Dobri Dobrev the Saint English Version Translation subtitles Дядо Добри от Байлово Отечествен Фронт

Dobri Dobrev the Saint English Version Translation subtitles Дядо Добри от Байлово Отечествен Фронт

Today I will show one of the last people living among us with pure and bright soul The only one that does not want to be happy at all costs Also he is the only one who wants us to know, that to be happy at all costs is the main sin we are living in Dobri Dobvrev from Bailovo – a small village near Sofia the capital city of Bulgaria(East Europe) -How old are you? I am 96 years old ( he passed away in 2018 at the age of 103 years) -96? -What is your name? Dobri, Bai Dobri (Bai means Sir, when you are talking to an older male) Dobri is my name What are you doing ? Just doing my own agriculture Also, I do not know for how long now, maybe for more than 10 years I have been begging for money Begging for money on the streets, and I donate all the money I’ve gathered towards building churches and monasteries I rebuild and renovate old churches and monasteries – So you are rebuilding churches and monasteries? Churches and monasteries, I can show you ! Saint Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, One of largest Orthodox church buildings NOTE: HIS MONTHLY PENSION IS ONLY 80 EURO OR LESS THAN 3 EUROS A DAY, YET HE GATHERED 40 000 Euro that he donated along with ALL of his possessions including his HOUSE -How much money you have collected over the years ? I gave everything away ! I do not know the exact amount .. How much money do you collect every day ? Not much. People are poor. Once people had money and I gathered 300 Levs a day (150 euro). But there is no money now Do you spend some of the money for yourself ? Nothing! I have my pension and GOD gives me my BREAD Merciful people give me bread -Are there any people that do not like you, people that say you do nonsense? People that don’t love GOD, don’t like me Are there other people like you ? I do not know, I do not know … NOTE: DOBRI is deaf, due to an explosion that happened during the World War – What do you call the stuff you are doing ? Is it begging or handout ? It is handout, it is not begging ! You can see his food – a piece of bread, salt and crushed red pepper Where do you sleep? Right here on the ground – On the floor ? – Yes I sleep on the floor . Where do you sleep when you are in Sofia ? Nowhere, every day I travel back and forth to Sofia, I have a lot of work to do here ! -So you are going home every night ? – Do you own a TV? I dont want to hear, and I dont accept those thing from the Devil – Is the TV a product of the Devil ? Yes ! It is all lies and deception the newspapers, the TV Every product of the humankind, is also a product of the Devil Where is the Devil ? Show me where is he ? He is in our mind, in our heads for that we have accepted him -Bai Dobri, are you going to heaven ? We will see, only GOD knows. HE has the last words, I will know when I die GOD is forgiving and merciful, and those who admit their sins will be forgiven Those who do not admit, maybe they are possessed by the devil NOTE: he lives in a small shed next to a church and travels on foot (40+km each day) Which is the biggest sin ? Let us see … The seven deadly sins ! Do not lie, steal or commit adultery -But which is our biggest sin? I think that adultery is the biggest sin. It destroys the family and everything else there is Are you afraid to die ? I do not fear death. Why is that ? Because, because … I do not know. I know that I am sinful, but I am not afraid to die Here on Earth is not pretty And if GOD wants, HE wants me… that’s all there is to it I am not happy -How do people live nowadays? They do not live well at all Tell me one more thing: will God have mercy upon us? HE will ! HE will ! He will have mercy for the humble. Those who are not humble are driven by the devil. Let them be driven by the devil … and we will see – In the Bible is said that GOD chooses the most inappropriate people for his work Maybe that is why I am here, here in this place I just want to say that people, whose goal is to go to the mall(shopping center) are moths People celebrating Christmas only for the meal and wine are idiots People putting handout in Dobri’s plastic cup are good people, but it not enough Elder Dobri is maybe the last one who is not a gold digger in this place that everyone talks about money and quality of life He is the biggest donor to the churches and monasteries. Elder Dobri, without doubt, is with a pure and bright soul but he is condemned to be lonely, the last living christian that remembers what exactly was Christianity Try to do it yourself. Tomorrow Dorbi will disappear, but eventually someone has to do the simple things he did – not to be like all the others

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  1. @ 96 still sound bcoz of good work. check yoursef, how old are u, can u stil walk around @ 60? evil worker. stroke wil strike, Eye Diseases, Alzheimer`s Disease, Depression, Cardiovascular disease, Bones and joints diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension etc.

