Did Woman Accuse Judge “Scary Mary” of Not Understanding How Business Works?

Did Woman Accuse Judge “Scary Mary” of Not Understanding How Business Works?

– She and I are not ever gonna get along. Maybe I’m just gonna sit
here and be quiet because– – Maybe you should ’cause I
didn’t say anything wrong. (audience gasps) – We’ve got the photo of the design. – ‘Cause I had to go on
Instagram and find it. Like, she didn’t even show
me this, this is something that I had to do my own research for. – [Vivica] Okay. – [Guest] It’s the same thing. – [Vivica] That’s the photo of the– – [Rosie] But that’s everywhere. That’s nothing, that’s not a unique thing. – Basically, it looks
like a polka dot jumpsuit. – Yeah. – That’s a wrap jumpsuit. That’s the whole point. – Polka dots have been
out for a very long time, I mean, I’m just gonna say that. Can I break down design? ‘Cause I like clothing lines as well too. – Please do!
– I love fashion. That jumpsuit is different. Your jumpsuit has long sleeves.
– I don’t think so. – Oh of course it is, sweetheart. – [Mary] Oh come on. You don’t see that it has long sleeves? – So why would would she
get mad at, exactly though! – Wait a minute. Wait, let me explain myself,
let me explain myself. There’s two big things
that stick out to me. First of all, that’s long sleeve. That looks like a drop
waistline type-of-deal. – [Jay] Yeah, well. – [Vivica] And maybe like a fold-over. Her jumpsuit, in my honest opinion, looks like something that you could have bought off of the rack. Did you but that off the rack? – Yes, I bought it online. I don’t make clothes, I style
them, I put them together. I make them look good. (laughs) – I’m just saying, the main thing that I think that you’re seeing, that might have set you off a little bit, is just the polka-dot. – That’s it. – Yeah, I mean, the polka-dots,
yeah, but I also feel like the general concept of
it, but if she bought it, she bought it, I just feel like, we were agreeing to make something that I end up seeing her online with, and this money that I
don’t have a part of, that I feel like they. I mean they both moved to big cities, and I really feel like they had to have, some type a seed money for that. – But you’ve got no proof of this, all you’re doing is guessing. And on top of it a check would have been issued in three names, or two names, not just one name if all
three were on the application. (audience applauds) – [Rosie] Right, that makes sense. – Now, now Raine, I think
not the first time, Raine. – I feel like you have a
different understanding, of how stuff works in terms of business. But, we have– – Oh, wait a minute, Raine,
Raine, hold up, Raine. – What? – Who has a different idea
about how business works? – I don’t know your name. – Judge Mary? Who’s the judge.
– Judge Mary, yeah. So it wouldn’t have issued in the papers. – Wow, wowzer – Let me just start, let me say that– – If I could finish
though, if I could finish. – Wow, yeah, go on girl. – She and I are not ever gonna get along. – Why?
(audience laughs) We don’t have to – [Mary] Just be quiet. – I don’t have to be quiet.
– I don’t like her attitude. We come out on the stage and she’s criticizing Rosie’s shape, and she comes out with
a chip on her shoulder, this is not gonna be pretty. So maybe I’m just gonna sit
here and be quiet, because– – Maybe you should, ’cause
I didn’t say anything wrong. (audiences gasps) I didn’t say anything wrong. – You need to stop being disrespectful. – So lets start over. – So, what I can see. Raine, what I can see
is drama, attracts drama and you need to be
respectful to the panel. – [Raine] I see it’s happening right here. – No, it is all, you can point the fingers at everybody else, but it starts with you. – [Mary] She’s got an attitude – You have an attitude.
– I have have a problem with you, yeah. I do with you. – Yeah well, I would too. – Raine, let’s bring it,
come on back, come on back. Listen, you contacted us
because you wanna face the truth today to find out
what really went on. So let’s start, let’s find out the story so that we can get to faith. There’s absolutely no reason
for you to hurl insults at her. You said she doesn’t know
business, that wasn’t nice, she just asked you a question, okay? – So. – So let’s start over, alright? Alright. – I’m sorry, I’m gonna deal
how I deal I apologize. – Jay was politely raising her hand. What did you wanna say Jay? – I just wanna say we were dealing with non profits that primarily was doing social justice work and depression work and things like that and so, they do things a little bit differently, in the non-profit world that we were in. So I was just like if we would give Raine some time to explain. ‘Cause we were cutting her off and then she got a little phew, so I’m just like let her
explain what happened. – You can’t cut people off
when you insult people. – I agree, I agree. – So you know as I said, we were trying to get the story out before insults were hurled, okay, alright.
– Yeah, absolutely. – So that’s what we’re here to do. – [Raine] Can I just say something quick? – We’re all here to help
you all face the truth, but we have to hear the story, okay? – Can I just say something quick? – Yes Raine? – Saying that, she doesn’t understand how that business worked was very valid and was not an insult. – Yes it was, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it sweetheart. – We are still establishing the understanding of the
business, so when I say– – You even said yourself, “Ooh I’m getting a
little heated right now.” Correct? – And I’m still trying to explain. Actually I’m done, you host the show, you do your thing, you work here.

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  1. Rayne has been on the CUT series on YouTube several times! I like her much better there than on here! She's full of drama!

  2. Judge mary is a bitch!!! She feels it’s ok for her to scream at someone… yet it’s a problem for someone to so call get a attitude. Then mary has the nerve to even say b quiet!

  3. She did nothing wrong … She said nothing wrong … She just wasn't saying What this cheesy panel wants her to say…
    She said Mary has a different understanding of doing business…
    That's No insult at all.

    What a bunch of stuck up old women !

