Colts Vs. Saints Super Bowl Prediction

Colts Vs. Saints Super Bowl Prediction

i’ve been thing about this a role for a
long time on suppress paid and the reason i have a civil prediction
until this late date this because i can’t make up my mind and i realize why can’t make up my mind
it’s because who knows which they seem is gonna come
barging in if if this is up with the cardinals they
could score fifty two point and no one can stop them and which is of course
they can win whether this is a shop against in that
played against the cowboys or that barely beat the vikings will pop out eight turnovers uh… at home that looked a little nervous them a call
for roll over them and so i’ve been to court about it you
know and and you know i don’t want to call so when right but there’s been a
late development on they relate to go the friend of mine has a gigantic amount of money on the
calls to win by six or more but our objective so now all the sun i can’t help what room for the cult’s ok but it
doesn’t matter anyway i meet my heart to the states whatever that means directly but my mind all somalis with the courts you know my main problem many for a long
time as anybody who customized was predictions notes uh… is a residual right but you know what that was earlier in his career and i know we just recently talked about
it but at this late date i don’t think he’s gonna kill you
guessed the states how you know i know i know uh… opt out now it’s unacceptable permeated that
even say that after all the terrible some
upset about that right that they know what to do more
acceptable as a v dot showing to come back to settle user but uh… uh… but having said that
limit i’m just giving you a sense of what’s been going through my head right
and and its sense of look nervous on occasion now that i had because of the
public and the players and the vans that are critical mike for any any this is
able to get better at center so look if you want a prediction has that much
is it pains me ominously the calls are going away uh… alone if if that spread of five-and-a-half
points if you’re into that kind of a whore five points the air today is so
close i don’t know which way to go through so many points they got a calico
states at the same time many could just come out there in crunch and then my
arguments against many would-be completely over so ironically in the and who’d like
because you know when i’m gonna sickle a lot of higher than that will find out outside

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  1. im a colts fan but they lost i can't fucking belieave it 31-17 wtf is with peyton today fucking saints r little bitches

  2. wanted colts to win, they didnt. Saints earned it and im not gonna bitch about it, Drew Brees played exceptionally and my hat goes off to new orleans.

  3. The Colts threw away their chance for greatness by laying down the last 2 games of the season.

    They got beat by a gutsy Saints team.

  4. @chefawkes because the league is ruined. all pro sports are, its for our entertainment which involves things beyond our comprehend. You want to go deep? its all bullshit, everything on tv.

  5. the nfl season has come to a merciful end for me–lost tons of cash betting this season! The las vegas sports review stated that about 2/3 of the handle went on the colts, so vegas cashed in big time

  6. It's funny seeing all you so called saints fans, over half you guy just jumped on the bandwagon when they won to the real saints fans congrats and you can't put all the blame on manning because on that int wayne didn't run that route right so it allowed porter to get the jump on it.

  7. cenk, you have the worst NFL predictions i've ever heard. just start watching curling instead… there's clearly no hope left for you

  8. Some people are taking American football way too seriously. It is just a game. No need to have name calling on the TYT or anyone who rooted for the Colt. Move on.

    Btw, I predicted that Saint will win not because I knew, but because Cenk tend to be wrong from what I heard on American football predictions. That been said, he surely knows more than I do in that sport.

  9. Man I love reading the predictions after game, it is hilarious. Some of you guys are just fucking retarded, speaking in absolute terms and being so wrong. Making empty, squirrely statements that couldn't be more wrong. I LOVE YOUTUBE hahahaha

  10. You are an idiot, the Saints aren't my team stupid. Look, your assuming shit again. We established earlier that you are no fucking good at it. Knock it off and just keep your fucking mouth shut, you squirrel. As for making predictions, I don't waste my time on shit I am not vested in, so once again just walk away with what dignity you have and shut up.

  11. I have nothing to show to my contrary. You act as if spewing off at the mouth is something to be proud of, when it is not. It is one thing to make a prediction and it is something completely different to make a prediction like a giant douche bag, making unsustainable bets, ie. your cc number. I am not saying I am a better predictor of football, I will gladly give you that title. My point is I just like seeing you're faggot predictions so far from what actually happens, it is hilarious.

  12. It is not hypocritical to make fun of people who fuck up, just because he didn't make the same mistake. That is just poor command of the English language.