  2. So according to him, the greatest sin is fornication, and NOT taking a life? Kudos to him, and what he does, but i think he is senile.

  3. This man is someone who is very afraid of the redemption of the made up skydaddy and is trying to secure his place in fantasy heaven but regardless he's doing good so that's great. One could only wish however that it was about compassion and true care for other people, i'm just saying it makes me sad when it has to be made about religion.

  4. "las personas que menos tienen, son los que mas dan" Recuerdan lo que dijo Jesus: "De en verdad les digo, de que esta pobre viuda a dado mas que todos, porque todos dan lo que les sobra. Sin embargo Ella, en su pobreza dio todo lo que tenia para vivir"

  5. May God bless you dyado Dobri Dobrev,.You know the 10 commandments and keep preaching the good news. Give and will be given unto you,,,

  6. we dont need to focus on details here but the overall message …. selflessnes, good, peace, love, caring for your 'neighbor' as you would yourself. amazing.

  7. This guy is mysterious and one of those wonders. He must have secrets – nearly a century old and he still walks all over the place, talks decently, and hasn't lost his mind. How does he do that? Quite a few of my parents friends/coworkers are passing away around the ages of late 50's to late 60's (Canada). I honestly would be surprised if I made it to 70.

  8. Every wealthy on the world should know this history. Maybe some would laugh, but they wouldn’t do so if they only know that:
    Modern world is ruled by the great oligarchies, represented in all countries by: businessmen, merchants, politicians, clerics, and army.
    They and their servers, defenders, sycophants, and apprentices, keep half of humanity in misery on behalf of their insane privileges, and they are corrupting and devastating the whole planet.
    ¡But, they blame the rest of us, academics and scientists included!

    “Do not dream of the vanity of becoming rich, because you will increase the poor”:  Pythagoras, 6th century B.C.

    Actually these five castes and their henchmen, have only two option: change their behavior trying to repair the destruction and suffering they are causing, or pray for God does not exist, because, if He exists, surely He is engaged in preparing for them precious luxury suites in Hell!, and they will stay there, eating what they loved the most: money, diamonds, gold and oil, for the rest of eternity!

    As Pythagoras calculated, if there exist poor people, it is because there exist rich people, so:
    1)  What is the right price of goods and services?:
    “The cost of production plus the salary of the fabricant which allows him and his family to live honestly well; more would be a robbery”
    2)  What is the right salary for a worker?:
    “That which allows him and his family to live honestly well; less would be a robbery”
    Claude Proudhon, 1810. Fabricant.
    What would happen if all businessmen of the world would apply these two Proudhon´s rules?:
    ¡It wouldn’t exist inflation, depression, speculation, market cracks, collapses, wars, wealth and poverty! 

    As you can see:
    a) Gods of religions do not bless the wealthy.
    b) The origin of the world inequality is simple, and easy to calculate, as Pythagoras and Proudhon did it.
    c) It is not necessary a violent social revolution (causing more destruction and suffering), but educate people to know the real world, and create good laws to allow a better distribution of wealth and respect nature.
    Don´t you think?

  9. Undoubtedly he is a good person, but he looks painful for me.
    Is following God such a painful thing? Why cannot man do good with smile?

  10. Thing is the elder dude is truly and fully commited to his Creator (which we all share). But people don't understand it quite like that, quote from the vid: "If there are saints he has to be one". he is the type of guys like Jesus. He doesn't need the money for himself, yet most of the people identify him with it because of the donations he made. FUCK MONEY, GET THE MESSAGE FROM THE LIGHT. This elder guy is light

  11. It really is better to give than receive . I understand that's what shs said , but that maybe the only exception personally speaking –

    (I'm joking Maya )♥‿♥

  12. such a cute and lovely old man, I hope Allah grants him Jannah, respect to every good person no matter what religion they are.

  13. Truly the MOST wonderful thing and human being I ave ever heard about!!!! I LOVE Dobri!! There is a SPECIAL place in heaven for him!!! Thank you for making this video!! God bless you and Dobri!!

  14. I want to travel to Bulgaria now, just to see this man and give him thanks for what he does, and I'd empty my wallet on the spot.

