Control – Setting The Scene | PS4

Control – Setting The Scene | PS4

Welcome to Control. New York City, present day, set within the Oldest House, the headquarters of a covert government organization known as the Federal Bureau of Control. You play as Jesse, a young
woman seeking answers about her past. Drawn to the Oldest House by a mysterious force, you discover the building has become corrupted
by a dark paranormal entity known as The Hiss. Chosen as the new director of the FBC, you must fight to restore control. Control, available, August 27th.
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  1. i can’t wait for this game. then Life is Strange 2 will release the episode 4 on August 19th 😍😍😍

  2. Details on a hybrid handheld system for Sony's Japan development kit unit system information we've been waiting for this for a long time show us something Sony

  3. i used to work for the F.B.C (fine burger company) it was often surreal but I don't remember any floating people.

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