Crossing the St-Lawrence River Bridge Trucker Rudi 01-09-19 Vlog#1648

Crossing the St-Lawrence  River Bridge Trucker Rudi 01-09-19 Vlog#1648

Hey good morning good morning guys and a
welcome welcome into the show as you guys can see we are just getting our day
started it looks like it’s still a little bit dark on the screen but hey
that’s how it goes sometimes I have to wait a little bit till this uh traffic
goes by got a little bit of traffic I guess everybody’s heading to Montreal
yeah yeah we got quite a bit of traffic actually and it’s C I think we got a
couple of more cars and then I think we can go but there we go I think we’re
gonna do it right here all we’re gonna get on the road we’re
gonna put our four-way flashers on so that way they know we are going a little
bit slower right but while coming to the show guys appreciate the a student in
again and we don’t have too much further to go and we’ll be we’ll be hitting
Montreal yeah I just barely took my ten hour break and here we are in the road
again trying to make our delivery yeah we have 217 kilometers to go before we
get to our get to our customer but we gotta pull her over so that way we can
give this guy a little bit of room so he you know he’s kind of taken the white
line there so I want to get I want it to be in the left lane
looks like four-wheelers are still trying to go around them there and all
like really guys that’s not good there we go our car is going at a pretty good
speed I’m pretty impressed anyways we’re looking at these gorgeous
mountains up here I don’t know how good you guys are gonna be able to see him
but should be able to see him alright anyways let’s go ahead and see we can
make our delivery and see what kind of reload we will get today oh yeah yeah
this is a fairly short turn in here – Wow going right around this big mountain
I guess they’re saying even seventy five klicks an hour no wonder yeah so anyhow
let’s get on going and let’s see what today will bring us right we are now in
Montreal guys sort of on the outskirt of Montreal but we are definitely on on
Montreal in my in Montreal I should say I’m trying to take a little bit of a
bypass around it a little bit so that way I don’t have to go in too
in Montreal and so far I think it’s working and I looked it up yesterday
already and so I set my google map this morning now that’s how we’re gonna go it
and my rj didn’t really want to go down this way but eventually he decided yeah
this is gonna be a good route so now he’s showing me exactly the way I had
planned it on google map so that’s awesome but wouldn’t you believe now
it’s starting to snow again like are you serious
come on I was open up the art of this snow for a once you know but yeah we got
another snowstorm well I don’t know if snowstorm but oh you got snow again
that’s how it goes but we only got about 91 km/h delivery so that’s not too
terribly bad should be there probably within an hour and 15 minutes normally
it would only be about an hour if you don’t have traffic lights right but when
you have traffic lights and I got across a border yet and all that fun stuff
it’s going to be an hour and 15 minutes for sure if not longer right but I have
no idea what these things are up here dumb green hoses right there some sort
of store it looks like but what exactly have no
because it’s all in French I couldn’t tell you what it is over this guy he’s on turnoff already right yeah anyways
that was the same deal there last night like there’s no sign saying that the
rest area was coming up or anything right just like saying I know I see it
right there in front of me right say darn it I have to slam on my brakes and
pull in there and luckily I got me a spot but yeah that was yeah that’s all
key back goes you have no idea until you run right up and on it because nothing
is properly marked or if it is it’s all in French you have no idea what it says
right I mean look at all these signs they’re all in French
oh I have no idea if I didn’t have a GPS I would have no idea where to go right
area I really wouldn’t put anyways let’s continue on cruising along and hopefully
the snowstorm or the snow won’t be too terribly bad and I’ll be able to make it
to my customer today that would be nice almost looks like a truck stop right
here look at that sure enough right here there’s a truck
stop look at that wow that’s a decent size suit they got to Mortenson there it
should have pulled in there got me at Timmy’s in my dog box I better pay
attention his uh I got a yo-yo yeah their roads are horrible too but anyways we gotta turn down this road
go down here a couple of miles I guess make another turn right yeah for
basically two miles I gotta go down here yeah anyways I’ll show you so much
together alright guys we are now very very close to our customer to deliver