  4. They were totally intimidated by their inabilities reprimand this intelligent young woman. Her sophistication and self awareness was an absolute punch to the guts.

  5. This show should never make it on tv who is these nobody's judging people like are u crazy people and Vivica is a c-list celebrity like I wouldn't take nothing to heart they saying

  6. To hell with Vivica and, the carçett munching dike. They would not even let finish a sentence. Vivica aren't you a six foot Sasquatch?

  7. I'm surprised all these comments are against Mary. Did she come on the show seeking their help or just to be right? She said she doesn't think Mary understands how stuff works in terms of business. So a judge has no idea how business works…….even that's ignorant.

  8. ‘Stylist’ attitude cant masquerade as confidence. You are not a confident woman. Your immaturity has lead you into throwing around attitude to feign confidence. It does not work. It makes you look ignorant.

  9. I think the girl was clearly hurt, and I can see how she could’ve felt used by her friends. But ion care, I like the way she spoke up for herself !🤷‍♀️

  10. i love how the friend still stood up for her like boom shes getting cut off so she got worked up, let her explain herself

  11. she literally said “i think you have a different understanding of how stuff works in business” not “you don’t understand business”

  12. She didn’t do anything wrong at all there all just so rude. especially that bitch Mary ,who does she think she is she can dish it but she can’t take when someone gives it to her

  13. Only watched two episodes of this shit and I already hate these women and I’m a fucking woman..but these loud ass stupid dumb ignorant bitches need to cancel this fucking show wit they dumb asses

  14. She's just a drama queen seeking drama. Doesn't have enough interesting things going on in her life I guess. Maybe she thinks she'll have a bhad bhabie Dr Phil moment and blow up over night by being disrespectful. Sorry, that only seems to work on kids ma'am try again.

  15. Are the bitches all retired teachers lmao they all like you have an attitude and blah blah like okay why tf do think she got that attitude y'all have a messed up way of making good people look bad this is on some high school hoe shit

  16. Are they fuckin serious ? “You have to respect the panel.” LMAO 😂 WHY? these bitches sound like a group of narcissistic moms at best lmao 😂 fuck them! 😂🖕🏾💯

  17. this panel is full of bullshit and don’t even listen to what others have to say. mary is aalllwwaaayys talkin shit thinking it’s right to do so, and when ppl talk shit back to her, apparently it’s wrong? noooo honey. what you’re giving out is gon come right back to you.

  18. Fuck the judge bitch. She a disrespectful motherfucker, and when the black chick gave it back to her than it becomes a "you should be respectful to the panel." Fuck that bitch

  19. Even if she is a mouthy b** nobody is letting her finish a sentence, . No wonder she is getting pissed off. It's not hard to see that this gal is always having trouble getting along with folks.

  20. I aused to like Vivica when I was naïve and star struck. Now that I see Vivica for what Vivica truly is I loathe Vivica.

  21. Judge Mary need to stfu she get on my last nerve she’s a hypocrite always being disrespectful but if someone is disrespectful to her she get mad

  22. "Scary Mary" is such a C/N/T. She takes herself so seriously but the fact that she is trying to be a tv personality honestly makes a joke of her career as a judge. Think about it, when you see therapists/lawyers/judges who try to become celebrities they're usually scummy/shady people. The morals and integrity you need to do these professions (justice, wanting to help people etc.) are kind of opposed to something like fame, that is all about your own ego. She can't seriously think this is helping people. This show honestly looks like something out of Black Mirror.

  23. The Panel is too sensitive and tries to put people in their place and end up looking dumb, Rayne wasn’t rude imo and only spoke up on something she knew about and defended herself against Mary ass 🤷🏾‍♂️ I didn’t see anything rude or disrespectful about what she said

  24. Wow, this is the 2nd episode I've watched & will be the last!
    The first one left me feeling confused, so I decided to watch another to make sense of this panel.
    I don't think cutting your guest off continuously & telling them to be quiet, like a little child, is the way to go! 🤨😐😒
    I like Vivica, but something gotta give – I don't see this show lasting long!

  25. How a judge don't understand business, yall stupid if you agreed with that lol like Mary or not she knows business, most blacks are racist towards whites and hate 2 b corrected by them

  26. everyone here needs to sit down .
    1. rayne drawing looks like a kimono jumpsuit dotted .therefore not a new look and she did not make it make it :/

    3. shae stole that shit –__– but i feel like rayne would not have used her idea anyway so lol

    265. ranyne looks too concerned when everyone says oooooooo, people that insult you dont make faces like that , she did not mean that as an insult and they didnt let her finish .


  28. I'm a little surprised that everyone was supporting Rayne. She was totally out of line. When you go on a panel show, you have to answer questions. If she knew every goddamn thing, she wouldn't be there. I don't always agree with them, but you either need their assistant or you don't!

  29. Nobody likes Mary she gives attitude and when she gets the same attitude back they all get shook like WTH🤦🏾‍♀️

  30. Judges: you nEeD tO bE ReSpEctFuL to the PaNeL.

    Me:you need to be respectful to me boi you tryna help you need help with that attitude you have there.

  31. 3:06 "You said that she doesnt know buisness"
    omfg i literally hate these woman, she said, " i think you have a different understanding with buisness"
    these women on the panel are fucking bitches

  32. Let me break down the design! That jump suit is different 🤣🤣 ummm duh .. I was still waiting for her to break down the design 🤦‍♀️..they never really do get anything resolved all they do is bash people for shit they do like their perfect.. I quit watching this dumb shit..

  33. in USA as soon as you show caracter and step up for what you believe in and arent submissive you are right away classified as a person with an "attitude"…its hilariously pathetic.

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