Day in the Life of a Missionary in the UK

Day in the Life of a Missionary in the UK

my name’s Alda Heath I’m from Birmingham England I’ve been on a mission for 22 months I’m sister Gollum and I’m from the Philippines I’m already serving 10 months in my mission right now my name is Alda Ricky I’m from Tauranga New Zealand and I’ve been on my mission for 1 year now I’m sister Berta I’m from Bolivia and I have been serving my mission for 5 months for Mormon missionaries to young women and to young men with one assignment they have in common to share the message of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints with virtually everyone they meet just about every single day in central London we get up at 6:30 always praying the morning first thing we do it your size 6:30 to seven at 8:00 o’clock we have our personal study read from the scriptures and then we study with our companion for another hour to learn from one another ten o’clock we start to to leave the flat we go outside we speak to people on the streets we try to share the gospel with everybody we have appointments where we teach people our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ and that’s a quick overview of a general missionary day it’s great fun but it can be exhausting the Lord’s church has always been a missionary church before I serve a mission I was always searching for happiness in my life like I’m always trying to go wherever I’m just I’m really not sure about the path that I should take I started reading The Book of Mormon and that’s where it changed my life it brings a lot a new perspective in my life from then on I know that this is what’s missing all along it’s the missing piece of the puzzle I found Roy and since I I have found it the reason why that is the reason why I wanted to share it and to go on a mission because I know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ people can can also find joy and happiness in their journey when we talk to people on the street we share the message of the restored gospel because we know that the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored again on the earth and we want people to know that because that’s a that’s a truth that has made a difference in my life and I know that it can make a difference in that and so we we want to invite them to to learn more about that and to help them to realize how it can help them in their lives you know as missionaries we’re not here to force or to tell people how it can help them we’re here to show them how it can help them sometimes you can look at someone and think they’re they’re not going to be interested that’s a mistake they’re all sons and daughters of God for coming thank you to a missionary service is is everything really it’s always been part of my culture and my my makeup to serve others and as a missionary that’s all we do with volunteer volunteer servants that is the gospel of Jesus Christ that he teaches it’s it’s service if we didn’t do service then we wouldn’t really be teaching the gospel when we were in the service of that of our fellow beings were only in the service of of God I love to do service because it’s a good time to to get to know people it’s a good time to help out do manual work it’s a nice change I’m stronger than I look I’ve done a fantastic job if you’re ill or you’re sick it means that you’re not feeling well ditching Englishness or now help me to to grow as a person because I’m serving others service is about helping other people to improve their lives and if if language is one of the things that they needed to they needed help to improve their life then having this language class can really bless them the biggest surprise for me being on a mission would have to be the diversity of people culture and religion especially here in London being from New Zealand it’s very local is no one that’s really from other countries it’s amazing the people teach us something every day so we are learning and learning and we are growing to to the people that I’ve taught and to the people that I’ve brought closer to Jesus Christ I’ve seen a I’ve seen a real change in them it feels like an overwhelming piece just to know that that person’s life has has changed and that’s been amazing it’s been a heartwarming experience as something that you can’t really find anywhere else you

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  1. Great video. And a fantastic link to put on my facebook page which can show people what our daughter is doing at the moment. This explains it so much bertter than any of us can with words alone. thanks for posting…. and thanks to those faithful missionaries and the families who brought them up to be the people they are today.

  2. This is a manmade religion, real god doesnt need people working to convert others… they just do once theyre ready naturally, however nobody naturally wants to be a mormon

  3. Since joining the church in 1970, my various assignments have allowed me to serve with over 1,000 of these young missionaries.  Thanks to social media, I have been able to follow many of them as they continued on their life journey after their Missions.  I have watched them apply their Mission learned reliance on the Holy Ghost as they have faced the important decisions of career path, employment, marriage and family.  When it comes to preparing for the challenges of life, nothing compares to the experience of serving and LDS Mission.

  4. I went to the MormonChurch for 3 months. Everyday spending a couple of hours a day associating and searching out the deepest teachings of the Church. They full faced lied to me and they knew they were lying.

    I like the story about Alberta had a large number of Mormons but is rat free, Saskatchewan is loaded with rats but relatively low in Mirmons.

    They did a study and realized Alberta got second choice.

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