Destiny Lore: Saint 14 Comic (Ep. 1 Ward of Dawn) | Myelin Games

Destiny Lore: Saint 14 Comic (Ep. 1 Ward of Dawn) | Myelin Games

Once our cities lit the whole world. Now we
huddle under the shadow of the Traveler, in the last place it protects. It is so very
fragile, this small blue ship, our home. From across the ruined earth they came, seeking
shelter from the storm. No one knew what had happened to the Traveler.
No one understood what had happened to the world. But they heard the whispered call.
They came from the wild lands, gathering in secret enclaves, slipping through the howling
ruins of shattered cities, hoping to find the coast, find a ship, pick up the trail
of an impossible dream. Humans and Exos marched in the refugee columns, cloaked in moss and
shattered memories. And among them came the Ghosts, beginning their search, heading out
into the wilderness. It was a time of vast suffering and terrible evil. But there was
one hope: the promise of a refuge beneath the Traveler. Titans stood in defense of the first pilgrims
to gather below the Traveler. They ushered them to safety, tended to the wounded and
scared. They stood as warriors, a pillar of hope and strength. The devastation was widespread, humanity almost
wiped out, the portions that remained were weak, vulnerable, every face was haunted,
hollowed by the loss. An attack at this point would be catastrophic and could snuff out
the light once and for all. Leaders emerged from the ash and Four Orders of Titans were
formed. The first defenders of the city. Their first priority was to construct a mighty wall,
a defensive structure for which the enemy would break themselves on. Humans were not the only species crippled
by the Darkness. Another species, floated close by, rejected by the Traveler, and they
began to claw their way back from the devastation. They are The Fallen and their scouts had been
watching. The Fallen sensed the weakness of the city,
the defenses not yet finalized and so they planned an attack. They planned to take the
City, take the Traveler and see to the own survival of their civilization.
The alarm sounded, fear spread like a plague through the City. A Fallen army amassed to
the north, beyond the Wall, beyond the unfinished, broken wall.
Reports flooded in, from each lookout, on all faces, it was not one Fallen Army, it
was six, a simultaneous coordinated attack on the City. The city was forced to divide
it’s defenses and the Titans prepared for battle.
The Four titan Orders assembled. They did not know yet but there were names in that
room that would soon become legend, immortalized in the history of the City, the first defense
of the city. The Iron Lords, Felwinter, Jolder and Timur were amongst the faces. There was
also one other, an exo, who stood towards the back.
They sat upon the Dawn of War, upon their broken wall with strength and courage. If
they had fear, they did not show it. Their defenses were stretched across the wall. They
would make a stand, each guardian will hold their line until death. Each guardian was
only as strong as their comrades to their left and to their right. Any weakness in the
chain would result in failure. The Fallen attacked, simultaneously releasing
a barrage of artillery fire, they charged towards the wall with deafening cries. The
fall of the city seemed certain. The command echoed, down the line, to hold
position, as the sky lit with artillery fire. In perfect unison, the Titans formed a shield
at the very last second, every Titan position, perfectly spaced, a Hunter’s knife could
not even slip through the gap. The fallen had taken the bait, in their aggression, they
had miss calculated, they had mis-judged the cunningness of the Titans. If they had fired
at the wall itself, a different outcome would have occurred
Weapon caches laid upon the wall at regular intervals, the Titans loaded their launchers
with lighting speed and took aim. The command echoed down the line again, precise and confident
“Take out the tanks” Victory was within reach and for the taking.
The barrel of their launchers extended just beyond their shields.
Smoke filled the air as countless rockets hurtled towards the Fallen tanks, still scrambling
to adjust their aim. The Fallen were once thought to not fear,
but on that day, it was almost palpable. The Kell sneered and order a retreat, without
their artillery an assault was useless. They could not afford any more loses
The Titans had decisively repelled the Fallen, the Iron Lords were born yet another stood,
This exo was not content with hiding behind the walls. Victory was not enough, he would
lead a crusade against the Fallen to ensure their permanent defeat.

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  1. I knew it..i guessed that it was about saint 14 and the battle of sic fronts….i love this comic, it seems to be coming along nicely. keep up the amazing work!!

  2. ill be honest i think myelin is the best destiny youtuber out of them all i mean when has datto or dpj hire a artist to do a comic like this and spend 30 minutes telling us lore

  3. I normally despise fan fictions as they usually a just fucking stupid, but this on the other hnd is ok, but could use some work

  4. This 6 minute video was better than the entire destiny story plus the expansions combined . Seriously, amazing job, can't wait for future episodes.

  5. dude this was beautiful! is there any way I could donate or help fund this in any way?
    PS. in the future comic episodes could you please do one on Toland the shattered?!

  6. Would been amazing if it was longer and more detail about how it looked like from the inside of the city walls, and how long the battle was.

  7. think they'd ever add a new player race? i would like to see something "elfy" . like maybe they game form another solar system where the traveler had been gave them their powers so they've been following it…idk i'd like to something new-ish

  8. Holy balls! if you could find a way for bungie and activision to let you print and sell this you would be rich or at the very least, you would make some guardians very very happy

  9. I swear by every god I know if Bungie or whoever is in control of this awkward beast of a franchise (Destiny) doesn't PAY YOU to do this with every storyline they've hidden on their website I will throw a fucking fit. As for you Myelin keep up the good work, SOMEONE has to give a shit about actually telling the stories in this game since the devs don't seem to. Btw this is very, very good. I'm not joking when I say that this needs to be a regular series.

  10. the artwork is amazing, and im sure the story is as well, but i lose interest too quickly, i feel due to your very monotone voice. i really want to watch it, but other things interest me a little more 🙁 first world problems…

  11. we as Destiny fans know one day that the game will end, but these comic books can open up so many more eyes and stop that reality from happening. If we as your fans can get you into a planet destiny podcast with another. lore person such as My name is bf, manybe we can make this happen. Hold fast guardians.

  12. bro, ive read every grimoire card as they came out and the expansions were released, I spent half my time at work on a computer so id always watch videos and read grimoire when I had nothing else to do. I feel like your videos completely opened a new part of the lore I somehow missed

  13. I really love this work u did, I just want something like this!! in Game!! Great background music, it reminds me of year 1. <3.

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