Danny Dyer Discovers He’s Related To A Saint! | Who Do You Think You Are

Danny Dyer Discovers He’s Related To A Saint! | Who Do You Think You Are

Pretty wonderful you first walked in
here maybe feel a bit sick or this beauty the overwhelming gutter or
failing of John away I mean I don’t think I’ve ever been in a building that
smoked godlike where you think that you could see God flying up in here you know
wait that’s exactly what he wants you to feel if God was gonna have some windows
there Bay’s winders yeah that’s right it’s like a spinning kaleidoscope in
here all the time but what you’re looking at is almost the entire Bible
represented in color and light it’s a quite big book and we’re within that
book thus a Chappell is a space designed to house the crown of thorns and that
first arrived as a gift to King Louie the ninth in the year 12:39 this was
built just nine years later to hold that gift the people around Louie the ninth
believed that because he had the crown of thorns it means that he sort of made
Paris into a new paradise because at the end of time when Christ comes back to
judge he needs to wear his crown again so where does he come back to make that
judgment the palace in Paris so he’s not just building this for himself at all
for the return of Claus return of Christ he’s giving Christ a throne room on
earth that’s why the man who hated luxury is glorifying this space because
it’s for Christ the true king and he shout out loud did it there was actually
one more thing I need to tell you about King Louie the ninth he wasn’t just a
king he was a saint 27 years after his death the Pope
canonized him st. Louis there are very few Saints that aren’t virgins or
martyrs so to have the blood of a saint in your blood is an extraordinary thing
there is and it’s just so much to take in you
know just lights recite that blood is secret blood it works miracles in the
church I’m not gonna coach him through my veins shall we have a look at the high altar
the high altar the space you’re about to enter was reserved just for King Louie
the ninth in his lifetime and then only the kings of France and up there would have been the relic
of the crown of thorns which today is loved way at notre-dame Cathedral first time I really they feel like okay so there’s 33 coins in there which is
weird because it was age 33 the Christ died so I’ll leave that with you let’s just have it rolled but I did find
it difficult not to swear terrible really in it and I’m not gonna swear
much in the future you

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  1. God nor Jesus or any holy person would never condone oppulent frivolous expenditures at the expense of the suffering masses.

  2. Pretty much everyone European is descended from Edward III, like…EVERYONE. It has been statistically proven. Therefore, everyone will be related to all of these Kings, as well… just saying lol. Can't stand how that lady is welling up

  3. Amazing !!! Very beautiful window glass painting

  4. Magnificent building but church tithes imposed on the common people and paupers who couldn't afford it paid for a good chunk of it.

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