Comment réaliser le maquillage Saint-tropez?

Comment réaliser le maquillage Saint-tropez?

Marco you are going to show us how to do a makeup look using the makeup you designed. Yes, we have a lot of demand regarding those type of videos, so we are going to make more of them. You have probably seen the picture we have done for the photoshoot St-Tropez, so we are going to do the St-Tropez makeup look. How to make St-Tropez makeup look The first step is to moisturize our skin with our floral water It’s great to moisturize our skin with floral water so that the serum will be better absorb I’m going to use the liquid foundation The liquid foundation is exceptional and I apply it on the neck too We also want to apply it over the face and go down all the way to the neck The foundation is going to bring As you are saying, a luminous effect, so it’s important that the neck has the shame finish then the rest of the face If not it is going to be obvious that you are wearing a foundation, because there is going to be two different skin textures. So we are balancing this by applying the foundation on the neck as well. We are applying the foundation with small dots on different areas of the face And finally we are warming up the foundation in our hands and we are applying it on the eyelids. Medium Beige concealer #02 We are going to use our concealer as a eye primer Really important, what I like to do with our concealer, because it is a cream concealer, is to warm it up on my hand before and I will apply it once again with a brush but we could apply it with our finger We can apply a bit more on the eyelids and softly under the eyes. Really often, the mistake with the concealer is to apply it in half circles, but usually, it will make a raccoon effect So it’s really important to go down to the cheeks with the concealer. This way, it will illuminate even more the cheek bone. We can tap slightly to remove the excess. Now the eyebrows If you don’t have an eyebrow pencil, personally I use the eyeshadow called Oud. Eyeshadow Oud #21 This is what I use for you but you could use the eyeshadow called Sophia, if you have darker hair. The Oud is great for blond to medium blond hair. As for Sophia, it is great for dark to medium brown hair. And if you have white hair, you go with the color you had before So the way to do the eyebrows is really simple, for those who don’t know the tip. We are making 3 points, we go from the nostril and the eye corner. And this where our eyebrow should start Then, it finishes at the corner of the nostril and the eye corner and again we are making a point there. This is where the eyebrow should finish As for the ark, it is supposed to be alligned with the nostril corner and the middle of the pupil This is where the ark should begin The idea is to really create an effect of real eyebrows by simulating small hair. Once we brush them, everything comes really natural And it creates a really big difference to draw your eyebrows. I was not doing it before As you can see, it seems really dark but when I brush the eyebrow, it removes the excess. For the St-Tropez makeup look, we used one of our bronzer (terracotta). So we are using the Bella Giornata #05 I use it in this case, on the eyelids. If you want to go on vacation and not bring all your makeup products, this is a great option, for travelling There are 3 shades in this bronzer. We are going to use the lighter shade, which is a gold. I’m going to use it on all the eyelid, so to the base of the eyelashes to the hollow of the eye. Then, I will use the excess on my brush to the bottom of the eyebrow. But the major part of the eyeshadow will be on the eyelid. This is a really easy palette to start with, because you can’t make mistakes. It will instantly illuminate your look. After, I’m going to use the darker color without doing the hollow. I will apply it on the corner of the eye with a small brush, with long hair. After, I will brush the excess in the corner of the eye. What does it do to the eyes ? It will elongate the eye and helps to define it. We want to make a natural gradient, from pale to medium and to dark. Next, I will take our eyepencil in the color Marron #02. We are going to elongate the eye I’m applying it on the base of the eyelashes to make a thin line to define. I like the eyepencil because it is easy to work with it and it illuminates the eyes. With the first shade, I will define the under eye. Next, I will curl the eyelashes with a eyelash curler. It’s an important step Some people don’t need to do it, but most people should to help curling their lashes. I will apply the mascara, it is a first time to have a 100% natural mascara, it’s so rare on the market . While it dries, I will matify your skin with our medium beige powder #02 Then, I matify on specific places, for example, under the eyes where I put the concealer. There are vegetable waxes in eyeshadow and bronzers, to moisturize and protect your skin Now I will put an other layer of mascara once the other one is dry. I apply it very gently, because I don’t like to put too much mascara for a natural makeup look. Next, I will define Jacynthe’s face I will use a bronzer (terracotta) in Mattina #01 To make a natural contouring, the easier tip is to pull the cheeks. The line that will be created is the line where we will put the bronzer You see the line that goes from the corner of the hear to the corner of the lip, this is the line where I will apply the bronzer. We will apply it to the top The blush I’m going to use is the Juliette #02. I apply it just at the top of our contouring. Finally, we can put illuminator, my favorite product We use it on top of the blush The last thing is our lipstick in St-Tropez #20 The pigmentation is amazing and beautiful, this lipstick really highlights the face. The green of your eyes really pops out. A really rapid makeup look to enhance your beauty. Final touch; our Câlin perfume Before & after To make an other makeup and transform it for a special event, a special evening, etc. It’s really easy, you keep your makeup, but you can remove your lipstick and put a red lipstick Something more darker or lighter This is what I will be doing, I will take the eyepencil Amétis #03 And create deepness You can trace
inside the eye and on the lash line to smudge everything out And after, we are going to use the lipstick Verseau The perfect one It’s a nude See, it’s magic It takes 2 minutes and you have a complete new look Before and After

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  1. Magnifique! A quand les produits "Maison Jacynthe" en France? Je sais qu'on peut les commander, mais j'ai des doutes sur les teintes.

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