Did You Know? Saint Joseph (Feast Day: March 19)

Did You Know? Saint Joseph (Feast Day: March 19)

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pardpardeftab720ri720 f0fs28 cf0 Did You Know? Saint Joseph was
a carpenter and the foster-father of Jesus. Not much is known of Joseph’s life, except
that he was “of the House of David” and lived in Nazareth, Israel’85where today, the Church
of St. Joseph’s Carpentry marks the traditional location of his workshop.
Ever wonder why statues and paintings of Joseph
depict his staff topped with flowers? The flowered staff is a reminder of how Mary’s
spouse was chosen.
According to legend, when the time came for Mary to be betrothed, the Temple priests gathered
the walking sticks of all prospective suitors. Miraculously, Joseph’s burst into flower.
This was a sign that God had chosen Joseph as the earthly spouse and guardian of Our
It is not known when Joseph died, but we do know that he was still living when Jesus was
twelve years old.
For the first 1400 years of the Church there was virtually no devotion to St. Joseph. Due
to early heresies that denied that Christ was divine, the Church Fathers found it prudent
to downplay the husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus.
Around 1400, there was a sudden surge in devotion
to St. Joseph, culminating in 1479 when Pope Sixtus IV finally gave Joseph a feast day
’96 March 19.
This increase in attention led to the 1650 founding of the Sisters of St. Joseph, who
today number more than 14,000 worldwide, and the elaborate St. Joseph’s Day Altars – constructed
annually around the world and adorned with candles, flowers, statues, and food – all
dedicated to this holy carpenter on his feast day.
Joseph’s profession is undoubtedly why he
was chosen to be the patron saint of workers, but his popularity went further. He was declared
the patron saint of several countries including Canada, China and Mexico. And in 1870 Pope
Pius IX gave St. Joseph his highest honor, declaring him Universal Protector of the Catholic
And that’s how a simple carpenter became the saint we know today.

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  1. Jesus Christ loves you and is waiting for you to repent believe in him and recieve eternal life or trust in those sculptures and be as lifeless as they are there is no salvation outside of Christ nor another mediator to the Father but Christ. Read your bible i dare you to become informed.

  2. Please stop the hate. You believe what you believe why can't you all let people believe what they want to believe without being harassed or put down. It is important for all of us to have respect and patience with those who believe or think differently then us.:)

  3. No where in the Bible have I found , Says we are to make a Person a Saint . Wonder where , when and who started this ? And the staff of Joseph this is going a bit far ! Things they make up along the way . Because some of these videos , Do mislead will lead you to a very Dark place , Only bad can come from some of these videos Friends , Please Be careful of wolves in sheep's clothing , Friends we are Suppose to Worship Yeshua or Jesus Christ , If you want to be Saved . NO where are we to worship dead people we are to lay them to rest till Judgement day , Then GOD will raise the up , Be Ware of wolves in sheep's clothing


    Joseph, humble, silent vase
    of splendor and abundant grace
    protector, defender of our Lord
    as a strong and flaming sword

    Joseph, most just, most pure
    what no man could ever ensure
    guardian of the holy house
    stronghold of your Holy Spouse

    Joseph, treasurer of the Heavenly King
    for Whom the angels in adoration sing
    so underestimated in the world's eyes
    with whom you never did compromise

    Joseph, without titles behind your name
    you never sought perishable fame
    you were an honest simple worker
    envied and attacked by the evil lurker

    Joseph, example of husband and father
    you never thought of yourself, but rather
    in obedience to God, with love and humility
    you shouldered the caring responsibility

    Joseph, assist us in our daily tasks
    never forsake us nor the one who asks
    to be non-judgmental and steadfast
    to obtain those virtues of yours at last.

    Rita Biesemans written March 19, 2011

  5. One of the greatest Holy Roman Catholic Saints, ever! Saint Joseph, please pray for us and intercede for us!


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