Como visitar el Mont Saint Michel ?. Guía de Francia #3

Como visitar el Mont Saint Michel ?. Guía de Francia #3

Welcome to what I have no doubt, it is one of the most impressive places in France. Welcome to Mont Saint Michel. We started like this our previous video, and we told them that in this video we were going to give them all the advice to Visit Mont Saint Michel. How to prepare the visit to Mont Saint Michel, and what options do we have? We have at least four different ways to visit the mountain. I list with its pros and cons. Visit for one day. You have several tours from Paris, you arrive at noon and parties in the afternoon. On the web you will find several different tours, prices are around 100/150 euros. You can also visit it on your own by train and bus. By train: from Montparnasse station to the
Villediu les Poles station, where Then you will take a bus to Mt. Round the 27 euros each way. Or Montparnasse, Rennes, Pontoson, and then bus. By car you have from Paris about 360 km., So spending the day alone is practically unfeasible. What do you have in favor ?, which is a great getaway if you have a day left in Paris. What do you have against it? That you will visit it for a few hours and with many people. The second option is to stay in a nearby town such as Dinan, from which later we will upload a video showing it, and thus be able to spend more number of hours in the bush, and at the same time have a low price on accommodation. From Dinan you have about 56 km, and you can also take advantage of the beauty of this city. Or Saint Malo, or other nearby villages like Beauvoir, or Pontoson. The other option is to spend at least one night and stay not inside the mountain same, if it wasn’t in the Caserne, where you get with the car, there you will find several hotels and restaurants, prices are not cheap but lower than within the mountain itself. You have a free bus that It makes the path of the catwalk and leaves you at the foot of the mountain. Here you will have the freedom to make the visits you want, and at the hours you you want, you can also program to see the rise of the tide. The last option is what we did, which was to stay one night within the walls of Mont Saint Michel. As you can imagine it is not cheap, and they are quite simple hotels, but the magic of the night and the morning very early, when there is absolutely no one, it is unpayable. Also seeing the high and low tide from the inside is very nice. We stayed at the Moutón Blanc, but as I always tell you the prices depend a lot on the season in which you stay, of the anticipation with which you book, so I leave you in the description a link, and check the dates and the hotels you have, which of step inside are not so many. Anyway, do not be guided only by what I tell you, always check the Hotel prices, with the different options, do a search for Intramural hotels, outside the mountain, and nearby towns, and then evaluate them, I leave the search engine link in the description. Other information if you travel by car. We have to be clear that if we go by car, we will not be able to access inside from the mountain itself, even if you have the hotel there. For access, there is a walkway that when the tide rises a lot, it remains flooded on some occasions. Outside, before reaching this gateway, you have parking, costs are per hour or per day For cars for 24 hours, from nine euros to fourteen euros, according to the season, they are well signposted, and for motorhome from twelve euros to 17, also depending on the season, both if you stay inside the walls and outside the walls in the Mont Saint Michel, ask the hotel to pass the code to leave it in one of the parking, the p3, and so it will be without cost. From the parking you have three options to get inside the mountain. The first, and I think the prettiest, is to walk. From the parking you can go walking along the walkway to Mont Saint Michel. You can also make the route of the catwalk in a free bus, which you will leave when a few meters are left, as if to admire that beauty, they leave with very often, this is the option that we and our bags choose. The other option is to cross it in horse cars, the maringote, they are cars pulled by Breton horses, linking the mainland with Mont Saint michel, and it is the type of transport that the old pilgrims used. It has a cost 5.30 euros each way. The other point if you are going to stay inside the walls are the suitcases. If you come from a long trip, like us, and you have all kinds of suitcases and size, don’t lower them for one night, put a small suitcase on, carry it on, or a bag, and arrives with him. Within the walls of the mountain the access roads to the hotels are paved and uphill. Impossible to do the tour with weight and dragging it. Ascent to the Abbey. While many will scare you with everything that needs to be uploaded, and they will tell you the amount of steps to it, the truth is that we became very bearable, and in a while you’ll be up. Of course, after you access it, take your time, it’s big, pretty, and Interesting and the hours will fly by. The entrance to it has a cost of 10 euros. The schedule: from January 2 to April 30, every day from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., from May 2 to August 31, every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., from the first of September to December 31, every day from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., at all cases the last access is one hour before closing. You can get your tickets online on the monument center page of France, have no date, are valid for one year from the purchase, what that you cannot take online are the audio guides, which you acquire right there at three euros each. Check the page for free access days and dates. The tides. Whether you are one of those who want to be at the moment of the rise of the tide to see it, as if you are one of those who want to know if you will have access to the mountain when you arrive, you will have to check the tide calendar, for this I leave you a link with them, there you will see each day with the exact time of upload, descent, and the coefficient, that is the intensity of it, to help you they are marked with colors. Six or seven times a year Mont Saint Michel is It becomes an island. To observe the phenomenon of high tide, you must be two hours before indicated schedule, and for safety not to be left alone in the bay or surroundings. The walk through the bay is only allowed in the company of certified guides. Eat in Mont Saint Michel. You have many restaurants, both intramural and outside, the typical thing to try It’s her tortilla Mere Poulard. What to see inside? The whole mountain and its wall, for which you must not get any entry to do so. Do not miss the tour of the wall, since from there you will get some Wonderful views out. The Abbey, which if it has a cost, as we said of ten euros. The main street with lots of locals, restaurants and some hotels. Inside we also find the medieval church Saint Pierre and at the foot a cemetery. We hope that with this guide you can enjoy the visit to Mont Saint Michel in any of the ways they have chosen to do so. Do not forget to go through the other video, for which we show you Mont Saint Michel, we leave you here the link. And if you liked the video, and we have helped you Do not forget to subscribe and like.
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  1. It was fantastic! All the information in one place. What more could wish, a tourist who wants to visit Mont Saint Michel? As always a big like from me and best greetings to you :))