our load and so that means we have just crossed the border here a few minutes
ago and I was no problem today and we just got us a reload offer a half-mile
check right I wanna see message us die go to Nappanee ontario pick up a load
there and go to DeKalb Illinois so that’s an interesting run
I’ve done that before don’t get me wrong it’s been a long time but I’ve been
there before let’s go deliver our load we’re 1.7
miles away from actually making it there and I’ve been having to use a ton of
intial washer pee boy speed warning all right this we better slow or don’t
in 0.2 all right guys we have already finished offloading and I’m driving on
the road this back road here and lost like the smokey bears captured
themselves somebody let me just yeah that’s what it looks like but we got
about a hundred and twelve miles to go until we get to our pickup we’re going
to nap and Ian picking up a reload all with a yeah yeah we got somewhat of a
link up here and I can’t believe this like and this side you still see water
right well some of these other areas they’re sort of frozen
I already seeing people on there ice fishing like are you really that crazy anyways that’s just how it goes and
we’ve been getting sort of ice rain snow on and off kind of mixture of stuff yeah
right now it’s kind of long enough again but this before I got here it was
starting to do that again excuse me I don’t know it seems like coming on like
a cold or something that’s what it feels like
anyhow let’s go through this town and continue on we got to get across the
border yet back into Canada eventually it and then hopefully my reload will be
ready to go here we go guys we got to go over this big river over here just to
get to to the other side and into Canada so we are about to leave the United
States of America guys is indeed I guess it says 25 so I guess we’ll slow it down
a little bit I’m not sure if that smiles are I’m pretty sure it’s still mild
because we’re still in the u.s. site so I want to be safe right and this is the
very very first time that I’ve ever been across this particular border crossing
yeah that was miles per hour so the GPS is telling me 35 but sign up there says
25 so we’re going to obey the sign right we always do
but this is a nice view up here man this is gorgeous it really is too bad it’s
kind of one to snow again I don’t really particularly like that
but hey that’s how it goes but anyways we’re gonna go ahead and go across this
bridge and then we’ll come up to the customs out there in Canada sigh
Canadian site I had to pay a toll up here and luckily I was able to pay it in
Canadian funds they tend I think 10 75 I think it was let me see the receipt here
at 10 75 is what I have to pay to cross this bridge yeah a lot of times we gotta
pay last order a drink on – yeah yeah entering Ontario guys we’re back in
Canada although we have to clear customs yet so let’s go ahead and do that and I
will see you guys on the other side or you guys will see me on the other side
hopefully alright guys it is the next morning we how does a very good sleep
let me show you guys we’re at as you guys can see we are at master
steak again yes indeed we are and that truck beside me is running so I’m gonna
close the window real quick and I don’t know this seems like overnight my cold
has really kicked butt so I’m not feeling the greatest this morning but
hey that’s how I go sometimes right part of life not every day is smiley
up-and-down right it’s up and down one day is good next day it may not be good
oh I see my dashcam as uh there’s all white I don’t know if you guys can see
that you see the screen is all the white you gotta keep an eye on your dash cam
right just in case something goes wrong with the dash cam it around like not
only 300 here that I have you got to reboot it every once in a while you
always got to keep an eye on it to make sure it’s actually recording right
because if something happens you want to be able to prove it right but anyways we
had as an alright night’s sleep and so now I’m gonna go back to the
terminal and pick up my trailer because what I did last night is I went to the
terminal picked up I mean drop my trailer so I could walk tail over here
personal use right because I’m going to the restaurant to have me up by te and
then this morning I can bobtail back right so that’s what we’re gonna do so
let’s go ahead and get out of here preciate you guys watching today’s vlog
come back and see what we’re up to tomorrow so have a great day and we’ll
see you here tomorrow

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  1. Rudi can u please tell us what the name of the towns are going thru or or where u are , ? Am curious where was the lovely bridge u crossed over the St Law river.. was it the thousand island bridge ???


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