. To say ejaculating semen is a loss to the body is like saying blowing your nose is a terrible loss to the body. Scientifically and medically speaking masturbation is healthy for the body and mind unless it becomes an uncontrollable addiction. You are not going to, nor should you father a child every day. So on the days you aren't fathering a child, fap away my friend!

  8. It is so easy…..when you look at the Body….everything you exersice get stronger…..when the Body need energy to produce something and you exercises it often…..everything get strong…..

  9. Deep down every man knows it's not useful. But, doesn't know the process of overcoming it. 4:10

    From, food, exercise, sleep to that single thought need to be altered to cope-up to overcome this.

  10. Maybe Sadhguru is saying there maybe more applications for the semen rather than just wasting it fapping or for producing a child? 🤔

  11. He actually didn’t answer the question. The question was will it hurt someone emotionally and spiritually. That’s a different question to the one he answered.

  12. Where is the answer to the question..? Sadhguru never answer straight.. If I ask him, "do you get sick when mosquito bites you?" His answer would be..
    Mmmmm… See there are hundreds of diseases you can get from many other sources anyway.. Mosquito is one of them and thats not a significant source. You may or may not get sick. There are many types of mosquitoes some cary viruses some not..
    Lol… Although everything what I said about the topic is right.. But
    where is the answer people expecting out of this concern?
    The straight forward answer should be..
    Yes, you can get sick when a mosquito bites you and so you should take measures to protect you from mosquitos.

    Blah.. Blahh.. Blahhh… Where is the answer about maturbation concern in this video?

    You pick any Sadhguru video.. You will find yourself assuming the answer yourself..
    He is a knowledgeable man for sure.. No doubt about that. But he is speaks his knowledge without the purpose to answer the concern straight.

  13. Punya phalam ichanti, punyam na ichanthi manavah, papa phalam na ichanthi, papam kurvanthi yatnatah..!!( Humans want the result of good deed( happiness) but never do good( punya karma as described by veda.) People don't want the result of sin(papa karma) but do papam with full joy, efforts, acceptance and so on.) Masturbation is sin or papa karma, which ultimately it does no good to much you masturbate, much you dig yourself into this materialistic world. Much you lose control over you senses, thus leading towards destruction ( of your spiritual life. Sex only meant to fulfill your pleasures lead to the same situation. Sex is only meant for reproduction and nothing else. This is what scripture says.

  14. Girls, same also applies to you!
    Do not masturbate, we can observe your dull and dry face and dark circles around eyes. 😒

  15. The issue is when one indulges in masturbation, the person reduces himself/herself to that carnal point where one can no longer attain the level of spiritual realm needed. Having said this, we can easily understand that it hurts our spiritual possibilities because at that point all we think of is to satisfy the flesh.

  16. Liked how the guy in purple seemed so nervous asking the question while the two girls tried to keep from laughing, haha 🙂 In all seriousness tho, I thought Sadhguru had a firm grip on the subject and handled it well

  17. I am not from India, I discovered this man only two weeks ago and since then I can't stop watching his videos every free time I get. I'm a lover of wisdom and I believe Sadhguru is the wisest man alive.

  18. Why does the question looked like it only applied to men ? Women don’t have semen but what about our masturbation no one addressed that?

  19. Yes but not if you have extreme core conditioning with qi gong …and it's a thing to understand your spiritual connection to yourself and to fully know your character identity in passion to give to your spouse in marriage in taoism ☯️

  20. My birthday is this month. I plan on not fapping for the whole year. I want to test myself and my discipline. Laws of attraction on my side. 🍆✋😐

  21. Ive tried retention for the last year or so and in the last week have stopped, I actually feel more energised after stopping, im more inclined to write music or do art or go out for walks as opposed to just sitting on my phone for hours

    Ive had more psychic experiences such as vivid dreams or regaining my ability to astral travel after i stopped retention, does anyone understand why Ive had basically the opposite effects? I would like to practice it again but its kinda the best of both worlds at the minute here


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