Corsica Travel Vlog | Bastia & Saint Florent [CC]

Corsica Travel Vlog | Bastia & Saint Florent [CC]

It’s Bastille Day in Corsica and in France and we’re wondering why everyone is just like looking out towards the ocean. As you can see. And so, we presume there’s a firework display happening this way. So we’ve just come to join in but we can’t speak French so we have no idea But, um, there seems to be loads of little boats out in the ocean cause you can see their lights. So, that sounds like a firework so here we go! Mum take me home. Oh my god. Whose birthday is it today? It’s my birthday. Are you having a good birthday so far? I am and do you know what happy birthday is in French Brogan? Bon anniversaire! C’est Bon??? Is it good? That’s wrong actually. Is it good? Wow. Our French has *really* improved since we got here. Tres bon, that’s what I meant. Where are we going now? So, we’re gonna go and find a little flea market. And a fruit and veg market. So basically all of the markets. And THEN, we’re going to watch France beat Croatia. Vive la France. And then, um, then we’re gonna go for dinner and look out at the sea! I’m having the best time! Look at this view! It’s beautiful. Are you excited for the big game? I actually can’t wait. I’m so excited. And who are you supporting? VIVE LA FRANCE! France just won the World Cup and we just spent 50 euros on alcohol. By accident. Who’s the winner here? Rum & coke, 8 euro each!?!?! I don’t think it was that price, I think we can’t count. Let me tell you the situation. So Brogan counted up how many of the receipts we had and she found out that it was like 40 something euros. So we were like right we’ll give him 50 and we’ll give them a tip and then he came back and he had a red one and some coins. A red one is normally 10 right? I think you’re blaming me, this is what you’re doing right now, isn’t it? You’re passive aggressively blaming me. Slightly. passive aggressively blaming you. Um, but was it tasty? Are we tipsy? It was tasty, yeah. Did France win? VIVE LA FRANCE? Yes. Exactly. ALLEZ LES BLEUS! Getting that sexy over the shoulder shot, you know? So did we buy some? Yeaaah. We got matching bracelets. The green one is my one and the brown one is your one because you wanted a real swirl Swirl swirl swirl. Chocolate and vanilla swirl. It’s actually chocolate and vanilla because it’s brown and vanilla is clearly green!? There she is! We’re just back from Saint Florent. We are, so we’re back in Bastia now. and we had, oh my god, the hariest bus trip ever. It was, oh my god. So imagine going round really windy roads with sheer drops on a mountain and basically both of us were just like s*** I think at one point, he accidentally put his foot on the pedal too hard and then I was like oh my f**** god I thought well this is it now it’s been a lovely holiday, i’m with the love of my life and this is my life over. And what would our Bloom fans do without us? Would would you guys do without us? You’d be so, so, sad. It’s our final day how do you feel? I feel so sad that we’re leaving I’ve got through so much of my book, thanks Gay’s The Word for giving us this wonderful book it’s really good. LGBT book. Go buy it. That wasn’t a spon. I’m sweating quite a lot but i’ve got some tasty Corsican wine And we’re just gonna have a great time for the last little bit of our holiday. Brill. I don’t want to leave. SO SAD. The wine is so cheap. The wine IS so cheap. That’s the most important thing. Um…Brogan… is this your boat? BI- 910 Yeah? Is that your boat? Is that your flag on your boat? What does it mean then? Jesus loves the lucky people. Who are bi. Thank you and goodnight. What have we got here then Brogs? Oh my god, cheesy madness. Cheesy madness? It’s called *TERRIBLE CORSICAN PRONUNCIATION* Migliaccioli Oh wow that was really, REALLY good Corsican there. And it’s SO GOOD. It’s part pancake part…cheese. It’s just… so good. And this is sangria. This is how we’re ending our night looking over the beautiful harbour.

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  1. wow ladies looks like a great holiday and you two look well in love and chilled (well deserved ) but the plate of food you were eating on your last day Brogan looked Sh*t ,dont care what it taste like if it looks like that step away ,thanks for sharing your birthday with us Libby you super birthday girl MANGETOUT TREBON (bit of the old lingo there for you ladies )

  2. Hi this is an amazing channel i was sent by welsh raccoon over on twitter i dropped a like and subbed keep it up

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