  15. пусть с ним будет милость его бога. один из немногих христиан, которых мне повезло увидеть

  16. Bravo și respect Dobri Dobrev! Bravo Bulgaria! Salutări din România! România și Bulgaria = prieteni! 🙂

  17. God bless him he is a real angel!!! Paradise is for people like him that;'s why i am praying to christ to come as soon as possible for these peoples only not for me and my kind. I am not wothy to even kiss the hand of this level of HUMAN.

  18. Това е последния Българин с такава силна вяра към Бог… Той е като хората по времето на освобождението и му се възхищавам за това и много други работи. Друг като него или пък с неговото мислене и вяра НИКОГА няма да има! Помнете ми думата! Ако пак някога не дай си боже паднем под робство няма да се освободим.. Защото по време на турското робство само това ни е останало.. вярата… И сме се борили за нея! Ако някой му направи зло на Дядо Добри се надявам Българина и България да се събуди и да изхвърли депотатите и циганите от България веднъж и завинаги!

  19. Tie se poslednite lugje cisti prema boga zhalno e sto na denesno vreme ima samo zloba megju lugjeto treba primer da zememe od dedo dobri

  20. I made a translated version for portuguese using your video annotations. Please, reply if you disagree with the reupload. Also, i put a link for your video in the description.

  21. I had to come back here again ..this man makes me cry ,he his so right . but we can correct our ways and do gods work for each other .I just love this man ,all he gives to the church and the church take his money ,he his far more holy than the church leaders . Do they care for him ?do they feed him ? It seems they are happy to let him be and take his money . The church leaders should be encouraging the youth to look up to this man and to go out and help your elderly and fix up their roofs and assist to help with what they struggle with and they have little money per month !!! Spare your time helping the older community preserve their houses and help with the land .Bulgeria really does have an ancient culture still going and its like going back in time ,it needs to be preserved and cherished and not abandoned . I want to live in Bulgeria it is steeped in history and the nature is breath taking .

  22. Дядо Добри толкова добър човек,но за жалост днес почина.Да почива в мир!!!😢😢😢

  23. Dobre Dobrev has passed away this Noon … He passed in his sleep peacefully … May his soul be next to the GOD and his memory REMEMBERED forever !

    R.I.P Dobri Dobrev …the Saint from Bailovo …

  24. Царство небесное, добрый старец! "Где просто, там ангелов со сто, а где мудрено, там не одного". Слова Амвросия Оптинского именно о таких людях.

  25. Когато човек умре тялото му и душата му стават на атоми и той се слива с вселената … Бог не е истински

  26. Dobrev eliza santuak (munduan) Khrest-eko Salbatzailearen erresumako bideari ekin zion 2018ko otsailaren 13an. 40. ahoan zehar otoitz egiten dugu Jainkoaren zerbitzari Dobrev D. arimaren baitarako eta otoitz egiteko. Otoitzaren eta oroitzapen distiratsuaren bidez, kristau Rodek bere egintza onak gogoratzen ditu.

  27. I am not surprised this great man has his roots in Bulgaria. Upon my only visit there 11 years ago I witnessed Biblical scenes. Shepherds in the fields who lived with their flock and protected the sheep from the wolves. Fishermen with throw nets in boats that had not changed in design or material for 2000 years. Centuries old Monasteries like the one in Rila South of Sofia. Humble and devout living from a long lost time past. Dobri was a living window to the old world. I hope we appreciate it. RIP

  28. If I was a multi-millionaire (which I am not even close to being one), I would only use what I need of it, and give the rest away to good causes like this great human being did. I don't need the fancy cars and the big houses. I would get enough joy in supporting people who are less fortunate than me, and I'm sure that's what Jesus would like to see the rich do. Same goes for other religious figures. The world needs to become less materialistic, and more caring like Dobrev was. Especially in an underdeveloped country like Bulgaria, where many orphans are malnourished and where materialism overtook spirituality, this man was a Godsend. If you want to make a change for Bulgaria (where many problems for orphans still persist), go to the links on my channel and support the great organization One Heart Bulgaria. Mark 10:25– "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

  29. Герой, човек на 103 години едва живее и прави добри а ние от 10 до 30 години не можем да заемем пари на някой

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