“Do I Need a Spiritual Teacher?”

Om Shanti. Walk with Mooji Baba ‘Do I Need a Spiritual Teacher?’
06/08/2017 There are many people, of course, there are many forms of expression, many spiritual disciplines, religions, and so on. And I come across varied practices, of course. And most people, I would say 95 percent, say they are actually practising
for enlightenment or for freedom. So it is a very wide concept
from all around the world. I say, it is good to read books that inspire you,
that touch your heart, or to go to a satsang, or to listen to a lecture or a sermon,
something that moves you. If something moves you internally, it needn’t mean that you are so emotional, but that it really resonates with you, then you may give more energy to this. Look into it and follow that vibration. And sometimes people ask, ‘How can I tell if I am with the right teacher?’ A teacher is very important. Sometimes people also say,
‘Is one needed at all?’ Well, I will try and tackle these two questions. One is that without a teacher,
the mind is very, very cunning, and it is homegrown as well. So it seems to know where your weaknesses are. You will always tend to back away when you come to any point
which feels like it is going to be painful. Whereas a teacher can guide you through those in a way that is safe and powerful as well. So if you do find a teacher,
or someone with whom you resonate, then follow them,
at least while your association reaps the fruit. Which is, it helps you to be more calm, to be more centred
and experiencing from the heart. And those who say …
So it is good to have a teacher. If you don’t have one,
you don’t have to go around too busy searching. You can start with simply being quiet
and present your case inwardly. You can do this, in fact. And say to the universe, to God, whatever feeling feels most intimate to you, that recognises the higher power, and say, ‘I am in search of guidance. Please send some guidance for me, that I can go to the next stage,
whatever that can be.’ And gradually, life will arrange it for you.
That’s one thing. Second question, how can you recognise
if a teacher is right for you? Well, they kind of go together, also. It depends upon your present capacity
to follow a teacher’s pointings. The teacher must also be able
to gauge how receptive you are and where they can move with you. This is a very natural thing if someone is awake. On the part of the seeker,
it is not easy to just know. You may be attracted to someone
for your own private reasons, because you feel that they reflect the kind of image that you have of a teacher. But if their presence and their teachings
resonate with you, and if you feel a natural respect towards them, or feel very invited into their presence, then you can also stay with this one until you feel
that life is bringing you to another step. This is not always the case, because you may meet a teacher, a being, whose impact upon your presence
might be very strong; and indeed, many people run at this point. But some recognise
that it is not just the regular fear, but this is a sort of natural respect that you have for someone
who you cannot manipulate. So that fear can come up, also. So these are some pointers. The next point I would like to make is this one. Whatever discipline, practice, prayers, inquiry,
whatever is your path, it must develop increasing sensitivity towards God and towards nature, life, to be able to not just take things at face value, but to sense the inner being of them, to understand the language of the energy
and the vital force. You gradually begin
to get more sensitised towards these and put your full heart into this. Don’t make a distinction
between spiritual life and secular life. Don’t do this.
Don’t say, ‘Spiritual life and my daily life’. It is all one. It is all one, seamlessly. Also, bring your satsang, bring your understanding in a practical application
into your daily life also. You will see that it doesn’t want to be separated. It comes in in subtle ways, guiding your actions, moving more in an intuitive way,
your way of relating to people. This must be like that! It has to be that you are growing more patient, more open, more fearless, more kind,
more loving, more wise. What if you are doing practices for so long and still,
you are very full of judgements towards people? You are unkind, spiteful by mouth, and very, very single-minded
in your own projection? This is not good. It means that your spiritual practice
is really wasteful. It is like making a cake that you cannot eat. So it has to be
that as you deepen inside your own journey, it is reflecting,
something is becoming more beautiful. The Consciousness is raising
to a higher and higher altitude. And your actions, words and presence
are beginning to manifest this, to somehow radiate from that light within. So please, bear this in mind. And if you feel,
‘But I don’t know how to do this’, there is not a knowing how to do it. Bring that sincerity in your heart
into whatever you do. If someone is a praying being,
you can pray and ask God, ‘Please, guide me,
so that I may recognise your clues.’ ‘Make my expressions more sensitive in the heart.’ ‘Let me be a genuine seeker.’
‘Remove my ego.’ This type of thing. Or, you learn to inquire into your nature. That is a separate topic from today. I will bring that up again
and we can talk about that. So all the best.
Pure joy and peace to all of you. God’s love. Om Shanti. Copyright © 2017 Mooji Media Ltd.
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