Do We Need Religion? | 0-100

Do We Need Religion? | 0-100

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  1. We don't need religion at all.
    Imagine how many wars because of religion, in the name of God.
    Be kind to everyone that's all you need

  2. I don't think we need "religion" but I do think we need to feel connected spiritually to something/someone greater than us (God).

    Religion is something man created and I'm not trying to knock anyone for having a religion but in creating religion, we created divisions that caused a lot of hardship and pain to innocent persons throughout the centuries "in the name of religion".

  3. I live in an area where there are very heavy amounts of Mormon beliefs. I have had people come up to my grandma's door and told that if she didn't go to the Mormon church then she would have her rightful place in hell. I have also been told these kinds of things many times. I have been threatened and lied to. I even lost my best friends to this religion. I just believe in being happy. But it has been very hard with people who think that everyone needs to believe in what they believe to have a good life. I am very saddened by how religion is affecting this world. But sadly it is not one single me that can change, not even a community. It would take the world by itself to change the way people treat other people. Religion has lost the lives of so many people. I have had very close people to me and my family commits suicide because of the pressure it puts one man and women. I just want to be happy.

  4. No we do not need religion. It's regressive. Imagine how advanced we'd be if it weren't for religion

  5. you think without religion the world would be a better place? i mean yes the misinterpretation of a fiew religions results in idiots. but trust me my friend. the world you live in would be NOTHING without God

  6. Need religion for what? These questions provoce either a shallow answer or a 20 minute one.

  7. No, maybe instead of religion we should believe in love, peace and happiness.
    That's whats gonna keep you moving in life.

  8. I think that we dont Need Religion anymore. In the past we didnt know a lot about the world and the universe so we needed something to guide us but now we know a ton more so we dont Need Religion anymore.

  9. Religion is fine as long as people can keep it to themselves. It causes so many stupid fights throughout the world. If you find having faith important, keep it to yourself. It's a very triggering topic. Just be happy and if Religion is what makes you happy, than good for you just don't go batshit crazy with it!

  10. I believe personality is expressed everywhere. With religion everybody can tell your personality. For example, if a person practice christianity that person would grow up nice and respectful ,but for some not all Christians are true. For me I wouldn't care if you didn't believe in religion. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. As it says in the verses "who are you to judge your neighbor?"

  11. religion is for the weak and closed-minded, a person should not need a book to tell them how to go through life. some people don't understand that the definition of belief is to ACCEPT something as true. just because you accept something as true, doesn't mean it actually is. i hope i offended somebody, i want to see what happens.

  12. No, these pathetic American parents are brainwashing their kids into believing that there is a mythical God in the sky watching over us. Rational views over radical views.

  13. We don't need religion. We can replace it by anything else. Spirituality is different from religion which is a bunch of rules in a book or whatever. You can be spiritual without being religious. Religious people do not own spirituality. We don't need to fear someone somewhere to be good. We don't need to pray to someone to feel better. We don't need permission from that smn and we don't need to follow its/his rules. Some people might need spirituality but no one needs religion. Humanity, equality and kindness is what we need. It's what we all need.

  14. I'm a Christian but I really don't like the idea of religion. There is no correct religion, I believe what I believe and you believe what you wanna believe, I think we should teacher our children our beliefs but not force and they have the right to discover what they think is the truth.
    I mean even Jesus hated organized religion

  15. Yes we need religion.
    Before you start feeling smart responding to this comment you should realize that Atheism is all about whatever our minds tells us to do. So if we are convinced by something that seems "logical" to us, no matter how fucked up it is, then we'll do it.

    Like what this Banana fucker the amazing atheist has done.

    So i do believe we need religion, because moral religion that teaches you to be nice and stuff will straightforwardly TELL you what is good and bad, so you wont have to resort to fucked up thought that seems right just because it is "Logical" to you.

  16. The real question is 'Is there a God?'
    If there is, He made you, me and everything else, and has power over us; whether you like it or not and whether you believe it or not.
    If not, then where did we come from, because we DEFINITELY came from somewhere.
    So where did we come from?

    In the Bible, book of James 1:27 says: Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

  17. We need religion it binds people together and make them feel like a part of something when they feel hopeless and I’m an atheist

  18. Most atheists don't hate on people. We have lower suicide rates and are often happier because we see the world as a beautiful and amazing place but the distruction by man is forcing the hands of others to wreck it even further. Without religion we would be at peace for the most part because then we would rather help eachother out then hate and bash on each others choice of belife

  19. I believe in love, do unto others what you'd like be done to you, we don't need religion to teach us that, just basic human morale.

  20. God created us to have the FREE will to CHOOSE to believe in Him or not. Whether people deny or even acknowledge God's existence, does not change the fact that He lives and He is indeed in control of the universe. It does not change the fact that we are sinners who can be decidedly selfish and defiant. Jesus died for ALL believers and unbelievers, simply because He loves us. ONLY through Jesus alone there is hope, victory, peace, and eternal life. Some day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  21. I think that religion is just something to help some people go along. Tbh i really dont care what religion you believe in as long as you dont try to lessen people's happiness and use the religion as an excuse. (Idk if that makes sense) the only religion that i can think of that may do that is the hard core Christians who think that all gays are going to hell and they dont like people if theyre gay because a book told them to. The god i believe in made everybody for a reason and loves everybody. He wouldn't create people just to hate them and doom them to ever lasting pain when they pass on. Also, this isnt really a religion but feminazis, i think thats what people call them. Women who think that men shouldnt exist and basically women rule the world and men have to bow down to them in presence of a female. Like just get out bye 🖑. Also, i dont believe in equality, where everybody is treated the same, i believe in equity, where everything is fair. These are my opinions, you can debate respectively or keep scrollin buddy

  22. The Bible clearly states that pure religon that is undefiled visits The widow and their fatherless in their affliction. How do people get many belief systems out of that?Money makes people to judge others. Money divides people. They that divide – scatter are not of Christ. Why them do we use money? Why is ask and receive an abhorrent practice? That will free everyone.
    Artie Whitefox.

  23. while i‘m not really religious my mother is and I like it that way. she sees god as someone she can lean on and is always really calm. its good to have something that gives you hope.

  24. If a religion is false, absolutely not, if it's true, than absolutely. I'm of the opinion that there can only be one truth. Doesn't mean we don't experience things in different ways, but there's only one truth regardless of perspective. It just sucks that no one knows for sure what that is.

  25. I believe in God or at least some higher power, but I think religions are for the most part corrupt and manipulative. They tend to divide us even more.

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