Demario Davis on Rams Gurley & C.J., Superdome Impact | New Orleans Saints

Demario Davis on Rams Gurley & C.J., Superdome Impact | New Orleans Saints

Is this game sort of strength on strength,
their run game against your run defense? “It’s football. They’re a well-coached team, have some very
good guys on the offense. Great offensive line, two really good running
backs, probably one of the, if not the best running back in the league, (Todd Gurley). (They have a) Great play caller, great quarterback. It’s going to be a tough challenge for us.” What do you think about all the extra attention
on the team this week? “It’s part of it. At the end of the day, the game is played
inside the lines. It is not played right here, but it’s part
of it. I do not have a problem with it, but the game
is played inside the lines. That’s what I enjoy.” How do C.J Anderson and Todd Gurley complement
each other and what are some challenges you see from the middle linebacker position when
facing them? “I think when you’ve got to dynamic running
backs, you don’t have to worry about when you’re going to call runs. They can call runs all game and don’t have
to worry about somebody wearing down. If they’re having success they could call
50-60 runs in a game. It’s our job to stop it, but they’re tough
and they can pose matchup problems for defenses and we’ve got to be locked in.” Describe the emotions of this defense when
you lost Sheldon Rankins? “He’s a phenomenal player for us. He’s had a career year. He created a lot of mismatches on the offensive
line and was somebody that had to be accounted for. But (he’ll) definitely be missed, but it’s
a next man up league. That is just the nature of the business that
we are in.” How did your first playoff game compare to
your expectations? “It was great, phenomenal! I enjoyed every minute of it. I definitely don’t take this moment for granted,
but at the end of the day it’s still football. When you get inside those lines it’s all about
the team, it isn’t about the individual and we all have a role to play, I’ve got a
job to do (and) had a job to do last week. (I) try to do it to the best of my ability. (I’ve) Got another assignment this week. I just have to be locked in and ready.” What does Todd Gurley do that’s special? “(He is a) Complete (Back). Of course a great runner, but can make plays
out of backfield in the passing game. (He’s) very smart, so he can do a bunch
of things in the offense. Whether it is lined up in the backfield, split
at number two, lined number one, can pass protect. He’s complete, he’s everything that you want
in a running back in this game.” How loud is it on third down on defense when
you’re in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and how do you deal with that? “I feel like we’ve got the best stadium
in football, best fan base in football. We definitely love having our crowd behind
us. It kind of energizes us and can demoralize
the other team a little bit or at least it feels that way and for us we know when it’s
loud like that we have to communicate well, whether that’s verbal communication or nonverbal
communication and I bet a lot of it is my job getting the call out. But at the same time it takes the entire unit
being locked in.” Why do you think the defense started slow
this past week? “Every game is different. We just try to play a game that’s in front
of us. Sometimes we start, sometimes you start slow. Sometimes it’s kind of even keel on both ends. You just have to be able to play good complementary
football.” How do you feel like the new additions on
defense took this team to the next level? “Defensively, they always say defense wins
championships and the way I look at it you have to have some to defend. If the offense scores points and puts you
in a position to win, it’s your job to defend that. You’ve got to be ready to get stops in crucial
situations and I think that’s just part of playing complementary football.” Is there anything unique about the way the
Rams run their offense, anything that sets them apart? “I think they do a good job of finding mismatches,
finding weaknesses and keeping people off guard and they’re very well-coached. (It) seems every week they have a scheme and
a gameplan specific to that week and they do what they do and they do it well and it’s
just been tough for the whole league to kind of stop them.” How do you not show your hand to their offense? “Yeah, I think they do a good job of finding
and identifying teams weaknesses and try to exploit it. They did a very good job of running the football
against the Cowboys and they’ve done a good job running the ball all season. I think they’re third in the league in running
the ball and you can do that when you’ve got two good running backs.” What makes C.J. Anderson so efficient running
the ball for the Rams when you are studying the tape? “In L.A he is playing (as) the number two
back. He is probably a number one running back on
most teams. I think not too long ago he was in the playoffs
running through the league. He is used to running the ball in big moments
and he is probably running with a chip on his shoulder.” What were your thoughts on Marcus Peters’
comments? “I didn’t see the comments or what he said. I don’t know what he meant. Yeah I don’t know what that means.” Do you like gumbo? “I love gumbo, any kind of gumbo. I have not had a bad bowl of gumbo since I
have been here.” Did you have any gumbo this week by chance? “No, I haven’t had any this week.” How would you describe what it’s like to
play for Sean Payton for a year? “Great head coach, I think he sets the standard
high and he demands everybody to rise up to that standard. He’s very intense and when you play for a
coach like that you just want to match that intensity. But we also have intense players in the building
as well and coming here and seeing Sean’s intensity be matched by Drew (Brees), Mike
(Thomas), Alvin (Kamara), Cam Jordan and Sheldon (Rankins). I just kind of wanted to fall into that.” Is it normal for a coach to be talking to
opposing players? “Oh I don’t know usually. Usually when the offense is up I’m on a bench
going over what happened on the previous series or preparing for the next series. I don’t know.” Do you look forward to a game where you know
they are going to try to run the ball a lot? “You never really know, you can anticipate
how the game’s going to go, but you only can play the game as it comes, but they have
a lot of good weapons. They’re well coached, quarterback’s doing
great. Like I said, (they have) one of the most explosive,
if not the best running back in the game. That’s what this game is about, having challenges
and rising to meet them.” Do you think Taylor Stallworth will get more
playing time and what have you seen from Stallworth as a rookie? “I don’t know how the coaches are going
to do that. I’m sure they have a plan. But Stallworth’s been great for us. Young player, but he’s been phenomenal, done
everything the coaches have asked him to do. He made some big plays last game. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned

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  1. Saints offensive line is beat all to hell. The defense can't keep them in this game. Drew has got to dig deep and find that magic again. All players have got to step up their game. I mean wreckless abandonment. Sacrifice for the team win. I know one thing if drew isn't protected he will throw interceptions or fumble the ball. Just how it is. In order for breeze to come threw he will have to pull it out of his ass. They all will. Fall behind in this one and theirs no such thing as catch up.

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