  2. Buenísimos los consejos. Todo muy bien explicado. Nosotros si no recuerdo mal fuimos desde Dinan, preciosa ciudad también y madrugamos mucho y fue lo mejor que pudimos hacer porque para marchar había muchísima gente.

    Un abrazo y buen finde 😊

  3. Cómo siempre una guía muy bien explicada y muy bonita, me ha parecido precioso el castillo, por dentro, a pesar de todos los escalones que hay que subir, merecer la pena seguro, un gran like!

  4. Como siempre unas imágenes estupendas, la información excelente, tu voz cada vez mas pro jaja, un abrazo y buen fin de semana!!

  5. Una guía extremadamente informativa, muchas gracias Monica por tu explicación me servirá en mi próxima visita a Francia.

  6. La verdad es que no me queda lejos Francia y desde Barcelona podemos ir en coche, tenemos viaje pendiente a Andorra para primavera y no descarto subir para Francia, me ha entrado el gusanillo (como se dice aquí), de ir a echar un vistazo, por que la verdad es que es precioso. Muchas gracias pareja por traernos lugares tan asombrosos. Un besazo y feliz fin de semana.

  7. Es impresionante. Ya lo había visto antes en vídeo y leído post de algunos blogs. Pero tú Guía es maravillosa. Muchos besos y abrazos, familia y un laikazo.

  8. Excelente guía para poder planear una escapada a este lugar tan lindo! 🤗 Es un destino que se ve tal cual dicen, como uno de los lugares más impresionantes de Francia! Sin duda alguna lo tenemos que ir a visitar cuando vayamos nuevamente a Francia! Les mandamos un abrazo y les deseamos que tengan un excelente fin de semana!

  9. Thank you for taking me on your great trip. Mount Saint Michel is certainly one of the beautiful places earth has to offer.
    Have a nice weekend. Many greetings, Anita

  10. Ese lugar es sublime y hasta me quedo corto con las palabras para describirlo, las tomas cinematográficas ejecutadas con maestría !!! saludos

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