Deir Mar Antonios, The Coptic Monastery of Saint Anthony

Deir Mar Antonios, The Coptic Monastery of Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony monastery is an ideal monastery, an ideal Coptic monastery. It’s like a small village. The monasticism spread out of Egypt in all Europe and everywhere from here. We are trying to do a very scientific restoration, not only for the painting, but also for the architecture. Saint Anthony church painting is the unique painting in Egypt, because the church is complete, the walls are completely covered with painting. And it gives the idea of the medieval iconography of the Coptic art. This art was covered with white plaster. We have a chance to take down the white plaster to discover this very early paintings of sixth or seventh century. 2003 we started to do restoration with the Supreme Council of Antiquities for the monastery and when we worked inside this church under the floor, we discovered very-very early monastic cell and another church from sixth century. This is the service room, where we have the covered stone floor and the stone is there from the mountain. And there we have the oven, this is the last oven, where they made the bread. And then here we can find Coptic inscription written on the plaster. It is very interesting here to see in the inner room how there’s a small pot inside still in the good condition, we can see. What’s interesting here for this excavation – it was a big challenge, because the excavation is inside the used church. This is ideal excavation project to let the people think about how we can excavate and at the same time display for the visitors in the protected way. Saint Anthony died in 356 here and he was buried here in the monastery, but we don’t know exactly where he is. Now in our process to discover the tomb of Saint Anthony we discovered another structure under the church of Saint Anthony, the entrance is from this church. And we are waiting now to just to have time to continue our excavation. Maybe, we hope we will discover the tomb of Saint Anthony under the altar of Saint Antony.

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  1. It would be amazing if they actually find the tomb of st anthony! Will you be creating a video update on this channel if they do?

  2. Great video. Obviously ascetic practice goes back to even before The Church, since John The Baptist practiced ascetic lifestyle as did many of the prophets like Elijah, etc. , but I am curious why are they trying to find St. Anthony's tomb, when St. Anthony specifically asked that his tomb be hidden so no one can grant him any honor after his death? It is holy to have God use relics to do miracles like Elijah's bones raising dead, but not sure why is St. Anthony's wishes not being honored now?

  3. I felt the same way as you did until I started to think about it a little bit more. I believe (please correct me if I am wrong) that they are trying to find his original tomb, the one he was buried in before his removal and reburial in an unknown place. So they are not actually trying to find his body, but only his original resting place so they can benefit from its blessings.

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  6. May the virgin mary protects and guids this sanctuary in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit💝

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