Did a Bad Call Rob the New Orleans Saints of a Playoff Victory? | The Daily Show

Did a Bad Call Rob the New Orleans Saints of a Playoff Victory? | The Daily Show

The Super Bowl is coming up
next Sunday, and for Tom Brady, this is his ninth one,
which is amazing. You realize,
one more Super Bowl, and he gets a free sandwich. But despite all the excitement
for the big game, many football fans are still
talking about the the team not playing in Atlanta,
and for more on that, we turn
to our very own Roy Wood, Jr., -everybody!
-Mm-hmm. -(cheers and applause)
-Yeah. Shut up. Silence! Silence!
No! No! Let’s get right to it. Let’s get right to it, Trevor. The wrong team is playing
in the Super Bowl. -(audience mumbling)
-Last Sunday’s game… Last Sunday’s game had
the worst call I’ve ever seen since I decided to go commando
under a graduation robe. (laughter) There was no way to know
that the lights on that stage would be
so intense. It showed the outline
and everything. I’m sorry about that. Anyway, Saints fans are pissed, and they have every right to be. You don’t have to be a
Saints fan to be upset by this. You don’t have to be a football
fan, even a sports fan, but just a fan
of basic fairness. NEWSMAN:
It’s being referred to as one of the worst missed
calls in playoff history. The New Orleans Saints missed
a place in the Super Bowl after referees didn’t throw
the flag on this play. Many call it a glaring case
of pass interference. The player made
an illegal tackle right in front of the ref, and that ref didn’t take out
the penalty flag. He didn’t take it out
of his pocket. Trevor, I’m pretty sure
this referee is the first dude
to get in trouble for not pulling something
out of his pants. (laughter) Penis. I’m talking about pen… Look, I’m gonna just come out
and say it, plain and simple. This is the worst thing
to ever happen to the people of New Orleans. Nothing else comes close. -Uh, Roy…
-Nothing! Roy, I think you’re forgetting
about Hurricane Katrina. Oh, yeah, that… My bad. This is tied
with Hurricane Katrina -(laughter, applause)
-as the worst thing… to happen to New Orleans. But unlike a hurricane, Saints fans can take
this disaster to court. NEWSWOMAN:
The Saints lose the game. The fans lose their minds–
buying billboards in Atlanta, where the Super Bowl
will be played without them. Robbed, they say. A petition with over
half a million signatures calls for a rematch. So does a lawsuit filed today on behalf
of season ticket holders, alleging “emotional trauma,” and nothing less than the
“loss of enjoyment of life.” (laughter) “Loss of enjoyment of life.” You know how upsetting
something has to be to make people from New Orleans stop enjoying life? They got Bourbon Street.
They got Mardi Gras. Even the funerals
look like a halftime show. “Oh, you heard Granddaddy died?” “Yeah.”
“Well, let’s have a parade!” (imitates trombone) Yo, yo, Roy, I’m sorry, man. Refs mess up calls all the time. It’s part of sport.
It’s not a big deal. It’s not a big deal? It’s not a big deal? It’s such a big deal,
this happened. NEWSMAN: Meanwhile,
one sports book in New Jersey is refunding all wagers
on the Saints, tweeting: (laughter) Bookies. Bookies. The people who break
your knees when you don’t pay are giving refunds. Refunds. They’re… probably
going around door to door. “Hey, uh, sorry
about the Saints, man. “That’s a tough break.
Here’s your thumbs back. -My apologies.”
-Yeah, okay, but… okay, what do you want
the NFL to do about it? They can’t just replay
the whole game. You don’t have
to replay the game. This is a easy fix, man. The problem is that the NFL
doesn’t allow refs to review this type of play.
Which is stupid. ‘Cause any other
questionable call, they go and huddle
around that little TV like they’re watching
a peep show. So the NFL should just allow
instant replay for pass interference, too. That’s all you got to do. -It’s simple.
-(whooping, applause, shouting) You know what?
That’s a great idea, Roy. -Mm-hmm.
-I agree with you. In fact, we should
just use instant replay for everything in life. We’ve already got cameras
everywhere– traffic cameras,
body cameras. Did you know
that iPhones are built with the camera
already inside of them? Yeah. I think everyone
knows that, Roy. Well, they must have
just started doing it. Look, the point is,
anytime there’s a disagreement about anything,
anything in life, we should be able
to throw out a flag and check out
the instant replay. Two people fighting
over a parking spot? (imitates whistle blowing)
Go to the replay. The pickup truck got there
after the Prius, therefore the vegan
gets the parking space. -(laughter)
-Just throw the flag. Oh, oh, you want to split
the check 50/50 at dinner? -(imitates whistle blowing)
-Go to the replay, Debra. The tape shows
that you had more drinks and ate my cheese sticks
when I was in the bathroom. I’m only paying ten dollars! But… but, Debra,
if you’re watching this, I do hope we get a chance
to go out again. I really did feel a connection. You know what,
you really convinced me. That’s also a really great idea. I know.
I have great ideas, Trevor. That’s why you said
you’d give me a 20% raise. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you talking about? I never said that. Oh, is that
what you think, Trevor? (imitates whistle blowing) (whistle blows) Roy Wood Jr. has challenged
the ruling at the desk. Let’s go to the replay
to see what Trevor said to Roy about giving him a 20% raise. You know what?
That’s a great idea, Roy. -Mm-hmm.
-I agree with you. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no, no, wait. No. -(applause, whooping, cheering)
-No, no, no. No, no. You took me out of context.
You took me out of context. No. The challenge is upheld. Roy gets a 20% raise, and so does the referee. -See? We can’t lose.
-(cheering, applause) Get out of here. Roy Wood Jr.,
Michael Kosta, everybody.

