DAVID FOSTER plays “St. Elmo’s Fire” & “Theme From the Winter Olympics”, 1989

DAVID FOSTER plays “St. Elmo’s Fire” & “Theme From the Winter Olympics”, 1989

or best performance for music video and
best instrumental composition it’s already won five Grammys folks he’s
worked with everyone from Barbra Streisand to Earth Wind and Fire were
happy is here please welcome David Foster we did you’re like the second pause we
have on the show that your friends call your father you know my nickname is fun
answering their duh what was the whole dog’s name positive
which left their cartoon characters which is next really well so you two
should have a lot in common yeah you think you’ve returned to the
dog any how many feel like David I’ll call you David if said that be alright
um two Grammy nominations that’s exciting
did you have a year where you were up for like 12 or 19 or something in there
well Lisa told you about that right there was a year where I was nominated
for seven Grammys which the good news was that that was the most that anybody
had been nominated that was for the Saints animals fine right and the bad
news is that I lost all set oh now now about the thing happen by the fifth yeah
and it’s like you’re going this is just a joke yeah that’s not rough that’s a
run but it’s nice it’s nice to be nominated they always say that
Mississippi oh my mother says it’s nice just to be there you know that’s right
give your own studio do you yeah I record out in Malibu uh the guys in the
band they’ve all been out there and it’s a nice place time it’s beautiful yeah
you know most of these guys I hate her because they’ve been with me
did you write the original helped write the original theme song for wheeler for
chai was going to talk about that because Alan Thicke and I yeah wrote do
you guys know how it goes was like Denton done it real me also a memorizer
yeah like that yeah yeah and it ran for about seven years and then Merv came
along he rewrote it he needed the Bernie he was running a little short yeah he
did that well I didn’t I knew Allen was involved you’re from Canada as well in
Canada you can still hear the out in the boat oh yeah anybody from Canada that’s
alright you never get rid of that dear you never get rid of a dead giveaway you
got but you got a nice award for your from your home country recently yeah
they do something in Canada called the Order of Canada which is um like the
British what are the United in other words you have to call me sir
oh really sir five sir fun but not many people get that no it’s um I have number
twelve hundred and eighty-eight so I assume that 1287 have gone before in the
history of the country but he’s never limit to the number of people who can
happen at any one time there’s something strange there’s only 150 living people
allowed to have a so this year 36 people got it so 36
people died so you cannot together I mean 36 Order of Canada Fiona grim so
until someone else passes away no one else will get the or have it until I
pass away the big hockey fan I was everything yeah you had Wayne Gretzky
yeah yeah I did for me too since Wayne to come to LA it’s just been wonderful
are you a hockey fan I’ll share I don’t think you meant that he’s just an
agreeable woman you know but so how many period how many periods in a hockey game
how many periods in hockey uh good work gosh it’s so hot law 3-3 thank you but
you know as you talk to Wayne since he came here I mean it’s filtered all the
way down to the young kids so the arena’s are filling up amazing the
difference this one guys made it to hockey in this town ah well there’s a
piano over there would you be interested in do you sing at all by the way are you
know I I’m in kind of in the Marvin Hamlisch category yeah you know dances
yo I thought tonight maybe I’d do a couple of instrumental tunes that I’ve
done like this animals fire and theme from the Winter Olympics this man may
written tons of stuff folks you can enjoy this head-on one over there David
Foster you

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  1. What a baby faced young David Foster-in his early twenties or close to 30 god bless you for all your hits and making our nation proud.

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