DICK’S Sporting Goods Presents: Fifth Ward Saints

DICK’S Sporting Goods Presents: Fifth Ward Saints

I want to be a 5th Ward Saint. I will be a 5th Ward Saint. I am a 5th Ward Saint. I’m a Saint. I am 5th Ward. I am 5th Ward.We want to pray for the 5th Ward Saints. We heard they had football equipment stolen. We gave it to them before and they’ll do it again.We started the 5th Ward Saints- It was an idea to give these kids the tools to be successful and show them what’s right from wrong. This is where it all started. This is where the 5th Ward Saints emerged just not being here there’s no reason to keep it up. On news we had seen that somebody had stole their equipment. My granddad said that there wasn’t going to be no more seasons. I really do miss football. I miss having a team. We are looking for positive brothers, to come help out with the kids from the 5th Ward. M’am? No? I was wondering if you guys would be interest in helping Not at the moment, sir. Okay, all right. I appreciate your time. To be successful in 5th Ward is to survive. You don’t know when you leave the house if your child’s coming back But that’s the reality of the 5th Ward. Trying to raise a young man in this community. It’s hard. It’s more than football. See, it’s family. I was bad. Talking back to my momma. Getting bad grades. It just hit me, like Stop acting bad. Be good in school. After that, I didn’t get in trouble no more. There’s a lot of different things that they can learn from the game of football. That they can that they can apply to their life. I’m not really in a position to help you, unfortunately.Let’s go! Aww, man! Look at this! Go check it out, man! This is nice. It was Dick’s that gave it to us, right? They sure did. Look at those helmets, man. Dear Carlos and Tatum, We at Dick’s Sporting Goods believe that our kids are our nation’s most precious resource. It’s coaches like you, who realize how important sports are to kids. That’s why we’re happy to commit hundred thousand dollars towards the program… the program’s equipment. and fundraising the 5th Ward Saints. Go Saints! You guys don’t understand, , we’ve done this all this time and no nobody’s really paid attention to what we’re doing.5th Ward Saints! All right! Ya’ll go ahead Get your game! Make sure you’re teams… All right! Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s Go!

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  1. My son just finished his 8th year playing football. Over the years him and his teams earned trophies, jackets, championship titles even a ring. Now a junior in high school. Football is much more than a game. Love this video. LET'S GO SAINTS.

  2. Wow!  This sheds a totally new light on Dick's for me.  Their customer service is terrible at our store, but I will continue to buy my grandson's sporting needs just because of this.  Thanks, Dicks.

  3. I hate the New Orleans Saints but fifth ward gets my exception. Good job dicks (pause)! It's absolutely amazing to me that companies will do things for kids like this. We need more people like this. Not people arguing over politics or cell phones. We need people to simply be kind and CARE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE THAN THEMSELVES NO MATTER IF THEIR OPINIONS ARE DIFFERENT THAN YOURS. Rise up, America.

  4. I love videos like this, as it inspires. But as a minority it also aggravates me to a degree because 5th Ward school district needs FAR more help than in football. Too many schools in that district are known as dropout factories. Sports, music, should not be a continued propagation to these kids, who need to be taught how to use their minds creatively vs just playing a sport. No other race RELIES on sports more heavily to "make it" than Blacks, and that's by design. It's time we teach these young boys balance, perspective, and there is more to life than music and sports. But it starts with the parent(s).

  5. if only all kids was determined for sumthin great like these kids are if only every coach was like that we need more people like this in are world it will make our world a better place. Heart soul dedication respect. #Helpdaworld football is a way of teaching life to someone and I love football it's the best sport and this video made me feel good and I was crying becuz we need this more

  6. Beautiful kids! Wish I could help. Gained a new respect for DICKS (no homo). Going to shop there whenever I need a new rock from now on!

  7. Thank you Dicks Sporting!! Children are our future! Children need our help, guidance and love to nurture and become productive members of our society. Your gesture of generosity for the children of our country is a reminder of who and what this country is..
    For our children for our future! God Bless America!

  8. It makes me cry, everyone looks at us african americans like were freaks and we belong in the ghetto, but we are people and some of us need help, I used to live on the streets and this one white woman refused to donate a few cents but there was this white man next to me and she gave him two-hundred dollars, after that I sat down and cried. We are real people, not freaks.

  9. Hi, it wasnt until this moment that I watched the entirety of the Fifth ward Saints commercial. All I saw was the coach being rejected and I would click away. This commercial taught me about patience and to watch and listen TO PEOPLE. I finally watched the commercial in it's entirety, Now here I am sending shouts out and well wishes to BOTH Dick sporting goods, the coaches and those precious children. Good luck and prosperity to ALL INVOLVED!

  10. I didn't cry when the coach broke his voice. I really don't mind spending any money at Dick's store but this video brought out a new view for me about them that I didn't have before.

  11. Great ending to this story, Great Job to the Coach and Dicks Sporting for helping these boys. Wishing the 5th ward team a great season!!!

  12. That's sad that they got their stuff stolen. My team is barely even getting enough players and money to have a team.

  13. Who else cried this is beatiful and so empowering just thinking about how lucky i am to have a football team

  14. Hey Dicks! You know what else young people in the inner city need? Personal protection. But you decided that leaving innocent people defenseless was a better idea. Their blood is on your hands. Never forget it.

  15. Goodbye dicks I understand you’re going to stop selling firearms today because you feel responsible for a shooting that’s like if Chevrolet sold a car and was in an accident it was their fault that’s a bad choice a bad choice but that’s OK you stay with the left and it won’t be long and you’ll be out of business

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