100 Replies to “Did a Bad Call Rob the New Orleans Saints of a Playoff Victory? | The Daily Show”

  1. I think Atlanta is perfectly happy the Saints aren't playing in the superbowl in their stadium.

    Nothing would sting more than your rival winning the superbowl in your stadium.

  2. I feel like I’m not a rams fan but I am now because of the patriots in the Super Bowl but the saints had a lead and never should let the rams back in the game to begin with

  3. I am diggin' the lawsuit. I think they might have some kind of claim since their "pursuit of happiness" was denied by a zebra!

  4. Well that's what basically happened every season on Real Madrid's champions Leag… Oh wait, sorry I forgot this is america

  5. The irony: All the defender had to do was turn around and play the ball. He was actually in a great position to make the pick.

  6. Dallas beat the Saints, on that fact alone the Saints don't belong in the Superbowl. How is Collin wanker-neck doing? I'm sure he will be playing next year….🤣😂😄. I'm going to get my Gillette razor and shave my beard while I listen to Nathan beat his drum.

  7. Hello, Humans. The water is cold, but the water is also hot. What's hot is now cold, what's cold is now hot. Things seem as they are, but are not what they seem. Ice melts and the sky falls. The water continues to flow until the end of time.


  8. Trevor stick to bad mouthing the President and Country,you don't know shit about male sports except oil wrestling with your boyfriend.

  9. The Patriots are cheaters & pay off refs..

    Might I remind you:
    Deflategate was a NationalFootball League (NFL) controversy involving the allegation that Tom Brady ordered the deliberate deflating of footballs used in the New England Patriots victory against the Indianapolis Colts in theAmerican Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game of the 2014–15 NFL playoffs.

  10. It's about money and popularity.
    No way in hell were they going to allow Drew and those guys to dismantle Brady and the Patriots.

  11. Really, the integrity of the game is obvious, football is fix, and speaking of Tom Brady, and Patriots, they were cheating from the beginning, which raised the question, how could someone be a great quarter back, and he is cheating 😔

  12. Something has to pretty bad to make us in new Orleans stop enjoying life!!! Yep I'd take Katrina all over again than deal with this!!!!

  13. Jesus. Saints got 3 points on the board after the no-flag. Literally all they have to do is play defense and they're going to the Superbowl. But did they? NOOOOPE. Instead, Ryan Gosling Jared Goff took the wheel and drove 45 yards with impunity before the fieldgoal. Hey look! OVERTIME! And what's this? The Saints WON THE TOSS! If Superbowl 51 and the AFC Championship have taught us anything, it's that the coin toss winner practically wins every ti- whoops, Brees threw an interception.

  14. I like how the title has a question mark as if the answer wasnt obvious. Yes the game was handed to the Rams. Why? Ask the NFL.

  15. All this time I thought Trevor was a douchebag, but here he's actually cool. It's kind of ironic, he gets upset when he's taken out of context, but he's okay with taking other people out of context.