  13. I am not trying to counter anything, I wish you would get that through your thick skull, I just find it hilarious when people are so adamant about their predictions when they turn out to be so wrong. You are completely missing what I am saying, the fact that I made no predictions doesn't make yours any less wrong. Face it, you were all arrogant and cocky to no avail, it happens, just drop it.

  14. I am not saying you wagered anything dumbass. I am saying that predictions were COMPLETELY wrong and from this vantage point it is hilarious because of that adamancy you had behind your beliefs. My premise has nothing to do with your wagers or lack there of, but with how galactically inaccurate your predictions were. You used all this fluff and these silly anecdotes to prove your point and it did not work out.

  15. As far as getting someone to take you up on a bet, it does sometimes takes some 'toying' with. A bet without confidence would qualify as a suckers bet. I just wanted to comment on your the "directions" of your predictions. You are only partially correct when you say they could have only went so far. But bets, as many other things, are subject to gradation. Saying the Colts will win is a bet of cardinal measure, but saying they will blow out the Saints out is a bet of ordinal measure.

  16. I don't care who wins the Super Bowl, as long as it is not the Colts. Anytime Indianapolis does not win the Super Bowl, it makes for a good year.

  17. didnt anybody see what I saw? Go back and watch the 4th quarter again…Manning ran the same play 3-5 times on the previous possession before he threw the pick…why doesnt anyone credit Tracy Porter and that defense for dialing up the right blitz at the perfect time…knowing they needed 5 yds and the perfect call for Manning would have been an up n out/in…Tracy knew he would have to throw it fast, so after reading Mannings eyes he broke on the bread and butter and took it to the house!!

  18. Typical "bs" liberal…'my heart's with one team, but I'm leaning to the other team?" Geez petes. This goes to prove Republican need to do nothing to look good but just stand there and let the libs keep talking.

  19. @ciraboy91 Since Brees has joined the Saints in 2006, he has statisticly outplayed Manning in every singe QB category. Passing yards, touchdowns, completions, QB rating, you name it. Not saying he is better than Peyton. But to say "he is college level compared to Manning…", That's just not knowing football. Brees is as good as it get's at the quaterback position.

  20. @Chipfan1111111111111 of course peyton sucks hes a hall of famer with a super bowl psss of course he sucks

  21. @Chipfan1111111111111 when did i say that i dont like brees i preffer brees im just saying that peyton its a great football player

  22. @UtubeWorldNewss Why should I? I'm not a Saints Fan Dumb Shit! In fact, the closest I have ever been to Louisiana was Tulsa, Oklahoma. DUMBASS!

  23. @Jiltedin2007 that is pretty ignorant to say. Considering the colts are one of the best teams in the league. Even though I am a colts fan, I don't hate on other football teams. Mainly cause i'm not a stuck up dumbass like you. @1pookie2 Manning is one of the best if not the best QB in the NFL, and i'm not just saying that because he is on the colts. Clearly you know nothing about him.

  24. @GuNNaGeTeM Yeah well you know what? So much for your "Player of the Decade". Nice Interception at a crucial moment. Brett Favre would not have made a mistake like that if that was him at the helm. I am glad that your Colts lost Super Bowl XLIV. THEY DESERVED TO LOSE! Considering what kind of a Jackass Peyton Manning was this past February. Maybe you still need some crying towels ffrom Super Bowl XLIV, I got a whole crateful saved for the Celtics Fans. Did you want me to send you some?

  25. Manning is still better.He's got more yards and Touchdown's.What does Drew Brees have more than Manning?Ohhh yeah, nothing.

  26. @Rayan9976 Manning has those records to.Look if you don't know nothing about Drew Brees then don't start talking about his "records".He may have a record for most Yards in a season, and Manning still has more yards than him in his career.This year Manning ended the season with 4,500 yards.Drew had like 4,200.Manning got's way more experience as a QB, because he's better.

  27. @Rayan9976 You do know your facts not like that other dipshit.How many yards does he have in his career since he threw for like 5,000 yards in a season?

  28. Ur prediction was wrong nigga. And Peyton Manning isn't a choke artist. He's one of the best to ever play this game. His team just sucks balls.

  29. @MrJesus808maniac and drew had 5476 yards this season with 46 tds and 71.2% cmp percentage, lets see manning do that. OH yeah, and brees will have more lombardi's after this season aswell.

  30. @nsaucier1988 Haha, your a funny little guy.. Brees had a great season this year.. But he ain't getting no trophy "after this season" haha!!

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