COMBANTRIN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 81)

Emaanuella go and buy COMBANTRIN!!!!. You did not even soak this white well see the way you just did it what did you say i should buy combantrin combantrin what is combatrin its fruit juice combrantrin is warm medicine warm medicine go to the chemist and buy me combatrin combatrin is warm medicine now you tell me its fruit juice its the medeicine you take when fruit juice is worrying you i sent you on an errand and you are still right see this spit if this spit dries and you are not back here ill beat you OHHHHHH and if you forget the name of the medicine ill kill you what did i say you should buy combatrin i know you going to forget it its combatrin combantrin you will forget it oh combantrin combantrin combnatrin combantrin combantrin chukwuemeka what are you doing im playing game which game mortel combat what is mortel combat mortel combat is a fighting game so you dont know mortel combat ahhhhh see you i even have it at home me that use to play it everyday ehhh ok na mortal combat mortal combat mortal combat mortal combat mortal combat uncle i want to buy a mortal cobat mortal combat yes this is not the game shop i dont sell mortal combat co- com- combat i dont have it contraband my god look let me tell you something in your life if you repeat it again youll see what ill what did your uncle send you to buy latrine uncle please just give me the any medicine that has latrine inside

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