  16. You need to start talking about these white people cheating Serena Williams, because she's getting ready to beat a white woman's record, dominating in a sport they perceive to be their own. They're jealous of her, and I really wish you would speak on that and call them out on their jealousy

  17. dont forget to count that time the saints player stepped on a rams players head, or the pass interference on the rams as well, OH OH and Goffs face mask grab? We dont count those now? oh okay fuck the saints

  18. I'm an undercover FEMA disaster damage assessment agent who's been sent to Louisiana in the wake of the recent Saints loss.
    We're gonna have to roll everything we have to provide disaster relief to these people because this horror transcends race, religion, and illegal immigration.
    Not one resident of this state has gone untouched, and they're dropping like flies.
    Mass suicides are possible and lives have been irreparably damaged.
    The carnage here is unbelievable, and there is even talk of secession.
    We are calling in the CDC in an attempt to contain this pandemic before mass projectile shits and vomitting are spread to the rest of the country.
    If our efforts fail, we will have to place a concrete dome over the entire state like the one over Chernyoble.

  19. Roy wood needs to get off this is not happening. He doesn't have anything that relates to the show. Coaches can throw flags too.

  20. Emotional trauma and loss of enjoyment of life…that's what most Americans are experiencing during this presidency.

  21. Who cares if they blew a 13-0 lead. Tired of people saying they also blew it in overtime. There should have been no overtime if the refs had made the correct call. End of statement.

  22. Do you think that if the rams would’ve been in our situation, Roger Goodell would’ve rematched the game ? It’s kinda sketchy….. NFL doesn’t respect New Orleans!!!!!

  23. Refs didn’t make calls against the saints as well. You can’t allow a bad call to cause you to lose a game. Who’s at fault? The saints.

  24. Missed call ? The game was FIXED and the fact that any person who is still planning on watching "Stoopid Bowl" and not boycotting it is terrible and says very little about them – no wonder our morals are in the can. On that day , don't feed your TV , you'll feel better.

  25. The NFL needs to train these mediocre zots better. I bet if the refs were to be fined for making bad calls, or in this case, no call, they would improve greatly.

  26. Don’t be alarmed the Free Masons plan on Tom Brady and Bill Belacheat winning super bowls until Brady reaches the age of 80. It’s all a tribute to Pope Frank and his coming new world Lucifarian order.

  27. OMG Please get over it!!! You had 80,000 screaming fans in an indoor arena elevating the decibel level all game long and you could not put the Rams away!!! 80,000 screaming fans and you blame the refs? Well after the NON CALL, it was a non call, not a bad call! You kicked a field goal and took the lead 23-20 with 1:25 seconds left and all the saints have to do is stop LA, but they didn't do it!!! They didn't stop the Rams!!! Thats their fault, thats not the refs fault they didn't stop the rams. Then they had the ball twice in OT, and still didn't do anything with it, but kept on crying about the NON CALL and L.A. took care of business. Saints went on tilt, and Rams stayed focus. Saints should have put the rams away and never let a game end up in the hands of the refs. No Excuse, Rams are deservedly NFC Champs!!!

  28. The title of this video is ONE dumb ass question, Did A Bad Call Rob the Saints of a playoff victory ? If the people on the Daily Show with Trevor North is THAT stupid(as OBVIOUSLY they are) to ask such a question, they should be taken off the air, NOBODY CAN'T POSSIBLY be THAT stupid.

  29. This POS NFL referee who  stood there, waved another ref off the play, and did not call an obvious head to head contact and pass interference call needs to be thrown out of the league. The NFL will not throw him out because he was doing their bidding. I think the NFL wanted the Rams to win because LA is a big rich city with a lot of high rollers.  Since the population of LA is not really hooked on NFL football the NFL thought they could get them all interested with a Super Bowl game.  I saw that game and I saw at least 3 other interference calls that were not called on the Rams. The NFL is a crooked organization and liberal too. I will not watch another NFL game as long as I live.

  30. Well now, we couldn't have the "golden girl" I mean boy, Tom Brady play the best team in the NFC now could we? Why,……he wouldn't have been able to get that 6th ring, right? The NFL STINKS! I haven't watched one snap of the football ever since Colin Kaepernick scrapped his pants and had to kneel for the national anthem. Quit giving your hard earned dollars to a scripted sport folks. It's a farce, and has been for quite some time.

  31. This is always the way football has been. Football is full of bad calls where someone profited based on unethical practices. Pay that ref. He's going to give the bad call because the fans will kick their ass in the parking lot. The calls are always unfair. It's all just cheating. I have officially decided that football is not even a sport at all. It's fake.

  32. Here is what ya do, talk to Rene Benson & Rita Benson Lablanc Lol 😶😶😶😶😶 karma is a mutha

  33. If you aren't from NOLA or if you don't root for the saints you'll NEVER understand why this pissed us off. Also all it did was bring the saints and the NOLA fanbase even closer. Thought it was loud last year? LMAO.

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