Dance Moms: Lilliana and Peyton Must “Bee” Perfect (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Lilliana and Peyton Must “Bee” Perfect (Season 6 Flashback) | Lifetime

you are doing a duet. Our duet is going to Lilly,
our big winner, and Peyton. [cheers and applause] So Lilly and Peyton will
be doing an acro-gym duet entitled “Sting Like A Bee.” And 6, [inaudible] 7. Pop it up. 8. And 1. Nice job. How are my
[inaudible] bumblebees? GIRL: Good. JULIAN: Good. She cannot wait to get in
to work with those minis. She loves them. WOMAN: Especially
a good acro duet. Yeah, that’s her fave. ABBY LEE MILLER: So you guys
are doing “Sting Like A Bee.” And that’s a famous quote that
Muhammad Ali used to say– “float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee.” And what he meant by that
was in the boxing ring, he was light on his feet. So he would wear out the
opponent moving around the ring so much. But every once in a while,
he would, boom, and that meant sting like a bee. And that was kind of his trick. So now let me see your trick. JULIAN: Here we go. 6, 7, and 1, and 2,
and 3, and 4, and duh! Show [inaudible]
And your arms up. And up. [inaudible]
– Woo! JULIAN: [inaudible]. WOMAN: Ooh, she likes this. JULIAN: And hit, and circle. 5, 6, 7, and up. 2, 3. And [inaudible]. And [inaudible]. Woo! JULIAN: And circle. Nice so far, ladies. Oh, my god! Well, that makes me happy. She’s happy! Oh, my god– [interposing voices] –ever seen her
that happy before. She likes it! I’ve never seen Abby
more happier for a routine. Good job! I am so excited
for Peyton’s duet. I think this is a great routine. This is the first time Abby’s
realized what type of dancer Peyton really is. ABBY LEE MILLER: Come
on, let’s go, guys. This great man, Muhammad
Ali, just passed away. Everyone is going to know
the Muhammad Ali reference. So I want you to knock
those judges out. Let’s go. This is Peyton’s opportunity. I think this kid
has amazing talent. That’s why I’ve spent a lot
of time with her this week. She’s going to step
out on that stage, and she better sting like a bee. ANNOUNCER: Judges,
we’re going to get started back up with our
duet trio, acro ages 7 to 8, “Sting Like A Bee.” [cheers and applause] [MUSIC – “FLIGHT OF THE
BUMBLEBEE”] [cheers and applause] ABBY LEE MILLER: Finally,
I saw Peyton perform. She was sassy, she was making
her little bumblebee faces. She did an outstanding job. It’s the first time
since I’ve known that child that she actually
looked at ease on stage. All right, let’s give them
a big round of applause. Come on! [cheers and applause] ABBY LEE MILLER: At this
particular competition, they only award the first
overall high-score place. Everybody else goes
home with nothing. And with that, we’re going to
go ahead and begin our awards. ABBY LEE MILLER: Peyton was
given all the ingredients to win this week. So if she doesn’t go
out there and win, well, I don’t think there’s a
place for Peyton on this team anymore. Please put your hands
together for the overall in Petite Duet Trio. Please put your hands together
for the incredible “Sting Like A Bee!” [cheers and applause] Take a bow. Great job, you guys.

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  1. Do you think that abby loved that dance because its her favorite little minis or that she liked it because of the dance? Anyway I love dance moms and think the make abby seem more mean through the show

  2. Everybody knows that just look at her face I know it sounds like connizer but it’s connoisseur trust me

  3. did any of my fellow musicians realize that the girls will dancing to flight of the bumblebee? cause if so, same! im learning it now

  4. “I’ve never seen Abby so happy about a routine”

    Look at season one when she cried when Kenzie did her dance very well

  5. You guys should understand something…. Peyton was the weaker dancer on the team, but she was only six years old. The other girls were actually years older than her. It just doesn’t seem like it because they’re all very small for their age. But Peyton was the youngest one. Just keep that in mind.

  6. When she said Payton’s’ I was like honey it’s a duet. Get it honey well I’m really cringe

  7. You can tell that Jill is jealous because she has never been very happy over any of Kendall’s dances.


    Btw he is at 0:31

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